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Rules and Stuff (taco)


:onfire: Taco...caliente... :XD:

Hey, all you Yu-Gi-Oh fans, welcome to Club-Satisfaction! This club is not really targeted towards anyone so it accepts almost anyone. If you support ygo, ygo GX, or ygo 5ds then you're already qualified for Club-Satisfaction. The rules are pretty simple...

:bulletred: Be polite to the rest of the club members :bulletred:
:bulletgreen: Put the club avatar in your journal/about me section :bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: Choose a monster to represent yourself (two people cannot have the EXACT same monster but you can have variations like BEWD and BEUD) :bulletblue:
:bulletpurple: Be satisfied with yourself :thumbsup: :bulletpurple:

If you want to join the club just send a note to one of the people listed at the end of the journal with your chosen monster. If your monster is taken we will notify you and have you pick another one.

To submit a deviation send a link to us and we'll... do our thang! :iconlaplz:


President/Creator :iconzhleader: - Red Nova Dragon (Scar Red Nova Dragon)

VP1 :iconsetsunahiroto: - Red Eyes Darkness Dragon (REDD)

VP2 :icontheprinnydood: - Winged Kuriboh

VP3 :iconaamclcp: - Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode (Buster Mode)

Other Members--

:iconbyakurennofangu: - Scrap Dragon

:iconjusticeuchiha: - Black Rose Dragon

:iconkurse10: - Darkness Neosphere

:icondemon-121: - Tiger Dragon

:iconcsalmar: - Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu

:iconmyeternalnight: - Night's End Sorcerer

:icon00rubychan00: - Dunames' Dark Witch

:iconraphtil: - Super Conductor Tyranno

:icondarkfireness: - Evil Hero Inferno Wing

:iconfivian: - Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu

:iconjaydenrose: - Black Feather Dragon

:iconhikari-noraneko: - Red Dragon Archfiend

:iconvehvee: - Solitaire Magician

:iconkoragg1: - Dark Magician

:iconkamuiyamato: - Familiar Possessed - Wynn

:iconzodia2: - Sonic Chick

:iconstormgale: - Rainbow Dragon

:iconflameth517: - Chimeratech Overdragon

:iconkimkhione: - White Night Dragon

:icondragonbreath759: - Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

:iconheart-of-ilyea: - Winged Kuriboh Level 10

:iconxyuseicierrax4eva: - Magician of Black Chaos

:iconritzy-kun: - Junk Warrior

:iconkakuzutoshiro: - Savior Star Dragon

:iconskyresschan: - Winged Dragon of Ra

:iconxxxlatiasxxx: - Power Tool Dragon

:iconcrystal-dream: - Yubel

:icona-leap-of-faith: - Tuningware

:iconludovicoalighieri: - Vampire Lord

:iconfowerfox210: - Kuribon

:icondorkmajor: - Peten the Dark Clown

:iconblueeyesneko: - Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (BEUD)

:iconfalse-memories: - Silent Magician LV 8

:iconanoroth-the-wolf: - Dark Valkyria

:iconomega-epsilon: - Copy Cat

:icondecoy-dragon: - Decoy Dragon

:iconnahaje3000: - Ancient Fairy Dragon (AFD)

:iconrichie25: - Guardian Angel Joan

:iconxstormychaos: - Dark Magician Girl (DMG)

:iconbookwormninja: - Ruin, Queen of Oblivion

:iconalexaswildheart: - Stardust Dragon

:icongira25: - Blue Eyes Shining Dragon (BESD)

:icondragonmage27: - Demise, King of Armegeddon

:iconbrotherlyfluff: - Blue Eyes White Dragon (BEWD)

:iconteramaster: - Blackwing Armor Master (BAM)

:iconmomomomomomomo: - Freed the Brave Wanderer

:icondoomkasier-zombie: - Doomkaiser Dragon

:iconcazamanga: - Harpie's Brother


Angry Hane Kuriboh by PhuiJL Angry Hane Kuriboh :iconphuijl:PhuiJL 407 39 Where in the World is Paradox by slifertheskydragon Where in the World is Paradox :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 306 84 Red-Eyes Crimson Dragon by Raphtil Red-Eyes Crimson Dragon :iconraphtil:Raphtil 405 56 Blue Eyes Radiant Dragon by Raphtil Blue Eyes Radiant Dragon :iconraphtil:Raphtil 420 73 SIN Power Tool Dragon by slifertheskydragon SIN Power Tool Dragon :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 271 75 + Yugioh 10th : Origins + by slifertheskydragon + Yugioh 10th : Origins + :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 1,128 168 Resource: Synchro Rings by slifertheskydragon Resource: Synchro Rings :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 175 25 10 New Earthbound Immortals by Raphtil 10 New Earthbound Immortals :iconraphtil:Raphtil 185 47 Trident Dragion lineart by Bloo-DKai12 Trident Dragion lineart :iconbloo-dkai12:Bloo-DKai12 11 3 Izayoi by Nahaje3000 Izayoi :iconnahaje3000:Nahaje3000 38 22 Red Eyes Winged Dragon of Ra by The-Katherinator Red Eyes Winged Dragon of Ra :iconthe-katherinator:The-Katherinator 181 38 Kalut the Moonshadow by Dor-Belle Kalut the Moonshadow :icondor-belle:Dor-Belle 20 21 Yugioh- Dragon by Kyachai Yugioh- Dragon :iconkyachai:Kyachai 67 25 Black Rose Dragon by CerberusKitsune-Kun Black Rose Dragon :iconcerberuskitsune-kun:CerberusKitsune-Kun 13 34
Sorry I haven't been replying to any of your questions about joining/affiliating. I'm on vacation right now. I'll see if I can get one of the vp's to take care of it...
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Can I be Destiny End Dragoon?
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yo Amethyst cat here :D

I made this Aki and Yusei video a long time ago and the quality is bad but I thought fellow lovers of the show might like to watch it :)

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hay yugioh fans of all genorations.
i want to make a new card game (i've got a few idea's for) purly for fun, but i thourt it would be better if it was more of a group thing than just me. also if more ppl are creating it it's more likely to be a better game.
i'd like ppl to help create everything so:
the ruels
the layout of the field
the cards
and anything els

it just seemed like a fun idea if some of us could get togeather and make a realy awsome card game we could even play when completed and maby even let other ppl create their own cards to use if they were intrested in it so we end up with a decent choice of cards and can find new ones our selves
i haven't done anything for it yet so like no group or anything for it, but i would get straint to it if anyone wants to join me and we can begin putting togeather the best card game ever. even if you only want to help with just one thing like just making the cards or the thing to play it on that would still be great
plz join and if you have any questions plz ask here [link]
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Cyrus:cardgames on motorbikes!!
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