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The ClubCatFight  and WestGallery are getting rolling for 2018  ... FINALLY  
Grand opening Jan 18th
Membership does cost but very affordable EXTREMELY SO  
66L for six months or around 132L for both.  Less than 40cents US per month.
Well what do you get?
1- WestGallery
Free Video clips from our most popular and even some unreleased stuff.  
FREE scenes hot CF scenes.
Site to include;
The WestGallery[free], Heat Beach, Space Port GalaxiBabes, abduction Forrest, Flossy's Vampire Hangout and Dance Club{HUB}[Will include a lot of FREEBEES],Vamp Meeting Forest, Vamp Hunting Grounds, Red Lips After Hours LATE LATE Club[hook up bar Vamps, victims,tour-guides, link to HALO Deck].  the AMAZING HALO Deck ... etc etc  SL does have it's limits however, they are also much more open than a lot of would be avatars realize.  The RULES are VERY Strict with these clubs. NO 2nd chance.  Ban is for the life of your Avatar. Note, in addition there is Philthy Phil's Space Loft and other exclusive areas walled off for only tour guides and you, all pay per view.  You can go solo as well [just your entry fee at around 100+L/hour], in some areas, except for the Halo deck.  There you shall need to hire at least one avatar to join you to operate and do any acting/interaction] NOTE regarding the Holo-Deck.  There is planned to be a Monthly Burlesque Show.  Mainly employing Ani-mesh.  Still pay per view, but much more affordable at around 25L per show.
All managed by the Hot Muscular Sexy Vamp "Jane Leg Lock"  
Philthy Phil's main Galaxibabe Squeeze.

2- ClubCatFight,  WestGallery[free], Sports CatFight Bar -ClubCatFight, Gypsie Catfight Camp and Gun Range,  WIP [women in Prison] Dungeon of Sexy Horror [formerly Vamp Dungeon etc etc-Vamps moved out],  Sexy Office [catfights and sex,  CF clips statues etc] Roof Top Gulag [more nasty catfights etc etc it's a nasty GULAG !!more male orientated BDSM, TV]

Also includes Red Lips Hookup Bar and access to Halo Deck[with escort[s] only]
All managed by Kinky Klown with appearances from his nasty cousin the Fetish Clown.
NOTE; three common areas are the Halo Deck, Red Lips Hook Up Bar and of course The WestGallery[free].  
In both we shall be employing to enhance your experience;  
3d anaglyph, alpha ani-mesh[very low impact does NOT abuse system carefully designed],
also and eventually Ani-mesh interactive Statues, also allowing in Avatar Contractors [under agreement only]
On a side note we will be allowing for SL Avatar contractors for detailing/acting work.  inquire at SL
Vampires, doms, tour-guides, performers, ani-mesh operators, Holograph Studio operators, Bar-tenders-sales-Avatars and of course catfighters. Guesstimate at around 3000L/avatar/hour [less share].  Will have to be trained up in the exclusive WestCat animation balls [NOT for SALE] and operation of Holo Deck.  The guide biz is aimed at getting rolling fully around April 2018.  Contact put “Avatar Contractor” in heading
Further details are at the SL Site itself.  The membership clocks of six months will start around early February so you should have until August 2018

FYI about Guides etc HERE>>>
Other SL Adult destinations SexySexy-HERE>>>
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Actually I cannot monitor two places or groups, so 66L for both