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Bipper by Minemaster30
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Dipper Pines by quickfire9988
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Mature Content

Heart! (Redraw) by HauntedHouseArt
Mabel Pines ( Gravity Falls character sheet ) by quickfire9988
Waddle's Pig Journey Part 2Mabel was squirming in the back seat of the truck, even though she had Dipper with her, the cast on her left leg was irritating but the back window was open so she could give Waddles a pet once every while, she looked out the windows and could see the pine trees, like a dryer version of Gravity Falls. Waddles seemed to be enjoying the wind on his face, though he does notice that Mabel is looking very sad and didn’t know why, but he thought to himself, “well wherever we are going, I will do my best to bring joy to my Mabel” and he looked down the road. The time finally came that Mabel was dreading, she could see the Sanctuary in the horizon, she hoped this would be a bad dream conjured by Bill Cypher and she should wake up, but no this was reality, she was going to be separated from Waddles in less than an hour and she can’t stop it. As the Pines family picked a parking spot and Dipper helped Mabel to her feet and gave her the crutches, Mr. Pines and Dipper helped Waddles down from the bed of the truck and Dipper leashed him and gave it to Mabel as she hobbles her way to the reception area of the Sanctuary. Mr. Pines was signing the few forms to legally transfer Waddles to the sanctuary, and he saw the line for the witness, and he glanced at Mabel but tried to ask Mrs. Pines to witness this but Mabel hobbled to him “um, can I dad?” she said in almost a whisper, “um sure ok dear” and he handed her the pen and she singed it then quickly headed to Waddles and embraced him to the best of her ability, the Sanctuary worker tor the legal paper and gave Mr. Pines the yellow receipt copy and he looked at it and could see his daughters signature then gently folded it and put it in his pocket. Mabel and Dipper checked out this sanctuary and all the animals in it, but Dipper and Mrs. Pines were the only ones who interacting with them, Mabel just stood there, she didn’t even enter the animal’s pens/areas and Mr. Pines tried to comfort her but she reponed with silence. The time came to leave the sanctuary, Mabel was helped into the truck, but she just stared at waddles being escorted to his pen, and he was looking at her to , Mabel placed her hand on the glass and Waddles with his head peaking over the fence placed his hoof on top of the fence in response. The two of them stared at each other as she drove away, even when they were out of each others sight.||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Waddles looked up to stars as he lay in the clean straw for a bed, he was already use to it, but he still longed for his Mabel. The sun came and went 17 times since he and Mabel were parted, and he wondered how many more suns he’d have to see before he was reunited with her, the only thing he could do at this point is hope. The morning was basically like the others, get your slop, hang around with the other pigs, listen to the chickens clucking about this that and the next thing but their conversations always seemed to go in cercles. The air smelt funny this time like a campfire was on, but no one was cooking hot dogs or marshmallows and that smell was getting stronger, and Waddles looked around and couldn’t see any campfires, but he did see the people at this sanctuary loading all the smaller animals in small cages and putting them on the back of the trucks, vans or what ever other vehicles were available “where are we taking them?” one of the workers asked “to a sanctuary farm in Alberta, all the arrangements have been made. Now hurry”. Waddles was finally loaded on to the back of a truck and Waddles peering over the edge could see the source of the campfire smell, a series of fires were all over the mountain and soon enough the sanctuary was engulfed in the flames, Luckly for him and the other animals, they were evacuated in time.And that is what lead Waddles to the back of this truck going to who knows where, driving through an ocean of trees and mountains only stopping for fuel and clean up, how ever this time as the truck was driving on an old bridge, it hit a pot hole, shaking the whole vehicle violently, tossing chicken cages here and goat cages there and snaping the rope that tied Waddles to the truck as well as opening the tail gate. The animals were scattered everywhere and upon standing on his feet Waddles could see he wasn’t tied, this was it this was his chance to find Mabel, and he Quickly headed for the forest easily leaving those sanctuary people behind to attend the other animals. Wondering through the forest, Waddles had to figure out on how to find her, Sniffing the air he couldn’t smell her, she was probably too far away. Thinking it over he decided to sniff out anything familiar to him, and after a couple of hours, he found a smell that was familiar enough to him “what was it?” he thought to him self but continued to follow the sent to its source and see what he could do from there. Waddles traveled for two days now, following the Smell, it smelt very sweet, sweeter than any food he has consumed, and he rounded a corner and found a large truck toppled on it’s side, overgrown with vegetation, the trailer also on its side partly open and covered in vegetation and waddles smelled his way there and used his mouth to take hold of a box and found several packages of Smile Dip, even if he couldn’t read. He sniffed and sniffed and found a trail of this sent leading away from the truck and he followed it down a stream path, now he felt he was on the right path to Mabel, the smell of that pink powder, and even the trees were starting to smell familiar, so he suspected he was on the right path.||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Pacifica, Candy, and Grenda were spending the weekend with each other as they walked down the street, they had a few activities planed for the day, the girls rounded the corner and found the book store they were looking for and went in and immediately Grenda found a display of the book she was looking for “its here, its finally here!” and she grabbed a copy, Pacifica approached the display and picked up a copy and looked at it in confusion “Wolf-man bare-chest, the Necro Furry wars?” and she looked at Grenda “you really like this stuff huh?” and Candy brought a book over labeled ‘My cyber maybe A.I. boyfriend’ “yes she is” Pacifica could only give a smirk with a raised eyebrow “wait, don’t you have a boyfriend already?” and Grenda replied “you mean Marius, yea. We read these together online on skype” and Pacifica nodded and looked around “ok let’s see, ah there we go” and she grabbed a book The great Jousting Attorney, trials by the Forge” and Candy looked at it and puzzled “what is that?” and Pacifica smiled “oh this is a new adion to my favourite novel series” and Candy looked at it “oh its one of those crime/murder mysteries were the main character is a both a Lawer and Detective” and she looked around and found a Book labeled ‘the Lawer princess’ “is this any good?” and Pacifica shrugged “not really, the mystery is obvious, and the main character is stereotypical Girl Boss with little to no humility or redeeming characteristics. There is a reason they stopped printing them” and Candy shrugged “ok” and they went to the clerk to make their purchases. After leaving the Book store the girls decided have lunch at Grease’s Dinner, and they started to eat their food they couldn’t help but wonder about Mabel and Dipper. Pacifica looked at her twitter and facebook pages and back to the other two girls “Mabel still hasn’t posted anything?” and both Grenda and Candy were silent and Candy spoke “ever since that fire destroyed that animal sanctuary, no she hasn’t” and Pacifica sighed “and Waddles disappearing” and she looked at her phone’s message board “any news from Dipper?” and the Girls raised their eyebrows and Pacifica blushed “about Mabel, news from Dipper about Mabel” and Candy looks at her phone “only that Mabel is very quiet. The only time she talks is either about marks” Grenda pounded the table startling the other girls “ug, I’m so angry” she said with little tears forming and both Pacifica and Candy gently placed their hands on Grenda’s and she continued “we can’t help her, not even a little bit”. Then Candy had an idea “hey, Pacifica do you know where that farmer’s carnival is” and Pacifica raised an eyebrow “yes” and Candy continued “I read there is a contest there and many prizes” and Pacifica knowing where this is going “I don’t think there will be any way to replace Waddles, and even if we do get a piglet that Mabel likes, we’ll be in the same situation for when it grows up” and Candy was saddened and Pacifica comforted her, also feeling sad “I wish there was something we could do, I just don’t want to make things worse than they already are” and she looked at her friends (looked a little down) and got up “lets go to that carnival” and they went out. As Pacifica, Candy and Grenda were looking around ad doing the various activities, Waddles found his way to the carnival, he munched on snacks here and there, and despite being a 300lbs pig that is the size of small bear, no one noticed him walking about. Pacifica looked around at the activities of people that her parents still considered commoners, and as fun as the lavish golf courses and ponies with gold died hair, these lower-class activities really were fun. Later she found a Mini-Golf game, it was small only about 5 holes and the owner of the mini-golf course was have a show of prizes “Come all, not one, you make the mark you can choose one of three marvellous prises” and he points his stick at the prize stands “you can win the golden golf club, supposedly wielded by the Scottish King Robert the Bruse and supposedly made by William Walace him self” then he points to another prize “or you can win this Violin played by Nero during the sacking of Rome” Pacifica almost burst out laughing but was able to keep it down “and you can win a giant chocolate statue of Michelangelo’s David …” but there was Waddles eating the statue until only the feet remained and the contest runner thought for a sec “oh sorry you can win this 300LBS Pig” Pacifica looked at this behemoth of a Pig and she quickly realized who it was “Waddles?” and the Showman looked at her “who?”, both Candy and Grenda came as Pacifica singed up. All the contestants gathered in a tent waiting for mini-golf game to start, and Pacifica was nervous, because most of the other contestants looked like the farmer/logger family type, and even some Hill-Billys, though there were a couple of kids that looked foreign, one looked Italian and the other looked Ugandan and they both noticed her and the Ugandan kid spoke “Oli otya, um… how are you?” and he shook her hand “you don’t look like the other peasant children of this grand village” and the Italian boy approached “of course not, she is a Northwest… Pacifica I presume?” and Pacifica nodded “yes” and she turned to the Ugandan kid “we really don’t have peasants in this country, just people different backgrounds” and the Ugandan Kid apologizes “sorry, I didn’t mean to… ho silly me I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Amin” and the Italian took Pacifica’s hand kissed it “my name is Antonio Francesco” and Pacifica had to wonder “what are you two doing here in gravity Falls?” and Amin spoke “my parents are, and his (pointing to Antonio) parents are meeting with your parents about business thing so we decided to go and see what there was to do” and Pacifica had to ask “by your selves and Antonio replied “no, no we have our personal servants” and he points to a Ugandan Man and a Italian lady being very quiet, then Amin pointed to Grenda and Candy “and those two girls you were talking to, they your servants?” and backing away from the two of them “no, they are my friends” and Amin just sighed “pity” and he looked at the other kids leaving “it looks like the game is about to start” and everyone went and got their golf clubs.The game was going good, Pacifica has immediately got tow holes in one in a row at the start, Amin also got two holes in one in a row as well “that is why they call me the last prince of Scotland” and Francesco got two holes in one “and I am the Don of the cub” and Pacifica approaching Candy and Grenda dropping her golf club “was I ever that… self absorbed?” and both Candy and Grenda were quiet at first both gave a quiet “yea, you were” and Pacifica was quiet then “yes, and I’m still struggling with it” and both Grenda and Candy gave her a hug and Candy spoke up “but you are trying to do better” and Grenda cheered her “yes and you are trying to win waddles to help Mabel, that’s not self-absorbed” and Pacifica hugged them both “thank you” and she used her foot to toss her golf club in the air and caught it mid air and smiled “now, I got a pig to win and a friend to help”. It was the last hole, a giant dragon guarded the it with its barely functional tail, Amin hit the ball over the tail but misses the hole by only an inch and she yelled all sorts of profanities in the Gandan language, then Francesco waited for the tail to lift and he hit it hard and it went passed the tail but it bounced over the hole being a couple of inches from the hole and he to shout profanities in Italian. It was now Pacifica’s turn and she looked at the dragon, seeing the castle aesthetic, the princess in the castle tower, she couldn’t help but wonder “where is the knight?” so she looked and found the knight with his shield pointed at the hole, so she took a deep breath and she hit the ball aiming for the knight’s shield in stead of the dragon’s tail, the ball bounced hard on the shield and curved around the dragon’s tail guiding the ball into the hole getting her the final hole in one, gaining her first place and first to choose one of the prises.Waddles wasn’t sure what to think of this Girl who is now approaching him, she certainly wasn’t Mabel but Mabel’s friends were with her, when Pacifica tried to get a collar on him (using a belt because of how big he was), he initially winced but she then patted the top of his head and scratched the back of his ears, and he felt more at ease, as Pacifica got the collar on him she noticed scratch marks on his nose, probably from that cat from Dippers account of what happened on social media and she gently placed her hand on it and the two of them made eye contact and Pacifica smiled “you are going home” and she tethered a leash to him and they walked out of that carnival fallowed by Grenda and Candy. As Pacifica lead waddles down the street, Candy riding his back (waddles didn’t mind) and Pacifica had to ask, “what are we going to do with him, my parents won’t allow him on the property” and Candy and Grenda replied “and our homes aren’t nearly big enough” and they thought for a minute, then Grenda had an Idea, “lets take him to the Mystery Shack” and Pacifica face lit up “oh yea that place is more than good now” and they headed for the mystery shack. Soos, Stanley and Ford were putting the finishing touches on a tool shed converted into a small barn for animals. “so why are you doing this” Stanley had to ask, and Soos looked at his phone “because the best tourist traps out there have a small petting zoo on the property” and Ford already knew where this was going “and you are either going to get mystical animals or normal animals dressed as mystical animals” and Soos did that finger snap thing that Stanly would do as Mr. Mystery and Stanley put his arm on Soos’s shoulder “I see you are learning to master this trade” and Ford could only face palm at the thought of a tourist trapper qualifying as a trade, then he saw Grenda, Candy, and Pacifica leading a large Pig behind them and Soos went up to them to greet them “what’s up Dudes” and the girls just said “not much” Stanley walked up to them “it’s nice to see you again…” and he looked at the Pig “Waddles? But how is this Posable?” and Pacifica hand Stanley the leash “honestly I’m just as lost as you are” and Ford check the Pig “yes this is him… he must have escaped that forest fire in California” and Pacifica added “and made his way to the carnival” then Grenda shouted “and ate that chocolate David statue” and Soos looked at Pacifica “so what brings you here?” and Pacifica looked at the animal shelter he was working on “can Waddles stay at your petting zoo?” and Soos gave them his over whelming approval “yea dude, I need animals for the mystery Petting zoo” and he goes inside. Stanley pulls out his phone “I gotta tell Mabel about this” and the girls quickly stopped him “no, wait!” and Stanley Stopped “what is it?” and Pacifica spoke up “well… Dipper and Mabel will be coming in a few weeks…” and Stanley Smiled “and you want to surprise them with Waddles” and he closed his flip-phone and he put it back in his pocket “I forgot to thank you” he said to the three of them, Candy pointed to Pacifica “it was Pacifica that won him at the mini-golf game” and Grenda added “and it was here Idea to bring him here” and Stanley walked up to Pacifica and placed his hands on her shoulders “you won him… and” and Pacifica placing her hands on his hands “and yes I want to give him to you, Soos, who ever manages the Mystery shack” and she could see tears forming under his eyes and he gently hugged her “Thank you, you have no idea what you just fixed” and Pacifica tearing hugged him back. After that heart felt moment, Stanley stood up and Pacifica called everyone together “ok now here is what we are going to do…” and everyone gathered closer to hear Pacifica’s plan.||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Dipper and Mabel were in the buss on their way to spend a second summer at Gravity Falls, and it was a very quiet trip this time around. Mabel just stared out the window, she didn’t even look at that Wolfman book he got her a few weeks back, but ever sense she got the news of that sanctuary burning up and not knowing anything of what happened to Waddles. Dipper and his parents were concerned that this could form into a depression, Dipper knew that this is exactly what was happening to her considering his experience with the time travel tape. He didn’t know how to undo this, it would take a miracle to fix this, then he saw the Gravity Falls Watter tower “hey, Look Mabel were here” and Mabel quietly said “yea I see it” and Dipper looking at her “Sis, I miss him too… but can you save your brooding for…” and Mabel stopped him and could see the mystery shack on the horizon “no Dipper, I… (sobbed) I have to move on, I cant burden our Gruncles with my sadness” and she hugged Dipper drying her eyes on his shoulder “it won’t be the same for everyone if I’m moping around the whole summer” and the bus stopped at the same bus stop as before and Stanley was there ready to pick them up. Once they got to the shack, Dipper and Stanley helped Mabel to her feet and crutches everyone was there to great them, and Dipper couldn’t help but notice they were in a formation that was hiding something behind them, “welcome Back Pines Twins” everyone shouted, and Mabel smiled and waved then hobbled her way over to her friends and hugged them. After the two of them said their hellos, Pacifica nodded to Stanley, and he quickly went into the shack “what is he up to?” Mabel question and Pacifica trying to cover for him said “probably making a new display or whatever” and both Dipper and Mabel looked at her with confusion, that ‘whatever’ sounded forced, even for her. Stanley came out with Waddles on a leash and both Dipper and Mabel was in a state of disbelief, and Mabel hobbled her way to him looked at his collar, it said Waddles, then she looked at his nose and it had those scratch marks from the cat but then Waddles said in his piggy way “Mab-bel” and Mabel with overwhelming joy hugged him “Waddles, your back! You are back” and Waddles squealed with joy, and they rubbed their cheeks against each others. Waddles was over come with joy; he got his Mabel back and everything felt right again. Pacifica looked at Mabel and Dipper adoring Waddles and Stanley spoke to them and he pointed to her and both of them got up and made their way to her, and Mabel tackle-hugged her (despite her leg being in a cast) “thank you!” and Dipper joined in the hug to “I don’t know how to thank you?” and Mabel stood back and Patted Waddles head and quickly went over to her suit case and Pulled out a sweater and told Pacifica to put it on, hesitant at first she slipped it on and it read “Bestist BFF EVER!, approved by Mabel Pines” and Pacifica had tears of joy and Mabel, Candy, Grenda, and even Waddles joined in to comfort her.
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