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My Bio

I am Nickolas A. Naujalis (male; he), but you can call me Club Dreamiverse or any other name that you'd like to call me. I'm a person with big dreams and heart and not to mention that TV Tropes, Wikipedia and fan-fiction, especially Total Drama Galaxy, inspired most of my script-like writing style (and some of Sammy-Seven's sayings when it came to their DHMIS article's funny section) that I use for role-plays in notes or chat (don't mention my favorite RP subject out in the open though). And let's just say politics aren't my mojo anymore. Still, I'm able to support LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities and a variety of different people. Also, don't ask me to be drawing bleeding stuff on logos nor try to exploit my privacy for fun and/or personal gain. I don't send comments to people's art just to harass them, but to give them praise and I also introduce myself to them when they say "yes" if they wanted my introductions and to role-play with me.

And one thing is for sure: don't advertise one's art or creations unless it's of benefit and use of other companies or if it's to role-play or it's for art-trades or just talking about things. And I live in Eastern time.

P.S. My Dreamiverse Studios is in no way related to a Indian engineering company because the "v" in the Dreamiverse portion of my logo's name isn't exactly enlarged and the logo and name itself...isn't exactly a copy of said tech company's and the entire name itself is not related to another Deviant named 's work (as it is a realm devoted to people's dreams and imaginations as opposed to a planet and its name is the Dreamiverse as opposed to just "Dream Universe"), neither is "Animite" when it comes to the same-named Magi-Nation gem. And no matter what the similarities, to para-phrase my mother, everyone dresses the same.

And I'd like only nice comments please and people thanking me for favoriting their art (it's what I like to do when it comes to art I like), not attempts at ratting me out or giving me a bad name. I like to comment as usual, but faving art is what I like to do. And I'm continuing my own RP search out in the open and making new friends too. And I'm open to role-playing my favorite RP subject in notes or chat if you want and make sure not to mention it out in the open. And one other thing: I don't role-play just to date. I only role-play for fun. So don't accuse me of dating when I'm actually celibate.

And it's apparent that visually, Sammy-Seven (also Lisa, the male Badbots and Trick) is somewhat similar to XJ-9 and Eduard is similar to Brit, the same way Heather is to Corey and Gwen is to Carrie.

Also, care to see the Animate Your World link?

Age: 22 (ask me if you want to role-play with me or chat with me)…

P.S. Do not insult me, my family and my friends, and my artwork.


* Being kind

* Being imaginative


* Role-play (is anyone willing to role-play with me?)

* Draw pictures

* Do art-trades or commissions (with or without points; no cash however)


* Eat

* Clean up

I used to draw gifts for Deviants (2 on each side of paper) when on Mondays. But I'll stick to drawing gifts if I get the chance because of stress for the future.

Well, it seems I'll stick to drawing whatever comes into my mind for pictures.

Commissions (usually points; unless someone has no points or is low on points):

Single head - 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 points

Full body - 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 points

Group picture - 1000 points

(Requests, Art-Trades and Gifts are free)

Favourite Visual Artist
Rob Renzetti/Craig McCracken, Todd Kaufman/Mark Thornton, Matt Groening, Arlene Klasky/Gabor Csupo, Pendleton Ward, Stan Lee/Steve Ditko/Jack Kirby, many artists who work on studios (especially Disney and DreamWorks), most Deviants and more
Favourite Movies
Any animated movie
Favourite TV Shows
Most Nicktoons, Cartoon Network shows, Disney shows, Clone High, The Brothers Grunt, Yatterman, The Simpsons, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Cyndi Lauper, every rapper on SoundCloud and YouTube
Favourite Books
Monster Goose, Harry Potter, Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dog Breath!, The Hunger Games, The Chronicles of Narina
Favourite Writers
Rob Renzetti/Craig McCracken, Tom McGillis/Jen Pertsch, Matt Groening, Arlene Klasky/Gabor Csupo, Pendleton Ward and Stan Lee
Favourite Games
Kirby, Super Smash Bros., LEGO Adaptation Games and LEGO Dimensions
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 64, 3DS, Wii-U and Switch
Tools of the Trade
WordPad (when doing writings) and traditional drawing pad and coloring pencils (when drawing stuff on drawing pads)
Other Interests
Using my imagination (all the time), role-player (constantly), listening to rap battles, writing fictional stories, cleaning for my family and studying when at school (formerly)
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Your ideas for DeviantArt have inspired appreciation of another idea I helped some other people with. Can you give your thoughts about it here: Forum: Something I've been dragged into that would welcome takes | DeviantArt

You mean me and my fellow Deviants' ideas?

Cool. Also, you up for a new RP in notes or chatroom?

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Thanks for the fav.

Anytime. Also, how're you today? Up for a RP in notes or chatroom?