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Delaine Johnston smiled triumphantly. She had worked for two months preparing an advertising campaign for her company's biggest client. And today, they had bought it. "Fantastic", she thought, "This should take care of that blonde bitch, Abby." The blonde in question had lobbied hard for the assignment and did everything in her considerable power as Vice-President to get Delaine taken off the project. The two women had almost come to blows at one point, but cooler heads prevailed.

The male VP's would have liked nothing better than to see these two beautiful, competitive women cat it out. Most had fantasized about just that event. Delaine was a striking brunette, 5'10", long black hair and a fantastic figure. Her most obvious assets, however, were her legs. The guys pet name for her, in fact, was Leggy. Firm and beautifully toned from numerous workouts, she knew the power of her legs in men's minds and in competition with other women.

Abby was also 5'10" and matched Delaine in all areas except the legs. While her legs were not unattractive, the didn't have the muscle tone and sheer beauty of Delaine's. Her chest, however, was a firm 38C, a bit larger than leggy's 36C.

The agency president, Michelle, had decided that a posh celebration was in order. Everyone, except several people to handle the phones, was allowed to leave early to prepare for the gaiety. All were invited to Michelle's gorgeous mansion on the lakefront.

Delaine decided on a black form-fitting dress, with a sexy slit on the left side. It was her party, after all, and she had been saving the dress for just such an occasion. She drove happily to Michelle's and made her entrance. The men, and there were quite a few, tried not to stare, but Delaine knocked 'em dead. God, she loved this.

Michelle came over and greeted Delaine with the double air kiss and asked if she could have just a moment with her. They retired to the study off the main living room.

"I'm afraid there's a problem, Delaine", began Michelle. "The client called after everyone had left the office and junked the deal."

"What?" blurted Delaine. "This can't be."

"I hate to say it, but I think Abby's behind this. She apparently convinced their president that the ad campaign was hers and although she's said nothing to me, I suspect she'll be resigning soon and running the campaign for them."

"That conniving, two-faced bitch. If I ever see her again...."

"Hold on Delaine", Michelle said calmly. "I told you I only suspect her involvement. She's here tonight. Promise me you won't make a scene. I still may be able to land the contract legally."

"Michelle, I'll try to be pleasant but you know I can't stand that bitch. If she gives me one reason, there's going to be trouble. I'm sorry." explained Delaine.

"Try dear, that's all I can ask" smiled Michelle. "Let's rejoin the party, shall we?"

Delaine was a tigress wrapped in silk looking to pounce on the first blonde unlucky enough to be in her path. She was positively furious. She needed some air, quickly. Heading toward the back of the lobby, she let herself out and walked slowly toward the lake. Sipping a martini, her mind was in a frenzy as to what had happened. She was just fading into the shadows from the bright porch lights when she noticed someone approaching from the lake.

As they approached, Delaine realized that one of the people was Abby; the other, John, VP of Human Resources.

"Delaine, how are you tonight, dear, you look beautiful." gushed Abby. Abby, too, was gorgeous in a pale yellow silk dress.

"John, would you be a darling and freshen our drinks?" smiled Delaine.

"Ah, certainly, it may take a moment, there is a call I have to make. Be back in a bit."

Delaine and Abby squared off, glaring hatefully at one another.

"You worthless piece of trash." Spat Delaine. She moved closer to Abby and put her left leg forward, showing most of it through the slit in her dress.

"So you heard, darling, terrible isn't it?" Abby tilted her head back, laughing.

Delaine slapped Abby hard knocking her back a step, and then again. And then she just exploded in anger, slapping and punching and kicking out at Abby. After taking a beating early, Abby regained her momentum and began striking back at Delaine. Both women had wanted this moment forever and forever had just arrived.

"Damn jealous bitch" screamed Delaine as she caught Abby's hair in a fierce two handed hairpull.

"Corporate whore" yelled Abby as she caught Delaine's beautiful hair in a savage hairpull.

As their expensive dresses began splitting at the seams, the women dragged one another about the lawn, screaming and pulling hair and slapping furiously.

Delaine was a bit surprised as Abby matched her blow for blow but knew she could win this battle. Pulling Abby's head down fiercely, she brought her knee up into the busty blonde's stomach.

"Oooffffff, Owwww" was all Abby could say as she fell backward on the damp grass, dress ripped to her hips.

Delaine rushed forward and kicked out furiously at her hated rival. After landing a nasty kick to Abby's side, the blonde bombshell grabbed Delaine, twisting her leg. Delaine fell to Abby's side and they enraged females began wrestling like tigresses. They rolled over and over, screaming "Bitch, Whore" and tore at one another without mercy. Neither of the beautiful women wore a bra and the moment Abby's left breast left the confines of her shredded dress, Delaine was squeezing it hard. She twisted and scratched and clawed. Abby was screaming in agony.

Unfortunately, Delaine's right breast appeared a moment later and Abby was anxious to return the punishment. One hand in each other's hair, the other crushing a breast, the wild battlers continued to roll about. Their long legs were locked together and their pussies were against each other's thighs.

Faces only inches apart, they spat threats at each other.

While equally matched in upper body strength, Delaine was beginning to take charge of the battle below. She had wrapped her gorgeous legs around Abby's thighs and the rolling stopped. They continued to pull and tear at one another. Parts of their dresses hung precariously to their bodies. Abby released her hairgrip and grasped desperately for Delaine's pussy and scratched hard.

"BIIIITCH!" screamed Delaine as she grasped Abby's pussy and clawed furiously. Pulling hair at both ends, the female warriors continued to battle and scratch and slap one another.

Delaine moved her legs higher and secured a firm leg lock on Abby's waist. While her own pussy was protected, Abby's was not and Delaine continued to scratch and claw. Abby pushed furiously at Delaine's legs trying unsuccessfully to break the leglock. It was not to be.

Both women were naked now, sweating, grinding together and pulling hair. A vicious four handed breast battle had them both screaming. Large scratch marks appeared on both women's breasts and legs.

Abby, in desperation, punched Delaine hard in the face. "OOHHHWWWW", she screamed, but moved her legs up until they were around Abby's waist. She punched back and caught Abby with a wicked punch, splitting her lip and then squeezed her legs like a python.

Breathing with great difficulty, Abby continued to twist Delaine's breasts, hoping to break the hold. But Delaine knew her strength and had Abby exactly where she wanted her, between those bone-crushing thighs.

Securing a headlock, Delaine, pulled Abby's head into her body, twisted her face up and smiled wickedly.

"Got you now, bitch."

"Can't breathe, get off" pleaded Abby, her long hair a tousled mess, blood running down her cheek.

Delaine squeezed harder still until the body of her antagonist went limp. She could hardly move and slowly separated herself from Abby.

As she finally stood, beautiful sweat covered body triumphant, she heard the cheering. Turning slowly, she realized that the entire party was now in the backyard and had witnessed the entire battle.

John ran up flushed and wrapped his coat around her shoulders. "Best damn party I've ever been to Delaine, you were magnificent"

And if companies voted for presidents, Delaine would have been elected president for life. Sipping a little bubbly, she slowly walked back to the mansion, basking in her triumph.

Author unknown, maybe Coleman
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