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Happy first day of November!

Congrats to this month's club features!
Miss Edel by mochi-finn
Rue by VickyViolet

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Our "Expanding Canon" contest continues! You have until December 21st to submit your entry! Good luck to all!

Ta ta for now! :)
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Pretty in Pink by Midnameowfries Pretty in Pink :iconmidnameowfries:Midnameowfries 30 2 WIP - One Last Kiss by Imaginary-Shadow WIP - One Last Kiss :iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 0 1 Princess Rue by maitaiyaki Princess Rue :iconmaitaiyaki:maitaiyaki 37 7 Duck by RingoYan Duck :iconringoyan:RingoYan 114 41
FAQ Update: 11.10.14
I generally get A LOT of questions in regards to my Princess Kraehe Cosplay and they tend to be the same over and over, so I am starting this FAQ and I’ll redirect accordingly as well as add to this list.
If you have additional questions or something that you would like answered please post it in the comments and I will do my best to reply/add it to the list!
Q 1: How do you keep your Princess Kraehe top up?
A 1: I glue myself in! The only brand of glue that has successfully worked and managed to keep the bodice adhered to my body all day at a convention is Ben Nye Spirit Gum. You can order it through Amazon or their (Ben Nye) website.  For photo shoots I usually feel comfortable enough to  just do the glue, but while at a convention I also wear a clear strap (halter neck style) while just walking around, I remove the strap while doing shoots/am not around a lot of people.
Q2: How did you get your tutu to stick out like that?
A 2: The Simple answer is a m
:icontherestlesscosplay:TheRestlessCosplay 0 4
...and the Raven followed him. by StellaHaze ...and the Raven followed him. :iconstellahaze:StellaHaze 29 4 Cubeecraft of Mytho from Princess Tutu Part 1 by SKGaleana Cubeecraft of Mytho from Princess Tutu Part 1 :iconskgaleana:SKGaleana 7 0 Cubeecraft of Mytho from Princess Tutu by SKGaleana Cubeecraft of Mytho from Princess Tutu :iconskgaleana:SKGaleana 6 0 Cubeecraft of Mytho from Princess Tutu Part 2 by SKGaleana Cubeecraft of Mytho from Princess Tutu Part 2 :iconskgaleana:SKGaleana 4 0 Princess Tutu: Swan by Astarohime Princess Tutu: Swan :iconastarohime:Astarohime 1,183 148 I'll stay by your side by kuridoki I'll stay by your side :iconkuridoki:kuridoki 1,112 61 Tutu and Fakir by maxy1223 Tutu and Fakir :iconmaxy1223:maxy1223 4 5 Odette by AmdVinci Odette :iconamdvinci:AmdVinci 89 11 Ice Fairytale by Lio-Sun Ice Fairytale :iconlio-sun:Lio-Sun 53 6 Princess Tutu by kuridoki Princess Tutu :iconkuridoki:kuridoki 84 8







Summer 2018 Femio Contest Winner

Your prince has arrived Mon Cheri by SailorPhantom
"Your prince has arrived Mon Cheri" by SailorPhantom

November Features

Miss Edel by mochi-finn
Rue by VickyViolet

Club Rules

:spotlight-left: R U L E S :spotlight-right:

01) You must be a member to submit artwork/fanfic/cosplay-photos or participate in a contest. To become a member, you just request to join the group--there's a link at the top of the front page.

02) Submissions must be focused on Princess Tutu or its characters.

03) While we here at Club-Tutu love fanfiction, doujin, and many of the original characters (OCs) included in them, please keep all club submissions primarily focused on the pre-existing PTT characters. (Alternate Universe (AU) versions of PTT characters are acceptable.) Some cases where the inclusion of an OC is minor to the overall piece are acceptable; this will be judged on a case by case basis by the admins.

04) Club-Tutu supports ALL pairings! No matter how crack~y it gets. We even accept "mature" deviations, but we do enforce the DA policy of setting maturity warning on such deviations.

05) All club submissions must be of your own creation. (Although we do allow the use of valid stock imagery so long as the guidelines of using the stock are adhered to.)
Theft of other artist's work, scans of official PTT art, PTT screenshots, or altered screenshots will be reported to DA and result in immediate removal from Club-Tutu.
This does mean we also cannot post your friend's art to the club. We must have the written permission of the original artist in the form of a submit note.
We realize this seems harsh, but we are just acting in accordance with deviantART policy. (Besides, we hunt art thieves for sport. Meh!)

If you're confused as to what we mean in rule 05, please read these DA FAQs.
:bulletred: FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?
:bulletred: FAQ #572: What does DeviantArt consider "Fan Art" to be?
:bulletred: FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
:bulletred: FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
:bulletred: FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
:bulletred: FAQ #557: Can I submit art which I have made using a "base" (or line art) created by someone else?

06) All club submissions must be clean* and completed pieces. Please do not submit works in progress (WIPs).

* Clean means clear lines and easy to look at, clean does NOT refer to the artists skill OR require pieces to be in color.

07) In order to keep the gallery from being flooded with an overwhelming amount of submissions from one person at a time, submissions of both visual art and fanfiction are limited to five per week.

08) We will not post doujinshi (fan comics) or multiple chapter fan fictions that are more than 3 deviations long. We will be happy to allow the any 3 pages/chapters of these to encourage people to look at the entire work, but we will not accept the entire thing.

09) The art posted here is NOT stock. Each piece belongs to the original artist. Do NOT use or distribute the art "as is", or in altered forms such as icons, wallpapers, stamps, etc. If you want to use a piece for something else PLEASE contact the artist for permission.

10) Club-Tutu supports the legal releases of Princess Tutu in all its forms. Do not attempt to use Club-Tutu to request, advertise, or distribute illegal Princess Tutu episodes, video clips, or manga scans. Any such requests or answers in comments on the club DA account will be hidden and your status as a club member will come under review by the admins. (We're not going to go around policing your personal accounts, but keep it off the club DA account.)

:spotlight-left: C O N T E S T S :spotlight-right:

There will be two winners for each contest. First place will be decided by popular vote. Second place will be Admins' Choice. The prizes are generally a feature on the Club-Tutu front page. Special prizes will be awarded for the annual club anniversary contest.

Contest deadlines will be displayed as a countdown above the contest details on the front page.

:shoutbox: C O N T E S T   R U L E S :pc:

1) You must be a club member to participate.
. . . . .a) But your contest entry can be your first act as a club member.
2) No harassing any of the other artists for any reason whatsoever. If you dislike a style, or picture, keep it to yourself.
3) Your picture MUST be your work. If we catch you trying to use another artist's work, you will automatically be disqualified.
. . . . .a) No tracing.
. . . . .b) Using official references are okay, but they must be used in a creative manner. (Do NOT stick a screen shot in your entry! Even a manipulated one! Reference does not mean copy & paste!)
. . . . .c) Do NOT reference another artist's artwork.
. . . . .d) No collages of official pictures from the anime or manga OR from another artist.
. . . . .e) Rules c & d do NOT ban the use of stock photos as long as stock usage rules are followed.
. . . . .f) Collaborations are allowed, but both artists must be consenting. (We WILL check.)
. . . . .g) One cannot simply color a line art available for general use.
4) Any type of media is okay. CG, pencil, graphite, paint, pen, colored pencil, etc... But the work MUST be your OWN!
5) Your contest entry must be entirely new work. No reusing past DA submissions, contest entries OR past general club submissions for NEW contests.
6) Multiple entries are allowed (up to 3).

Special Rules For Admins
1) Admins MAY enter ONCE each contest.
. . . . .a) If they have drawn the example/advertisement pic, then they MAY use that as their entry.
2) Admins can vote in popular choice, but just like everyone else, only ONE time.
3) When choosing Admins' Choice (2nd place) Admins may not pick their own picture or the picture of another admin. (No admin's picture is ever allowed to be 2nd place.)
4) No one can win Admins' Choice twice in a row.

Princess Tutu is copyright © Ikuko Itoh and Junichi Sato.
Distributors: GANSIS (Japan - TV), Champion RED Comics (Japan - Manga), ADV Films (North America - TV), and ADV Manga (North America - Manga).

Gallery Folders

Paulo and Paulamoni by TomoyoIchijouji
Ahiru Doodle by Guusagi
A Cry Baby And Her Knight (Fakiru) by KiwisWithlove
Fakiru: Chef AU by Kiyomi-chan16
Ready by MirianRose
Princess by MirianRose
princess tutu: bilder einer ausste by ramirei
~Dance with Me~ by Mewn-san
Memes and Devious Fun
2016 April Contest: Femio's Casting Call by Asatira
Fakir Meme Version 2 by VampiresaQueen
April 2014 Contest: Anime Music Videos by Asatira
Boating Meme! by Curlycupgumweed
2018 Spring Contest
2017 Spring Contest
Why Can't You Just Love Me? by chiriku
Club-Tutu Love Contest Entry by Highway3
You're Back by NightRoseAngel
2017 Winter Contest
PT: Stick my evil dance leggy out by Leaf-nin
Contest Winners
You're Back by NightRoseAngel
Club-Tutu Love Contest Entry by Highway3
Why Can't You Just Love Me? by chiriku
PT: Stick my evil dance leggy out by Leaf-nin
Old Contests
2016 July Contest: Sports by TomoyoIchijouji
2015 September Contest: Paulamoni and Eleki Troupe by TomoyoIchijouji
2016 March Contest: Anteaterina by TomoyoIchijouji
2015 November Contest: The Nutcracker by Asatira
2018 Summer Contest
Your prince has arrived Mon Cheri by SailorPhantom
2018 Fall Contest


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Princess Kraehe chibi perler keychain by ReneesCustoms  
Diamond-Master Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Hello! Yes, as long as you're a club member at the time of submission :)
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Hello! Thanks for your interest! Here's what you're going to do:
1. go to the gallery
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If you need further assistance, please let us know! :)
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The release of Princess Tutu BD has been announced!
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