Wife vs. Mistress, part II: The rematch, first hal

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here is part ii of "wife vs. Mistress part ii." i surprised myself by getting it done, though this part is a bit longer than i had intended. Anyway, the final and concluding part will not be up for some time, so i hope people like this one and that it suffices for now.


wife vs. Mistress, part ii: The rematch, part two  1st Half

for the next two days, deanna remained busy at the office. She held meetings and read reports and diligently maintained the various projects that robert’s company had on the go. But she could not get her battle with jannette out of her mind. After the fuckfight with the brunette bitch on monday, she had woken, naked, wet and alone. At first, she was angry and humiliated, but she had learned lessons from her last encounter with jannette. She had been careful to turn off all the security cameras in the office before she called the staff meeting. Following robert’s lead, however, she had set up a special camera that recorded her battle with her husband’s mistress. As jannette had done before, deanna went to the end of the recording and found that she and jannette had passed out together. Jannette had awoken first, but that did not mean she won. Even so, deanna burned with rage as she watched jannette lick her pussy, then finger her cunt and eat her cum. Deanna could not deny that the other woman had fucked her to the point of exhaustion.

Deanna spent most of her time at work in robert’s spacious office. If she needed to see anyone she made that person come to her. She admitted to herself that she really did not want to encounter jannette out in the hall, at least not until she had a chance to re-establish her dominance over the brunette bitch and avenge her humiliation.

Deanna worked late on wednesday night. She ordered in some food and worked at her desk until 10:30 pm, going over reports and reviewing legal documentation. At 10:40, shortly after the janitors made their rounds, she decided to call it a night.

She packed her computer and a few documents in her valise. She was considering working from home on thursday. Dressed in a tight red blouse, a black mini-skirt and heels, she threw her jacket over her arm and made her way through the darkened offices towards the private elevator exit that led directly to the executive parking area. She was surprised to see that another office light was on. Apparently, she was not the only employee working late. As she passed the door, she glanced at the nameplate on the wall beside it.

Deanna barely suppressed a gasp. The nameplate read “jannette clark, executive vice-president.” deanna felt her entire body go hot. Her nipples tightened into spikes, her pussy seemed to explode with electricity. She felt her genitals lubricating, even as her clit swelled with heat. Had jannette been waiting around for her to pass by? That seemed unlikely. But it did not matter. Deanna felt her rage grow along with her pure lust. Her mind filled with conflicting feelings. Her body burned with the enticing possibility of fucking jannette, of taking the edge off her building lust by screwing the other woman’s brains out. Her desire for revenge, the need to avenge her humiliation, drove her anger.

Taking several deep breaths, getting her anger and desire under control, deanna tried the door knob. If it was locked, she decided, she would leave the building and wait until friday to have her next confrontation with jannette. But if the door was unlocked, she would go in and have it out with the brunette bitch.

The doorknob turned.

Deanna smiled, her lips trembling as her body heat spiked, as her pussy gushed in erotic anticipation. She pushed the door open and slipped into jannette’s office, closing and locking the door behind her.

Jannette looked up in surprise as her office door opened and then closed. It took her a moment to register what she was seeing. Deanna had her back to jannette as she locked the door. Jannette suddenly understood what was happening. Her entire body went almost rigid as a spike of sexual electricity burned through her. She could not suppress a gasp of lust. Her eyes narrowed in rage, hate and pure desire. Her nipples grew into rock-hard, throbbing spikes. Her clit swelled with heat and pressure.

Deanna, her back to jannette, turned her head and smiled viciously at the brunette from over her shoulder. Deanna turned around. She put her valise and her jacket on a chair just inside the door. She began walking across the office towards her rival, her hips swaying. As she walked, she began to slowly, seductively, unbutton her blouse. Her giant boobs gradually emerged, the tanned, jiggling half-globes of her tits becoming visible as her shirt opened to her navel and then on down.

Jannette took off her glasses, placed them on the desktop, then rose behind her desk. Smiling grimly, her eyes burning, the brunette reached up and undid her bun, letting her dark hair fall around her shoulders. She stepped out from behind the desk and began to walk slowly across the room, towards the approaching blonde. As she walked, she, too, began to slowly unbutton her blouse.

Jannette’s office was spacious. Between her desk and the door, a little off to the side, was a sitting area, populated by two chairs facing a couch, with a small table on a rug between them. Jannette and deanna met in the center of the room, beside the couch, on the outside of the sitting area. They stopped nearly a meter apart. The women regarded each other coldly. Both of their blouses hung open, revealing that neither of them was wearing a bra. Their equally large, taut, tanned tits quivered deliciously on their chests, rising and falling with every hot breath.

The women’s’ eyes burned into each other. They licked their lips in anticipation of the exquisite sexual violence to come.

“can’t stay away from me, can you, deanna?” jannette began, her voice low and smoky, her lips curled in a vicious smirk. “i guess you’ve got the hots for me really bad.”

deanna smiled grimly, her beautiful face a mask of contempt. “you’re a good fucktoy, jannette,” deanna replied. “that’s your main function in life, so i guess you should be good at it. But, yeah, i like fucking you up. It’ll feel good to crush your little pussy and milk you dry. Just like i’ll do to you on friday.”

“ha!” jannette laughed. “i like the way your little pussy tastes, cunt. I took some time rubbing your pussy and licking out your cum on monday. You were so out of it, you didn’t even move when i shoved my fingers up your twat. I guess that’s what happens when you get your brains fucked out by the better woman.”

deanna’s eyes flashed. “you little cunt,” she snarled. “i made a recording of our fight. You passed out the same time i did!”

“yeah, but i was back on my feet a lot faster!” jannette snapped back. “when i left, you were sprawled on the floor with your legs spread, your cunt open to the world and your tits flopping around like old sacks. Let’s face it, bitch, i’m the better woman! I’m the better fuck! I’ve beaten you twice in a row now and i’m going to take you apart right now!”

deanna barely restrained herself from slapping jannette right across the bitch’s beautiful, sneering face. She wanted to sink her claws into the brunette’s thick hair and succulent tits and torture the cunt. But she forced herself to pull back. Winning this battle would require more than just raw hatred and fury. She wanted to completely and totally sexually humiliate jannette, and that meant being in control.

Deanna grinned sourly. “friday is friday. Now is now. And now i’m going to turn you into a slutty little puddle on the ground.”

“like fuck, whore,” jannette shot back. “i’m going to fuck you senseless again and then i’m going to make you eat my pussy. You’re going to be my bitch, starting tonight!”

“you cheap little sow,” deanna growled. “i’m going to enjoy fucking your brains out. I’m going to break every inch of you.”

“i’m going to make you watch while i fuck robert,” jannette spat. “and then i’m going to make you suck his cum out of me.”

burning with fury, deanna reached down and undid the clasp on her skirt. She hooked her thumbs in the waist and pulled the short garment down, wiggling as she dragged it down her hips and thighs and let the skirt fall at her feet. She kicked the discarded clothing aside. Without breaking eye contact with her blonde antagonist, jannette stripped off her skirt and threw it into the corner of the office.

For a minute the women glared at each other, feeling the heat and the rage building between them, standing before each other wearing only their open blouses, thongs and high heels, their long, smooth, muscular legs bare and beautiful. Jannette reached down to hook her thong. She slid the tiny scrap of underwear down her hips and her powerful thighs, dropping it at her feet then kicking it aside. Deanna’s eyes roamed hungrily down jannette’s body, drinking in the half-globes of her flawless tits, her naked torso, dipping down to savor the dripping cleft between jannette’s gorgeous legs.

Deanna stripped her thong down her legs and stepped out of it. Equal once more, the women continued to stare at each other hatefully, their lust warring with their intense desire to destroy each other.

As one, the women reached for their shirts and slowly, teasingly, pulled their blouses wide open. Their massive, golden tanned orbs wobbled enticingly as they were revealed in their sensual glory. Deanna and jannette glared at the other woman’s awe-inspiring boobs, both women licking their lips in hungry anticipation, taking in the luscious, bouncing, hard-nippled orbs before them. The women threw their blouses away and stood nude before each other.

Each woman’s eyes roamed over the other woman’s naked body with ravenous rage. They glared at the other woman’s perfect body, her heavy, round tits, smooth, defined belly and narrow navel, round hips and long, beautifully muscled thighs and calves. Deanna and jannette focused hate-filled, lustful stares on their opponent’s bare, wet, succulent slit, defined by powerful pussy lips and topped by a hot, hard clit. The sexual rivals inhaled deeply, struggling to control their building fury and raw, boiling lust.

Deanna realized how much she hated jannette. The brunette had fucked robert with that perfect, incredibly sexy body. Deanna hated that jannette’s body was her equal in every way. She could not claim that she was better than this bitch, she could not claim that she was the better fuck, that she could offer more to robert, unless she could prove it. Tit to tit, cunt to cunt, she had to destroy jannette. But, even more, she wanted to own this bitch. She wanted jannette begging, submitting to her. She wanted jannette flat on her back, spreading her legs in defeat, offering herself to deanna’s victorious cunt.

Jannette glared back at deanna with equal fury. She, too, hated that deanna was her equal. She had never before been the mistress to a man whose wife rivaled her in every way. She knew that she had to prove to herself and to deanna that she was the better woman, that she was the better fuck,that she gave robert pleasure and satisfaction that he could never get with his bitch of a wife. Her pride demanded it.

But, deeper down, both women knew that their rivalry wasn’t about robert at all. He was just the convenient excuse. It was about them. Neither woman could stand that a woman so much her equal was in her territory. They both had to know which of them was the superior bitch.

Deanna and jannette slowly closed the gap between their lush, naked bodies. When she was close enough, jannette reached out with her right hand and filled it with deanna’s massive left tit. Deanna did not immediately retaliate; she waited, trembling slightly with desire, to see what jannette would do. Involuntarily, she bit her lower lip as jannette’s hand gently played on her burning skin. Jannette squeezed the meaty orb gently, carefully, weighing and caressing the dense flesh. She was secretly impressed. Deanna’s tit was every bit as heavy, as thick, as her own. But she already knew that.

“there’s not much here,” jannette lied, as she stroked deanna’s hard nipple. “not nearly enough to handle my meat.”

deanna shuddered, her whole body quaking, as jannette’s fingers sank deeply into her titflesh and teased her throbbing orb. Deanna reached out and filled her right hand with jannette’s massive left tit. With equal skill, she caressed and stroked the burning flesh, running her finger around and around jannette’s areolae before pinching the rock-hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Jannette gasped explosively, almost screaming with the intense pleasure. Deanna smiled viciously as she saw jannette’s pussy lubricate, squirting a bit of juice in response to the spike of ecstasy, creating a trickle down the brunette’s inner thighs.

“i don’t feel anything here that my babies can’t squash flat, you big whore,” deanna breathed.

Both women reached for the other woman’s remaining tit. Glaring into each other’s eyes, blue gazes locked in a burning mix of hate and pure desire, the sexual rivals began massaging, caressing and manipulating the other woman’s tits. They squeezed the meaty masses together, eliciting gasps of pleasure from the other. They teased and tortured throbbing nipples. They ran their hands and fingers over and around and around the dense, lush mounds of meat. Their breath came in gasps, their pussies began to stream with lubrication, their pulsing clits blew up like balloons. For long minutes, deanna and jannette stroked and tortured the other’s beautiful breasts, driving each other crazy with lust. At the same time, they resisted closer body contact, despite both of them aching to take their confrontation to the next level. Both understood that the first woman to elevate the battle would lose the test of self-control.

Their bodies shuddered and writhed, the women panted and snarled, their sexes burned like furnaces. Their heavy tits began to sweat, growing slicker and even more erotically tantalizing with each moment. Finally, deanna moved to break the impasse. She suddenly removed her hands from jannette’s tits and placed them over jannette’s hand on her breasts. Grasping jannette’s hands, she pulled them away and apart. Jannette took a moment to register what had happened. In that moment, deanna lowered her head to jannette’s massive right tit. She licked the brunette’s beautiful brown nipple and ran her tongue around and around the excruciatingly sensitive areolae.

“oh, god!,” jannette cried out, throwing back her head to moan in ecstasy. Deanna pressed her sudden advantage. She looped her left hand behind jannette’s shoulder, seized the woman’s thick, black hair and pulled savagely. Her right hand filled itself with jannette’s left tit and squeezed hard. Her mouth closed on jannette’s right nipple, her teeth and lips fastened around the dark brown nub, and she sucked hard.

“fucking god!” jannette screamed, her body quivering as her breast seemed to explode with electricity. She buried her right hand in deanna’s thick blonde hair, almost involuntarily pressing the other woman’s face even more deeply into her tit. Her left hand came up between the women’s bodies and began squeezing deanna’s right tit, retaliating as best she could against the incredible pleasure deanna was forcing on her.

Deanna continued to massage and stroke jannette’s left breast even as her teeth and mouth sank deeper into the brunette’s right tit, relishing the taste, the weight of the dense flesh. She sucked in the entire nipple and all the surrounding meat, then bit down hard, sucking all the while. It tasted delicious, salty and hot, and jannette’s cries of pleasure sent a thrill of satisfaction burning through deanna. She had the brunette whore at her mercy, at least for this moment. She knew it would not last, but she intended to savor the small victory. She knew that her eventual defeat of her husband’s mistress would depend on an accumulation of such small victories.

Jannette moaned and squeezed deanna’s lush right tit mercilessly, but the blonde only redoubled her erotic attack on jannette’s aching boob. Summoning all her will, resisting her urge to just let deanna suck her to ecstasy, jannette yanked hard on deanna’s thick mane. The blonde screamed with the sudden pain, opening her mouth and involuntarily releasing jannette’s breast. Jannette pulled back harder on deanna’s hair, jerking deanna’s head back until her face was looking at the ceiling, and causing the blonde’s body to bow backwards. Jannette lowered her head to deanna’s right tit. Jannette licked the blonde’s nipple, running her tongue around the thick shaft before seizing it in her teeth and biting hard, then sucking and chewing. Deanna groaned in pleasure, trembling as her tit exploded with heat. Before jannette could sink her teeth and fingers more deeply into deanna’s titmeat, the blonde pushed the other woman hard. The battling women staggered apart, unsteady on their spike heels.

Separated, the panting women glared at each other. They stared resentfully, lustfully, at their enemy’s heaving boobs. Each woman now sported a breast that was wet with spit and slightly reddened from the sucking and biting they had inflicted on each other. After a moment, deanna reached down and pulled off her high heels. Then she smiled, reached up and cupped her massive tits, pointing the spearpoints of her nipples at her beautiful foe.

“come on, bitch,” deanna challenged. “bring those soft, saggy bags over here. Let me feel those little girl tits.”

jannette grinned maliciously. She kicked off her heels, then lunged across the space between their naked bodies, reaching for deanna. The two women seized each other by their biceps, their arms forming a cage which trapped their massive tits into the same space. Their arms pushed in, pressing their hard, pulsing tits outward, the steel-hard spearpoints of their enflamed nipples jabbing at each other. Panting, snarling, deanna and jannette lined up their brown nipples and drove them together, stabbing head to head. The women moaned and barely suppressed screams as their nipples holes sucked and fused to each other, creating a delicious sense of mutual, intimate violation. Leaning forward, the women struggled to crush and humiliate the other’s engorged nips. Neither woman’s nipples gave a millimeter. Instead, their nipples slowly, agonizingly, pushed each other all the way back into their thick titflesh. Their areola met and sizzled with erotic power as they matched, rough, pebbled flesh grating and melting to flesh. Deanna and jannette shoved their faces together, nose to nose, forehead pressing to forehead, lustrous hair falling and tangling over their angry, beautiful faces. Their hot breath mixed furiously. The women pushed even harder, forcing the meat of their succulent tits into one. The four thick masses of flesh trembled and rippled against each other as the women began to rub their tits up and down, back and forth, grinding at each other, struggling to throw all their weight and strength into crushing and mashing flat the other woman’s gorgeous mammary glands. The pleasure radiating off their overloaded nipples and pulsing areola caused them to moan and cry out in shared erotic joy. The titfight raged on and on. Their struggling tits grew slick and hot with sweat, adding to the unbearably sensual feeling of dense, throbbing flesh sliding and pulsing on equally dense, throbbing titflesh. Their stiff nipples moved back and forth, separating and then re-engaging, stabbing and jousting within the confines of the women’s mashed and struggling meat. As their battle grew more frenzied, more furious, the women’s moans and gasps of pleasure turned to screams and cries of rage and fury. Both women craved the incredible pleasure they were beating into each other, but they wanted the victory, the feeling of breaking and humbling the other woman, just as much.

Jannette released deanna’s arms and wrapped her arms around the blonde’s back, pulling her lover’s wife in harder. Deanna immediately reciprocated. The women squeezed each other in a tight bearhug, crushing each other tit to tit with all their power. Even as they squeezed, deanna worked her back muscles, grinding her tits up and down against jannette’s meaty mounds. Jannette moved with her, grinding back just as hard. Their hard bellies slapped and flexed against each other. Their deep, narrow navels sucked as their abdomens rippled, flat belly to belly. Their bodies writhed against each other, their torsos fused tight, their sweaty flesh joined from their tits to their pubes. The heat from their swollen clits and dripping pussies enticed them. The women growled at each other, throwing back their heads to cry out in rage, pain and desire as they used all their power to try to break each other.

The women staggered around, almost falling against the couch. The impact on the back of couch jarred them apart. The naked women stumbled away from each other, gasping for breath.

Deanna glared at jannette. Jannette returned the angry stare. Their eyes appraised the other woman’s tits, even as each woman cupped and caressed her own battered mammaries. Both sets of boobs were reddened from the constant grinding and thrusting, but both also throbbed with heat and were taut with arousal and ready to resume the battle.

Deanna stepped towards jannette, offering her hands. Jannette took the blonde’s hands. Both women pulled their hands high over their heads, their massive tits rising with the movement, and stepped into each other. Their perfectly aligned boobs came together, nipple to nipple, taut underside to underside. Gently, the women leaned into each other, their succulent tits compressing until they formed a trembling set of matched, golden orbs. The meaty pads quivered against each other in tension. The women eased off, then came together again. Their arms dropped to their sides, fully extended, still gripped hand to hand. The women gasped as they worked tit against tit. Nose to nose, staring into each other with half-hooded eyes, their titfight became gentler, more seductive, but no less vicious in its intent. They swung their hips and pushed their wet pussies together, hot clits finally touching, rubbing and thrusting. Jannette and deanna screamed out as their most potent sexual weapons came to bear. Their arms wrapped around each other and they held each other tightly as their incredible bodies writhed in sexual rage.

The women’s gasps turned to moans and cries and their bodies began jerking harder, joined together from tit to clit. The women worked their backs, rubbing their tits around and around, over and under each other, trying to force more pleasure on the other woman than she could bear. Their clits touched and teased, tantalizing and torturing, flicking apart, before coming back together. Deanna’s and jannette’s breaths came in harder and harder gasps as their voluptuous bodies grew more and more insanely aroused. The women’s faces pressed cheek to cheek, buried in each other’s long, lustrous hair. They moaned and whispered obscenities into each other’s ears.

“you bitch, you fucking dirty whore…,” jannette whined, her flesh slick with sweat, her breasts throbbing with the heat and pressure, her body undulating as she rubbed herself seductively into deanna’s perfect form, trying to overpower the other woman with pleasure.

“cunt, fucking filthy cunt…,” deanna cursed back, her voice almost sobbing as her body ached with sexual need. She thrust and writhed back against jannette with all her will.

The women slid their cheeks apart and pressed nose to nose, glaring into each other. Their breath came in gasps of rage and lust. Jannette’s tongue reached out and licked at deanna’s nose, at her ruby red lips. Deanna’s tongue lashed out and stroked the underside of jannette’s pink organ, before sliding over and around the brunette’s pink instrument. Moaning in mutual desire, the women’s mouths closed on each other in a lush, wet, probing kiss. Their tongues slid around and around, over and under, sharing spit and heat and tantalizing caresses before twisting and writhing together within the women’s locked mouths. Jannette slid her hands down deanna’s back to grasp the blonde’s round, taut ass cheeks. Deanna immediately returned the grip, eagerly filling her hands with jannette’s perfect ass. Together, the women slowly spread their succulent thighs and tilted their pelvises forward, offering their clits and cunts to each other in heated desire. The women went stiff, screaming into each other’s locked mouths, as their thumb-sized clits stroked and throbbed against each other, grinding head to head, sending spikes of unbearable erotic ecstasy pulsing through their locked bodies. The women kissed each other even harder, closing their eyes tightly as the incredible pleasure grew. Their fingers sank into the other’s gently rippling ass as their trembling hips and buttocks moved almost microscopically, subtly stroking their aching clits against each other like tiny, throbbing pink swords. Their clits thrust and caressed, stroked and pushed, and corkscrewed around each other. The women’s shared, muffled moans and ecstatic screams grew harder and harder. Their swollen, mashed tits throbbed with erotic heat. Tears streamed down their beautiful faces as they challenged each other in this full-on fuckfight. Jannette inserted one of her middle fingers deep into deanna’s anus and used her other hand to stroke and probe at the underside of the blonde’s dripping wet genitals. Deanna jerked, her asshole squeezing the invading digit, then eagerly returned the attack. Jannette shuddered in pleasure at the violation and redoubled her efforts to overpower her rival.

For more than an hour, deanna and jannette sexually tortured each other. Their voluptuous bodies dripped with sweat, their inner thighs soaked with pussy juices, their powerful forms moved together in a sensual rhythm. They refused to separate, each woman absolutely determined to overwhelm the other with her sex. They refused to break their kiss. Instead, their tongues moved in time to their stroking, jousting clits. Hot spit flowed down their cheeks, building until they could swallow back the shared saliva. Their mated tits pulsed and throbbed with exquisite heat. Their bodies were so aroused, their senses so over-stimulated, that they felt like two giant genitals, like two overheated clits, locked and twisted together, slipping and sliding into and out of and around each other, hot flesh flowing into flesh.

Their trembling legs began to give out, the sexual pleasure draining their strength. Slowly, sensually, the women spread their legs as they collapsed, opening their wet, sex-slimed thighs and pressing their raging fuckmeat tight, as their rounded asses hit the floor. Deanna reached up and buried her hands in jannette’s thick black hair. She pulled viciously on her enemy’s locks. Jannette groaned in pain, then reached up and yanked ferociously at deanna’s golden head. Slowly, agonizingly, the two battling vixens pulled their heads apart, forcing each other to release their kiss. The struggling women stared hatefully into each other’s eyes, seeing there all the shared rage and pure desire that they needed to see.

“you fucking cunt,”jannette breathed, her voice a low, savage growl. “i hate you so fucking much. I swear to god, i’m going to make you beg me to stop fucking you!”

“you goddamn, cunteating bitch,” deanna snarled back. “you cuntlicking whore! I’m going to leave you spread out on this floor like a cheap rug, you fucking slut!”

the women’s eyes blazed at each other. Neither woman had felt such intense hate and rage towards another human being in their lives. Both women wanted to annihilate the other one completely. Words could not express how much they despised each other.
By mutual, silent agreement, the women slowly pulled their upper bodies apart, reluctantly disengaging their massive, aching tits. Their overloaded nipples cried out with pulsing heat. The women leaned back on their hands. They scissored each other, their long, powerful legs interlocking, left legs sliding slickly over rights. They slid their naked cunts together, hot, wet slit slotting into hot, wet slit, and pushed hard with their asses and hips, driving into each other, locking pussy to pussy. The soft, yielding cores of their womanhood melted together, succulent flesh joining with heated flesh. Deanna and jannette cried out then moaned in indescribable, shared ecstasy as they felt their wet, hot cunts sink into each other, labia merging with labia, hot clit melting and grinding on hot clit. Their vaginal mouths closed on each other, squeezing with all their strength, fuckmeat matched to fuckmeat. Their deep inner twat muscles pulled hard, sucking and locking both women into a tight vaginal kiss.

“fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fucking god…,” deanna moaned. She threw back her head and screamed out in sheer bliss as her body moved and humped against jannette’s luscious flesh.

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This is my well of pleasurable sensory overload!!!!

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Stumbled across part II first. Def am anxious to read part I! Love it!