Wife Vs Mistress II 2nd half

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Deviation Actions

2nd half part part 2 of 2

“yes, yes, yes, oh god yes…,” jannette chanted, her cries harmonizing with deanna’s moans. She seized deanna’s sweaty, hot thigh and thrust harder and harder, determined to grind herself as deeply into deanna’s juicy, yielding cunt as was humanly possible. Deanna moved with her, grinding and thrusting back just as hard, equally determined to claim jannette’s pussy as her own.

The women’s powerful, sweaty bodies bucked wildly, muscles straining, bellies rippling powerfully, hips and asses moving in perfect rhythm as they fucked. Their golden, sweat-soaked tits bounced and rocked in concert with their thrusting bodies. Deanna and jannette threw back their heads and moaned in erotic ecstasy. The women closed their eyes and smiled savagely, both women thoroughly enjoying the vicious fucking they were administering to each other. Their engorged clits worked relentlessly against each other, sending waves of pleasure radiating through the women’s struggling bodies. Moans and screams of sexual joy filled the office as deanna’s and jannette’s fuckfight raged on. Each amazon was absolutely determined to destroy the other with raw pleasure, to fuck the other woman into abject submission, to break and beat the other woman’s frustratingly beautiful body with her own.

Jannette and deanna reached for each other, grabbing each other’s wrists. Their legs spread wide, their bodies interlocked at their cunts, the women leaned back, arching their backs, putting the full weight of their bodies on their cunts, driving their trembling twats deep and hard into each other, even as they pulled each other in. Deanna and jannette screamed and grunted like animals as they bucked their hips and thrust with their asses, doing all they could to penetrate and violate each other completely. Their assholes rubbed together as the women bucked ferociously, pushing their hips high into the air as they drove at each other. Their engorged clits knotted together, trapped inside the hot, tight arena of the women’s inosculated cunts. The women squeezed and squeezed their most sensitive sexual organs with their full vaginal strength, sending waves of exquisite pleasure roaring through their writhing bodies. Deanna and jannette moaned and groaned, their cries of ecstasy growing louder and louder, harmonizing, melding into a symphony of erotic joy.

“god, oh god!!” deanna screamed as she felt an incredible orgasmic dam break in her body. Her body went rigid. Waves of pure ecstasy roared through her as she exploded in sexual bliss.

“fuck, fuck, fuuuuucccckkk!!,” jannette shrieked, her body going stiff with pleasure and sudden release.

The women’s hips thrust high as their backs arched. Their round, hard asses pressed tight at the top of the arc. Their hips bucked and held. The women’s tits bounced furiously. The struggling vixens came with incredible force, squirting so hard it was almost as if they were peeing. Deanna and jannette’s womanly jism jetted from their sealed twats, soaking the intersection of their bodies, drowning their fused quims. Hot cum mixed and merged inside the women’s joined vaginal canals, filling them with an intoxicating liquid heat, making them both feel completely and deliciously violated by their enemy. Their inner thighs dripped with juice as they exchanged and shared gushing womanly cum.

For almost five minutes, the writhing, grinding amazons moaned and screamed and bucked their way through delicious orgasm after orgasm. Neither woman would stop. Both wanted to drain the other woman, to fuck their enemy to exhaustion, to grind every drop of cum out of their foe’s cunt. The incredible sexual tension that the women had built up in each other over the past two hours flowed out of their undulating, quivering bodies in shot after shot of creamy ejaculate.

Finally, the torrent of sexual power receded. The voluptuous vixens collapsed flat on their backs on the office floor. Completely spent, their trembling tits rising and falling with their gasping breaths, deanna and jannette lay interlocked in a meaty join at their crotches, their bodies glistening with sweat, their thighs and bellies dripping with cum. For almost 20 minutes, they lay resting, awash in the afterglow of their sexual union.

Deanna panted, dimly enjoying the luxurious feeling of her heavy tits moving on her chest. Her body was so loose, she felt almost boneless. Her still-swollen clit remained locked tight against jannette’s rock-hard clit, their most powerful, exquisitely sensitive sexual organs throbbing into each other with each pulse of their pounding hearts. Even in the aftermath of the incredible mutual fucking they had just delivered to each other, the women could feel waves of warm, sensual pleasure radiating out from their locked twats. Deanna stirred, inadvertently moving her clit hard against jannette’s sexhorn. The women moaned in shared ecstasy at the slick friction, at the shock of sexual electricity that jumped through their bodies. Jannette thrust back, rubbing her thick, delicious nub against deanna’s engorged clit. The women’s cries of pleasure became more intense.

Sexual pleasure and tension began growing within both women once more, increasing exponentially with each moment. The engines of their insatiable sexual power began stirring once more, drawing power from their erotic cores. Deanna pushed herself up on her elbows; jannette did the same. The beautiful amazons glared at each other over the tops of their taut, heaving tits. Their breasts were beginning to fill with heat once again. Their brown nipples were already rock hard with arousal, their areola stiff and aching with the anticipation of intense pleasure.

The women sat up, reaching for each other, sliding their arms around each other and pulling the other in. Both beautiful sex warriors spread their thighs wide, their legs extending out almost perpendicular to their bodies on either side. They touched toe to toe, then looped their lefts over their rights at the ankles. Their inosculated cunts sucked apart with a thick, wet sound as juicy fuckmeat released juicy fuckmeat. The women slowly, tantalizingly, pushed their throbbing tits together. Their nipples stabbed each other and fused tight, nipple hole locking to nipple hole. Their thick tits crushed and held, dense flesh quivering in sexual tension against equally taut, thick meat. The women’s strong, smooth bellies flattened to each other, rippling sensually, causing their narrow, deep navels to suck deliciously. Deanna and jannette pushed their pussies together, their thick, blood-engorged naked vaginal lips lining up and sliding against each other, deep gash to gash. Their engorged, thumb-sized clits met head to head, sending shockwaves of unbearable pleasure rippling through their incredible bodies. Deanna and jannette ran their hands over and around each other’s trembling bodies, down their muscled backs. They seized each other’s rippling ass at the same moment. The women stared into each other through eyes half-hooded with pleasure. They panted with lust and excitement.

Deanna offered her tongue to jannette. The brunette eagerly wrapped her lips around the blonde’s strong pink muscle and began sucking it the way she would a man’s tumescent cock, caressing and slicking the soft, wet muscle with her own expert tongue, wrapping her thick pink muscle around deanna’s hot organ, scraping deanna’s offering with her teeth. The women moaned in joy as they took turns working each other’s tongue, scouring the insides of each other’s mouths, pressing the undersides of their tongues together then twisting their spitty instruments into slick knots. Their mouths filled with spit as they kissed deeply, sensuously, each woman gorging the other with erotic heat. At the same time, their asses and hips moved in a delicious, deliberate rhythm, rippling gently but firmly, rubbing hard clit on clit. Their tightly pressed pussies leaked copious amounts of sexual lubricant as the women fucked slowly and agonizingly, torturing each other with exquisite pleasure, every part of their bodies once again at war with every inch of flesh on the other woman.

Jannette slowly, arrogantly, shoved one of her middle fingers up into deanna’s asshole. Her other hand caressed and invaded the lower part of the blonde’s dripping cunt, gently stroking her trembling labia. Deanna moaned louder and harder. Rather than retaliating in kind, however, she released jannette’s perfect round ass and reached up to grab the brunette’s thick black hair. She yanked painfully on jannette’s locks, pulling her husband’s mistress out of their savage, sensuous kiss. Deanna jerked the brunette’s head back, throwing the other woman off-balance.

“no,” jannette groaned, her eyes closed and her teeth clenched as she tried to resist going over onto her back. She sank another finger up deanna’s anus in a desperate attempt to distract the blonde beauty and give herself a better grip with which to resist, but it was futile. Deanna clenched her ass to squeeze the invading digits and pulled harder, even as she pushed her tits more strongly into jannette’s matching rack. Her flat belly tensed and strained against jannette’s resisting abdomen. Deanna leaned forward and helped gravity do its work. The brunette’s legs were already widespread. Jannette fell slowly onto her back, her naked cunt open and exposed. Deanna gleefully rode her down to the floor and mounted the brunette’s prone body. The women’s bodies thrashed briefly, muscles locking and straining, until deanna was able to consolidate her dominant position.

“you fucking cunt,” jannette panted. She arched her back, lifting deanna belly to belly, presenting her steaming cunt to her blonde rival.

“shut up, whore,” deanna growled. “spread your legs like a good little slut, lie back and take my clit. I’m going to fuck your fucking brains out.”

“bring it on, cuntlicker,” jannette snarled. “show me what you’ve got between your legs and i’ll show you what i’ve got. I’ll take on every inch of that little girl clit. I’m going to make you cream, you fucker.”

deanna lifted herself up slightly, so that she could better writhe and grind her lush form into the voluptuous body of her enemy. Her tits moved slowly and seductively on top of jannette’s fantastic boobs, caressing, massaging and rolling over her rival’s thick, firm meat, grinding down on the lush flesh in an effort to flatten jannette’s tits onto her chest. The women’s tit bullet nipples speared yielding titflesh and locked and twisted like little brown knives. The women’s bellies moved sensuously against each other, firm, muscled abdomens rippling and rolling and sliding on sweat, deep navels sucking and releasing. Jannette’s powerful thighs spread, pressed tight to either side of deanna’s rolling hips, her cunt open and inviting, her pink, juicy labia offered in challenge to deanna’s invading twat. Deanna shoved her hips down, mashing her succulent, naked pussy deep and hard into jannette’s matching fuckmeat. The women gasped in shared erotic pleasure as they penetrated each other, twisting their hips to drive in even more deeply. The women’s soft, sensitive labia melted together, their rock-hard clits jousted and rubbed and worked over, around and under each other, as the rivals fought for sexual supremacy. Nose to nose, eyes half-closed with pleasure but still locked in hate, panting and moaning, deanna and jannette humped wildly, their sensual cries growing louder and more desperate as they worked their cunts deep into each other, each woman struggling to force the other into a submissive orgasm. For 10, 20, 30 minutes the fuckfight raged on, neither woman willing to give in and accept sexual surrender. Their bodies moved together in a lush, long, undulating wave of perfect female flesh.

Deanna’s body was dripping with sweat as she writhed and ground onto jannette’s delicious body. Jannette released deanna’s pumping ass and locked a hand behind deanna’s blonde head. She pulled the face of her lover’s wife down to her’s, deanna’s blonde hair forming a screen over their sweaty, panting faces. Jannette pulled deanna into a lush, tongue-sliding kiss, one that deanna returned with equal lust and passion. Locked together from tongue to tit to clit, powerful legs twined and straining, hips bucking as their cunts fought ferociously, the incredible women fucked on and on.

For another twenty minutes, the fuckfight continued, the women’s bodies trembling with growing pleasure, their erotic cries muffled in their locked mouths. Their limbs twined and muscles strained as their dripping, glistening bodies undulated and writhed in shared ecstasy. The sound of flat bellies slapping, of thick, wet cunts pounding when they were not grinding, filled the room. The raw pleasure built and built until, finally, jannette broke their vicious kiss, pulling painfully on deanne’s hair. Jannette moaned uncontrollably.

“you fuck, you fuck, you dirty, filthy fuck…,” the brunette chanted, her eyes squeezed shut, her beautiful face contorted by the effort to keep her pussy from exploding in orgasmic release.

“come, you bitch, you filth, you whore…,” deanna snarled, her voice almost sobbing, her gorgeous face set in a savage snarl of hate and desperation. She was so close to orgasm herself that she could barely control it. The pleasure was on the very edge of overwhelming her.

Jannette realized that her incredible sexual rival was on the verge of orgasm, just like her. Grabbing deanna’s trembling ass, the brunette fucked up against deanna with all her strength, ramming her clit to deanna’s throbbing clit with all her power, grinding nub to nub with everything she had.

“oh, you cunt, you fucking cunt…,” deanna sobbed. Jannette pulled her in, locking their mouths together in another vicious, hateful, unbearably erotic kiss.

Deanna and jannette went stiff in each other’s arms, their bodies trembling and shuddering in simultaneous orgasm. Their muscles quivered in extreme ecstasy as their pussies melted together in an explosion of shared erotic joy. The women broke their savage kiss to throw back their heads and shriek with joy. Jannette spread her legs and howled in sexual bliss. Deanna reared up and screamed as she injected her hot cum, again and again, into jannette’s waiting, eager pussy. The brunette’s quim sprayed uncontrollably in reply. The women’s bellies rippled against each other as they pumped juices into each other. The women bucked their way through several, devastatingly pleasurable, orgasms before they finally collapsed in one another’ arms, panting and sobbing, too exhausted to move.

For another twenty minutes, deanna and jannette lay twined together in each other’s arms, their wet bodies lush and hot, their hearts pounding, their mammoth tits crushed, hard nipples throbbing as one. They floated together in the aftermath, drifting in and out of consciousness, their bodies overloaded by sensual pleasure.

Deanna summoned all her will to fight off the lethargic sexual haze and bring herself back to consciousness. Her body vibrated with pleasure and she wanted nothing more than to rest and enjoy the feel of jannette’s luscious flesh pressed tight under her body. Deanna was absolutely determined that this battle would end in her decisive victory over her husband’s fucking slut of a mistress. Slowly, she rolled off of jannette’s wet, hot body. The brunette stirred slightly, but remained flat on her back, her eyes closed in exhaustion, her beautiful face serene in an expression of complete sexual satisfaction.

Deanna pressed her naked body into jannette’s side, her heavy tits partly resting on the brunette’s equally impressive rack. Deanna reached down between her rival’s legs and carefully, teasingly, brushed her fingers along jannette’s naked pink gash. She traced around the edge of the wet slit before inserting two fingers up into jannette’s hot, tight hole. Deanna carefully finger-fucked her enemy. Her thumb flicked gently at jannette’s hardened clit. At the same time, she lowered her head to jannette’s meaty, gorgeous left tit and began to lick and suck at the succulent boob and nipple. She ran her tongue around the woman’s tightening areolae. Jannette stirred, moaning and grunting. Deanna sucked harder. She moved, re-positioning herself directly over the brunette’s chest, never releasing the engorged nipple in her mouth. Deanna began to lick and suck and gently nibble at both of jannette’s succulent tits. At the same time, she continued to work her fingers in and out of her rival’s vagina, stroking and caressing, teasing the other woman’s clit. Jannette moaned louder and began to writhe, her hips rocking, humping her pussy into deanna’s hand. Deanna attacked jannette’s tits more aggressively, taking more meat in her mouth to lick and suck. She bit just hard enough to redden the flesh and raise jannette to the next level of pleasure, but not hard enough to wake her rival. She lapped at the undersides and nipples of the brunette’s magnificent boobs, leaving the golden orbs glistening with spit.

Deanna slowly slid down jannette’s torso, licking her rival’s stomach, pausing to probe jannette’s navel with her tongue, before continuing down to bury her face between the other woman’s wet thighs. Deanna ran her tongue along and around jannette’s naked pussy lips, enjoying the salty taste and pungent odor before she licked and sucked at jannette’s clit. She continued to probe and work the other woman’s cunt, driving three fingers up into the brunette’s tight, hot twat. Deanna sucked on jannette’s engorged clit like a lollipop. At the same time, she reached up jannette’s glistening torso, filled her hands with both of the brunnette’s melon-sized tits, and squeezed the hard nipples mercilessly between her thumb and forefinger.

“oh my fucking god!” jannette shrieked. She returned to full consciousness as the shock of deanna’s clit sucking, tit-squeezing attack reverberated through her body like a nuclear charge. The delicious erotic dream that she had been enjoying suddenly became a stunning erotic reality. Jannette arched her back and reached down to bury her hands in deanna’s thick blonde hair. She could see the blonde’s head bobbing between her legs, she could feel the woman’s lips and tongue on her burning clit. Jannette knew if she did not act quickly, she might soon be at the mercy of her blonde rival.

Before jannette could force deanna to release her, deanna knifed all five fingers of her right hand directly into the brunette’s wet, tight twat. She shoved hard, penetrating jannette’s juicy, yielding cunt to the core. Jannette screamed as she felt the tight, muscled ring of her vagina resisting, but then expanding under the pressure of the sudden intimate invasion. She felt like she had been violated to the hilt by one massive thrust from a monstrous cock or dildo. It was an unbearably delicious feeling. An instant later the sensations became even more intense as deanna folded her probing hand into a fist and rammed it even further up jannette’s vaginal canal, spreading and violating the brunette even more deeply. At the same moment, deanna licked and sucked on the woman’s clit with renewed vigor.

“fuck!,” jannette howled, her body arching, her tits bouncing furiously as she convulsed, her legs going rigid with the intense erotic stimulation, her toes curling in ecstasy. Deanna’s free hand continued to manipulate jannette’s aching tits; her fist worked inside of jannette’s womanly core like a drill, twisting and turning, forcing more aching pleasure on the brunette than she could stand. Jannette jerked and heaved, her hips bucking, her torso writhing, her tits bouncing, her head thrashing from side to side as she fought to control the incredible sensations building in her body, threatening to explode in an overwhelming orgasmic release.

Deanna’s fist now started thrusting in jannette like a piston, like a jackhammer-sized cock, driving her insane with pleasure. Jannette felt like a meat puppet, with deanna’s hand inserted into her vaginal canal as deep as it could go, controlling her body, forcing more pleasure on her than she could stand.

“fuck, oh fuck, you cunteating whore!” jannette sobbed, her writhing body dancing like a marionette, bouncing and jerking, ass slapping the floor and hips rocking as deanna fisted her to an explosive orgasm. Her overheated, overstimulated body could not take much more. Deanna’s mouth closed on jannette’s engorged clit once more and sucked hard, subjecting her rival’s most exquisite sexual organ to unbearable pleasure. Deanna’s hand squeezed jannette’s hard nipple with excruciating force. “oh fuck!!” jannette howled as her pussy exploded. Her entire body went rigid in a series of devastating orgasms. It felt like a sexual dam had shattered inside her. Jannette screamed in horror and unbridled passion. Her body convulsed, bucking and thrashing, as her cunt ejected a continuous stream of hot, frothy cum that flowed out of her pussy, pushing out even from around the obstruction of deanna’s driving fist.

“yes, that’s it! Cum you fuck, cum you slut! Cum, you fucking whore, cum!” deanna shrieked wildly, her beautiful face alive with hate and excitement, her eyes shining with the sense of victory. In her battles with jannette, this was the first time that she felt truly and decisively in control of her enemy.

For almost five minutes, deanna pulled orgasm after orgasm out of her hated enemy, sucking viciously on jannette’s clit even as she caressed and manipulated jannette’s aching tits and worked her fist in the mistress’ convulsing twat like a massive dildo. Jannette screamed and screamed, her body slick with sweat and cum, her back arching in passion until, finally, she collapsed, sobbing and gasping.

Panting, heaving with excitement and arousal, deanna released jannette, pulling her fist out of the woman’s twat and releasing the mistress’ clit from her sucking mouth and lips. She fell back to sit on her ass, her chest quivering with her heavy breathing. Deanna’s pussy was leaking. Her arousal felt like a fever.

Moaning, sobbing with rage and passion, jannette rolled over onto her stomach and started to crawl away, trying to retreat. She trailed a line of cum, leaking from her pussy, onto the carpet. This was not over, she swore to herself, but she knew she had lost a major battle and she needed time and distance to regroup.

“where do you think you’re going, you little fuck?” deanna snarled. The blonde crawled after the retreating brunette and grabbed the woman by her ankles. Deanna pulled jannette’s legs wide apart and then, still gripping the brunette’s ankles, sat back on her ass, spreading her own legs. She threw one of her legs over jannette’s back and slipped the other under jannette and down the front of the brunette’s torso. Deanna pulled jannette into the fork of her legs. The women’s wet, hot cunts slammed together with a liquid slap, thick, fat pieces of fuckmeat merging, gash to gash, fuckhole locking and sucking at fuckhole, sealing into one steaming mass of sensual pleasure. The women screamed in shared delight.

Jannette moaned in excruciating pleasure and found her second wind as her cunt sealed and sucked to deanna’s succulent meat. Deanna was filled with raging lust. Deanna began pounding her pussy into jannette’s hot cunt; jannette thrust back just as vigorously. The two women resumed fucking each other furiously. Soon, both women were panting, moaning and groaning in pleasure, riding and ravaging each other in full abandon, pounding cunt to cunt, then locking and grinding viciously, before pounding again. The grunting, moaning and screaming went on for some time. The women’s bodies dripped with sweat as they fought, their engorged tits bounced angrily. They came almost simultaneously, spraying each other with hot ejaculate. The women rammed their cunts together as hard and deep as they could and kept grinding and grinding, soaking twat to twat, forcing every orgasm that they could out of each other. They kept going at it on and on until, finally, they were done. The women fell on the floor, deanna falling onto her back, jannette collapsing onto her stomach and compressing her massive tits into the carpet. The women panted hard. They moaned in mutual ecstasy and exhaustion.

After a while, deanna slowly disengaged her wet pussy from jannette’s dripping, sucking cunt and disentangled her legs from jannette’s sprawled limbs. She crawled up to jannette and slowly turned the brunette beauty over onto her back. Deanna smiled down at jannette’s delicious body. Jannette looked up at deanna through glazed eyes. The brunette’s black hair was a sweaty mess, fanned out around her head like a ragged halo. Her beautiful tits lolled on her chest, wobbling tiredly, yet still unspeakably alluring. Her body was wet and glistening in the dim light. Her thighs were slightly apart, her soaking pussy trickling spent cum.

Deanna pushed aside her own intense exhaustion and felt some of her insatiable sexual energy slowly coming back. Her wet blonde hair hung limply on either side of her face. Her tits hung like twin cannonballs from her chest, thick golden globes topped by camel-brown nipples. She reached out and fondled and squeezed jannette’s thick tits, until their nipples were rock-hard again. She pushed jannette’s sticky thighs apart, then crawled over jannette’s prone body, holding herself off of the other woman. She found jannette’s hands and intertwined their fingers, holding jannette’s arms down on either side of her lush body. Deanna slowly, vindictively, lowered her naked body onto jannette’s perfect form. She covered jannette from tits to clits, groaning with pleasure as her breasts pancaked on jannette’s luscious rack, as their bellies flattened together, as their naked cuntlips squashed and their rock-hard sex nubs throbbed hard into each other.

Jannette moaned as their flesh united again. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, the sensual contact momentarily overwhelming her exhausted senses. Deanna chuckled viciously and then slammed her cunt down on jannette’s fuckmeat. Deanna laughed, an evil smirk of triumph on her gorgeous face. She worked her hips, working her pussy around and around on jannette’s slick, naked twat, grinding her clit down onto jannette’s still rock-hard clit, pinning the brunette’s sexhorn with her own. Waves of intense pleasure radiated from the women’s intersecting clitoral nubs, causing their bodies to tremble with erotic sensations.

“you’re mine, you fucking cunt. You’re finally mine,” deanna whispered, nose to nose and lip to lip with her enemy.

“fuck you, you fucking skank,” jannette gasped. “i’ll never submit to a dirty little cuntsucker like you.”

“you don’t have any choice, you filthy slut,” deanna smirked. “i’m going to ride you until you break, you whore!”

deanna drove her swollen clit down into her enemy’s fuck trough, sliding the engorged nub all the way up until it rammed hard into the base of jannette’s clit. Jannette moaned uncontrollably and began to fight back, working her clit back against deanna’s, until it was head to head with deanna’s attacking sexhorn. The women snarled and growled at each other, then locked into a passionate, savage kiss as their engorged clits struggled, two sexual weapons joined in final, vicious combat. Their clits flicked up and down, back and forth, driving both women crazy with lust. Deanna and jannette’s arms remained extended at their sides, hands locked and squeezing, limbs thrashing, as their passion built. Deanna realized that jannette was not as defeated as she had thought. The brunette matched her thrust for thrust, clit stroke for clit stroke. The sound of taut bellies slapping rhythmically echoed in the office, occasionally punctuated by the sound of hot, wet cunts slamming and sucking. The women broke their angry kiss and rested cheek to cheek, gasping angrily. Eyes closed, their erotic moaning grew louder and louder. Deanna and jannette fucked and fucked, each woman determined to finally conquer her enemy. Their naked, sweat-soaked bodies moved as one, long undulating wave of pure sensual delight. Their massive tits crushed each other flat, throbbing and pulsing as firm flesh struggled against firm flesh.

The pleasure built and built, both women’s cries of sensual delight growing louder and more desperate as each sought to outlast and outfuck the other. They held back the building sexual fire in their cores, their bodies trembling with erotic energy. As she pumped and writhed against the incredible body of the overheated bitch beneath her, deanna realized that the orgasm she and jannette were fucking each other towards was going to be the most intense of the night. She realized that their sexual power had built up during the course of their struggle and that a massive explosion of erotic power had been waiting inside of them, waiting for the moment to go off. Deanna slowed her thrusts, working her hips and ass harder, trying to grind jannette into a submissive orgasm without going off herself. But jannette slowed her answering thrusts to meet deanna’s pace, keeping their clits glued and working against each other, keeping their rippling bellies and throbbing tits flat and tight against each other. The women struggled, lost in a sensual miasma of erotic heat and slick sweat.

Deanna released jannette’s hands and seized the brunette on either side of her head, pulling her wet, black hair, glaring down into the woman’s angry blue eyes. Jannette grabbed deanna’s ass and fucked back hard against the blonde, but she soon buried her hands in deanna’s hair and pulled her rival into a tongue-twisting, savagely brutal kiss. Even as the women’s mouths and tongues fought, jannette wrapped her arms around deanna’s nude form and, with a grunt of effort, slowly rolled the blonde onto her side. Deanna grunted loudly as she brought the roll to a stop; she was not about to lose the advantage of the dominant position in this fight. The women rocked back and forth for a few moments, their mouths locked, their powerful muscles straining. Jannette reached up, grabbed deanna’s sweat-soaked hair, and pulled viciously, with all her strength. Deanna broke their kiss and screamed. She sank her hands into jannette’s hair and pulled just as savagely, but it was too late – she had overbalanced and could not prevent jannette from pushing her over onto her back.

The struggling women thrashed on the ground, neither able to take control of the battle. Their clits disengaged as they rolled back and forth, first one on top then the other. Their hot, flat bellies, their tight, taut tits rubbed and slid in the sensual sweat of their warring bodies. With a snarl, deanna shoved jannette away from her, sending the brunette rolling off towards the couch.

The two women sat up on their asses, glaring at each other hatefully. Their massive tits heaved as they panted, fury and lust etched on their gorgeous, angry faces. Deanna spread her legs wide and presented her aching, dripping, clean-shaven cunt to jannette.

“you’re not getting away, fucker,” deanna breathed. “bring that nasty little girl cunt over here. We’re going to fuck this out, right now.”

her eyes feverish with lust and hate, jannette spread her legs and eagerly pushed herself across the short distance separating her body from deanna’s lush form. With a shared cry, the two women drove their succulent cunts into each other, their fuckmeat slapping together with a wet clap. Deanna and jannette screamed in mutual ecstasy as their clits crushed and locked, hooking together. Their vaginas lined up and mashed hard and tight. Their soft, pink labia meshed like interlocking petals of erotic flowers. Both women pulled hard with their vaginal muscles, sucking each other in, holding each other in an unbreakable fuck grip. Deanna and jannette each grabbed the other’s sweaty thigh. Gripping each other, their asses pumped slow and hard, grinding with all their strength, working in concert with their bucking hips, to drive their cunts deeper and deeper and harder into each other. Their juicy pinks cunts flattened and sealed against each other, the pressure forcing them to spread and fully open to each other. Both women were consumed by the need to sexually destroy the other.

Their grinding, bucking fuck went on and on. The incredible pleasure that had been building in their bodies before they had rolled apart soon reestablished itself. Deanna and jannette trembled with erotic tension. Their equally beautiful tits rocked and bounced as their bodies worked against each other. Their moans and cries of erotic joy and hate merged and harmonized. The two struggling women closed their eyes, threw back their heads, and screamed out in sexual rage as they fought, cunt to cunt, clit to clit, their genitals fused and merged, joined with unbearable sensations of wetness, heat and electricity.

Deanna and jannette glared at each other with shared sexual need and hate. They leaned back to give each other even deeper access to their enflamed cunts. Scissor-locked, they gripped each other’s thighs and pumped even harder, fucking and fucking relentlessly, fucking each other to greater and greater levels of erotic delight. Their perfect bodies trembled with sexual tension.

The women felt the end approaching. Their whimpers and cries of erotic bliss signaled the massive impending orgasms building inside both women. Jannette sat up, reaching for deanna. Deanna pulled the brunette in closer. The women moaned in joy as their massive tits mashed, nipple to nipple, then slid and rolled against each other in sensual delight. Their hot bellies flattened against each other. The women writhed, rubbing and grinding their bodies together, struggling in this final showdown to drive their rival over the orgasmic edge first. The women wrapped one leg over their rival’s hip. Deanna seized jannette’s rippling ass; jannette eagerly returned the grip. The women rested nose to nose, forehead to forehead, their thick, sweaty hair tangling as their bodies bounced and rocked in time to the mutual fucking, their hot breath mixing as they panted and gasped

“you goddamned fucking whore,” jannette groaned at her blonde rival. The pressure in her loins, the fire in her belly, the delicious tension in her tits, was absolutely unbearable and she knew she would explode in the most intense orgasm of the night very soon.

“you dirty, filthy fucking slut,” deanna moaned in reply. She struggled to control herself as the promise of unbelievable ecstasy ate away at the last of her self-control. The intense shame of losing yet another sexual battle to jannette was the only thing that had kept her from exploding in orgasmic bliss already. But she knew she could not last much longer. Her clit was throbbing uncontrollably, every erogenous zone in her body felt like it was on fire, her muscles were quivering with unreleased sexual power.

The women whispered obscenities at each other, then locked in a deep, passionate kiss, their tongues sliding together sensuously, then wrapping together and struggling to overcome and dominate each other. The women moaned in shared bliss, their fingers sinking more deeply into the other’s firm ass, their bodies writhing and grinding and thrusting harder and harder, both desperate to force the other into a submissive orgasm. Spit flowed between their locked mouths, dribbling down their cheeks. Tears flowed from their tightly closed eyes as the sexual sensations wracking their grinding bodies grew too great to restrain.

Jannette started to come first, the orgasm starting deep in cunt, radiating out from her engorged clit, then filling her belly and surging outwards like a super-nova. Hot cum shot out of her convulsing pussy. A long, rolling wave of orgasms rippled through her incredible body, leaving her nearly unconscious. Saliva drooled from her mouth, which remained firmly joined with deanna’s. Her clit throbbed and twitched against deanna’s engorged shaft and brought deanna to orgasm almost simultaneously. Deanna shrieked inside of their locked mouths and bit down on jannette’s mouth to try to hold off the orgasmic ecstasy but only succeeded in causing jannette to buck her clit to deanna’s sex rod even harder. Deanna felt her genitals soak with heat and explode with electricity as her orgasm started deep, deep in her pussy, moving outward in a series of shattering quakes that left her legs jerking and hips heaving. With their hands gripping each other’s rippling asses and buried in their sweat-soaked hair, both women bucked and strained against the other, milking out cum to the last drop. Hot ejaculate flowed between their straining, grinding bodies, soaking their interlocked thighs, forcing itself into their locked and sealed vaginal canals, filling both women with a liquid heat. Screaming with the pain and anguish of coming together, the women clung to each other and writhed and jerked in each other’s arms, pulling hair and biting each other’s necks and shoulders in the agony of sexual ecstasy.

For the next several minutes, the excruciating pleasure continued until, finally, the waves of orgasms began to subside. The sobbing, panting rivals kissed deeply. Totally exhausted, the two women collapsed backwards, their legs still scissored, their twitching pussies locked together. The intersection of their bodies was soaked with lubrication and creamy cum. Under them, the carpet was damp with juice. Their spent pussy lips remained joined, kissing wetly

for some time, the women lay this way, pressed together twat to twat, their beautiful bodies soaked and dripping with sweat and cum. After almost half an hour, deanna forced herself to sit up. She stared down her luscious, sexually spent body at her unbelievable rival. Jannette did not stir. The brunette seemed absolutely sexually exhausted and unconscious.

Smiling grimly, deanna extricated herself from between jannette’s wet thighs. Drawing on her last strength, deanna spun herself around and slowly lowered her face to jannette’s dripping, heat-soaked pussy. She licked the fat, beautiful cuntlips of her enemy, then inserted her index and middle fingers and ran them up the groove of jannette’s cunt and scooped out a dollop of cum. She eagerly licked her fingers clean. Deanna sat back on her haunches and smiled down at jannette’s beautiful, ravaged body. The bitch was beaten, deanna decided, at least for now.

Staggering to her feet, deanna lurched across the room to the chair where she had deposited her bag, just inside the door. She retrieved her phone and made her way back to jannette’s sprawled body. She used the index and middle fingers of her left hand to spread jannette’s pussy lips as she used her right to take pictures of the other woman’s cum-soaked genitals. She took another series of pictures of jannette’s swollen tits and then another of the woman’s entire naked body. Smiling, she sent all of the photos to her own email account and cc’ed jannette.

Deanna recovered her skirt and blouse from the floor. She picked up her wet thong and put it in her bag, along with jannette’s thong. She wanted a trophy of this night. She folded her jacket under her arm and picked up her high heels by the straps. She was in no condition to wear either underwear or heels. The sweat on her body was already soaking through her silk blouse. She could still feel the dampness between her legs.

Deanna looked at the clock on the wall. It was about 4:30 am. She and jannette had been fuckfighting for almost six hours.

Deanna smiled. She was exhausted; her tits and her pussy were sore and hot, her body stank of sex and sweat and was still wet with both. But she did not mind at all. She had fucked her enemy into oblivion. She had avenged herself on jannette, at least for now. In two nights, she would meet the brunette whore cunt to cunt, clit to clit, and tit to tit for the last time, to decide which of them was the dominant bitch.

For now, deanna had proven to be more woman than jannette could handle, and that would do for tonight.
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