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Welcome to clubLUPIN - a club dedicated entirely to Lupin III!

:gun: Lupin III (ルパン三世 = "Lupin the 3rd", not "Lupin 3") is an anime and manga series originally created by manga artist Kazuhiko Katō (加藤一彦) under the pen name of Monkey Punch (モンキーパンチ) in 1967 as a part of Weekly Manga Action. It began as a parody of a series of films based on a series of novels by Maurice LeBlanc featuring a French gentleman thief named Arsène Lupin. One of the last films in the series featured one of Arsène Lupin's sons, Lupin II.
The title character in this series is supposedly the original Lupin's grandson. It is unclear, however, if Lupin III is the son of Lupin II, or the son of one of Lupin's other children (which would make Lupin II his uncle).

:bulletred: Main Characters
(Note: much of the following info is speculative rather than definitive.)

Arsène Raoul Lupin III, a Japanese-French modern-gentleman thief and grandson of the French gentleman thief of the same name, he is a mischievous thrill-seeker, ladies' man and master of disguise whose luck never seems to run out;
Daisuke Jigen, an Italian master marksman with Mafia ties who fled to Japan and, to further avoid detection by his former associates, changed his name (original name remains unknown) - now Lupin's closest partner-in-crime and presumably also his best friend;
Goemon Ishikawa XIII, a Japanese samurai and descendant of the legendary Japanese bandit hero of the same name, he wields a powerful sword/katana by the name of Ryūsei or Zantetsu-ken that can cut through nearly anything, and he follows a strict code of conduct - also, he sometimes does not co-operate with Lupin and Jigen;
Fujiko Mine, a Japanese-Russian femme-fatale and gold-digger with whom Lupin is hopelessly in love/lust, she often solicits Lupin's help - but usually turns round and betrays him at the last second, taking the winnings for herself;
Kōichi "Tott-san" Zenigata, a middle-aged Japanese police officer and descendant of Heiji Zenigata, he is employed by the ICPO/INTERPOL and has made it his life's goal to catch Lupin and Co. and is thus constantly on their heels (or at least somewhere in the vicinity of their footprints).


+ Lupin Fan-Comic Project by DrFurball.
+ Selling My Lupin III Treasure by rocketgal.


[Well, not really, but INTERESTING nonetheless!]
On 19 March 2007, three masked men stole a massive block of gold worth more than $2 million from a Japanese museum.

The Ohashi Collection Kan museum in Takayama, central Japan, had kept the 220-pound gold bullion unguarded by sensors or even a case because they wanted visitors to be able to touch it.

Three men made off with the gold block in broad daylight. Police were still searching for the group, who were thought to be driven away by a fourth accomplice.

Source: maridah,…


:groups: How to Join:
Click on the "Join Our Group" button!

:groups: How to Submit Art:
As soon as you're a member, you may submit art to our gallery. Just click on the "Submit Art" button and follow the instructions. Your pieces will remain in the Featured folder and also be copied to the appropriate sub-folders by the admin.
(Note: We reserve the right to refuse/delete submissions of questionable/insincere nature. Thus, any attempts to ridicule this club via such means will be futile.)

:bulletred: This club only accepts ORIGINAL FAN-ART!
This means that any art that you submit must be entirely yours, otherwise we will unceremoniously reject/delete it.
We do NOT accept the following:
  • Copied art: Pieces created with the intent to make them look like already existing pieces made by an/other artist/s.
    Clarification: Copying: any attempt to make a piece of art that looks exactly like another piece of art, whether this attempt is successful or not; i.e. the attempt to copy is in itself what defines it as copying, even if the attempt is not successful. Thus, whether a piece is a copy or not lies in the intent, not the method (tracing etc.) or the result (a bad copy is still a copy).
  • Official art: Pieces created for and/or by Monkey Punch and his associates, whether edited/manipulated or unedited. This includes screen-shots that you have taken as well as wallpapers and "de/motivational" posters that you have "made" by using the official art.
  • Pixel dolls: Pieces created upon templates, or "bases", unless these templates were also created by you.
  • Collectables: Photos of collectables, such as figurines, DVDs etc.
  • Art by non-members: Pieces created by deviants who are not members of the club; deviations by non-members belong in our Favourites.
    (BEWARE: A piece suggested to be added to our Favourites is more likely to be denied if the suggester and the creator of the piece are the same person. Honestly, if you want your piece to be in our gallery, join the club and submit it to our main gallery.)

clubLUPIN Supports :iconstop-tracing: stop-tracing
& :iconfanartintegrityclub: the FanArtIntegrityClub!
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