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DWOAH: Hody Jones vs AquamanDeadliest warriors of all historyAquaman vs Hody JonesWho truly rules the seas? Hody Jones info: Height: 10 foot 10Weight: 500lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Teeth, Trident, Kirisame Strengths: Is the self proclaimed Leader of the Fishmen in the One Piece universe, Extreme physical strength (The weakest Fishman is stated to be 100 times stronger than the strongest non Devil Fruit/Haki using human and Hody is one of the strongest Fishmen, Can rip off a Ships mast with his Teeth with his base strength, Can bite through solid metal whilst amped by his Energy Steroids, Managed to restrain King Neptune who was several times his size and weight, His bite force was strong enough to overcome Fishman Island Arc era Luffy’s Armament Haki), Extreme durability (The weakest Fishman is stated to be 100 times more durable than the strongest non Devil Fruit/Haki using human and Hody is one of the most durable Fishmen, Tanked multiple blows from Luffy during their battle, Is completely resistant to Gunfire), Massively hypersonic speeds (Can be considered one of the fastest Fishmen, Kept up with Gear Second Luffy), Is a master of Fishman Karate, Can breathe on both land and underwater, Possesses an accelerated healing factor (Can heal grievous wounds in hours, His Teeth regrow near instantaneously and regrow sharper to the point that he will tear out his own Teeth to use them as Weapons whilst regrowing sharper ones).Weaknesses: Is heavily reliant on his Energy Steroids to maintain his strength and will swiftly weaken back to his base strength without them, His Energy Steroids cause his body to advance at an accelerated rate causing him to age must faster than normal (A few days after losing to Luffy and being stripped of his Steroids Hody had aged from being middle aged to an advanced pensioner meaning he aged near 50 years in less than a week), Without his Steroids Hody was one shotted by Zoro who was barely trying.Arthur Curry aka Aquaman info:Height: 6 foot 1Weight: 325lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Trident of Neptune, Ocean LifeStrengths: Is one of the founding members of the Justice League and stands as the King of Atlantis and Earth’s Oceans in the DC Universe, Godlike strength (Is one of the physically strongest members of the Justice League, Can push tectonic plates, One shot Olympian, Tackled a Parallax empowered Hal Jordan, Beat down a Monster who had absorbed the powers of Superman, Can harm the likes of Superman and Superboy), Godlike durability (Tanked a blast from Starro with no damage, Is completely immune to human Weaponry, Regularly tanks attacks from Black Manta, Is unphased by the crushing pressure of the depths of the Ocean), Massively hypersonic speeds/MFTL reactions (Can run 10’000 feet per second, His casual swimming speed is 1000 knots, Can casually dodge Lasers, Once jumped out of water so fast that it took Barry Allen by surprise), Genius intellect (Is a master tactician and is knowledgeable of the entire history of the Ocean), Indomitable willpower (Martian Manhunter stated to have never felt a will as strong as Aquamans), Can breathe underwater, As King of Atlantis Aquaman holds full dominion over everything that swims in the Ocean and since the Ocean takes up 70% of the Earth he is arguably Earth’s true King, Can control all Ocean life via the Clear (A power allowing him to telepathically communicate and command Ocean life, The Clear can also empower Ocean life to the point that they can harm Superhuman characters), Is Hydrokinetic, Can heal himself and others via his Waterbearer hand (Healed an extremely braindamaged Black Manta back to full health in moments, Can revive the dead with it), Can summon Storms and Lightning Bolts with his Trident, Is easily one of the most underrated DC Heroes in existence.Weaknesses: Cannot survive without contact with water for more than hour without becoming extremely weakened and eventually dying, His telepathy is less effective on land and air Creatures, Since his neuroreceptors are more advanced than a regular humans they can be more vulnerable to mental attack.Battle begin!The water surrounding Atlantis ran red with the blood of both Atlanteans and Fishmen as a vicious skirmish played out above the Underwater City, Atlantis having come under attack by the Fishman Pirates leading the waters around it to soon be littered with the corpses of both its attackers and defenders.Leading the Fishman charge Hody Jones let out another feral growl as he cut down yet another Atlantean Soldier with his Kirisame Sword, the huge Sword cleaving through the smaller being before he drew his Trident in his off hard to impale another Atlantean that attempted to attack him from the side “this is what you deserve you human sympathising scum!” the Fishman barked tossing the corpse from his Trident away as one of his fellow Fishman came swimming towards him to tell him the progress of their assault.Only for the Fishman to be impaled as another Trident shot through the water faster than a bullet could move through air, the Trident striking the Fishman so hard it outright cut him in half before it suddenly turned around to shoot back to its owner.“Of all the attempts on my throne this has to be the most haphazard” the King of Atlantis stated with a slight smirk “so tell me, what is your ‘divine’ stake to Atlantis and the Seas?”.Grinding his teeth in fury Hody lashed his Kirisame Sword and pointed his Trident at Aquaman “half human scum like you doesn’t deserve the title of King! The Seas belong to the Fishmen!” he declared before throwing his Trident full force at the Justice League member, throwing it with such strength that it forced the very seawater away from it as it travelled through it only for Aquaman to effortlessly bat it away with his Weapon, his Trident far more durable than the Fishman’s causing the lesser Trident to outright shatter upon contact with the Trident of Neptune.“Is that so? Then try and take it!” Aquaman barked back, spreading out his arms as his Trident glowed with the Clear, sending out multiple pulses that travelled through the water for what seemed to be several miles and immediately in response the area was swarming with Ocean life, countless Sharks, Eels, Barracuda and even Sea Lions swimming in a rapid circle around them before coming to float behind Aquaman, their eyes glowing gold with the Clear ready to answer his command.Snarling through gritted Teeth Hody reeled his Fist back before throwing it forward, punching the water in an Umidaiko attack, the sheer power of his punch creating a shockwave that travelled through the water as several Eels and Barracuda shot forward in response, the predatory Fish promptly exploding into blood and paste upon being hit by the shockwave drawing more of Aquaman’s ire.“Denizens of the Deep! Fight with your King!” the Justice League member commanded, sending the rest of the Ocean life forward to swarm the Fishman, their Teeth glowing along with their eyes showing that they had all been enhanced by the Clear as they surrounded Hody in what could only be considered to be a feeding frenzy causing more blood to pollute the water.Unfortunately however the blood was soon proved to be that of the Sea Creatures as Hody emerged from the frenzy gnashing his Teeth and swinging his Sword, cutting through the Sharks and Sea Lions before he shot towards Aquaman with his Jaws open wide, aiming straight for the Justice League members head in an obvious attempt to bite it off.As he was about to react Aquaman however his Teeth suddenly shattered from his mouth as the King of Atlantis ‘backhanded’ him with the head of his Trident, leaving Hody with nothing but bloody gums for a split second as in response a completely new set of Teeth burst out of his gums, each one visibly sharper and glinting as he lunged to bite again.“Savage Beast!” Aquaman spat as his feet hand snapped up to grab the Fishman by the throat in a crushing grip before shooting downwards to drag Hody down into the dark depths.Struggling in the Kings grasp Hody wildly hacked and slashed at the smaller being, his Sword outright bouncing off of Aquaman’s body prompting him to swing the Kirisame as hard as he could, the Fishman Sword tearing through the water so hard it temporarily parted it to create an air bubble only for the Tooth-like serrations on the Blade to shatter against his side without leaving a single mark upon his clothing.His eyes widening in panic as Aquaman gripped his throat tighter Hody thrashed in his grasp as they both disappeared into the pitch black depths where no sunlight could reach, the King of Atlantis then throwing the Fishman further down into the depths where he slammed down against the Ocean floor, momentarily stunning him before he shook it off and glanced around blindly as his eyes took several moments to adjust to the pitch dark.In the overwhelming blackness Hody could only just made out fleeting shapes as the Deep Sea life swam around him and every couple of seconds he caught sight of something larger and human shaped shooting through the water, as if circling and taunting him making him snarl in fury and frantically throw out punches into the water sending dozens of shockwaves out in every direction “damned filthy half breed!!!!” he roared as the water churned around him from his punches “stop hiding and face me coward!!!”.As soon as his demand ended the inky blackness suddenly lit up, Hody’s eyes widening as he found himself surrounded by hundreds of Clear empowered Angler Fish whilst Aquaman floated almost ominously several metres in front of him.“Oh trust me, this is not cowardice, I doubt a brute like you would understand strategy, my Ladies of the Dark Depths, it is time to feast!” the King of Atlantis commanded sending the Angler Fish into a feeding frenzy upon Hody before rushing in to join the attack himself as the Fishman sent more shockwave inducing punches in every direction to hold the Anglers off.Charging through the water as Hody killed off the majority of the Anglers Aquaman caught the Fishman off guard, driving his Trident into his opponents chest before then proceeding to drag up upwards at speeds the Fishman had never felt before, travelling from the Ocean floor to the surface in under five seconds with the sheer g-force of it nearly tearing Hody’s chest cavity open.As Hody continuing to lash out at him and gnash his Teeth trying to reach him from the end of his Trident Aquaman then held both his Weapon and the Fishman aloft, the head of the Trident starting to crackle with Electricity sparking into Hody’s chest wound making him cry out in pain “behold the fate of all those who dare challenge the King of the Seas!” Aquaman declared as he then fired a bolt of Electricity akin to the strongest Lightning Bolt the Earth had ever witnessed from his Trident, blasting straight through Hody’s chest to silence the Fishman, Hody body violently convulsing and flashing as his skeleton was visibly through his skin for several moments before he outright exploded, sending blood and viscera in every direction to stain the Oceans surface redWatching the chunks of the Fishman rain down into the water Aquaman then used the Clear to call upon several dozens Sharks to feast upon the remains, watching over them with mild disdain before uttering a single phrase as he sank back below the surface.“Long live the King”.Winner: AquamanWell this fight was much quicker and easier to write than I had expected, when I first thought up this match up a few years back I was under the popular belief that the Superfriends version of Aquaman was essentially the canon for him and that whilst he would beat Hody it would be with extreme difficulty, only to then actually do research and realise that he literally no diffs all of One Piece.But for traditions sake, why does Aquaman beat Hody Jones?Strength, durability, speed, intelligence, experience, every single category goes into Aquaman’s favour several dozen times over compared to Hody to the point that if Aquaman simply didn’t fight back Hody would eventually die of exhaustion before he managed to land a meaningful wound on the Atlantean King, or his Steroids would run out and he’d die of old age eventually still trying to harm him.
Marvel Comics 5
Gambit by mitamisu
DC Comics 5
Riot Act Page 15 by behljac
DC comics 6

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Rogue 2 by rzhevskii Rogue 2 :iconrzhevskii:rzhevskii 1,021 8 Tenzin Hero by zhukzhenya14 Tenzin Hero :iconzhukzhenya14:zhukzhenya14 264 17 Doctor Strange Movie Concept Art by KingTChalla-Dynasty Doctor Strange Movie Concept Art :iconkingtchalla-dynasty:KingTChalla-Dynasty 195 5 Bat/Family by Prestegui Bat/Family :iconprestegui:Prestegui 92 3 Childhood remembered by Prestegui Childhood remembered :iconprestegui:Prestegui 58 10 Titans Fall - Eve of Betrayal by jodi-seer Titans Fall - Eve of Betrayal :iconjodi-seer:jodi-seer 3,252 571 Teen Titans Revelations by jodi-seer Teen Titans Revelations :iconjodi-seer:jodi-seer 4,808 749 BLACK CAT by MichelleHoefener BLACK CAT :iconmichellehoefener:MichelleHoefener 4,998 56 Supergirl by LidTheSquid Supergirl :iconlidthesquid:LidTheSquid 717 16 X-Men's Jubilee by PhillipMatias X-Men's Jubilee :iconphillipmatias:PhillipMatias 120 5 My Holy Trinity  by CapBuckyMaximoff My Holy Trinity :iconcapbuckymaximoff:CapBuckyMaximoff 14 0 kim Possible by sakimichan kim Possible :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 27,657 965 Hua Mulan by sakimichan Hua Mulan :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 80,887 4,675 Yhw Era Uoy Gnittih Flesruoy?  (part 1) by FandomFoodie Yhw Era Uoy Gnittih Flesruoy? (part 1) :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 10 1
First five things I want in an Aquaman Movie
1) Orm as the antagonist.  If you look at the situations in the ocean in our own reality and it’s declining state from a realist perspective, Orm appears as a well-adjusted person trying to avert the apocalypse.  This guy is going to behave like the Americans in your typical alien invader movies.  Except that he’s attacking Americans.  So we get to see that kind of attitude from the receiving end.  
2) Orm as Aquaman’s villain.  While this might seem redundant, this is about Orm vs. Arthur as opposed to Loki vs. Thor.  Given Loki’s appeal, DC needs to compete with that and the only sibling rivalry in the Justice League movie lineup is arguably Aquaman and Orm.  
3) Where to fight.  This will be a factor, if not THE factor that really holds people.  People who liked “Man of Steel” liked the battles in Metropolis, though critics and displeased viewers panned Superman’s mass manslaughter and delibe
:iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 2 8
Crossovers are only epic when you recognize them by FandomFoodie Crossovers are only epic when you recognize them :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 9 4
Captain Marvel by erlanarya Captain Marvel by NeoArtCorE Captain Marvel by Arkenstellar Captain MarveL by daekazu Captain Marvel : Youtube! by hepipanic

Whose looking froward to Captain Marvel?

Share your thoughts in the comments! What or Who are you excited about seeing? What are you not enthusiastic about?
And what do you think will be Captain Marvel's role in Endgame?

Marvelous Captain Marvel by HanieMohd Captain Marvel by ivantalavera Captain Marvel by jonathanserrot Captain Marvel by Arkenstellar captain MARVEL by Nszerdy

Other films you're excited about this year?

Glass. Avengers: Endgame. Spider-Man: Far from Home. Shazam. X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Alita: Battle Angel. HellBoy. John Wick:Chapter 3. Men In Black International. New Mutants. Joker


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