The Silver Spoon

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The spectators gasped as the beautiful tall blonde writhed and groaned loudly in frustration on the carpet, her platinum blonde her splayed out around her beautiful face. Straddling her frantically bucking body was the lithe Indian “silver spoon” competitor who was a last minute replacement for another fighter. Never having fought another woman before, but desiring Tamsin's boyfriend she showed an unexpected ability that had caught the star wrestler in the stable unawares. Moments earlier the blonde had strutted around the room, her large firm buttocks and breasts capturing the attention of every man and women present. Expecting an easy victory Tamsin had found herself choked, on her back and close to helpless in less than 30 seconds.

Her long black hair tied up, and wearing only a red thong, Joti knew she was lucky to have surprised the more experienced and larger blonde who struggled beneath her. Wearing a minute bright orange g - string Tamsin lay with her left leg bent and her right leg thrown out wide, her large tanned breasts being crushed painfully by Joti's shapely thighs. When she had confidently approached the Indian moments earlier she had found herself in a vicious side headlock that brought her to her knees in seconds. With the spectators now focused on the tiny strip of material covering her most intimate parts, Tamsin knew that if she was pinned for more than 5 minutes she would lose. Already she had struggled unsuccessfully for at least 2 minutes to be free.

Suddenly without warning Joti shifted her weight back and attempted to snare the blonde's long legs. Arching her back Tamsin tried again and again to lift and dislodge her antagonist. The spectators' roared encouragement to both fighters as Tamsin bridged and her round buttocks rose only to slowly collapse again onto the carpet. She tried lifting her legs as high as she could, gasping with the effort to trap Joti's head. The dark fighter leant forward to evade Tamsin's desperate efforts. Eventually the blonde cried out and quivering with exhaustion at her efforts her buttocks fell back onto the thick pile of the carpet. Sensing this weakness allowed Joti to slide down the blonde's thighs and force the long tanned legs wide apart. This was accompanied by a scream of pain from Tamsin who knew instinctively that her boyfriend would be enthralled to see her so close to defeat.

Sitting in the corner of the room Paul had a clear view of his girlfriend in a position he had never seen her before. The referee announced loudly that 3 minutes had elapsed while Paul was transfixed on the scrap of orange material struggling to hide her vagina. He felt an ache developing between his legs and knew now that Tamsin could go down in defeat after all.

The grapevine pin was fast draining her strength! With a supreme effort Tamsin forced her right leg free and using her arms propelled herself back through Joti's dusky legs. Too surprised to react Joti realized she had lost her advantage!

Both fighters came quickly to their feet to the cheers of the audience. Immediately Joti attacked! Tamsin saw her coming with her firm large breasts and small pointed nipples thrust out. Catching her by the right arm and shoulder she threw her to the carpet and followed her down. Landing hard, Joti was vulnerable to the reverse head scissors Tamsin put her in. Desperately she used her arms to try to force the ankles apart. Tamsin lay on her side with her heavy breasts heaving as she tried to recover her breath and fading strength. Looking down at the struggling dusky beauty between her legs she knew with a rising fear that this might be her only chance for victory.

Slowly managing to turn onto her stomach despite the efforts of the blonde to prevent it, Joti rose to her knees, now in a front head scissors. Her neck ached as the blonde applied the pressure. Without warning Tamsin shifted her scissors to the flat stomach of Joti and squeezed for all she was worth. The spectators were treated to the view of the gorgeous Indian with her head thrown back moaning loudly and in tune with the blondes efforts. Her large breasts shook with the pain, moisture on her skin making them glow. Sensing victory Tamsin released her grip. Slowly Joti collapsed on her side, moaning, her legs drawn up to her chest.

Standing up Tamsin felt she was finally in command. Grabbing Joti by the hair and forcing a scream from her was sweet revenge. Pulling Joti close she proceeded to bear hug her, one of her favorite holds where she could use her superior weight. The momentary respite had allowed Joti to return to her senses and she responded back. The women staggered in the middle of the room each trying to gain an advantage. Suddenly, it was Tamsin who lifted her knee in contravention to the rules which forbade kneeing and struck the Indian at the base of her red thong. Joti shrieked in pain and with shouts of foul from the spectators, collapsed clutching at her crotch. Hissing with the knowledge that she could win Tamsin dropped to her knees and attempted to pin the apparently helpless Indian from the side. It was a fatal error!

While in pain Joti had taken the real force of the blow on her inner thigh as the blond lurched in exhaustion. In a flash Joti struck back, ignoring her pain she threw the blonde aside and darted behind her still kneeling opponent applying a rear choke. Tamsin's eyes showed the fear she felt as her air supply was cut off. She struggled desperately, but after a while was allowed by Joti to slump to the floor. She lay on her back, her arms and legs thrown out wide, her breasts heaving. She tried weakly with her arms to prevent Joti again straddling her, but to no avail.

Once again in full view of her boyfriend, Tamsin who was now sobbing felt her legs forced apart. A cool feeling between her legs told her that her g - string had failed in its duty to cover her. The spectators seeing Tamsin helpless as well as the sight before them, fell silent. Tamsin cried out her humiliation as she was put into a step over hold, her hands grabbing the carpet and her mouth wide open in agony. Shifting her left knee to the orange mound of her opponent, the rapidly tiring Indian knew she had to make a last attempt at victory while staying within the rules to impress Paul. Intentionally she pushed her knee into the soft orange mound. Tamsin responded with a series of loud moans covering her face with her hands, throwing her head back, her eyes closed. Her body shook with the pain of the hold and the pressure on an ultra sensitive region.

Loudly demanding a submission Joti shouted out her joy as the blonde screamed: “I submit”! Dropped to the floor the blonde lay curled up clutching at her throbbing vagina. Joti bent down, flipped her helpless opponent onto her back and stripped her naked. She rose holding the tiny piece of material in her hand.

With a smile on her face Joti walked over to Paul, her prize. The spectators still sat in stunned silence. There was a new champion!
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