Club-Marijuana FAQ's

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I'm glad to see this club is here. Not just because I smoke, but because people are always so uptight about it. Smokers have rights too. Good for ya'll!
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keep on kepin on Club-Marijuana, an you deviant smokers big up ya selfs blaze one for me.:weed:
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now thats what i call a journal!!!! looks awsome!
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thanks bro.
got lifted last night and decided to update a bit.
we need to get a contest on this mug soon - haha.

:peace: kon
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yeah we should all talk about that..
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yeah, we should.
maybe we can all get on a messenger soon and talk it up.
but we mos def need to be blown, haha - that was a given' nah sayen ?

:peace: kon
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high....ya me too...anyways..I sent a note to the club days ago and no response yet...Im getting a little antsy, but i figure you folks are to busy getting high to get back to me..slackers..thats fine...I'll try to be patient
One love...
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I hate to be picky, but you spelled "cannabis" wrong.
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shit, haha. thanks for pointing that out.
i was litt. and got the spelling confused w/ the rapper "canibus".
will change it, thank you.

:peace: kon
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:lmao: thats funny, i figured maybe u couldnt see the keyboard properly cos of the smoke lol
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i will be makin/adding some new club-marijuana stamps to show support for the club.
if you wish to share some of your own please let the appropriate admin know so that they can be uploaded.

:peace: kon
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