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Iris blue reference sheet by IrisBlue16 Iris blue reference sheet :iconirisblue16:IrisBlue16 81 13 Sketch: Cleo (Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats) by Whistle-on-DA Sketch: Cleo (Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats) :iconwhistle-on-da:Whistle-on-DA 321 9 Doodle Cleo by CleoTheCatillacCat Doodle Cleo :iconcleothecatillaccat:CleoTheCatillacCat 7 1 Cleo The Catillac Cat by CleoTheCatillacCat Cleo The Catillac Cat :iconcleothecatillaccat:CleoTheCatillacCat 9 1 Roxy Riff Raff by Scheherezade10 Roxy Riff Raff :iconscheherezade10:Scheherezade10 55 8 Cleo super angry by Scheherezade10 Cleo super angry :iconscheherezade10:Scheherezade10 40 12 Cleo cat riff raff by Scheherezade10 Cleo cat riff raff :iconscheherezade10:Scheherezade10 64 30 Catillac Cats ride again! by Stanwuuz Catillac Cats ride again! :iconstanwuuz:Stanwuuz 18 8 More Michaelangelo for JHMirda by NatureFanatic2 More Michaelangelo for JHMirda :iconnaturefanatic2:NatureFanatic2 5 0 A few more Mungo pics by NatureFanatic2 A few more Mungo pics :iconnaturefanatic2:NatureFanatic2 4 5 Last Mungo pic for JHMirda by NatureFanatic2 Last Mungo pic for JHMirda :iconnaturefanatic2:NatureFanatic2 4 0 Just a few more Mungo pics for JHMirda by NatureFanatic2 Just a few more Mungo pics for JHMirda :iconnaturefanatic2:NatureFanatic2 3 0 More Mungo for JHMirda by NatureFanatic2 More Mungo for JHMirda :iconnaturefanatic2:NatureFanatic2 6 5 More Mungo for JHMirda by NatureFanatic2 More Mungo for JHMirda :iconnaturefanatic2:NatureFanatic2 5 1

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Bloody Buneary by StormTheWolfo
BarBark and SouMallo by StormTheWolfo
Webtoon Warfare: Battle For New GroundLong ago before the age of funny sarcastic internet cartoons on the internet and the endless drama-filled hellhole known as Twitter (and basically every popular social media if you don’t wanna be just a Twitter hater), there were two animators.The two animators were inseparable and had been friends ever since they met as tiny toddlers.People thought it was a gay thing or just some paranormal seperated at birth bullshot but they didn’t care.But for some reason, it all changed on a single day.The first animator (his name was Jared) was accepted into a fancy dancy art/animation school for his funny and relatable storytimes. While the other one (George...I think?) got placed into a community college full of brainless wackos because his animation was considered “edgy”.George (I think?) got angry with the unfair treatment and tried to call the principal about it and was put on hold. He decided to rally up the idiots to unionize and call war on the university. For some reason, this war didn’t fall flat after 2 weeks and has been going on. From a prank and flame war to an actual war. The animators decided to invent machines that would transport them into their cartoon’s world and did auditions for who could fight in the war like in that one show featuring the grumpy British dude that’s in all of those kids cartoons.What is the year of this of the endless warfare?….I honestly don’t care, make your own theory or something. I’m gonna go to Burger King.
Here's My GID List! by StormTheWolfo
The Freakiest Friday Night (FNF TF)(TW: TF, FtM, personality change, swearing, TG, death mention, identity death and some gross moments. If you don’t like these themes, please leave! Anyways enjoy!)The night sky’s stars shined brightly with the crescent moon as a fancy limo drove down the strangely empty highway. Inside of it was the fancy well-dressed butler poodle known as “JEVES!” (his name is actually that), a cutely-dressed arctic fox who was terribly bored and some of her bandmates who were mostly wolves. The arctic fox looked out the window, pouting like the spoiled brat she is and crossed her arms.“JEVES! When are we gonna get to that stupid event?!” She interrogated her assistant like she was a FBI agent “I wanna get it over with!” “You have to wait, miss” The poodle responded calmly with not even a single strain of anger in his voice “I heard it’s gonna be a big show and you should be lucky we aren’t in traffic” “But i’m Britinca Icina!” Briti said her stupid stage name like it was a unbeaten challenger along with John and Amy for the most normal names contest “I should’ve been there 5 minutes ago” One of the band members a black wolf wanted to say something about the butler not being able to control time but decided he needed his job as a drummer nobody knew the name of for this stupid spoiled young adult popstar that would make Chernoybl look like the safest place on Earth to toxicity. Briti always had it good in life, her parents sheltering her from the big bad world full of ugly people (and their failing marriage) and inflating her ego like it was a water balloon. They always made sure the vulpine always got the roles she wanted for the community theater and won a talent show that made her the superstar she is today because of….know what? I think you don’t need to know what happened to get her that...very disturbing. Anyways, where was I? Oh right! Briti and the others suddenly heard the vehicle start to stop, sputtering and wheezing. The poodle tried to turn the key, maybe the car was just being funky! It didn’t work, maybe a second time it’ll get back? The poodle started to panic realizing no matter how many times he did it, the car was burned out. Thankfully, there was a strangely convenient mechanic shop right by them next to a family-owned Mexican restaurant and a scraggly border collie living in a cardboard box, moaning about a girl named “Julia Robertson”. “Excuse me people! Can you help us?” Briti stepped out of the limo and demanded while people just looked at her “I am a famous celebrity and I require help, ASAP!”“JEVES!” let out a girlish scream seeing a big buff polar bear loom over him despite having the most cuddliest himbo face you ever seen while the canines just looked at their phones. The bear calmed down the poodle and explained he could help him with his car but it might take a few hours to do, the servant replied because he knew what would happen if Briti’s true side was shown to millions of people on the public bus. “Stupid car, stupid car. Why does it have to break down at this time?” The fox put on the trenchcoat that covered her entire body and fedora along with some cool shades “And this coat is so last Winter, I look like I show people my private parts” Briti went out with her black heels, ruining the $700 feeling of them stepping into a muddy concoction of rain water and hobo pee. Great, this was just great. The famous popstar was stuck in this stupid town where not even a bug reconized her. No red carpet, no paparazzi, no platters of fancy cheese from Russia, just the bland view of anthros fighting and this stupid coat. Briti played with her platinum blonde hair, pouting and trying to avoid eye contact. Suddenly one of her ears heard something, something..rhythmic. The strange sound hypnotized her to go there and sing! Surely the singers wouldn’t kill her on the spot for trying to mess their rap battle or something! Briti didn’t need to warm up her voice or go back with the others! It was her time to finally shine! Maybe this town wasn’t so bad after all! Like a cheetah with the runs, she sprinted to find the music and put on a big dazzling musical n-There was no one there.No fans, no singers, not even a hobo. Briti’s ears went down in shame, there were just some out-of-place speakers someone could sit on! Wait, why did she think of a brunette girl when seeing the speakers? Oh well, she’s g-“AAAH! What the hell?” She suddenly felt a stranger on her leg and saw it was a human! “Get off of me! You probably have a STD!” “Beep beep bop?” She looked at Briti with worry “Beep beep beep ba ba?” “What the fuck are you saying?!?” She shook her leg around until the naked mole rat with a wig was off “I don’t speak microwa-AAAH! MY BEAUTIFUL FUR!” She looked on with horror as the strange...thing left bald spots on her leg! Her beautiful furry leg! But the screaming didn’t stop there as she realized it was spreading like mold on a loaf of bread that hasn’t been sealed!“Gaaa! Stop this! Are you a Starburst stan that has magical powers of some sort?!?” She panicked as her hair changed to a neon blue and her tail withered away quickly “You know you can tell those stupid felines to shove their Grammy up their BEEP!” Briti tried to swear again, letting out another beep. She didn’t see the strange girl pull out a sound effect maker and the cars went by beeping even when she didn’t tried to say any word! She starts to beep out of unfiltered panic, a flood of worrying thoughts in her brain that made her not even focus on anything else. Why would anyone do this? What’s happening? Why does he feel funny? Wait did he just say he? He was a girl? No, that wasn’t right! Who was he? Why did he feel so fuzzy in the morning? Why did he have bandmates? He never had a butler in his life! Or did he? WAIT H-“Babe, calm down” GF spoke in a soft tone as she hugged BF like a teddy bear as he started to take deep breaths “I’m here, i’m here” “GF, what happened?” Brit- I mean BF looked at his hands like he never seen them before “Why do I feel so funny?” “I really don’t know” GF got him up to his feet and hugged him “But i’m glad y-” Big booming stomps could be heard as one of Daddy Dearest’s mercs entered the scene. Most singers would have been horrified seeing this beast loom down over them but BF just grinned as GF got on the speakers to bop to the music. This Ninja-haired midget that is somehow 19 didn’t have any time for a stupid show! His love was on the line! And nobody was gonna take it from him!
I don't have a title for this one by StormTheWolfo
From the Rainbow Worlds by Atanata
Charlie by StormTheWolfo
Sally Acorn as a Ninja Turtle by Kingofphotos200
Excited by CathFreaky
Piscodon by CathFreaky
Bastet by CathFreaky
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Three Friends, Three Paths by TeagBrohman15
Cow cupcake by Queenofvampires666
Cookie Shark by Queenofvampires666
Durg the Half-Orc Barbarian by TeagBrohman15
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Walk by limenta
A Deck of Aces by Citrus-Chickadee
Happy Pride Month! by JayZeeTee16
Custom Mecha Gear II For Tyilight by I5HIMARU
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She Space by KosmicAC
Out Of Course by KosmicAC
City by Space by KosmicAC
Space View by KosmicAC
Photo shoot outdoors by VisualStudioHydra
It's a Blessing when a Black Cat Sits in Your Path by OGYungLilBig
The Same Clothes by OGYungLilBig
Eleven 92 by OGYungLilBig
Photo shoot outdoors by VisualStudioHydra
Photo shoot outdoors by VisualStudioHydra
Photo shoot outdoors by VisualStudioHydra

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Nude walk in the park of Weissenstein Castle 1 by Romy-Sunflower
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Sexy New Year 2021 #9 by SHREKRULEZ
Bibi's New Hot Look  by SHREKRULEZ
Summer Heat 2021 #1 by SHREKRULEZ
Jaina Proudmore Reconstruction by OGYungLilBig
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Abstract 265 by marakiO
Children of the Night by Anarxshe
Abstract 264 by marakiO
Rocco Portrait by Bronco-Illustration
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Republic City by TeagBrohman15
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Friendly Fire 27 by FableWorld
A DuckTale Adventure, 1Don’t Give Up The ShipIt was nighttime in town, everything was quiet, nobody was out in about, and the whole city was dead silent. In an alleyway, that silence was broken as a gust of wind began to form...then, a spark of electricity began dancing here and there, it began to pick up more energy from itself, then expand into flashing lights. The sparks began to become lightning, then explode itself as a scream was heard and a body was flown out and crashed on the ground...then everything became silent once again.The body began to moan and groan, then slowly stood up. It was dizzy as it’s balance was off, it managed to keep itself in balance by using the wall while walking slowly out.“Man, what just happened?” A male voice said in a young tone.As it walked out of the alleyway while clutching it’s head, the moonlight shone out to reveal who it was... It was a young preteen boy with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes with a tint of green, and wore white tennis shoes, blue jeans, a jacket that was zipped up and had black on his sleeves while the front along with his hood was grey, and behind him was a black bookbag. He was shaking away the fatigue while his eyes focused on what’s around him.Right now he was standing in the middle of a strange town he had never been too. He was trying to figure out what happened just now? But unfortunately, it happened so fast he didn’t see it coming, and the last thing he remembered was a strange light...then nothing. However, he didn’t want to ponder about how he got here, so at least he could figure out this town, and what better way to do it was to explore, and find out a bit of this place.--- For the last couple of minutes, the young boy was wandering around the streets while gazing here and there of the mysterious town. However, something managed to catch his eye as he sees a big building with a dollar sign in front of it.Wanting to get a closer look at it, he runs as fast as he could, the night was still young, so at least he can enjoy the moment without anyone seeing him.As he got closer to it, his eyes were widened as it marvels this strange but unique building.“Wow...this is incredible.”However, the boy didn’t notice a lurking shadow appear behind him. A hand was reached to his shoulder as someone forcibly turns him, making him yelp as light was shining in his eyes, his hand blocks out the light and a male voice was saying, “Hey, what are you doing here kid?”His hand slowly moves away, he can see three figures. He didn’t know anyone else besides him was out this late at night.“Whoa, who’s this weirdo?” Another male voice says.The light turns off, but the boy’s jaw drops in shock at what he was staring at…Right in front of him were three beagles, one who was short in stature, the second who was fat and had two buckteeth protruding from his upper mouth, the third was a tall and muscular beagle, and each of them had stubble on their faces while they all wore masks, red shirts, blue pants, yellow gloves, and green caps. However, they had plated numbers attached to their shirts, each of them different from the other.The boy along with the trio of beagles were looking at one another, the young boy nodded his head while rubbing his eyes to see if he was seeing right.Neither of them said a word, until the fat beagle said while giggling, “He looks funny.”“Shut it, Burger!” The short beagle said to the fat beagle named Burger.He walks over to the boy and says while pointing a finger at him, “Alright kid, what are you doing here?”“Uhhh.” Was all he said.The short beagle was looking at him curiously while starting to circle around him.After that was done he says, “Haven’t seen you here, you must be new in town. So how did you get here?”He didn’t have a single clue, and all he did was shrugged his shoulders.“So your telling me that you don’t know how you got here.”The boy nodded his head no.The short beagle placed a figure on his chin...then smiled.“Boys huddle.”The three beagles huddled while the young boy crosses his arms and starts to think. First it was about this town and the building that he was standing behind, then it was these three beagles. He knows for a fact that these three shouldn’t exist, because there are no talking beagles who wear clothes like those, but after thinking about this for a second...his mind came to a conclusion.While the beagles were talking with one another, they turn their attention back at the mysterious boy who was starting to chuckle.“What are you laughing at?” The short beagle said.“I get where this is going.” The beagles had confused looks, “This is all just a dream,” He points at the three beagles, “You guys can’t be real,” He spreads his arms out, “None of this is real, so this is all just a big dream!”He was starting to laugh out loud while the beagles look at one another, the big one was scratching the side of his head while the fat beagle shrugs his shoulders.The short beagle crosses his arms while cocking his eyebrow and says, “So, your telling us that this is all a dream to you right?”“Well yeah,” The boy shrugs his shoulders, “You guys aren’t even real.”The short beagle places his finger on his chin again while humming, then huddles back with two beagles.While they were having their little discussion, the boy looks back at the building, his mind was still wondering what this is, so he turns his attention back to them and said, “Um, excuse me.”The three beagles look back at him as the boy says while pointing a thumb behind him, “Can any of you three tell me what this is behind me?”“Oh, oh, I know, I know!” Burger said excitedly while raising his hand, then points at the building, “That’s a money bin.”“Burger, shut it!” The short beagle shouted.“A money bin, huh.” The boy turns around and looks at the building then whistles, “Not bad, this dream of mine is really good.” The boy shrugs his shoulders then claps and rubs his hands, “Well, since this is still my dream, might as well play along with it. So tell me, do you guys have somewhat of a role to play with this dream.”“Oh yeah,” Burger said while nodding his excitedly, “We were just about to st-”Burger was cut off by the shorter beagle who jabbed his elbow at Burger’s gut while he groans and clutches it.The boy had a confused look as he says, “You were just about to what?”“Uhhh, we were just about,” The shorter beagle was trying to come up with an answer. “Let you have a tour of this place. Yeah, that’s right!”“Wow, really!”“Yeah,” The shorter beagle walks to him. “But you gotta do us a favor in return.”The boy shrugs his shoulders. “Okay, what is it?”“We need you to help us find a small wooden ship. Think you can help us find it?”“Tsk, of course, anyone with half a brain would know what a small wooden ship looks like.”The short beagle opens the doors then says, “Well kid, your tour awaits.”“Thanks!” The boy steps inside with the three beagles following him, he turns back around and says to the short one, “By the way, what are your names?”“I’m Big Time,” He points to Burger then the big beagle, “that one is Burger, and that’s Bouncer.”“Big Time, Burger, and Bouncer.” The boy couldn't help but snort as he covers his mouth.“What’s so funny?” Big Time asked.“I’m sorry,” He lets out a laugh. “It’s your names. I mean, who would name something like those?”Big Time glares at him while Burger says while giggling, “Yeah, who would?” Big Time turns his attention to Burger while glaring at him, making him stop laughing whenever his brother gave him that look.“Oh well, what the heck,” The boy shrugs his shoulders then walks towards the hall, “It’s my dream anyways so I can at least get a kick outta this.”Big Time growls while whispering, “Oh I hope you did, ‘cause once this is over, your going to find out it’s your worst nightmare kid.”“Huh?” He didn’t hear what Big Time said, but he could’ve sworn he said “nightmare”. He turns around and asks him, “What did you say?”Big Time gives him a fake smile and says, “Oh nothing.”The boy shrugs his shoulders and walks to a dark hallway with the three beagles still following him.“Well, might as well light the way.”He takes out his bag, unzips it, then takes out a flashlight as he turns it on. He turns back around to them and says, “Well, while I’m out touring the place, why don’t we split-up so we can cover more ground and hopefully one of us finds the ship.”Big Time scratches the side of his head and says, “Actually...that’s not a bad idea kid.”“Well, you guys go wherever,” He points a thumb behind him, “I’ll go this way.” He turns around and starts walking away, “I’ll see you guys soon, and once that ship is found, I’m taking a one-way ticket out of dreamville.”As he was walking down the hall, he made a few turns until he comes across an already opened door. He shines his light around the place, marveling at the mysterious but strange artifacts, not to mention, he saw some statues that were duck faces.He whistles then says, “Wow, this is incredible.” He shines his light at a pillar, then raises it as he sees what he was looking was the wooden ship.“Ah, so there you are, once I get you off of there, it’s bye-bye to this dream world that I’m in.”Right before he was about to walk over there and take it, he heard someone say, “Quick a-Look out!”“Huh, what the-”He was about to turn around, but felt someone collide on his legs as he lost his balance and fell face first into the floor while dropping his flashlight. He groans and hisses while covering his forehead and saying while his eyes were closed and his body facing upwards, “ that hurt.” His eyes opened quick at that realization. “What a second...that was pain...that was real.”“Uh...g-g-guys...what is that thing?” A voice of a child says.The boy grabs his flashlight, gets on his knees and slowly turns around while keeping his light on. But...his eyes widen and gasped at what he was seeing now…Right in front of him were three little ducks, they were young, almost like children, and each of them wore different colors, one red, one blue, one green, and each of them wore caps with their respective colors.His lips quiver and his hand that was holding the flashlight began to shake. The three little ducks had their eyes widened as they too were shaking in fear. His mind began to piece everything together. The beagles, this bin, the town he was in, and now three little ducks staring at him. Not to mention the pain he felt when he fell on the floor. That was when his mind dawned at a new realization, and it came to a conclusion...and there was one thing his mind made him do...“AAAAAHHHHH!” He screamed.“AAAAAHHHHH!” The three little ducks screamed in unison.“AAAAAHHHHH!”“AAAAAHHHHH!” The three little ducks hugged each other.“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” They screamed at one another in unisonAs the boy continued to scream, he gets up and backs away while keeping his light fixed on those ducks.“Gotcha!” Burger said as he and the other two beagles came.The boy accidentally knocks the ship, but manages to grab it in time before it fell on the floor. However, alarm bells were ringing as the beagles had there jaws down in fright.Big Time notices the ship was with the boy as he had it in his hands. He points at him and says, “Hey, the kid’s got the ship!”The boy looks at the ship, then back at them. He didn’t know what he was thinking, but all he did was toss it as it sails over to the little ducks and the little blue one catches it.“Now they got it!” Burger says.Big Time looks at the boy and glares at him. He marches over to him, his fist raised as the boy gasps, raises his arms to protect himself, and closes his eyes. But didn’t felt the blow as he heard a crunch coming next to him. He opens his eyes and sees the pillar next to him get crushed, while Big Time went over to the little ducks and says to them while reaching his hand out, “Okay twerps, had it over.”“No way, beagle bum!”The beagles began chasing the little ducks while the boy just stood there and watched. One of the beagles manages to catch the little blue duck who had the ship, but the little blue one passes it to the little red one and a beagle manages to catch him as well. But the little red one passed it to the little green one who started running, and he too was the last one to be caught by a beagle as he was picked up by him. The little green one tosses the ship over to the boy and catches it.The boy looks at it, then looks back up as Big Time hands the little red one over to Bouncer, then comes over to the boy, his hand raised while saying, “Okay kid, hand it over.”The boy didn’t say a word, but looks at the ship. “This is real.” He looks back up to them. “Your real!” “Yeah were real, what do you expect? Now hand it over...or else.”The boy gulps some air, then looks at the three little ducks...and a window right in front. His mind came up with an idea as he says to Big Time, “Okay, I’ll hand it to you, but first, I just got one thing to say.”“What?”“Fetch beagle!”He tosses the wooden ship as hard as he could as it starts sailing towards the window. Burger drops the little green one while reaching out his hands and saying, “I got it, I got it!”“Burger no!” Big Time shouts, but was too late as Burger managed to catch the ship and crashes at the window where he fell out.The boy took this as his chance of distraction as he takes his bag and pulls out a canister that was on the side, just as Big Time looks at him while glaring at him and saying, “Why you little…” Big Time was cut off as something was being sprayed at his face, his eyes were starting to burn as he covers his eyes and yells, “Ow, my eyes!”The boy swung his bag hard, whacking Big Time in an uppercut fashion as he sails over to Bouncer, who catches him while dropping the two other ducks, but starts to lose his balance. The little green one goes behind them, bends down and lets Bouncer bump him as he trips and falls out towards the window as they both screamed and landed on the ground with a hard thump.The boy and the three little ducks went over to the window, they looked down as Burger pops out from a bush while holding the wooden ship and saying, “Hey look guys, I got it!” Bouncer also pops out while dusting the leaves off of him, “Good, now let’s get out of here!”Big Time gets up while rubbing his eyes, he pops open his left eye and looks at the boy who sprayed him with that weird stuff he had while forming a fist and shaking into the air while yelling, “Your going to pay for that one kid, and your going to wish you were in dreamland right now!”He runs with Bouncer and Burger as they disappeared into the night while carrying the wooden ship with them.As they left, everything was quiet...until one of the little ducks spoke to the boy, “Wow, that was amazing, thanks!”The boy looks at them and didn’t say a word to them.“Yeah,” The little blue one spoke, “you really saved our tail feathers!”“Uhhh?” Was all he could say.“Y’know,” The little green one now spoke, “if anyone can take on The Beagle Boys, is okay in my book.”They heard the sound of screeching tires as the little red one said, “That must be Uncle Scrooge.”“Wait...who?” The boy asked.“Wait until we show Uncle Scrooge this.” The blue one said.The three little ducks left while the green one turns around and says to the boy, “Don’t worry, will be right back, so just stay right here.”He was left alone, he stood there for a minute, then slowly walks over to where those three little ducks went. He peeks his head, but his ears began to pick up some voices, they were jumbled until an elderly voice shouted in a Scottish accent “Quiet!”“But Uncle Scrooge, you gotta see what we found!” One of the little ducks said.“Yeah, he’s waiting at the museum!”“Wait ‘he’?”“Yeah he-”“You let a stranger come in my bin!”He heard the sound of running feet, the boy gasped in fright as he says, “Oh no, I gotta get out of here!”He quickly pulled his hood over his head, straps the canister back on the side of his bag, picks up his flashlight while turning it off and quickly unzips his bag and places it back inside while zipping it back up.He hears a gasp coming from behind as the boy turns around and sees an elderly duck wearing a nightcap and gown, his feet had red spats, and spectacles were on his eyes.“Ah, my ship is being stolen!” The elderly duck yelled while grabbing the sides of his head.The boy gasped again as he started running towards the window, but the elderly duck saw the destroyed window and also says, “Ah, my window!” The boy stops near the edge and looks down, making sure that the fall wasn’t too big for him to jump, and luckily for him it wasn’t. But turns around as the elderly duck glares at him and starts running towards him while saying, “Come back here you little thief!”The boy jumps out the window and lands in the bushes. He crawls out while turning around as he hears the elderly duck say, “Why little little thief! You think you can steal from me and get away for it!” The boy quickly starts running as he continues to hear the elderly ducks ranting, “Oh, I’ll have the law on you before the day is out!” The boy looks behind for a moment as the elderly duck jumps up and down while angrily saying, “Oh, you, you, you, you…”The boy starts running again without looking back, he puts on the straps of his bookbag back on his shoulders while he was running and saying in a panicked voice, “This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening…”He kept on repeating those words while running back to the streets in the quiet night.--- Meanwhile, as for the three little ducks, they returned home with the elderly duck. They were at the attic sitting down on one of the trampolines as the elderly duck was scolding them.“Running away from home, breaking and entering, lying about The Beagle Boys, and what’s worse, you let a stranger into my bin and let him steal my boat and destroy my window, which you three claimed he saved you from The Beagle Boys.”“But they were there, and he did save us!” The little green one said.“And didn’t touch a single coin while that boy sprayed at one of The Beagle Boys with some weird looking can, then whacks them with nothing more than his bag, right.”“No Uncle Scrooge, they were after the boat, not him.”“As I recall, the only thieves interested in that old relic, were you three along with that destructive delinquent friend of yours.”“But we found a map.” The little blue one says while showing a map that The Beagle Boys dropped and the green one nods his head.“Enough!” The elderly duck yelled as the three little ones cringed.The elderly duck walks over to three coonskin caps and a red book as he picks them up and placed them right in front of them while saying, “It’s late and I have an important interview in the morning at my candy factory. Boarding school is not looking so expensive after all, and once the day is out, I hope those cops find that delinquent and bring him here to me. He’s going to regret from ever stealing and destroying my property from ol ’Scrooge McDuck.”As Scrooge was storming out, the little red one says to him, “We were only trying to help, and it wasn’t his fault.”The door slams shut, the little blue one says to them as Scrooge left, “Hey, look what’s on the other side of this.”The two boys look at the blue one as he shows them a picture of a female duck and on top of it was a written word that said “L’Orange”“An old theatrical flyer, but The L’Orange Theater has been closed for years.” He looks at the two boys, “You don’t suppose…”“The Beagle Boys hideout!” They said in unison.“We can get the ship back, find the guy who saved us while proving he didn’t steal it,” The little green one places the coonskin cap on top of his other cap and picks up the red book while flipping through some pages, “and show Uncle Scrooge were not as rotten as he thinks.”--- The boy kept running, he didn’t stop until he found a place to hide, the sound of sirens were echoing at the streets. For the last couple of hours, the elderly duck already called the cops right after he brought the three little ducks home, and he was right about his threat. However, what he didn’t know was that the three little ducks were telling the truth, he didn’t even have the wooden ship, and even if the cops managed to catch him, he wouldn’t have it with him anyways.But that wasn’t the reason why he was running, or what happened back at the bin. He didn’t know why he did that to Big Time and the other two beagles, but he did understand that they weren’t good animal people...Yes...that’s what he called them from inside his own mind, these creatures weren’t like him, and his mind was trying to figure out something. He raked his brains into trying to figure out many possibilities of how he got here? But he got nothing, all he remembers was that he was someplace else, and then there was a flash of light and electricity. Then the next thing he knew...he was here in this strange place.He didn’t know what this world was, but he didn’t care, all he could do now was just to keep on running and hiding from the law.He makes a sharp turn into an ally and hides behind a trash can, his back was against the wall as the shadows camouflaged him, the police sirens passed by from where he was as he breathes a sigh of relief.He stands back up while his mind was trying to figure out what to do next. He could run out of this town, but crossed that part out of his head because he has no idea about this world or the people living it. But worst of all, he could run into more of those animal people. However, he thought back to what happened back at the bin, after meeting those little ducks, they were scared of him at first for what he appeared to be, but after dealing with those beagles, they were friendly to him. Not to mention they were about to show him there Uncle Scrooge.Who was this Scrooge character, could he have been the elderly duck that he just met not too long ago? He sighs as he puts it out of his mind for now, because he was tired and exhausted from all the running and all what he wanted to do was just rest, and then figure out what to do next.Deciding to explore a little bit of the ally he was in, his eyes managed to find some kind of door. He walks over to it and pushes it, but barely budged, glaring at it, he kicks at it as the door opens all the way.Stepping inside while taking off his hood, the room was filled with junk, but at least it was a decent place to stay for the moment. He closes the door and looks around for a bit, but his eyes gazes at some kind of lever.Walking over to it, curiosity getting the best of him, he says, “Huh, I wonder what this does?”He pulls it down and heard something drop from above, turning around as he hears bodies hitting something soft. He takes out his flashlight, and was about to turn it on, but decided against it as he hears a voice saying, “How did you know there was a trap door there Dewey.”“I didn’t.”He got closer as his eyes adjusted to the darkness...and sees the three little ducks once again.“You.” The boy said.“Huh, who’s there?” One of the little ducks said.He turns his flashlight on, the three little ducks covered their eyes with there hands as the boy revealed himself to them.“Hey, it’s him, the guy who saved us!” The red one says while pointing a finger at him.“What are you three…” His eyes catches the small wooden boat that the little green one had, “Hey that’s-”“We know.” The little green one says.“But how and why-”“We were trying to get it back from The Beagle Boys.” The little blue one says.“And were trying to prove to Uncle Scrooge that you didn’t steal it, they did.” The little red one says.He didn’t know what to say, these three were going through great links just so they could this for him.Something fell out of the ceiling and landed on something soft while coughing, he turns around while shining his flashlight, but the light from the ceiling was doing it for him. He looks up and notices a trapdoor, that was probably the reason for that lever he pulled. However, he looks back at the individuals, and was shocked to find out that he meets those beagles...again.Big Time looks up from the boys flashlight and glares at the boy that he meets again while saying in an angry tone, “You…”“Oh no, not you guys again!” He kicks the door open and says to the three ducks, “C’mon, let’s get out of here!”As they ran out, the boy hears another voice that had a Spanish accent, “Get them you barnacles!”The boy and the three little ducks were running, but the boy stops for a minute as he takes out a trash can lid.“What are you doing?” The little red one asks.“I’m going to try and slow them down.”“But what’s with the-”“No time to explain, just go, I’ll catch up with you!”As the three little ducks left, the boy got into a tossing position, and as The Beagle Boys came into view, he tosses it like a frisbee as it sails over and hits Big Time square in the face, and rebounds as it hits Burger and Bouncer on the sides of their heads, they all collapsed in a heaping pile on the ground.“Yes!” The boy cheered as he ran to catch up with those little ducks.“Why you…” Big Time says while getting up on his knees and massaging his sore nose, “You hit me with a trash can lid! Oh, now your dead kid!”As the boy took another turn, trying to get away from The Beagle Boys while searching for those little ducks, a voice from above calls out, “Up here!” The boy looks up and sees the little ducks waving up at him while the green one points to where he was. He follows to where the little green one was pointing as he sees a ladder that leads to the fire escape.“There you are!” Big Time says.The boy gasps as he quickly climbs up the ladder, with Big Time following him and the other two beagles. As the boy reaches the top, he takes his bag and brings out the same canister that he used to spray Big Time, and as his head appeared, the boy didn’t waste a second as he clicks it...but only a small amount shot out, not enough to actually hurt him.“Hah! What’s wrong, ran out of that stuff you used on me?” Big Time says.The boy tosses the canister, but Big Time dodges it as it hits the side of the ladder.The boy quickly unzips his bag while digging through it and muttering, “Where is it, where is it?”He manages to take out a rectangular object with a U-shaped front and two small prongs attached to the sides, just as Big Time finally came up with Bouncer coming in close.“Well, it looks like you just ran out of defenses kid.” Big Time says as grunts while raises his arms, ready to grab the boy, but as he got close, the boy drops his bag while hitting the button on the side of it, making the prongs light up with electricity, and shoves the object at his gut. He felt bolts of electricity surging through him as his body shudders and shakes for a moment.The boy takes the object out of Big Time’s gut and shoves him, making him lose his balance due to the sudden surge of electricity, and collides with Bouncer as both of them fell off with Burger joining with them since Bouncer fell on top of him and lands hard on the ground.The boy looks down, gives them a two-fingered salute, picks up his bag while zipping it and placing the object he used on Big Time on the side of it, and climbs up the steps.Upon reaching the top, he finds another ladder while shouldering his bag and climbs up, where the three little ducks were waiting for him.“Are you alright?” The little red one asked.“Yeah I’m fine.”“What was that?” The little blue one said.“What was what?”“That!” The little green one said, “We saw the whole thing, you were using that weird can of yours again, then you pull out some weird device and shocked one of them.”“Yeah,” The little blue one said, “the one right there attached to your bag.”The boy looks to where the little blue one was pointing at, and realizes the same object he used on Big Time.“Oh, that was just a taser, and the can you saw was nothing more than pepper spray.”“Taser?” The little red one says.“Pepper Spray?” The little blue says.“Wow cool!” The little green one says.They heard the sound of footsteps, the boy looks down and sees Big Time slowly coming up from the stairs, clutching his head as the other two beagles were following him. He gasps as he says to the three little ones, “Guys, we gotta go, there coming!”“I wish Uncle Scrooge was here,” The little green one says, “he’s beat these turkey’s dozens of times.”“Wait, who’s Scrooge?” The boy asks.“Our uncle he-Wait, that’s it!” The little red one says. “What is?”“He’s at his candy factory right now!”“Well, where is it?”“It’s not to far from here, we know where it is?”The little blue one looks down and sees Big Time climbing up the ladder first.“Let’s go!”They all ran as the boy sees a pipe while pointing at it and saying, “Through here!”The boy was the first one to climb in, he slides down inside the pipe on his belly and lands on the ground while rolling. He goes over to the pipe, reaches his arms out to catch the first little duck who was red, and puts him down while saying, “By the way-” He catches the next little duck who was green, “I haven’t gotten-” He catches the last little duck who was blue, “Your names little guys.”“Well, I’m Huey.” The little red one introduced.“I’m Dewey.” The little blue one introduced.“And I’m Louie.” The little green one introduced last.“Well it’s a pleasure to meet y’all, the name’s-” He was cut off by the sound of the pipe, realizing that The Beagle Boys were trying to get through from the pipe, “Y’know, I’ll tell you my name later, we gotta go, now!”Both the boy and Huey, Dewey, and Louie, made a run for it, until they came across the candy factory which was right in front of them. “C’mon guys,” Louie says, “we just need to walk across from the wires and then we’re here.”“Wait what!” The boy exclaimed.Louie walks across from the wire while holding onto the wooden ship.“Whoa, whoa, time-out for a second!” The boy said while forming his hand into a T shape, “You expect me to walk across on this thing?”“Yeah, this is the only way to get to the factory which is right ahead.” Louie notices the boy looking down as he asks him, “Wait, your not afraid of heights are you?”“No, but if there’s a choice between walking on a wire and facing The Beagle Boys...I rather take my chances with The Beagle Boys.”“There’s no time, we have to do this!”“But, but I-”“Hey, it’s okay, I’m going to be right in front of you while they are from behind. Right guys?”Huey and Dewey nodded their heads.“So don’t worry, and just don’t look down.”The boy takes a deep breath while muttering, “Okay, I can do this, I can do this.”The boy puts one foot on the wire and slowly puts it over the other, keeping his arms stretched out while keeping his balance. But the moment when the wire moved sideways a little...his eyes look down while a gasp escapes his mouth. His vision went blurry for a moment then returns to normal.He looks back up while taking a deep breath while muttering, “Okay...just don’t look down...don’t look down.”While the four boys were walking across, they were right at the middle until something made the wire go wobbly. What the boys didn’t know, was that The Beagle Boys managed to finally catch up to them. Big Time rips the cord off while shaking it up and down, hoping this would drop the kids, and hopefully teach that other kid a lesson when messing with them.The four boys tried to keep their balances, but were thrown into the air as they grabbed ahold of the cord. The weight became too much for Big Time as he was being pulled, but was saved by Bouncer and Burger as Big Time let’s go of the cord.The four boys screamed as they were swung into the air, crashed into the widow of the factory, and landed in a bowl of cream with a splat.The four boys pop out while Louie says, “Uncle Scrooge, we got your ship!” The boy manages to climb himself out of the bowl of cream, but lands hard on the ground on his back.“Are you alright?” Dewey asks.“Yeah, I’m fine.” The boy waves his arms, trying to get the cream off of him while muttering, “Just peachy.” He decides to put a finger to his mouth and suck on the cream, wanting to take a little taste as he shrugs, “Mm, tasty.”He reaches out and manages to grab ahold of each of the little ducks then sets them down. After that was done, he says to them, “Okay, let’s find this Scrooge guy and hopefully he’ll-”“What!” An elderly voice yelled.“Huh?” The boy turns around and meets a familiar face, but this time it wasn’t a night gown and cap. He wore a top hat with a red band on his head, red and blue suit with a single gold button and a red belt around his waist, and he was carrying a cane. When their eyes met, they recognized one another...He was the elderly duck that he met back at the bin and the elderly duck recognizes him as the delinquent who stole the ship and destroyed his window.“It’s you again!” They said in unison as the boy points at the elderly duck with his finger while the elderly duck points at the boy with his cane.When the elderly duck saw him with his boys, his eyes glared angrily at him, believing that he was the one responsible for trying to put their lives in danger. He pulls up his sleeves, raises his cane, then walks slowly towards him and says, “Boys, get away from him. I’ll teach that lad a lesson he’ll never-”“Wait,” Huey says while stopping him along with Dewey and Louie. “Don’t hurt him, this is the guy we were talking about.”“Yeah,” Dewey says. “He's the one who saved our lives.”“Twice now.” Louie says while showing two fingers. A crash of glass was heard as they look up and see The Beagle Boys come through and land in a bowl of jawbreakers. The bowl dumps as they were thrown into the floor, but tried to keep their balances from the rolling jawbreakers. When the workers saw The Beagle Boys, they all dropped what they were doing and run out of the factory.“What’s going on here?” The elderly duck says.“It’s a treasure map Uncle Scrooge.” Louie says while handing him the wooden ship.So that’s Scrooge. The boy thought.“And they want it.” Dewey says while pointing at The Beagle Boys.“And he wasn’t the one who was trying to steal it.” Huey says while pointing at the boy, then at The Beagle Boys. “They were!”They all cringed as The Beagle Boys finally lost their balance and landed in a heaping pile.“You lad.” The elderly says while pointing his cane at the boy.“Who me?”“Yes you. I need you to take my boys and get out of here, I’ll handle this.”Right before he was about to turn around and leave them, the boy stops him by placing his hand on his shoulder while saying, “Whoa, hold it old timer! There’s no way your going at this alone.”“That’s right Uncle Scrooge.” Huey says while saluting.“Were all in this…” Dewey salutes.“Together!” Louie salutes.The elderly duck smiles at the boys and says, “Good lads.”“So,” The boy says while clapping his hands and rubbing them, “what’s the plan?”The elderly duck smiles again as a planned was already formed.Meanwhile, The Beagle Boys managed to pick themselves up and dust themselves, but an elderly voice says in a singsong voice, “Yoohoo,” The Beagle Boys look up and see the elderly duck, and he was holding the wooden ship while saying, “I’ve not yet begun ta fight.”While The Beagle Boys were chasing the elderly duck, Dewey grabs a rubber belt from the machine while the boy grabs a single pie from the conveyor belt.As the elderly duck took another turn, he notices Dewey already pulled back on the rubber belt with the boy holding onto him by the sides, ready to fire the pie.“Fire boys!”“Bon appetit!”Dewey fires the pie, it hits Bouncer straight in the face as the boy cheers, “Yes, direct hit!”Bouncer backs up, but bumps into Burger who came from behind. The elderly duck uses his cane to pull a lever as a trapdoor opens beneath Bouncer. He manages to grab ahold, but Burger loses his balance and falls on top of him, breaking apart the floor in the process.“Where’d he go, Uncle Scrooge?” Dewey asks.“Yeah, what happened to them?” The boy asks as well.“To a tank of caramel.” “Hoohoohoo, ow-ooo!” They heard the two beagles squeal in pain.“Hot caramel,” The elderly duck motions his cane to follow him. “Come on lads, one to go.”As they were searching for Big Time while splitting up, the elderly duck had Dewey and Louie, while the boy was with Huey. However, the boy finds a bowl of pink powder, curiosity getting the best of him as he takes out a pinch of the stuff and sniffs it, a small smile came across his face. “What are you doing?” Huey asks.The boy looks at Huey and says, “Precautions, you go on ahead, I’ll catch up.”Huey nods as he leaves the boy. The boy then takes out his bag, unzips it, and digs through it until he finds a jar filled with dollars and coins. He unscrews the lid and dumps it all inside his bag. After that was done, he puts the empty jar into the bowl while digging through the powder to fill it up, then fills it all the way until it was full.Meanwhile, back with the elderly duck and the two boys, they were searching for the last beagle. Huey was waiting while watching them pass by and holding a hose while waiting for Big Time to come this way. But unfortunately for him, Big Time was there behind him as he grabs at Huey’s shirt from behind and lifts him up.“Hey McDuck, look what I got!”The elderly duck, and Dewey and Louie look behind them to find Big Time, but has Huey hostage.“I want my boys, the boat, and the kid who’s with you, now or else!” “Oh no Uncle Scrooge, he’s got Huey!” Dewey says.“Don’t give up the ship boys,” The elderly says while glaring, “were not through yet. But first, what do you want with the other lad?”“To pay the kid back for spraying that stuff on me,” Big Time held out each finger as he made his list of the things the boy did, “whacking me in the face with a bag and a trash can lid, and shocking me in the gut.”“What,” The elderly duck looks at Dewey and Louie. “He actually did those things?”“Yep.” Dewey says.“We saw the whole thing.” Louie also says.“Well now, that’s…” The elderly duck scratches the side of his head with his cane, “really impressive.” The elderly duck couldn’t believe what he heard, especially coming from Big Time, but after listening to the three boys’ story, he was actually impressed to listen to such skills coming from him. “Speaking of which,” Big Time says while looking around. “Show yourself kid, I know your here, surrender now unless you want to see your little friend here get hurt.”“I’m right here, Big Time!” The boy shouts while stepping out to reveal himself. “I surrender, you can do what you want with me, but just don’t hurt Huey.”“First, toss that bag away from you kid. I don’t want you to pull out anything from that bag of yours.”The boy nods in agreement, looks over to the elderly duck and Dewey and Louie as he says, “Think fast guys!” He tosses his bag over to them as Dewey manages to catch it, but almost loses his balance if Louie hadn’t helped him. They take it over to the elderly duck as he places his cane on his wrist where he was holding the ship, and takes the strap of his bag and carries it. However, the elderly duck sees something shiny from behind the boys back, squinting his eyes, he sees a jar filled with pink powder with the lid already opened. Looking back at the boy, he winks at the elderly duck as he smiles at the boy, knowing what the boy was about to do next. Leaning down, he whispers to Dewey and Louie as they smiled and left.“Alright Big Time it’s a deal, we’re releasing the others. You can have the lad but like he says, just don’t harm the boy.”As Bouncer and Burger were released by Dewey and Louie, they stood next to Big Time while they were covered in caramel. “What do you know boys, Scrooge is an old softie after all.” The elderly duck hands the wooden ship over to Big Time as he kisses it then says to the elderly duck while dropping Huey, “It’s a pleasure doing business with yas McDuck.”As the elderly duck walks with Huey hand and hand, Big Time laughs at them from behind while the elderly duck looks at the boy and nods while he nods at him back.“Sorry Uncle Scrooge.” Huey says.“Nevermind lad, just walk faster.”“But what about him?”“Don’t worry, he’ll catch up. In fact…”The elderly ducks tilts his head towards the direction of the boy, Huey looks behind and notices the jar that the boy had hidden behind his back while light was reflecting it. He looks back at his uncle while he shushes him by using his single and Huey giggles a little.While the boy was left alone with the three beagles, Big Time says to the boy, “Alright, now it’s your turn. Get over here kid!”“Okay I’m coming just take it easy, no one else has to get hurt.”While he was walking towards them, he manages to get in close as he says to Big Time, “By the way, before you take me hostage, I just got one thing to say.”“What! What is it?”“You guys like peppermint?”He shoves the jar filled with powdered peppermint as a huge amount was tossed at The Beagle Boys, covering them as Bouncer and Burger coughed while Big Time got some of the bigger amount at his face, covering his eyes with his arm while shouting, “Ow, my eyes, not again!”The boy runs fast as he makes it over to the stairs where the three boys and the elderly duck were.“Now boys!” The elderly duck shouts at Dewey and Louie as they pulled a lever.While Bouncer and Burger managed to dust themselves off, Big Time managed to finish wiping his eyes from all the powder that the boy tossed at them. They hear the sound of machines turning from behind them as they look and see a big bowl of steaming chocolate was about to come down at them.They screamed and ran as the bowl of chocolate was dumped and a hug wave sweeps them away and the wooden ship was floating like it was on water.The huge amounts of chocolate came out of the factory, filling it outside in a pool of chocolate.As the disaster came to an end, The Beagle Boys were trapped and were stiff like statues from the chocolate that came at them, while the elderly duck laughs at their misfortune and saying, “Now that’s what I call, sweet revenge.”The boy chuckles as he says, “I’ll say. But does anyone want a chocolate beagle for snack?”They all laughed at his little joke.--- When the police came, they started collecting The Beagle Boys. However, when they saw the boy, they were about to arrest him due to the charges that he got from the elderly duck, but…“Hold it!” The elderly duck says while stopping a dog cop who had the boy by his jacket, “There seems to be a misunderstanding, this boy here was used against his will by The Beagle Boys. So I want his charges to be dropped immediately.”“Very well Mr. McDuck.” The dog cop says while letting go of the boy.The boy sighs in relief as he says, “Thanks, um...Scrooge right?”“Aye,” Scrooge nods his head, “I am Scrooge McDuck, and you’re the brave lad who saved me nephews...twice, I presume.”The boy chuckles embarrassingly while scratching behind his head. “Yeah...kind of, I guess.”“Well, I thank ye lad, if it weren’t for ye, my boys wouldn’t have made it here safely to me. So I say…” He reaches out his feathered hand to him. “Thank ye again, um…”“Tyler Johnson,” Tyler says while shaking Scrooge’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Scrooge.”Scrooge walks over to the wooden ship, picks it up while dusting off some of the powder that the boy threw at The Beagle Boys and says, “So lads, you weren’t lying about either The Beagle Boys or your new friend after all, I should’ve trusted you.”“Ah, that’s okay Uncle Scrooge.” Huey says, but gasps as he forgot something. “Wait a second!” He looks at Tyler and points at him. “We still haven’t gotten your name yet.”Scrooge chuckles a little and says, “That’s alright lads, I just greeted your new friend, and his name is Tyler Johnson.”“Tyler.” Dewey says.“That’s his name?” Louie concludes.“Yep,” Tyler chuckles while getting down on his knees, “that’s my name,” He reaches out his hand, “and it’s a pleasure to finally greet you little guys.”When Huey was about to shake his hand first, he instead goes over to him and hugs him, Dewey and Louie joins him in there little group hug, shocking Tyler.“This is our way of saying thanks,” Huey says while looking at him. “You really saved our tail feathers.”“Yeah,” Dewey says while also looking at him, “we owe you one…”“Big time.” Louie concludes while looking at him last.Tyler smiles while nodding his head to them, “That’s okay guys, you don’t have to owe me anything, just a simple ‘thank you’ is okay with me.”“Well, you four deserve a reward.” Scrooge says to them, “I know, I’ll move you from the attic the garage while Tyler takes the attic.”They all began to laugh together.“I saw it all on television!” A voice says behind them as a figure was coming towards them, running in short breaths.It was another duck that was carrying a bunch of merit badges in his hands and wore a blue uniform with a black belt around his waist, a red sash, ribbons on his chest, black and grey shoes, and had the same coonskin hat that Huey, Dewey, and Louie wore.“It was incredible, no woodchuck ever won so many merit badges in such a short time.” The blue uniformed duck began passing many merit badges to Huey, Dewey, and Louie while continuing, “A citizenship, urban survival, law enforcements, circus arts. Now, which badge will you go for next?”“How about...treasure huntin’ Uncle Scrooge.”Scrooge looks at the boat, then back at them while saying, “Who knows, we make a great team don’t we lads? Give me four.” Scrooge brings out his hand while the boys say in unison, “Ah, Uncle Scrooge.”They high foured him while giving their uncle a big hug, but Scrooge looks at Tyler then says, “Well lad, what are you waiting for, we could use a fourth member.”“”“Of course, we could use your talents.”“Yeah, come with us.” Huey says.“Yeah, it’ll be fun!” Dewey says.“And this will be our chance to owe you.” Louie says. “ really mean this.” Tyler says.Scrooge smiles, then chuckles at him and says, “Come over here lad.”Tyler had the biggest smile on his face as he goes over to them and joins their group hug.“Ah, what a family.” Scrooge says.“And I got wonderful friends,” Tyler said. “Thank you so much you guys, it really means a lot to me.”Out of the shadows, a figure dressed up in a trench coat and hat that was obscuring some of his features, says in a raspy old voice, “You haven’t won the treasure yet McDuck...beware.”...
Fan Art
Jet Jaguar by OGYungLilBig
Fan Art2
Sisu anthrofied using Hero Forge by K4nK4n
Game Development Art
Final Fight Fan Casting: Mike Haggar by MZimmer1985
Massacre Axe of Terminus in Paladins by K4nK4n
Fantasy landscape selling by Atanata
Inkling by Atanata
(New OC) Geek The Raboot by Kingofphotos200
Flower Petals Fairy Dragon (4) by K4nK4n
Hebrew Warrior by OGYungLilBig
Emotes and Avatars
Naruto Fillains avatar by shadesmaclean
Jux22111548 by Andrea1981G
Easter Kombat by OGYungLilBig
Sketch Adopts Pack [OPEN 5/5] by DremoraPeach
Traveling on the Birdramon's foot by LUVUS-7
Dragontail butterflies stamp by MarinaPterus
Hetalia Axis Powers
Chinese Style Mandala box by Moonyzier
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