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Home of the Original Unoriginal Sparkledragons™

Welcome! You have stumbled upon a group dedicated to the MTTs - a species of alien dragons created by annicron, who has handed the reigns over to Zukuro If you wish to find out more about them, refer to the Species Resource Folder - I believe that should answer all of your questions. If there's something that's still unclear to you, just leave a comment on the front page or ask Zukuro!

Please bear in mind that the MTTs are a closed species. Meaning you cannot make one without permission. There are adoption contests and raffles held every once in a while, so there will be plenty of chances to get your own!

banner by NoireNambu!

Gallery Folders

MTT: Introductions in the Classroom [Prompt] by popolis
Intro Promt : Lost n Found (CO) by vippy
Best Friends - [Intro Prompt CO] by DemonML
MTT Prompt Meet Aiden CO by CosmicDerp
Species Resources
Mtt Species Guide by Zukuro

Mature Content

Mtt Species Reproduction Guide by Zukuro
MTT and Yol color guide by annicron
NEW MTT size standard by annicron
Adoption Rounds - Past and Present
MTT: Adoptables Round 32 CLOSED by forrgotenrose
MTT: [CLOSED] Adopt Round 31 by Lurockia
References - MTTs
:Jericho - Homicide Detective: by AgentBuffalo
:Wonderlust - The Vlogger and Influencer: by AgentBuffalo
New MTT : Damocles by vippy
[Canon] Damocles Profile by vippy
References - Yols
Valerian Root Averill by Evios
[Canon] Damascus Profile by vippy
Kevin by bolthound
Turpentine by Eggdis
References - Origi-Yols
Suron - Official Reference by xAsaChan
Origi-Yol: Ou by ethanoI
Aluu Ref by sugar-vs-art
References - Humans
Infectious Fallacy :: Shane Profile :: by vippy
Infectious Fallacy :: Wicked Profile :: by vippy
Telari Rose ref by Lizarr7
MTT:Daniel Vargadottir .:The Animator:. [Temp Ref] by Mudzi
Artwork of MTT Dragons
crambo by NewAgeRetrovirus
hey you by NewAgeRetrovirus
stevi by NewAgeRetrovirus
amethyst by NewAgeRetrovirus
Artwork of MTT Humanoids
Commission - Eagle by vippy
Coffee Break by vippy
Valiant's Wings by vippy
Damocles Bust by vippy
Artwork of Yols
International Super Spy by AkasukiGirl
late night gourd carving by NewAgeRetrovirus
[req] archer by gromlyn
[Canon] Chlorine Profile by vippy
Artwork of Origi-Yols
CM: Yol? CUDDLES. by popolis
Artwork of Mixed Species
Sparkle Fight 2021 by bolthound
Pixel Art and Icons
MTT Verse Couple YCHs by Astro-Feline
Crafts, 3D, and Other Media
Rust's House Floorplan by AlphaWolfAl
Sketches, Linearts, and WIP
Guy.exe by AgentBuffalo
Adoption Contest Entries - Past and Present
MTT #177 Tryout: Constantine Hart by AgentBuffalo
Mascot Contest entries
MTTmascot by TimbreTern
Icon and Banner Contest Entries

Mature Content

Meeting of Destiny by vippy
Commissions, Adverts, Requests, Announcements, etc
Prompt entries
CM: Show Your Pryde by InkedMoth
Past Contest entries
Mtt group icon entry by KiwiM00SE
Strange Pumpkins (MTT prompt entry) by Lizarr7
Secret Santa Dropoff
light in the snowstorm by gromlyn

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FadedUniverse Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I see mtts are now owned by someone else. How would I go about getting a myo/cyo slot?
Zukuro Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't really 'own' the species, I simply have administrative control of the group, I've pretty much always been an admin tho. there will be plenty of ways to get a CYO slot in the future, with DTAs returning and group currency coming in. currently we're holding premade design raffles throughout pride month in the discord server with two designs being given out each day!
FadedUniverse Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tbh, I'm really oblivious and didn't see the discord button lol, but ty so much for responding:)
Eggdis Featured By Owner Edited Apr 28, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, question, are Yol still free to make?
Zukuro Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
yes! standard black and white base Yol are free to make, color base and pastels require an MYO slot but the regular Yol are still free. just send the completed Yol in a note to either the group or DM an admin in the discord to approve the design <3
MOBMagi Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2020
Can you send me an invite for the group?
Thlyatara Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2019
Hey so I've been disconnected from the group for... A long time. I never even noticed that there was a masterlist, and my child is from 2016, how would I go about adding him?

Also, is there a list of unused cyo slots anywhere? I'm pretty sure I bought a second MTT cyo during that same year and never finished their design. And well... I went to look through my notes to find proof but ALL those notes are long gone so I don't... Have said proof. ;w;
HydraTeeth Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm just gonna go ahead and comment here real quick
because otherwise you might be waiting for a while.

There's no moderation left in the group, so there's no way to get anything added to the Masterlist, but you can still contact Zukuro to get things approved.

The only person who had access to any receipts for MYO slots was Anni, and she's actively ignoring everything that doesn't deal with her Etsy or embroidery shop so there's almost no chance of getting a copy. C':
Thlyatara Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2020
Waaay late but I managed to find proof of the slot in my notes somehow. Would that help any when I eventually get off my butt and design the my second kid?
HydraTeeth Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Zu's actually getting the group back up and running, and he's got some masterlist mods getting things updated.

From what I understand you can get your slot registered here as well as your OC from 2016 - should be a form that you can fill out and you submit it as a reply to the specified comment!
Database ROLL CALL!!
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