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Odinsons Loki and Thor

Thor and Loki get to go together because you don't get one without the other.
Originally was gonna have Thor with his helmet so they complimented each other with Loki having his unicorn horn and ram horns and Thor had his pegasus wings and his helmet wings.. but he wanted his mane to flow free so there ya go XD

Interesting side note for all the Avenger ponies. Not one of them is displaying their cutie mark. Loki would be some magical symbol which might look vaguely icey? not sure there. Thor would be lightning..duh XD

Also want to point out that I am doing pony commissions at the moment and you should totally check out the details here. [link]

Will be appearing on buttons, stickers, charms and etc at :iconavconadelaide:

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slashersivi's avatar
Yesss, Thor's mane must blow majestically in the breeze xD
RaimbowPokaDots's avatar
Awesome pic but, Loki is a Laufeyson... :P
clueless-nu's avatar
LOL I know but I don't see movie Loki really acknowledging that? :: shrugs::
RaimbowPokaDots's avatar
Yah, they only really mention that in Thor the movie... Well, the fact that Loki is adopted by Odin, and son of Laufey.
clueless-nu's avatar
It's a huge plot point in the movie XD I'm not gonna get all twisted up about the accuracy of the picture title XD
BigMac-X-Caramel's avatar
Thor pony makes me waaaay happier then it should... ;D
clueless-nu's avatar
Thor pony is happy that his prancing makes you happy? LOL
BigMac-X-Caramel's avatar
lol I was TOTALLY thinking about prancing... Ya, prancing... Hehehe
SpindriftCreations's avatar
Avengers=Ponies! Love it!!!!
iSwallowedAStar's avatar
This picture... I like it.
ZarineBashire's avatar
Those are pretty awesome. I think Loki would look especially good as a custom pony.
Mariko1605's avatar
They both look really cool. Strangely, the thing about this picture that makes it look odd to me is not the armour or the cape, but the fact that Thor pony has a beard.
ZarineBashire's avatar
I agree to a certain extent, I think it might look better as slightly darker stubble?
clueless-nu's avatar
I was trying to imitate the look used in the show for beards ([link]) but if you think darker is good? I can try that out.
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