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this Group has been inactive for some time now

id like to change that, so i will make a Sheet for you all to fill out for Teams

Reff Sheet info
first we will be making a pokesona sheet for yourself to fill
under your reff you will wright that you either are looking for a Team to join / in a Team/ or do not want a team.
Guild Leader / Team Leader
there will be Guild Leaders which we will post once they are made
if you'd like to build your own Team then you must talk to a Guild Leader to approve you as a Team Leader
once a team leader you can go through each members reff and invite them to your Team! once you have your team mates you can make a few pages on how they met !

Some rules
you can only have a Team of 3 | one Leader and two Team mates |
your Teams can not have two of the same pokemon.
you may not be a Legendary
you must have Pokemon moves and can not be higher Level Then lv50

there will be no limit to a character so pick any pokemon you please - Fake pokemon are welcome as well but must be recognizable as a Fake Pokemon.

we will make Maps to the Base once the co-founder fix's her computer.

that is all for now! C:

-if you have any questions Comment Below :iconarrowdownplz:

[Guild Leader Zorua:sorry this is so short its 2AM n i just wanted to get it up C: more info will be posted soon!:heart:]
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Pokesona is mostly about just sharein your pokesona,PokeOC

this is a new Group so ill be editing it bit by bit when i have time

if there is any problem with the group feel free to ask

have fun and remember~ pokemon are friends not food :P









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Hi. I'm just wondering... Maybe an admin could check out the gallery folders & fix them up? I had wanted to post something to the Refs folder, but I think the settings have it so Members can only add to the Featured folder...
Thanks for reading this, and I apologize if I have accidentally overlooked anything.
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currently its set up that way so that we can put them there our selfs.

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I see, thank you.
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Which picture is it, my friend and I will go and delete the picture.
A link to the pic would be nice
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ClubsOfMeloncholy Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011  Student Digital Artist
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Can I join, even if the pictures of my Pokesona is drawn by others? (I can't draw, so I type instead.)
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