:new: Some changes to voting rules! :new:

Voting rules
Here's a few rules of voting that voters please read before casting their votes:

1) Anyone is eligible for voting, this includes members, non-members and contestants themselves.
2) Contestants are allowed to vote on their own piece and/or ask people to vote for them provide that you ask people "nicely". Don't go forcing people such as "You must vote for me or die" or something along that line; be nice and polite, you want people to have a good impression of you.
3) Everyone can ONLY cast 1 vote, if a person cast more than 1 vote, their vote will be disqualified.
4) In order to vote and for the sake of privacy, please send a note to the club titled "vote" with the entry that you vote for.

Voting period will last for 2 weeks, and result will come out at Jan 20th.

And have a happy voting! :D Why are you still here? Shoo! Go vote! :)

PS. Any questions, feel free to note the club. =]

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