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Voting in the 'pick an ace pride flag' is getting down the wire. In this newest round, the top three flags from each category in the second round will be pitted against each other, with you all voting for your four favourites. If there is a clear, unanimous leader, that design will be declared the winner. If the results aren't quite so cut-and-dry, a fourth and final poll will follow to determine the overall victor. (For those of you who are confused why this is round three, there was a first round happened before most of the designs had been submitted --and before most ace communities had heard about the entire project-- which determined the flags that were included on the first voting sheet in the most recent poll.)

As you may know, there was controversy surrounding the decision to post the first two polls exclusively on AVEN, but this has finally been corrected, and the third round is being hosted on the impartial third-party poll site You do not need an AVEN account to vote this time. Additionally, the results will be hidden until the conclusion of the poll, which should help throw off any bias from peer pressure.

The poll will be open until 11:59 PM GMT (check your time zone), on Tuesday, August 10th (so Tuesday night, just before Wednesday begins), so vote while you can! And remember, you don't have to have an AVEN account to vote, so if you know any other asexuals who aren't on AVEN who you think might like to have a say, let them know about this.

Asexual Flag Voting: Round Three
Discuss the flag/voting on AVEN

Thanks to bristrek :)

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