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We are so close

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It's something that I done with the help of our "friends" from the DEA
It's an answer to all of their motives to not decriminalize MARIHUANA

by cbeep

"Life's a bitch..... but not for long,
I can afford now to buy that helmet"

Like somebody told me I'm submiting "this shit" to the contest
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I find it very hard to believe that there are more people in treatment for marijuana than alcohol and other illegal drugs.

Just like they put people in jail for bullshit weed possession. They make money off that shit.
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Forced treatment. It's a popular thing for judges to do, rather than send a kid to DJJ they'll make them go to classes to get rid of his/her "addiction."
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Use of marijuana does not kill brain cells, instead the active cannibinoids cause brain cells to become dormant.
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*Temporarily, only until about 30 minute for a rare smoker, a couple of minutes for someone with tolerance.
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Hope some day they will legalize it in Germany (or Australia)
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Thanks for your support! :peace:
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im waiting for this moment
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:+fav: ed :)

but ... isn't it already nealy legalized in the US?
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I'm from Holland.
There's a shop like 100meter from here! :)
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This won a contest? I could see that if it went through a spell check first. Brush up on your grammar...
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Yeah! I mean honestly, how many times have you heard of it giving someone a heart attack or giving someone a tumor? NONE. NADA. ZERO!

Yet tobacco is still legal, why??
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I agree with this stuff, but it'd make you look less retarded if you didn't misspell all the big words.
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dude sont feer the reefer ... thats awsome , someone should remake dont fear the reaper with that !
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This is seriously gonna be my next project, now.
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:phonecall: well done... very nice work. i loved the concept and the message.
i'm with you, my friend.
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I first just want to make it clear that I'm not a marijuana smoker. I am, however, an advocate for the legalization of marijuana, at the very least to adults over 21. By the way, that British Lung association is bull. I know for a fact that marijuana doesn't increase your risk for lung cancer: AT ALL, PERIOD.
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Lets say, you have an apartment you rent with friends and you smoke and just stop going to work (ive done this before) and rent doesnt get paid, then you are affecting other individuals who dont smoke.
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Well then who's fault is that?
Yours and no one else, not the smoking, just you.
I've known people for 21 years that have always smoked, everyday and have great paying jobs, they even do loads of other drugs, what about them?
They should loose everything because of the few of you who are lazy and want to blame something else instead of admitting you are the problem?
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LOL! Marijuana has been proven to psychologically alter ones persona and train of thought. SO yea, marijuana is at fault. Thats just like saying "I shot that guy, but the gun killed I dont have to go to jail". Listen, I love marijuana, but its not everything potheads crack it up to be, they are completely byest to the fact that marijuana does have addictive qualities, and somehow when a stoner has a conversation about pot he always mentions the glycoma patient, but never mentions his addiction to it.
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byest? I think you meant "biased." Also you meant "Glaucoma."
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