Okay, co-admin here :wave:

We are gonna have an urgent meeting! xD

I have been wondering about the current format of the club. It seems as if it is not one of the most active club in the world, and well, I was hoping something would happen that would make this club unique by itself and motivate/encourage more interactions between members :nod:

So what do you say? Throw in some ideas, any ideas!! Anything that pop up, just throw them in! :) Of course, there's also future contest ideas.

Some ideas that I wish to discuss with you guys too:
- How often do we want a contest and how long do we want it to be?
Contests can get quite tiring and rushing at times when we have one contest per month, and I know that some people have got other things to worry about than just contests. ^^ So maybe we could make the period of contest longer? Give more time?

- Maybe joining with other clubs to create a big contest?
Of course there's still the problem of whether other clubs want to do it or if a person join 2 clubs at once, which clubs they submit to...but just an idea :D

- A member-only collab manga? Or maybe collab contest? @.@

where we develop an overall manga idea, and maybe one member work on one page? Or maybe we can have pairs of members team up and work together on one contest piece at once?

- To pair a fanfiction writer and a fanartist together ^^ (suggested by :iconwarfalcon:)

The whole idea is to promote more unity and interactions between members, make the club livelier, and make the club a better place :)

If you have any comments etc, feel free to post it down in the comment section of this journal ^0^

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