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Sly Cooper Commission by Tigerhawk01
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Sly Cooper
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Sly and Carmelita
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper (Remake) by OliverRed
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Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

What If?: Safety Lesson by Lombax-777
Carmelita Fox and Diane Foxington by VixDojoFox
Three fox ladies by VixDojoFox
My PS5 Custom Design by AngieS-Hedgefox
Neyla and Carmelita Vegas Drive COMMISSION by shinragod



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jack18lll Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2023
Hey cooper family!
I didn't like sly thieves in time. The time machine was a good ideia, but poorly made by Sanzaru Games. So i create my own version of Sly 4 :)

Sly 4 - Playstation 3 (reimagined) by jack18lll  
A Little something I'm Working on. If You're also a Spider-Man/Marvel fan, Check this out!
(Chapter 4 coming soon)

Sly Cooper Vs. Spider-Man(1)[Chapter 1] <A Spark Of Hope> Six Months have passed since the struggle with Le Paradox, and there was still no sign of Sly Cooper. As the clock strikes 11:00 PM, and a picturesque, starry night sky blankets Paris, Bentley, The Cooper Gang's Technician and Strategist, is about to call it a night and go to bed. Murry and Dimitri, the other members of Sly's Gang who were starting to lose hope, had done so a few hours earlier. For the past six months, Bentley has tirelessly searched around all of France and throughout Cyberspace for any trace of his long-lost, childhood friend, but to no avail. Also in the months prior, Murry continued to compete on and off in various Pro-Wrestling promotions, while Dimitri was taking a vacation after filming of the first season of Disco Diver had wrapped up. Inspector Carmelita M. Fox also continued to look for Sly on top of her duties with Interpol and just a week ago, was temporarily assigned to SHIELD(Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage & Logistics Directorate) in New York City. As Bentley shut down his computer, he was stricken with a wave of sorrow that felt as if it hit his heart directly, it was enough to bring tears to his eyes. "W-Why? Why is this happening to me?" He softly said to himself. Not only was Bentley starting to lose hope in finding Sly as well, but he was still feeling the emotional weight of Penelope's betrayal, even after those six months. He started to wonder to himself, "What if we never find him? What if He's gone for good? What are we going to do if he never comes back?" Bentley softly cried for a few minutes before retracting himself into his shell to get some much-needed sleep. Once inside, just as he took his glasses off, he heard a faint noise. He peeked his head out to look for the source of the noise, which sounded like a tuning fork reverberating in water. He looked all around the room as the noise gradually increased in volume, until a small blue spark appeared out of thin air. Taking notice of it, Bentley fully emerged from his shell and readied the weapons installed in his wheelchair and prepared for the worst. The blue spark appeared again, this time followed by several more as the noise continued to louden. Suddenly, there was a flash of light with a loud boom, sounding as if lightning had struck, which then formed into a glowing, sky-blue colored disc which floated a few feet from Bentley as the noise dampened. Bentley sat in amazement, mouth agape when suddenly, he heard Murry's voice from behind. "Bentley, Are you OK!? What's happening!?" He asked in a panicked tone as he hurried into the room and saw the glowing object, which was now displaying a pattern which the two had seen before. "Murry, you're not gonna believe this! It's a-" Before he could finish his sentence, another familiar voice began to reverberate sounding as if reacting to a long fall from a cliff. "You hear that?" Murry asked. "I Do,..." Bentley continued, "And it sounds and awfully lot like,...!" Before Bentley could finish, an old friend came flying in through the time portal. Landing with a loud thud and a grunt in front of Bentley and Murry, was none other than their dear friend, Sly Cooper! Sly grimaced, then opened his eyes. "Bentley,....Murry....." He said with a smile and a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad to se-WOA-!" He continued as Murry quickly lifted Sly off the ground and hugged him tight, the elation of seeing his best friend again after so long causing him to start sobbing. "SLY!!!" Murry cried, "YOU'RE OKAY! IT'S BEEN SO LONG, WE THOUGHT YOU WERE GONE FOREVER!!!" Murry continued on, crying and sobbing as his embrace of Sly continued. Bentley began to cry out loud as well, but this time, crying tears of joy. "Murry,...MURRY!" Sly said between grunts, "I'm Happy to see you guys too, but you gotta put me down before you break me in half!" Sly choked out. "Sorry..." Murry said, sniffling as he dropped Sly to the floor. "Sly,..." Bentley said as he tried to stop crying, "I never stopped searching for you,...-*Sniffle*- Welcome back, best buddy!" He continued, smiling brightly. Sly smiled back warmly as a tear went down his face. "It's great to BE back, pal." He said softly. "EY! WASS GOIN ON HERE!?" Dimitri shouted coming down the hallway, "What're you cracker boxes going on abou-" He stopped as he entered the room and saw Sly sitting on the floor. "Hey, Dimitri! Miss me?" Sly asked. "No Way!" Dimitri exclaimed in disbelief, "SLY COOPER IS BACK! OH YEAH, DA MAN IS BACK BABY! ISS TIME TA PARTAY!!!" He shouted in excitement as he ran back to his room to grab his boombox. Just then a loud thud could be heard along with Dimitri grunting in pain. Dimitri had turned into his room a bit too soon and ran right into the doorframe. "Eeehh~ Ya know what? Lets party tomorrow yeah? Glad you're back man, but I need some sleep! 'Night guys!" He said as he reentered his room and shut the door. "So What happened man? Where'd you go?" Murry asked. "More Importantly, How did you even get back?" Bentley added. "After I beat Le Paradox, I woke up in Ancient Egypt with parts of the Time Machine scattered all around me." Sly said. "Long story short, I managed to get in touch with Slytunkamen and explain what happened to me. Afterward, he had a few Sorcerers cast a spell using the Time Machine's parts and open a portal to send me back. I guess being a Pharaoh has it's perks!" Bentley and Murry listened as they dried their tears. Sly continued, "It took three days for them to set everything up, and it was a huge risk, but I was willing to risk it so I could see you guys again." Sly said with a smile. "Three days? Sly, your battle with Le Paradox, that was SIX MONTHS ago!" Bentley said to Sly, who reacted with a look of surprise on his face. Sly opened his mouth to respond, but said nothing and looked down on the floor, his face going from surprise to sorrow. "Sly, it's ok." Bentley continued softly, "We're just glad you're back and that you're ok." Sly stood up and hugged Bentley with a tear streaming down his face. Bentley hugged him back with a smile. "You know what? Carmelita would be SO HAPPY To know you're back, safe and sound! Hopefully She's still awak-" Bentley said excitedly before Sly cut him off. "WAIT. N-Not just yet." Sly said nervously, Bentley looked at him confusedly. "I'd rather tell her myself, I'll try to get in touch with her tomorrow. right now, I really could use some sleep." Sly said. "Whatever you wanna do pal!" Bentley said. "Actually I have a little surprise for you tomorrow too, but let's go to bed shall we?" He added. "Sure thing buddy. Good Night." Sly said as he went to his room and Bentley went back into his shell.
Medallo-Argoton Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2022  Hobbyist Writer
In this fanfiction, Sly becomes a bounty hunter.

Story: Sly Cooper: Thief of the Family…
AgentRobot427 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I have a gift deviation of Sly Cooper, an OC belonging to the giftee, le Paradox, and a rat guard from the fourth game. I'm unsure which gallery to put it in as it's a mix of both canon and OC characters.

Father and Son ninja kick! by AgentRobot427
vaguefairee Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, not sure how often peeps read the comments here, but if anyone wants their oc drawn hit me up :dummy: I’m looking to make some friends
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