Battle in the African Bush

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When Daniel arrived at the office on the first day the women showed a keen interest in him. Lindiwe a tall black woman with a silky ebony skin warned all the others that he was hers. Lindiwe was tall at 5ft 10in with large firm breasts, well built thighs and a large firm butt. She had typical African features, large eyes, high cheek bones and full lips. Her hair was long and braided. She was aware of her impact on men and would challenge anyone that she saw as a threat. From a family with a great deal of money she was used to having her own way.

The day that Deb arrived in the office as a new employee from the US to fill a vacant position, Daniel was immediately attracted to her. Slightly shorter than Lindiwe she had full breasts, stunning body and flaming red hair. Deb did not take long to notice Daniel either and conflict between her and Lindiwe was inevitable when she refused to back down to Lindiwe's threats.

The women of the small African city had a novel way of resolving differences. They would fight according to a set of strict rules and the victor would claim the spoils. This was done in a laid out clearing in the bush on a set of grass mats 10 km from town.The rules forbade punching, kneeing, kicking and slapping , but required a submission. Such rules allowed contestants to return to work without marks and serious injury. The only person present was the photographer John who recorded the event, enforced the rules and in this case was to deliver the tape to Daniel who had agreed to the fight being held.

When Deb arrived at the clearing she walked down the path dressed in her work clothes. It was 2pm on a Friday afternoon and although nervous she felt confident having had some fight experience back home. Waiting in the clearing was John, video equipment set up. Already there was the tall ebony beauty dressed in a black silk robe. She paced up and down like a caged lion and let out a low hiss as Deb arrived. She cursed her in her mother tongue of the warlike Nguni people. Keeping her eyes focused on her competition Deb stepped out of her dress and kicked off her shoes. She was wearing a tiny string black thong and bra. Her stunning body was tanned for a red head and her full butt showed no tan line. With the camera rolling, the black woman dropped her robe revealing a tiny one piece leopard print thong leotard.

Advancing with determination, her big breasts pointed through the suit revealing a piercing in each nipple, Lindiwe offered her outstretched arms to Deb as a test of strength. Locked in combat the two women struggled for an advantage in the middle of the mat. Slowly after a full two minutes Deb dropped with a small gasp to one knee and then the other. Lindiwe bore in, retaining her grip and forcing the red head onto her back her legs bent under her, her face showing the pain she was suffering. Like a snake Lindiwe dropped to the ground and wrapped up Deb in a strong Anaconda hold. A small cry burst from Deb as her left leg and arm were trapped and wrenched. Using her left arm Lindiwe chocked the red head who struggled in vain to escape, her large left breast breaking free. As Deb weakened the black woman switched to reaching over her opponent and crushing the large loose breast. Deb's scream shattered the silence of the bush and increased in loudness as the crushing black fingers found the sensitive area. Letting the breast flop loose Lindiwe swopped back to the choke hold. Deb tried desperately with her right hand to release the pressure. Gasping for air as she was released, Deb screamed loudly again as her breast was crushed repeatedly. Desperately she summoned all her strength and as she felt the black woman relax her hold momentarily she rolled toward the centre of the mat breaking the hold.

Deb rolled over and over losing her top as she did so. She lay in the centre of the mat face down. Her left leg was drawn up to her chest and her right leg spread wide, arms thrown out. Agony tore through her, her face turned to the right was covered by her hair and small keening sounds came from her open mouth. Her shapely butt twitched with her breathing; the flimsy black thong covering the proud mound between her legs was clearly visible. Advancing rapidly, Lindiwe knew she could finish the red head off. Coming on her hands and knees and from behind Lindiwe grabbed both Deb's arms and pulled her back. Her head and breasts came off the floor and she groaned as her back was bent. Lindiwe pushed the point of her right knee from behind into the thinly covered womanhood of the red head. Deb's sensual mouth opened wide as the black knee drove into her most sensitive of regions. Her screams of agony rang loud in the bush and John prepared to document her sobbing submission. “Give!” shouted the black girl. Deb responded by sobbing loudly and shaking her head in refusal. Again Lindiwe moved her knee into Deb's exposed vagina. Deb knew through the mists of pain that she must escape or be defeated right then. Screaming in pain she made a super human effort and pulled her arms free, rolled onto her back and scissored the black woman around the waist!

Expecting victory Lindiwe was taken by surprise when the strong legs of Deb crushed her mid section. Driving forward to break the hold she half lifted Deb from the mat. For the first time in the fight a small sound burst from Lindiwe's lips as Deb tightened her hold. Attempting to apply a choke on Deb, Lindiwe reached forward with her hands allowing the red head to reach up and apply a neck choke with her right arm. Deb used her left arm to lock and apply more pressure. Lindiwe audibly gasped as her air was cut off. Her mouth opened wide to try and suck in more air. Her braids framed her face as she struggled and her wide nostrils flared. As Lindiwe still drove forward Deb felt a small shudder run through the body of the black woman and within seconds she realized that she was back in the fight. She had found a weakness! Lindiwe couldn't cope being choked!

Within a minute of the unexpected hold the black woman's gorgeous big butt and legs shook uncontrollably, her eyes were closed and her large mouth agape, her large jeweled breasts swinging free from her exertions. Quickly and without warning Deb rolled the weakly struggling black woman onto her back and hooked her ankles with those of Lindiwe. She moved forward and pinned her arms. Slowly she spread the long black thighs wider and wider apart. Lindiwe, able to breathe with difficulty had never been pinned like this before. Above her the recovering white woman put her in a devastating grapevine hold.

Lying on her back the proud black woman felt a cool sensation between her legs and an agony that bit into her hips and inside thighs. For the first time in the fight she cried out. It was a high pitched scream that repeated itself with every inch her legs separated. The camera recorded the most amazing sight of her spread apart legs and the tiny leopard print thong that bisected her large butt. Slowly her butt lifted and fell to the mat as she tried to dislodge the white woman above her. As Lindiwe struggled weakly to escape Deb suddenly moved from straddling her and slipped behind, her putting Lindiwe in a crucifix legspread hold. The black woman's head shook from side to side and her big breasts tipped with silver sleepers flopped with it. Lindiwe had never experienced pain like this before and she cried out loudly and sobbed; her earlier arrogance gone!

Letting her opponent go suddenly, Deb stood up. Reaching down she grabbed both nipple rings and pulled them up with her. The large ebony breasts came to agonizing points! Screaming with the tips of her breasts on fire Lindiwe followed her up. On legs that could hardly support her, she could not prevent Deb from slipping under her tortured breasts and applying a devastating bear hug. Lindiwe threw her head back gasping again as the air was squeezed from her. Her head flopped forward onto Deb's shoulder and her arms beat ineffectively on her back. Desperately she lifted her left knee in contravention to the rules and jabbed it into the crotch of Deb.

A cry broke from the white woman and she clamped her legs together to prevent another attack. For her part the black woman continued weakly to try and find away through, moaning softly as she did so. After a period of about two minutes and no sign of a let up in the hold the beautiful black body started to shake uncontrollably. John left the camera running and watched the amazing sight before him. Drops of sweat ran down the bodies of both women as Lindiwe's large butt quivered and she moaned.

Dropping her, Deb let Lindiwe fall to the ground. She fell to her knees and then over onto her back her left leg bent and her right leg spread wide. Deb seized both her ankles and went to the ground with her, hooking her ankles outside those of the black woman she sat opposite her and spread her knees apart exposing her large mound now only partly covered by the leopard print. Rapidly she pushed the heel of her right hand into the soft mound. Lindiwe tried to sit up, but the pain drove her back down and she covered her face with her right arm just as Deb located the area of most pain. Lindiwe shrieked as the white woman pressed on her female softness again and then again, the fingers of her left hand clawing at the mat. Lindiwe sobbed loudly; “Nkosi, Nkosi, pelela, pelela!!!” (“Oh my God, enough, enough!”)

Letting the gorgeous black body go Deb stood up and stripped off Lindiwe's leotard. She would wear it to another fight! She walked off leaving the camera rolling, the photographer staring and Lindiwe lying legs thrown out wide on the mat. Deb had proven that white women could fight!
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