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Splatter Brush Mega Pack

Hello =)

Yep, over 130 hand made, high resolution, splatter brushes!

How they were made:
I made 'em in my basement with watercolors (lol), printer paper, and an eyedropper. After they dried, I scanned them and used Photoshop to scale and mask them.

The preview has pretty much all the brushes in it, except for some of the big, big ones. This set contains low velocity and high velocity splats and drops, smears, stains, drip lines, and detail splats.

Don't worry, there are many more to come. I have only scanned half the stack of "splattered upon" paper! I am anticipating these to be very popular due to the ammount of brushes provided!

I'm not too sure about what versions of Photoshop are what, but this set is for anything that can handle .abr files.


Also, Please credit me in the work you use this set in. I'd love to see how you use these brushes so give me a link to the piece you used them in!

Thank You Very Much! =D
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thanks a lot for the brushes! <3 they're awesome!

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When I read "High resolution", I expected something at least bigger than 1000 px.

They are nice, but too small for what I need.
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thank you for making these.  I am looking forward to see what I can do with them
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brilliant work
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I was looking for them for years *___*
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Nice pack. Nothing special.
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Tnx. I just love them.
Thank you so much!
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Thank you for the great collection
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Sweet! I'm gunna use these!
P92's avatar
Thanks for this!
Much appreciated!
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What an excellent set of brushes my friend. Plan on trying them out pretty soon.
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