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December 4, 2009
1996 by =cluedog: "Tell me this doesn't put a smile on your face."
Featured by Majnouna
Suggested by suzaku009
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A 2 page spread from "Anyone but Virginia", not part of Issue 1 but from a future page.
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A-Girl-Shall-Return's avatar
This is a really fun many cool details to see! (Like lil' Zac) ^_^
josue64's avatar
pretty cool use of panels.
cluedog's avatar
Thank you kindly. :)
SquishyXforXever's avatar
That's when I was born! :la:
Princess-Kay's avatar
Nice - and a DD!
cluedog's avatar
Thanks! It surprised the heck out of me.
Princess-Kay's avatar
The only time it doesn't is when you suggest yourself.

((not that there's anything wrong with that. **looks innocent** in my defense, it was a poem dedicated to my FRIENDS!))
verbarlin's avatar
Great layout,
Love the way you use Black and white.
cluedog's avatar
Thanks! This piece took me forever to pencil and to ink. But I loved doing it.
snarebang's avatar
Simply awesome!
CONGRATS, ZAC! This is so well deserved it's not funny. The amount of time and detail you put into this page is nothing short of astounding. For those that are interested, here's the page as I wrote it in the script:

PAGE 2 and 3

Double page spread. Upstairs in Gil’s house. Unlike the previous double page spread (issue 2), this one is more epic, cinematic in scale. In this one we see more than a couple rooms at once, as the hallway spills into the kitchen, etc. I think a good model for this might actually be (shudder) the Family Circus where little Billy takes the long way to get to his room through the house, or a Where’s Waldo scene. Play with it, do a panorama, maybe try a cross-section of the entire house, so we see multiple rooms. It’s big, it’s engaging. It’s a freshman year P-A-R-T-Y. People are going nuts. A couple is standing on top of a desk—Nicole and her boyfriend Troy—are making out (E.T. reference!!!), people are raiding the fridge, people are dancing, people are even building a pillow fort with the pillows taken off of the couch. They are all high school freshmen, and Gil’s parents are not home. Maybe someone is trying to flush a struggling cat down the toilet. Toilet paper hangs from the balcony. The fridge is being raided, food is everywhere. Ready for this bit? Here’s our cameo, off to the side, definitely not prominent in the spread at all. I’ll send you a picture of me as a freshmen. What are Zac Crockett and Josh Eiserike, 14 year old hooligans up to in this panel? Why, I have a bottle of ketchup. You have a bottle of mustard—the squeeze kinds. We’re doing a Jackson Pollack style painting all over the Creegan’s wall (that’s Gil’s last name, in case you forgot). As many high school immature gags as you can think of, seriously, go nuts here and create a sense of chaos. As everyone are freshmen, there isn’t any alcohol at this party. Just uninhibited fun and carnage.

1 CAPTION: 1996
photoswithattitude's avatar
congratulations Zac - Well deserved
el-e's avatar
great pages:]
n0-n4m3-666's avatar
Ah, yes, the 90's... I kinda wish I could remember more of it. No, scratch that, 80's too. 'Cuz I wasn't there to experience ANY of that, and missed out on some stuff.
white isuzu rodeo
Fuzzypop's avatar
Nice--very detailed, and makes me want to live in the 90s again. Man I miss that decade.

Also, reminds me of Fountains of Wayne's song Fire Island.
Great song. I love Fountains of Wayne.
Fuzzypop's avatar
Great song from a great band. :)
Snapdragonparadise's avatar
OMG! My parents are at the airport! They're back from their vacation a week early!!
RavensQuill's avatar
Makes me think of FamilyCirus, all grown up. Amazing amount of action going on. Kudos, and congrats on the DD.
Interesting enough, that was referenced in the script. Well observed!
RavensQuill's avatar
:giggle: I'm good at that, I guess. Thanks.
just-jin's avatar
wow, there's so much action taking place. @3@ and the detail! :clap: amazing work.
theymightbejv's avatar
Those 2 kids on the lower right corner of the house kinda look like John Linnell & John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants:D

Also, I just wanna say a few things...any of the kids who had Ivan Dudynsky's haircut from Nickelodeon's Roundhouse were awesome, the one kid with a skull shirt is hardcore, & finally...I miss the 1990s.
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