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Iron Pony

Tony Stark as IRON PONY! LOL You really can't say that without giggling.

May I just say that I can't draw robots/armour/iron man at all.. so this was challenging..since not only did I have to draw it but I had to convert it to fit a pony.. O.o

Interesting side note for all the Avenger ponies. Not one of them is displaying their cutie mark. Tony's cutie mark would totally be a wrench or Dum-E or something mechanical/electronic.

Also want to point out that I am doing pony commissions at the moment and you should totally check out the details here. [link]

Will be appearing on buttons, stickers, charms and etc at :iconavconadelaide:

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I think you did a really great job pony-tizing the IM suit! Props and love!
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Its Iron Mare
clueless-nu's avatar
LOL technically it'd be Iron Stallion?
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I want!! I want him in mah house and him to be mah pony! Can you draw him in his "normal form" but still a pony? Do you know what I mean? Like without his armor?
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You mean like Tony Stark pony? Yeah I was planning to do that at some point anyway, but likely to be after AVCon at the end of July.
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Oh okay! Cool! I love Iron Man and Tony Stark, so yay!
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I am Irrroooon Ponnny
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Tony's cutie mark would be the arc reactor >o<
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I considered that but the arc reactor is suppose to be in his chest and it's also not really his 'special talent' but a result of it? LOL sorry I think about this way too much <3 Arc Reactor is totally a valid suggestion though
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Either way he's awesome >u<
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What would Tony Stark's Cutie mark be? money? hehe
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I think it would be something robotic or mechanical? I'd kinda like to say it's Dum-E his first robot but I'm just talking movie verse here.
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Isn't this....a dog?
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LOL nope, a My Little Pony XD
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But seriously it looks like a dog... anyway it's prety nice
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Iron pony is best pony!
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GASP, Pony Stark!!f
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Pony Stark to the rescue!
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Sweet, I think it turned out freaking awesome.
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