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Random Favourites

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United States
n. club bee-shee
A plotting grounds for crazy fan girls and boys. Created by three crazy girls on a mission to spread bishonen love.
Who needs real boys, when you can drool at pixels


:bulletgreen: NEWS :bulletgreen:

MAR 19th
2 new GALLERY pieces
Again, please do not fave the gallery pieces, but the original deviations by the respective artists. Thanks!

Here are the choices:

:star: EASTER THEME / Chocolate Eggs, bunnies, ducks, fluff
:star: APRIL SHOWERS, MAY FLOWERS / Opening of flowers
:star: DIAMONDS / April Birth stone
:star: WOODLAND CREATURES / foresty

Please, all the members, find some time to vote vote vote! There's lots of hot suggestions, so it will be hard to pick!

:heart: :heart:

MAR 16th
2 new VIP members
2 new GALLERY pieces
1 new MARCH THEMED piece *scroll down*

Alright everyone, please don't forget to either vote or pitch an idea for April's theme! It will be decided nearing the end of the month!
Some hot hot entries in the gallery! Enjoy! :heart:

MAR 9th
3 new GALLERY pieces
3 new VIP members
2 new CLUB members

Happy Daylight Savings Day! Lots of new members and submissions this update. Please give all the new and talented artists a warm welcoming! :heart:
Also, the last day to submit a February theme is tomorrow! SO there's a little time left for that!!

Also, if you guys want to think up any themes for April, reply in this journal! :heart:

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred:  THEMES  :bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred:

:bulletblue: MARCH THEME :bulletblue:

:pointr: ALICE (ALEK?) IN WONDERLAND - draw anything inspired by the classic tale! Tweedledee? Mad hatter? Cheshire Cat? The choices are endless I tell you!
Last Submission Date is April 10th

FavoriteofDragons with their piece: favoriteofdragons.deviantart.c…

:bulletred: APRIL THEME :bulletred:

Post a reply in this journal to suggest a theme, and we will pick the most popular one!
The theme will be picked on March 25th


Please NOTE us with a link to your uploaded submission with the specific categorical breakdowns and we'll take it from there. :heart:
Please do a little MORE than just a bust shot. We understand if you want to make a quick drawing or sketch, but it still has to maintain correct anatomy and effort!
We look forward to your VIP member pieces!  ;)

For these monthly themed ideas, ALL club members are more than welcome to do entries, which is why we ask for your input as well. ^__^. We highly encourage you all to. That just makes for a closer club community. Contests are separate. <33

----HOWEVER--> Please be aware that although the anyone in the club can submit, not every art piece will be uploaded to the gallery.  If we choose not to add your image into the gallery, we will give you a helpful critique that will give you a more critical view of your work.
We WILL however add those submissions into the journal for everyone to see! ;)

It's okay if you are too busy to draw a month theme, we understand that everyone has a hectic schedule.
HOWEVER! If you miss THREE months in a row, we'll have to bump you down to CLUB Membership. :) :heart:

:heart: CB

P.S. Don't forget to link us in your journals! We are doing the same. Please don't make us check everyone of you. ;o; Thanks guys for already making this club something to look forward to. :love::hug:

And here we share with you some of your fellow members' definitions of what sexy means to them:


-- " is emo-depressive; wild and manic, and nerdy prodigiousness all wrapped up in black, leather manties.

-- " is hot steamy love making between two bishies!! x3

-- " is when he takes off his shirt to reveal that flower tatoo on his back meant only for the eyes of his lover. ( that's the only thing i could come up with  )

-- " is (Ach, I'm not very good with this!) a guy who can make a fangirl drop dead just by standing there- nice body with plenty of muscles, LOL, sexy hair, killer eyes...   And has a good personality as well. ^^

-- " is any man, whether they be a pretty boy, classically handsome or a rough rogue I would like to draw them. But of course I prefer cute, lanky boys to everything...or soccer players. Whatever. "

-- " is a man that is Thin, Tall, and has a Personality (anything goes! XD)"

-- " is hard to describe. xD I like the 'typical shounen' kind of bishie, usually more guyish than feminine. :] I try to draw bishies, but I'm really a slacker. xD;"

-- " is a tall guy with a tummy that dresses professional. I like them with some curves and nice thick hair. Preferably blond hair and green eyes. Freckles are also incredibly sexy."

-- " is Physically, I love a lanky male, with a good hint of muscle. I've never been into the meaty thing. I adore all forms of long hair and a nice set of...eyes. Personality-wise, he has to be a jerk. XD Because if he isn't, half of the appeal goes. "

-- " is Androgynous,strong, mysterious, somehow *evil* XD and slim(rather skinny)( but with the lovely chocolate tablet we all know ahahaha) boys."

-- " is personality! Give me a boy with quirks and character flaws. Square hands, hard noses, and sideburns are cute features, and of course sexy is all in the eyes! "

-- " is waistline, collarbone and lips."

-- " is is tall and slim long haired bishie in blackgothic stylish suite *_* "

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred:[Bullet; Green][Bullet; Red]

:iconroxbaby: :iconjadedice: :icondanhowardart: :iconseisei::iconlook: :iconchibi-shini: :icon4-th: :iconstarrywhitewall: :icontwisted666: :iconbrilcrist: :icon2013: :iconfongmingyun: :icondragonflie: :iconsaganu: :iconkorilin: :iconlainnocence: :iconjennaris: :iconhellebore: :iconelvire: :iconchupachup: :iconmoral-extremist: :iconcomaagain: :iconlove-shocker: :icongaux-gaux: :icongemiange: :iconmusechan: :iconclovery: :iconanarahk: :iconfydbac: :iconemi-hotaru: :iconsamekh-mem: :iconsarrahfm: :iconnadiaenis: :iconhime-tachi: :iconmidnightveil: :icontoychild: :iconunderanangel: :iconlord-vilid: :icon0kiwi0: :iconfayrenpickpocket: :iconkujou-kanata:
[New] :icontenaku: :iconwuyemantou:

:icontenshi-no-pocky: :iconkannakarana: :iconchihaya: :iconpurrrplecat: :iconmango-boo: :iconkirasuki: :iconenchanted-love: :icongabbygee::iconbishiexbishie: :iconbassetsketch: :iconrasarioimpale: :iconas-blood-as-it-comes: :iconpinkuz: :iconshiro-san: :iconered: :iconveneaglorthiel: :iconsekai-okami: :icontirael: :iconmonkeypai: :iconkimaya: :iconjenn-chan: :iconice-charls: :iconfavoriteofdragons: :iconnoiry: :iconkiyarasabel: :iconjulichien: :iconvusc: :iconltf: :iconjianre-m: :iconopysdragon: :icontakikokyuuketsuki: :iconnerd-bunny: :iconzoeyhuerta: :iconsandalwood01: :iconnikki0417: :iconofelia: :iconslapginrummy: :iconlechuguitareverde: :iconnoriko-chan-chan: :iconoibotic: :iconagdistis: :iconhigekun: :iconinuanjiri: :iconernn: :iconkaikifreak: :iconsasukechan111: :iconbischeglie: :iconjigokunoneko: :iconnakayoshi-chan: :iconfizzingwhizbee5: :icondotheastro: :iconsapphirez: :icondemonicnightangel: :iconkaywaii: :iconmelodymoore: :iconanimehedonist: :iconakrahi: :iconam-i-here-yet: :iconsagatanasu: :iconkiss-me-kas: :iconyami0204: :iconahuang93: :iconlaurynne: :iconrosemage: :iconoujihime: :iconsolemnfatality: :iconkatshi: :iconmahado07: :iconkakashifanal: :iconspazland: :iconasylumimmaculate: :icondarkrosehime: :iconterroreffect: :iconichigonogenki: :iconstrawberry-static: :iconkradeelav: :iconeternitys-grey:
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:iconsakura-kiss: :icononionclub: :iconthe-viera-club:


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