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Fairy Tale Delights 1; Riding Hood’s CatFight
The path winded its way around ancient moss covered trees that towered above her athletic 5’5” frame.  Twilight was casting its mysterious hues of color over the old growth forest and she looked skyward through the canopy of coniferous trees to see just how much daylight she would have left to make it home.  The small village she lived in rested amongst the shrouded foothills of the Carpathian mountains.  It was quite picturesque.  The backdrop of mountains painted against the medieval architecture was reminiscent of a fairy tale type of setting.  “Ah!” She gasped out.  She had tripped over a tree root from being too captivated by the steadily rising full moon.  It nearly caused her to spill the basket full of berries that she carried with her.  She had spent the whole day collecting them and surely did not want to return to her Grandmother‘s home empty handed.   Her Grandmother’s pies were to delicious to even bare such a thought but she just couldn’t keep her eyes off of the moon.

Her pace quickened with every degree the silvery circle rose on the horizon.  Now she was nearly running through the forest snapping twigs beneath her feet as she navigated the labyrinth of foliage.  Her red hooded cape flowed smoothly in the wind behind her.  The hood fell off of her head and the chilled air combed through her auburn colored hair.  The silver cross she wore around her neck jumped up and down against her B sized chest as she ran recklessly down the path.  Her haste was for good reason however.  Growing up her mind had been flooded with stories about the forest.  Horrific stories of how the evil spirits in the woods would become especially active on nights just as this.   When she would look out the window of her house, she swore that shadowy figures moved along the tree line.  One story stuck out in her mind more so than the others however.  A story that put the tales of immoral bandits and highwaymen to shame.  A story that had haunted her ever since the very first time she heard it and now that she was 20 years old, the fear still manifested itself.  One of the elders in the village used to speak of a beast that roamed the hills.  It wandered from one town to the next mutilating livestock as it went.  A beast that was also human.  It came to be known as a werewolf.  

She slowed her pace to catch some of her breath back.  It was then that she noticed the trickling blood running down her bare thigh.  She realized she must’ve picked up the small scratch from a thorn along the way.  She hadn’t even felt it, but now she regretted cropping her skirt up as she had.  As she fidgeted with the garment, she heard a rustling just behind her.  Startled, she almost dropped the basket again as she swung around to face where the noise had come from.  She was met by another, heavier, rustling.  That was the point where she decided her short break was over and she immediately began running again.  That is until she heard another sound.  A voice.  It sounded weak and afraid.  A girl’s voice for certain.  Maybe the same age as her or close to it.  Red riding hood stopped and turned.  She took the small kerosene lantern she had and adjusted the flame to shine brighter.  Out of the darkness emerged a girl.  She was crying.

“Help me!” The girl pleaded.  Coming across the girl who looked to be of Mediterranean descent, was strange enough, but then Riding Hood noticed that the girl was completely  naked from head to toe.  The dim light illuminated every inch of the beautiful girl’s olive skin.  Her black hair cascaded down her shoulders and just barely touched the top of her nipples.  

“Please!”  The girl exclaimed a bit more frantic and shaken.  Riding Hood inched closer warily.  “Here.”  Riding Hood untied her hood and handed the red clothing to the stranger.  “Thank you.” The girl responded graciously.  “But please we must go!  We must hurry!  Its coming!”  Tears rolled down the girl’s face again.  “It?”  Riding Hood asked.  “Yes! Come!”  The girl began running down the path bare feet and all.  “Wait! Who are you?”  Riding Hood asked.  The girl kept running without answering.  Riding Hood struggled to keep up.  They crossed a small stream.  The icy water wrapped itself around the bottom of her legs stinging her pale skin.  “Whats your name?”  Riding Hood asked again as she finally caught up to the girl at a fork in the road.  “Town’s that way.”  Riding Hood pointed the direction out.  “Midnight.”  The girl whispered.  “Pardon?”  Riding Hood asked unsure of the meaning behind the girl’s words.  “My name.  Its Midnight.”  The girl answered..  “Midnight?”  Riding Hood asked and walked to the girl’s front.  She couldn’t help but notice that even though they stood about the same size, the mysterious girl’s chest filled out the red jacket quite a bit more than her own had.  The girl stood silent looking Riding Hood over as well.  Riding Hood’s eyes moved up.  She jumped back in shock as the lantern’s flickering light reflected off of the girl’s eyes.  There was something off about them.  They were… They were too black and they bore the look of lust within them.  

“My what big eyes you have…” Riding Hood said and took another step back.   The moon’s silver light broke through the clouds and washed into the forest.  The awkward moment was broken when a distant howl pierced the night.  “Yeah I think we should go now…”  Riding Hood suggested.  As she turned to take off however, she felt the girl grab her arm and yank her.  The girl shoved Riding Hood into nearby bushes.  “Shh!”  She whispered.  The two of them laid covered by the thicket, hidden from view to anyone on the road.

Just then, the sound of a horse’s hooves galloping along entered their ears.  It was one of the village’s watchmen on his patrol.  “Over he-”  Riding Hood was cut off as Midnight pressed her palm against Riding Hood’s mouth.  After a few minutes, and after the man was long gone, the girl released Riding Hood.  “What are you doing?!?”  Riding Hood demanded.  “Ok its safe now.”  Midnight answered.  The two young women crawled out of the bush and stood on the road again.  “What the hell was that?”  Riding Hood asked again.  Midnight only watched her smiling.  “What!?!?”  Riding Hood repeated.  Then a horrid thought crossed her mind as she saw Midnight beginning to take off the red hood.  Riding Hood began to piece things together and she felt her eyes widen with fear.  “Mmmf!” She moaned as Midnight slammed a fist into her gut.  The girl grabbed Riding Hood and swung her into a tree.  Riding Hood’s back burned as the rough bark scraped against her.  “You’re very bright.”  Midnight laughed and started towards Riding Hood.  She removed the red cape completely as she approached and stopped just in front of Riding Hood letting her chest brush against the auburn haired girl’s softly.  Riding Hood could feel her nipples reacting to Midnight’s.  

“You’re one of them…”  Riding Hood moaned.  “Well duh.”  Midnight laughed.  “And after tonight, you shall be as well my dear.”  With that, Midnight grabbed Riding Hood by the back of the hair and flung her to the ground.  Riding Hood bounced against the ground and rolled to her back writhing in pain.  She looked up to see Midnight’s nude body standing over her.  “Please, don’t!”  Riding Hood begged.  “We can help you! The priests, they can…”  Riding Hood was cut off as fiery pain cut through her body while Midnight yanked her up by the hair and sandwiched her against another tree.  Riding Hood’s right leg rose and supported itself on the tree.  Her thigh flexed against Midnight’s.  “The priest’s? They can what?  Exorcise me?”  Midnight laughed again before continuing.  

“Those not blessed with it call lycanthropy a curse, but maybe I, maybe we lycans enjoy the beast lurking within our souls!  Can you not feel the power I now possess?”  Midnight asked as she slammed Riding Hood’s head against the tree trying to get her to understand.  Riding Hood moaned and her leg collapsed back to the ground sending shivers up her spine as it glided down Midnight’s thigh.  “The first night is always the worst.  After tonight it’ll be easy.  After you feel the power pulsing through your veins for the first time you’ll love it.  I promise.”  Midnight whispered into Riding Hoods ear and then moved her mouth down to Riding Hood’s neck where she let her lips press against it softly.  Right against where Riding Hood‘s jugular pulsed.  “Mmm.  Such a rapid heart beat.”  Midnight said as her tongue flicked against Riding Hood’s skin.  Riding Hood’s body squirmed involuntarily from the tickling motions of Midnight’s tongue.  “Just relax…” Midnight whispered.  

Riding Hood felt Midnight’s body ease off just a bit.  Not by much, but enough for her to push herself forward off of the tree.  “NO!” Riding Hood screamed and shoved herself passed Midnight.  Midnight stumbled back and Riding Hood took off in a dead sprint.  “Oh now you’ve pissed me off!”  She could hear Midnight shout out behind her.  

Riding Hood didn’t get far before-  “RRR!”  Midnight tackled her to the ground from behind.  Riding Hood twisted to her back as fast as she could only to see Midnight roll on top of her.  “Stop!”  Riding Hood cried out and tried to hold the lycan at bay.  Her hands mashed against Midnight’s face as the girl tried to twist out of Riding Hood’s grasp.  “Now I just might have to kill you instead…”  Midnight threatened and grabbed Riding Hood’s throat.  Their bodies grinded together fiercely as they writhed on the ground.  Midnight’s grip on Riding Hood’s throat was relentless and Riding Hood could feel herself getting light headed.  “AHHH!”  Midnight screamed.  Riding Hood managed to press her thumbnail deep into the girl’s cheek just below the eye.  Riding Hood arched herself up a little and the two sexy women rolled to their sides.  Riding Hood knew she didn’t have a chance at out running Midnight to the safety of the town, so now she had to stand her ground and fight the demon possessed girl.

“You bitch!”  Midnight shrieked and slapped Riding Hood hard against the face.  Her own nails dragging across Riding Hood’s cheek.  “Ugh!” The auburn girl grunted and pushed Midnight to her back.  Midnight grabbed a good hold onto Riding Hood’s hair with one hand and yanked back on the girl’s clothing with the other trying to get Riding Hood off of her.  Riding Hood winced in pain but then used Midnights hair pulling tactic against the black haired beauty and grabbed two handfuls.  “AHH!”  Midnight gasped and arched her head back with gritted teeth.  

They rolled again grasping each other’s hair.  The nude girl now straddled Riding Hood but was laying flat atop her still.  Riding Hood could feel Midnight’s supernatural power pressing against her and she could barely move.  Then she remembered…  Riding Hood released one of her hands from Midnight’s hair and clutched the silver cross on her the necklace she wore.  Riding Hood took her cross and raked it across one of Midnight’s breasts.  “AAAAAAGH!”  Midnight roared out in agony and rolled off of Riding Hood.  The scent of burnt flesh filled Riding Hood’s nose as she now rolled on top of Midnight and attempted to slice the girl again.  Midnight’s skin had been cut where the necklace had made contact, but now it was also charred along the edges.  “I don’t think so!”  Midnight screamed and grabbed Riding Hood’s hands as they tried to press the cross into her soft flesh again.

Both girls grunted and strained with effort trying to overpower the other.  The cross barely nicked Midnight again.  This time on the cheek.  Another ashy welt formed bringing an ear piercing scream from Midnight’s lips.  “BITCH!”  Midnight yelled and swung a fist into Riding Hoods jaw furiously.  Riding Hood fell off of Midnight dazed.  “Give me that!”  Midnight screamed and yanked the cross necklace off of Riding Hood’s neck.  A friction burn formed against Riding Hood’s skin where the chain was yanked so harshly.  Midnight stood up and threw the necklace away.  But Riding Hood’s eyes never lost the shiny object as it sailed through the air in the moonlight.  It landed in the thicket where Midnight had shoved her earlier.  

Midnight turned back to face Riding Hood.  “Now where was I?”  She mocked but just as she was about to make her move Riding Hood slammed her foot up between Midnight’s legs.  The dark haired girl squealed and right as she fell to her knees she was met by Riding Hood tackling her.  Their hands simultaneously grabbed for each other and they rolled over top of each other again and again.  By the end of the frenzied catfight, both girls had welts all over their bodies.  They came to a stalemate in their rolling when Riding Hood struggled to keep Midnight pinned to the ground.  Riding Hood’s skirt was in disarray and it barely covered anything.  They moaned against each other with hands full of hair.  Slowly Midnight began to press Riding Hood away.  She used her leg to help push against Riding Hood’s body.  Riding Hood became desperate to not lose her advantage.  The girl swung a vicious fist into Midnight’s left tit.  The fist sunk in but Midnight barely missed a beat and countered with a breast attack of her own.  Midnight struck Riding Hood’s right tit with an open handed slap and instead of retracting her hand, Midnight grabbed a hold of her opponents tender flesh.  Riding Hood jolted in pain as Midnight finally pushed her to her back.  “Now bitch, I end this!”  Midnight exhaled gripping Riding Hood’s tit hard as she came to lay flat atop the girl once more.

Riding Hood noticed how close they had come to the bush where the cross had landed and her eyes strained to search through the thick leaves for any trace of the shimmering object.  She knew she was in reach of it.  It was only a matter of finding it.  Both girls laid tight with each other.  Their legs intertwined with their thighs flexing against the other’s.  Now neither of them were trying to push the other away.  Midnight was trying to place her bite into Riding Hood to afflict Riding Hood with the curse of lycanthropy, while Riding Hood continued to hold Midnight close in hopes of puncturing her with the silver cross before Midnight dealt the diseased bite.

Their chests heaved against each other’s.  One of Riding Hood’s breasts threatened to come out of her top as Midnight’s pressed into it.  They breathed heavily.  Each of them obviously tired from the short but vicious engagement.  Just as she felt Midnight’s lips on the top of her shoulder, Riding Hood saw something glimmer in the corner of her eye.  She turned her head to face the object and sure enough it was the cross.  She reached for it frantically which alerted Midnight to her intent.  “NO!”  Midnight yelled and buried her teeth into Riding Hood’s shoulder just as Riding Hood grabbed the cross and slapped the metal against the lycan‘s forehead hard.  “EEE!!!” Both Riding Hood and Midnight yelped out.   A searing sound filled Riding Hood’s ears as the metal burned into Midnight’s skin.  They rolled away from each other writhing and crying.  Riding Hood’s breast finally fell free but she didn’t care.  Her shoulder was on fire.  She hoped that Midnight’s teeth didn’t have a chance to puncture the skin.  Riding Hood took in deep breaths as she tried to recuperate from the pain that the intense catfight had inflicted upon her.  Midnight continued to writhe in agony across from her.  “Fuck you bitch!”  Riding Hood cursed at her foe in a rather victorious tone.  She twisted to her front and rose to her knees.  “You picked the wrong girl to mess with…”  She continued to chide.  But as she turned back around to where Midnight had been laying, the girl was gone.  An uneasy feeling fell over Riding Hood again and she scrambled to her feet wasting no time in getting out of the forest.  The unease never left her.  She felt like she was being watched the whole way home and the forest’s eyes loomed in the distance just a pasture away when she did finally reach the village.

That evening played in her head as she slept in the form of nightmares.  Even as she woke the next day, she couldn’t stop thinking about the fight.  Midnight was in every waking thought she had.  She even thought that she felt herself beginning to lust for another fight with the girl.  It was so fierce, so visceral.  It was almost as if she felt herself becoming an animal herself.   She was having breakfast with her grandmother when she remembered.  “Sh-” She caught her tongue before she could finish the curse.  The last thing she needed was a mouthful of soap that morning.  “Please excuse me.”  She said to her grandmother and ran up to her bedroom.  She shuffled through her belongings on an antiquated vanity until she found her handheld mirror.  She pointed the reflecting glass at her shoulder where Midnight’s teeth had been clamped around it.  It was sore and bruised, but she couldn’t see any punctures.  She moved the mirror closer and twisted her head awkwardly trying to get a better view.  She dropped the mirror to the floor.  Sure enough, she saw one minuscule mark of red.
FairyTale Catfight 2; Alice vs Dark Princess

It was quiet amongst the giant toadstools and mushrooms that reached high into the sky. The fabled mushroom forest was shrouded in an eerie mist that morning and all of the creatures that could usually be found scampering about were nowhere to be found.  The royal caravan had come to a stop.  One of the wagons had become bogged down in a muddy rut.  The Prince of Hearts and Alice patiently awaited as the soldiers tried to work out the problem.  

“It really is quite beautiful out here.”  Alice said to her love as she looked out of the carriage into the depths of the forest.  “So serene and peaceful.  We really should travel these parts more often.”  The Prince pulled her back gently.  The silk drape that was the door fell back into place.  “What?”  Alice asked puzzled by the Prince’s action.  “Nothing.  Lets just leave that shut for now.” He answered.  “Why?”  Alice asked still confused.  “Well, I’m not exactly favored amongst the locals in these parts and besides that, bandits are always looking for opportunistic targets along this road.”  “Surely bandits, no matter how brazen, would not attack a caravan with this many soldiers.”  Alice replied pulling back the drape again to look outside.  There was no one out there.  All of the activity had ceased.  “Shh. Get back in here!”  The Prince pulled her back with more meaning this time.  The horses were going wild outside.  “Whats going on?” Alice asked but before she could get an answer the drape shot open and everything went black.

The Prince awoke to an odd sound.  A repetitive clapping sound and his vision was blurry but he could make out two shapes moving around in front of him.  As he continued to come around, he noticed that he couldn’t move and as he tried to speak his words were muffled and by a fabric tight against his mouth.  He finally began to put things together after a few more seconds.  He had been tied to a large mushroom stalk and gagged so that he couldn’t shout for help.  Next his hearing then started to comprehend again.  He could hear Alice’s voice amongst the clapping.  There was another voice that he recognized but could not place it off hand.  Neither voice was actually speaking however, they were exhaling moans and yelps it seemed.  His eye sight continued to come back to him and he started to see what was going on.  It was indeed Alice that he heard and she appeared to be scuffling with another girl.  A girl who’s voice he continued to recognize but who’s dark hair he did not.  The girl wore a dark violet halter top that only coverd her front leaving her back mostly exposed.  A battered short skirt matched the top allowing most of the girl‘s legs to be seen.

“Ah well then, he’s awake!”  A third voice startled him as it was right next to him.  A crazed voice that needed no introduction.  The Mad Hatter.  “So glad you could join us before the show’s over!” The Hatter welcomed the Prince excitedly.  “And as you can see, it is quite the show!”  The Prince looked at the Hatter and followed the man’s gaze over to Alice and the mystery girl she was fighting.  Their bodies hypnotic in their feminine combat.  Hands all over each other.  Yanking and pulling at the other’s clothing working for a better hold on the other girl.  Tight toned leg sliding and grinding against tight toned leg.  Young firm chest bumping against the other.  Strands of blonde hair contrasting with dark in the women’s close positioning to one another.  “Of course I’m sure you recognize Alice, but allow me to introduce to you… “ The Hatter stopped and walked over to the battling girls gently placing his hands on them guiding them to twist a little towards the Prince’s view.  The Prince now knew who the other girl was.  His teenage crush.  The Princess of Spades.  She had dyed her hair dark brown almost black.  A color that fit her rather mysterious persona better than the natural blonde that it truly was.

“I must say my boy, I am really quite jealous.”  The Hatter said to the Prince as he moved closer towards him all but invading the young man’s personal space.  “I mean to think.  Two young, tone, gorgeous girls have come to blows over you?  I really don’t see how you’re worth all that but I have nothing against watching them go about their business with each other.” The Hatter trailed off and turned to view the two combatants he had spoke of do battle.  An almost mesmerized look washed over the insane man’s face.  “Listen to their girlish squeals!” He shouted excitedly to the Prince.  “Is there no greater sound in all the land?  It truly is music to my ears!”  The Prince managed to free his mouth from the gag that had been tied around it.  “You, you’re an evil man!” The Prince yelled out in an angry tone.  “You must have the Princess under some kind of spell! She and Alice would never fight over me! They’re best friends!”  The Prince said unaware of the two combatants previous engagement.  The Hatter twisted his head to the Prince.  Disgust in his eyes.  “Oh hodge podge!  I did no such thing.  Perhaps it was all the years of silent tension between them in regards to you that has caused this spectacle to befall upon our eyes and senses!”  The Hatter answered with his crooked smile before turning back to the girls.  “You’re a liar!” The Prince shouted as he tried to free himself from the ropes he had been bound with.  The Hatter again turned to him with a relatively annoyed expression on his face this time.  “Oh do shut up boy!” The wicked man said before retying the gag around the Prince’s mouth.  The Prince writhed and mumbled in defiance but there was nothing he could do.  “Now where was I?  Ah yes…” The Hatter spoke to himself and walked closer to the young women who were locked in a fierce fight with each other.

The mist that hung low to the ground clung to their flexing legs creating a glittering effect as the pairs of tight muscular serpents slid against each other trying to be dominant.  The Princess’s right leg squirmed between Alice’s legs and wrapped around one of the blonde girl’s calfs.  “Ah!” They both yelped as neither of them seemed to have expected it.  The Princess’s weight crashed into Alice and the girls stumbled with each other until.  “MMF!” A knee high mushroom struck Alice in the back of the legs and caused her to fall to the ground crumbling the weak fungi as her weight came down upon it.  The Princess wasted no time in trying to capitalize on her foes vulnerability and she pounced on the blonde straddling Alice and lifting her head painfully by the hair.  The two made eye contact before the Princess spoke.  “This is for last time bitch!” She hissed at Alice as she took one hand and grabbed Alice’s cheek digging her nails in hard and mean.  The raven haired girl smiled fiendishly enjoying the feel of Alice writhing below her.  

Tears came to Alice’s eyes.  The Princess kept clenching and unclenching her grip ever so slightly causing more and more pain each time.  No matter how hard she bucked or squirmed, Alice just could not manage to unseat her opponent.  “I’m going to maul you until you won’t even recognize yourself!” The Princess yelled moving her face close to Alice’s.  “RRRR!” With an angry growl, Alice dug both her hands deep into the Princess’s dark hair and yanked the girl down flat atop her.  “Yeah?” Alice spat back at the Princess and shifted her weight to one side causing the two of them to roll to their sides where Alice now decided to mimic the other girl’s tactic and grabbed a hold of the Princess’s cheek.  “Lets see how you like it!”  

Both girls cried out as their bodies strained against each others in an attempt to put the other on her back.  The Hatter watched intently while the Prince also watched but he seemed more concerned about the two young women’s safety.  “Look at their bodies lad.”  The Hatter whispered into the Prince’s ear.  “Look at how they writhe for you.  Look at the Princess.  See how her breasts almost seem to want to go at Alice’s uninhibited by their clothing?  How they seem to be trying to work their way out of their fabric prison? Look at Alice’s thrusting back in defiance!  Almost laughing at the Princess’s slightly inferior size! I made the mistake last time of helping them achieve their goals and I paid a little bit of a price for it.  This time I think I’ll just let the beasts find a way to sort their issues out naturally…”  The Hatter trailed off and studied the Prince a little.  “Ah, so you do see!”  He began laughing hysterically for a bit before suddenly stopping and turning his full attention back to the fight.

It was true.  The two girls’ chests did seem to have a mind of their own.  And did seem to direly want at the other’s as Alice and the Princess finally rolled once.  The side of the Princess’s chest in full view as it hung over Alice’s.  The flimsy cloth the girl wore barely covering it.  Their bodies sparkled in the mist as they rolled yet again with small grass stains smearing along their slender forms.  The Princess pushed herself back on top and started to rise up to a sitting position again.  But not before Alice could land a hard slap to the girl’s chest knocking one of her breasts out of the “clothing”.  “Ah!” The darker haired girl seemed stunned and attempted to fix the wardrobe malfunction until, “EEE!” Alice had reached up into the girls hair again and pulled herself into a sitting position with the princess’s legs still around her waist.  “Stupid whore!” The Princess screamed and grabbed the blonde’s hair while swinging her other hand at the girl’s already sore face slapping and twisting it to the side.  

A furious hair pulling slap fight erupted between the girls.  They tugged at each other viciously and slapped whatever they could.  Their moans enticed The Hatter closer to the battle.  Suddenly the two of them stopped the slapping and held each other tightly with both hands in the other’s hair.  Their chests heaved up and down with every breath they took brushing as they moved trying to get a better position against the other girl.  “Let go of me!” Alice squealed only to be met by the Princess’s forehead nudging against her own.  Their eyes locked.  The Princess didn’t even have to say a word in reply.  Alice already knew what she would say.  “Fine! Have it your way!” Alice screamed and leaned her upper body forward into the Princess’s arching the brunette back a bit.  “I don’t think so bitch!” The Princess shouted as she twisted her body just enough to allow Alice’s momentum to cause the blonde to slide over to the side eventually rolling her to her back with the Princess in tow by the hair.

“Ah yes yes!” The Hatter applauded the raven haired beauty’s move.  “You see? Now this is how two lovely girl’s should fight each other!  So primal!” He danced his way back over to the Prince.  “it’s a shame you can’t be trusted for me to untie you so that you can share the experience as close up as I am…”  The Prince looked at the man with a harsh judgmental gaze.  “Oh come now.  You can’t tell me you don’t feel the least bit excited over this laddy!”  The Hatter’s eyes motioned downwards knowingly.  “You’d simply be a liar if you said you didn’t…”  The crazed man laughed and turned back to the women.  

The girl’s hands were all over each other ripping and pulling at whatever they could get a hold of.  Their feminine skin had red welts and scratch marks all up and down their legs and arms.  “Bitch!” Alice yelped out which set the Hatter ablaze with joy.  “Now that’s the spirit!” The man laughed as Alice finally blurted out a profanity.  *Smack* “Ahh!”  The Princess answered with an awkward slap to the blonde’s face.  She raised her hand up again for another but as she did, Alice thrust her body against the Princess’s and over turned them both so that Alice now laid on top.  She wasted no time in sending a hard slap to the Princess’s cheek for some retribution.  The other side of the dark haired girl’s face slid against the ground smearing dirt over it.  She wrapped her arms around Alice’s back.  A soft moan came from Alice’s lips as the Princess raked her nails across while gripping at the top of Alice’s dress and yanking up on it trying to pull the blonde off of her.  Alice refused to budge.  “Not bad…”  The Hatter proclaimed as he looked between the two girl’s to see the fabric of Alice’s dress pulled back tightly against her chest.  

Soon, Alice allowed herself to be pulled upwards just enough so she could yank the Princess’s head up by the hair and slam it against the ground.  One.  Two.  Three.  Four times the Princess’s head thudded against the ground.  The brunette moaned but her grip on Alice was unwavering.  “Get the hell off of me!” Alice pleaded and tried to get to her knees straddling the Princess.  The Princess’s hands slid down Alice’s back still holding the dress tightly.  And then, “FANTASTIC!”  The Hatter shouted as Alice’s chest slid free from the dress’s top.  The blonde tried to cover up giving the Princess the chance she needed to twist out of Alice’s straddle and throw the girl face first against the ground.

Alice cried out as she hit the ground hard with the Princess rolling on top of her back.  The darker haired girl wrapped her arms around Alice’s neck and began squeezing.  The blonde’s face reddened.  Alice gasped for air and squirmed for all she was worth.  Her hands making futile attempts to pull the Princess’s arms away from her throat.  

The girls rolled.  Now the Princess laid on her back.  Both of the girl’s looking at the clouds passing over head.  The Hatter in his strangest move yet, placed his ear against Alice’s chest just above her full breasts.  “My you’re heart beats fast…”  He laughed and moved away.  “I think we’re near the end my boy!”  The crazy man applauded as he moved back over to the Prince.  Both men watched as the Princess’s python like grip around Alice’s neck tightened some more.  She also coiled her legs around Alice squeezing the blonde’s midsection as well.  “I love vengeance…”  The Princess whispered into Alice’s ear and removed one arm from Alice’s neck.  Alice instantly tried to wriggle free but it was still useless.  “I don’t think so precious.”  The Princess mocked and took her newly freed hand placing it on one of Alice’s tits.  “Now lets see just how much you can take…”  And with that, the Princess squeezed Alice’s breast as hard as she could bringing fiery pain to Alice along with tears.  

The girls laid nearly motionless for a time.  Soon Alice erupted in all out crying as the Princess’s nails dug deeper and deeper into her chest.  “Stop!” Alice cried.  “Please.”  This brought the Hatter close to them again.  The man ran his hand through the blonde’s hair as he knelt down beside her.  Alice brought her eyes to his.  She stared at him angrily.  Her eyes then widened as the Princess raked her other breast now.  

“Ahhhh!” Alice shrieked.  “Please!”  She begged the other girl.  “Shut up!”  The Princess snapped in return.  The Hatter ran his eyes over their bodies.  Each one’s muscles tight.  He almost became lost in studying them until he felt Alice’s hand grab his thigh.  Her nails dug in almost immediately.  “Eeee! Heheheehe!” The man let out a startled yelp of pain followed by laughter.  “Still defiant I see even in your given predicament.”  He laughed.   “Mff!” He heard Alice moan and saw the Princess’s legs tighten even more.  “Let go of him.”  The brunette demanded.  Alice’s fingers tightened against the Hatter more almost challenging the Princess.  “Bitch! Let go of him now!”  The Princess screamed and let go of Alice’s tit to slam her fist into it repeatedly until Alice finally let go.  The Princess didn’t stop however and continued her assault against the helpless blonde.  “Don’t you ever touch him!”  She screamed and began slamming her fist against Alice’s face as well.  

Tears rushed from Alice’s eyes in an unending river as the Princess dominated her.  The Princess called her nearly every name in the book as she pummeled away at her.  She would surely have a black eye.  “Stop!”  The blonde squealed over and over as she writhed with every blow the Princess connected with.  The Hatter could see the defiance in Alice’s eyes leave.  “Aww, no more fight in you?”  He asked.  “Such a pity…”  He stood up and walked to the Prince.  “Have you seen enough?”  The crazy man asked and removed the gag from the Prince’s mouth.  The Prince answered.  “Let her go you maniac!”  The Hatter’s eyes shot open in shock.  “I give you the gift of seeing a catfight between two gorgeous women and you have the audacity to call me names?!?!”  Something new snapped in the Hatter’s mind.  “You’re crazy! Let us go!”  The Prince demanded.

The Hatter looked back over to the women.  The Princess was still going to town punching the blonde.  The Hatter sighed.  “Very well my majesty, I do believe my lady has had her fair chance for revenge.”  The Princess looked over to the man.  The Hatter nodded and the Princess let go of Alice allowing the beaten girl to roll away.  The Princess stood up and tucked her chest back into place.  She walked over to the men.  

“So did you like what you saw?”  She asked the Prince flirtatiously.  He did not answer however.  “Actually my dear, he’s been quite ungrateful and rude.”  The Hatter said as he combed his fingers through the Princess’s hair.  “Oh?”  A disappointed look washed over the Princess’s face.  “Indeed.  What should we do about that?”  The Hatter asked.  He wanted nothing more than to make the Prince pay for his insolence.  “My wish is your command.”  The Hatter said to the Princess.   The Prince then realized maybe she wasn’t under his spell after all.  Maybe it was he under hers.  

The girl looked over to Alice who sat propped against a mushroom stalk sobbing with her face buried against her folded arms.  Knees pulled up to her chest.  “Leave them.”  The Princess showed some mercy.  “Let us go.” She said and began to stroll confidentially off towards the castle.  The Hatter stood in front of the Prince until the Princess was just out of sight.  He then punched the Prince squarely in the gut. “That’s for disrespecting my lady and I.“  He then spat into the man’s face before turning and following the Princess. “Until next time…”  His laughter could be heard throughout the forest as the mist finally broke and things returned to normal.  The Prince gasped with a dull ache in his stomach.  “Until next time…”  He said to himself looking over to his sobbing fiance' and feeling his own desire for vengeance.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ROUND TWO -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alice Fairy Tale Catfight part2
Many years have passed since Alice's first journey to Wonderland. She has had many adventures since that time. This is her latest.

She could just barely make out the form of her hands feeling their way along the walls as her eyes slowly began to adjust to the darkness that surrounded her. The friction from her fingers gliding against the rough wooden planks tingled her soft skin. Dimly illuminated on the floor before her, were small glowing paw prints like those of a cat. The prints led down what she assumed was a hallway although it was too dark to be certain. She cautiously began to follow the path laid out in front of her. The aged wood beneath her feet creaked beneath her weight with each step. She paused for a moment and listened. She could have sworn that she could hear footsteps other than her own. "Perhaps eating that last mushroom wasn't such a great idea..." Alice whispered to herself. "...I'm losing my mind."

She continued walking to where the footprints stopped abrubptly. She felt around the claustrophobic space. There was a small portion of the wall that protruded outwards slightly more than the other small bumps. A switch. Her hand hit it and a jumbled message written in ultra violet reactive paint appeared on a door. Her eyes passed over the first line. "To enter is to escape." She tried to figure out what that meant but couldnt so she moved onto the second line. "To escape is to entertain." She was now even more puzzled than before. Finally she read the last few words. "Entertainment is in the eye of the beholder." "What the h-" Her thought was cut off as the door creaked open to reveal yet another pitch black room.

She stepped across the threshold and into the room with the door slamming shut behind her. Once again Alice could see nothing. Then, BOOM! She jumped! Startled by a second door slam nearly right beside of her. She was afraid to move or say anything, unsure of what may have just entered the room with her. A mildly sweet aroma floated into her nostrils. An almost floral like scent that she thought she recognized. "Perfume?" She thought to herself. It would have been an almost undetectable scent if it weren't for the loss of her sight that heightened the rest of her senses. She heard footsteps coming closer to her. Nearer and nearer they crept until...

Alice felt a silky fabric brush against her arm. Two frightened girlish eeks filled the room. Soon after, laughter echoed from a short distance away and a short, eerie figure appeared. "Welcome Welcome!" Alice instantly recognized the voice even before a glow cast it self upon the man's face. It was the Mad Hatter. "Welcome Ladies and- well, Ladies!" A black light cut on in the room revealing another feminine figure to Alice's eyes. "I do believe that you two fine young ladies know each other?" The Mad Hatter asked. The other girl turned to face Alice. Their eyes met and gazes of mutual hatred immediately formed on their faces. "Well I can see that you do. But just for the sake of formality. Alice, meet the Princess of Spades. Princess, meet Alice." "I know who she is." The Princess answered. The Princess wore a silk sheer outfit. Hot Pink in color, glowing vividly in the ultra violet light. The Pink Sarong and top were connected by a transparent mesh that kept the girl's sexy tone belly exposed. The top itself was barely doing its job. Much of the young woman's cleavage could be seen. Her blonde hair rested on her shoulders with a small jewel encrusted tiara sitting atop her head. The 20 year old girl stood at about 5'8" tall. Slightly taller than Alice by about an inch.

Alice continued to not say a word standing silent in her pale blue dress that covered all of her top but was cut short to reveal the 18 year olds fit legs. "Oh yes yes! Hehehehehe. I know I know!" The Hatter replied to the Princess's statement with a giddy laugh and clasped his hands together. He took out what looked like a remote control from under his top hat and pressed a button. Now the walls surrounding the room they stood in could be seen. They were silk screens back lit with even more uv light revealing more paw prints all up and down the screens and jagged lines like cat scratches. The girls looked around and then back to the Mad Hatter who now had a foreboding smile plastered on his face. "Oh boy! I could cut the tension in here with a knife!" He laughed again and pulled out a dagger. "See?" He took a swipe at Alice and caught one of the short sleeves of her dress, cutting it off and eying her slender arm. "Hey!" Alice cried in disbelief. "Oh hush hush sweetie." The Hatter responded and swiped the other sleeve off as well. "Stop that!" Alice shrieked in her British accent.

The Hatter ignored her. "So tell me Princess. Don't you just love when a stranger to the land comes along and falls in love with the Prince of Hearts whom you were supposed to marry last year and unite the two kingdoms under one crown?" The Princess glared at Alice. The Hatter enthusiastically jumped between the women and turned to face Alice. "And tell me Alice," He leaned into her ear. "Don't you just love being in the same room as the girl who won't back down from your man jeopardizing your chance at becoming a queen in the process?" He paused before continuing. "The same girl who you told me about a week ago at my annual tea party that if..." He once again stopped his sentence and turned to face the Princess. "that if you ever met her face to face, that you would in your words "Slap the bitchiness right out of"?" With that he sent two light playful slaps to the Princess's face with his gloved hands.

The Princess stared holes into him before looking back to Alice. "Oh is that so?" The Princess asked. "Maybe." Alice answered. The Hatter pressed another button on his remote and a loud wild cat roar pierced the brief moment of silence coming from an unseen speaker somewhere above them followed by more of his mad man laughter. "Wooo! Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just me?" He asked and fanned himself with his hat. The girls continued to stare each other down. He watched them intently before taking a more serious tone. "So I'm sure you now know why I brought you both here." He questioned the blondes. "I think I have a pretty good idea." The Princess answered. Alice looked at the Hatter and folded her arms. "I'm not fighting her you lunatic!" Alice said. Raising her voice. The Hatter looked shocked. Just as he was about to say something... "Good makes my job that much easier!" The Princess interjected and charged at Alice. "Oh goody!" The Hatter shouted excitedly. Barely jumping out of the way in time to avoid the Princess as she rushed at Alice in her fury.

The sound of her hand slamming against Alice's jaw set the Hatter ablaze with joy and he did a little dance around the girls ecstatically clapping wildly. Alice staggered back bumping into him. "Woo!" The Hatter shouted. "Are you going to take that?" He asked with a lustful grin. Alice was still too shocked to do anything but feel the ache from the impact. The Princess charged at Alice again and buried a fist into the shorter girl's gut. "Ouch! Thats not very nice!" The Hatter cried out his commentary as Alice bent over clutching her belly. The Princess drew back to throw another punch but Alice quickly stood back up and caught the girl's arms before the punch could be thrown. They struggled with each other back and forth. Neither one of them giving any ground. Alice, now fully enraged, let go and delivered a vicious slap to the Princess's cheek. Her nails drug across the soft skin with the hit. Leaving small scratch marks. The Princess twisted to the side and both girls stopped.

The Hatter leaned in and watched the girls' voluptuous chests heaving up and down faster and faster until... "Bitch!" The Princess yelled and tangled her fingers into Alice's hair pulling her enemy towards her and whipping the younger girl around to the other side. "Yay!" The Hatter shouted clapping. "Catfight! Catfight!" The wild cat shriek filled the room over and over as the crazed man jammed the button on his remote repeatedly. Alice dug her nails into the Princess's cheeks while twisting the blonde's head awkwardly. The Princess strained to keep her head in position. Tears were welling up in her eyes from the scorching pain. The Hatter dropped to his knees and watched up close, the girl's legs bumping and rubbing each other's in the melee. His nose nearly touching their thighs. A slapping sound tore his attention away from the dueling legs and he fixated back onto the action above where the Princess had just landed a hard backhanded slap to Alice's face. One of her rings left a deep gouge in Alice's fair skin. The girls now embraced each other in a mutual hair tugging competition. The Princess's tiara fell to the floor and rolled away. Their chests bumped with each tug. Their facial expressions diabolic in the dark lighting.

The Hatter stood back up and ran his hand along Alice's shoulder. It was tight from her straining to hold the Princess. He then stuck the hand between the combatants. It intercepted a chest bump. "Oh yes yes!" He cried. The girls were too involved in their battle to care about the insane man's actions. "Now hug!" The man said in his crazy voice and laid a hand on each girl's back then pressed the two blondes together in front of his face. The girls' legs interlocked as he held them. Alice placed her hands on the Princess's hips attempting to push the girl's waist away from her own. Embarrassed by the slight arousal she was feeling from her rival's silky bare legs beneath her Sarong rubbing against Alice's bare thighs. The Princess took the opportunity and slammed a knee against Alice's crotch dropping Alice to her knees. "

Mmmfff!" Both Alice and the Hatter exhaled at the same time. The Hatter backed away from the girls. The Princess pulled Alice back up by the hair and soon the hair pulling fight reignited. They stumbled around the room ripping away at each other. Girlish cries rang out. The Hatter could see that the Princess's breasts were dangerously close to falling out of her top. Slaps landed on each girl in rapid succession. "My oh my!" The Hatter whispered. The blondes fell to their knees, chests grinding as they held each other tightly. The Hatter moved in close again and extended his foot. "Roll!" He yelled and shoved Alice in the back with his foot causing her to bend the Princess over backwards and land on the floor with Alice on top, both Alice's pretty tattered Dress and The Princess's Shredded Sarong were both hiked up over their hips in tattered rolls of cloth. Alice straddled the Princess's crotch in the midst of the action. The Hatter watched in astonishment as the beautiful women's crotches bumped each others’ bringing forth grunts from each of them.

The Princess thrust upwards to tilt Alice off of her. Alice fell from her position and rolled to her back with the Princess now coming down on top of her. The hatter knelt at their heads and leaned over. He took in a deep breath and smelled the perfumes each of them were wearing. The Princess grabbed Alice's hair again and Alice did the same. "Fight!" The Hatter shouted and pushed the Princess's head down against Alice's. Their lips brushed past one another's. The Hatter continued to hold the Princess's head in place until. "AAAAHEEEE!!!" Alice cried out in pain. The Princess had sank her teeth into Alice's bottom lip. The Hatter whispered into Alice's ear. "A wise man once said that what goes around comes around!" Alice took his advice and clamped down on the Princess's upper lip. "AAAAH!" The girl emitted a muffled scream. "Fight! Bite! Bite! Fight!" The Hatter applauded.

The blonde's bare sweaty legs knotted together again and they rolled once. Now Alice was on top and the Hatter hunched over the fight to view what was happening from above. Alice's hair was draped over the Princess's face as the blonde on the bottom struggled to overturn Alice once again. "Mmmm" Alice moaned. The rough planks jammed small splinters into her back. "You were going to do what to me?" The Princess demanded and raised herself into a seated position atop Alice riding Alice's bucking body. "You'll see!" Alice screamed defiantly. "The only thing I see is a little girl about to be put in her place!" The Princess shouted back angrily and slammed Alice's head against the floor. The Hatter couldn't help but notice the jiggling of the top girl's breasts with the rapid movement of her slamming her opponents head. "Hmm.." The Hatter pondered something. Placing his fist under his chin briefly. He then moved behind the girls avoiding Alice's flailing legs. He winked at Alice and pulled out his dagger again. "Snippy snip snip!" He joyfully announced and slid the blade under the gorgeous Princess's top and sliced outward causing the silk material to fall off of the girl. "Hehehehe Excellent!"

Alice saw her hated rivals chest in all its glory. The nipples seemed just as stiff as her own. The Princess could read Alice's mind. "Oh no you don't!" She cried and grabbed Alice's hands at the last minute right before they arrived to her chest. "Mmmf" "Ugh" The lovely ladies put all their effort into holding the other one at bay. Alice bucked up and tossed the Princess off finally. Both of them scurried to their feet. "Now this isn't a fair fight..." The Hatter sighed noticing that Alice was still covered up top. "Let me fix that!" He said approaching Alice with his dagger. "NO!" Alice screamed and jammed a fist right into the man's nose. "AGH!!" The Hatter jerked back. A trickle of blood ran from his nose. He stared at the girls stunned at what had just happened. Then with an angry tone he yelled out to the Princess, "Finish her!" "With pleasure!" The Princess replied and rushed for the feisty girl.

This time Alice met the Princess with a charge of her own and they both collided. They hit hard knocking the breath out of them both a little. Hands grabbed at anything and everything as they staggered across the room wrestling with each other for a dominant position. "GET HER!" The Hatter screamed furiously. The girls fell against one of the screens that made up the walls of the room. The weak structure could not support their weight and they fell through. They now writhed against one another beneath the cloth. Only their legs were exposed to the Hatter's eyes. At first, Alice's bare legs could be seen entwined with her enemies as the Pink Sarong, was wrapped around both their hips and waist. And then, the opposite. The pattern repeated itself again and again. The Hatter moved closer mesmerized by the hypnotic forms beneath the silk cloth. "Who's who? The mystery is driving me Cuckoo! Ha ha HAAAA!" He danced around the mess on the ground.

Alice rolled out from under the cloth and to the Hatter's surprise she too was now topless and red scratches ran all along her perky breasts. Tears were flowing from her eyes. "Oh my my, Why do you cry cry?" The Hatter mocked from above. Alice glared at him. Shortly after, the Princess emerged from the silk and crashed atop Alice. "Yes! Chest to chest, breast to breast, which girl will be the best of the best?" The Mad Hatter gleefully jumped up and down. "Get the hell off me you bitch! UNGH!!!" Alice launched a knee into the Princess's crotch. "Like how that feels?" She screamed and yanked hard on the other blonde's hair. "AHH!" The Princess shrieked. Alice sent another knee into the girl. "UGH!"

The Princess's hands fell from Alice's hair and held onto Alice's chest as Alice slid herself out of the Princess's grip. Her body slid along the Princess's until the Princess'head was at Alice's thighs. Alice closed her muscular legs around the girl's head and squeezed. "NO!" The Hatter shouted and lept at Alice. He slapped and pulled on her hair from behind as she slowly squeezed the Princess unconscious. Thud. The Princess's hands fell to the floor. "NO! YOU MONSTER!" The Hatter cried. "Look what you've done!." Alice let her legs unravel from her beaten opponent and stood up. "Get out of my way!" She yelled at the Hatter and picked up his remote. She started pressing buttons. A light cut on above and illuminated the entire area. To her right was a doorway. She figured that it must have been where the Hatter had first emerged from. "Tell her to stay away from us when she wakes up ok?" Alice said to the Hatter. "Go on! Get out of here!" The Hatter screamed and pointed towards the door. Alice abided by his wish and left his little fun house leaving him and the Princess alone. "Don't worry my dear." The Hatter whispered to the sleeping Princess. "We'll get her yet. You'll fight her again. And next time a catball sexfight  and you'll win. Its not a matter of if, but when. Your chance of a royal romance once lost shall come again." The Hatter caressed the beaten girl gently. "You'll see Alice. You will see."
Haymaker-Studio Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
I Only read the first story. Very enjoyable. Is it set in modern day. The modern vernacular was a bit jarring. Would have preferred if riding hood was stripped nude and dominated.
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FYI, these have been around in several diff forms for a few years now, if you know where they came from let me know
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