Family Fun
It is high time that we host our contest to celebrate the 50-members milestone in the club!

Have you ever wonder how Kikyou's family would be like? Will she have a girl or a boy? Perhaps a twin? This contest focuses on depicting Kikyo's family if she were to have one. You are free to determine whom her lucky husband will be and to use whatever mediums you want. Show us your creativity!

1. Kikyou MUST be in the picture (That's what our club is for right?)
2. There can be more than one entry per person.
3. Due date is November 22nd, so it gives you ample time (one month) to enter or recruit someone to enter!
4. Any and all mediums are welcomed!

Submit the contest entry to the "contest entry" folder (remember to submit to the right folder!!). In addition, send in a note titled "contest entry" to the group and provide a link to the entry.

Voting will last for one month and it will start right away after the due date. More rules on voting will be posted later when voting period starts

The top three winning entries will have their deviation featured on the club and baiwuzhi's journal!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the group.

So good luck and hope to see wonderful entries from you guys soon :)

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