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Love Deus Ex? Good, so do we!
Delve deeper into the world of conspiracies and revel the fantastic series. We are Club Deus Ex.

:below: Expand for submission and group info :below:

:bulletblack: What this is: Welcome! In short, we're a group for fans of the Deus Ex universe: Deus Ex (The Conspiracy), Human Revolution, and Invisible War.

:bulletblack: What we're doing: Club Deus Ex... Aside from being a place for fans to frolic wild and free, the group serves to collect and display all Deus Ex artwork. We also keep our members updated on the latest news, trailers, and projects. We're only about Deus Ex, so have a look around the place and you're sure to find something you'll like.

:bulletblack: Who can join: Deus Ex fans of all stripes are allowed. If you have an interest, you're welcome to come here! There aren't any real rules for members, just behave reasonably where the group is concerned. We encourage to participate actively in the group.
Note: Join requests are auto accepted.

:bulletblack: Which Deviations we take: Again, one function of CDX is the collection of all fanart. If it is Deus Ex, we want it.

Our Gallery features Deus Ex Deviations and brings them right to the fans. Anyone may contribute. ;) Basically, all stuff will be allowed into the gallery so long as Deus Ex in the main focus. We ask you submit items to the appropriate folder. (Deviations go to General if the art is ambiguous or involves more than one game in the series. The other folders are pretty self-explanatory. You can also send art to General if you are unsure)

The Favorites collection is for any and all pictures that are actual Deus Ex fanart, or DX-related/inspired. There are no restrictions for the Deviations as the purpose of it is as a thorough compendium of Deus Ex items that are found on this site.
Founded 8 Years ago
May 23, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

851 Members
885 Watchers
95,972 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Lelantos (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Fan Art) by osvaldoVSARTS
Adam Jensen Portrait by PacBrunoMarquez
Kane-dausex by harsya
Alex Vega by DeusExInfinity
Human Revolution
(Palette Challenge) Namir - Conversation Hearts by DrVauclair
Everybody Lies by DarkSl4yer
Frank Pritchard by Acedhampir
Adam Jensen by RAD-GLaDOS
Mankind Divided
.:2029:. by xBaebsae
Adam Jensen by Ruzel22
Adam/Pritchard by tallydraws
Adam Jensen in combat gear by alineshenon
Deus Ex Original
(Palette Challenge) Simons  - Soda and Skateboards by DrVauclair
DX_BT_Cover01 by barontieri
Deus Ex by Genius74
DeusEx by neneza
Invisible War
Alex D (Female) - Deus Ex Invisible War by DonaVajgand
NG Resonance - Deus Ex Invisible War by DonaVajgand
38-44 Billie Adams (DXIW) by EarlyOnion
36-059 DXIW Klara Sparks by EarlyOnion
Games General
'Hmph. Cute.' by Acedhampir
Adam Jensen by alineshenon
New Sons of Freedom - Tattoo Design by MetalPorSiempre
Hengsha Race by KeyTaylor
Deus Ex Human Revolution - Adam Jensen Stamp by Shir0gane
Deus Ex Human Revolution Stamp by Shir0gane
Transhumanism Stamp by Irkis
Sarif Ind. stamp by Irkis
Signature Banners
GAM3RS Banner and Logo by DigiQ8
Deus Ex Human Revolution by AShinati
Deus Ex HR userline by RAMyMamy
Deus Ex Button by Grazhero99
Icons and Covers
Grace Potential cover by Aquamonkey92
Deus Ex: Human Revolution by Deividas12
AJ by alphagravy
Avatar -Deus Ex- by Spartan-Anx
Wallpapers and Desktop
WAR HAS CHANGED... by Cyborg-Samurai
Revolution by CadianConcript
Deus Ex by DonDraper1
Deus ex HR Minimal by jvgce
Themes and Customization
Docks by Qiyamatawil
The Nameless Mod
Novels and Comics
Deus Ex: Blacklight!Jensen by Acedhampir
Deus Ex WIP
Jensen body study - Augs n' Coat - SFW by Acedhampir
Deus Ex Cosplay
A.I. by Titschipoo
Deus Ex Fan Art Inspired
Annual Redrawing of Gillian - 2018 by DrVauclair
Deus Ex GIF and Animation
Faridah And Adam by Null-Entity
Line Art, Sketches, WIP
Adam Jensen Sketch by Acedhampir
Crafts Merchandising Goodies
DX: HR Collector's Box front by commanderhavoc
deusicarus - site banner by cloudytinez
Screenshots and Gameplay
Deus Ex Forever Alone by borya808
Traditional Art
Eliza Cassan fan art by Shaya-Fury

Random from Featured

Filters by mscorley Filters :iconmscorley:mscorley 18 8 I'll never stop looking by CristiDFS I'll never stop looking :iconcristidfs:CristiDFS 11 12 Jensen smile by maximnikitin Jensen smile :iconmaximnikitin:maximnikitin 19 3 Eliza by Irkis Eliza :iconirkis:Irkis 16 7 I never asked for this by coverop I never asked for this :iconcoverop:coverop 8 7 Deus ex Human Revolution Adam by TheFoxtrot813 Deus ex Human Revolution Adam :iconthefoxtrot813:TheFoxtrot813 4 0 Malik by xelith Malik :iconxelith:xelith 1 5 Adam Jensen by Gaedos Adam Jensen :icongaedos:Gaedos 5 5 Jesnen punch by chiconspiracy Jesnen punch :iconchiconspiracy:chiconspiracy 6 1 + Adam Jensen + by Bhansith + Adam Jensen + :iconbhansith:Bhansith 78 26 rpg compilation wallpaper by Nyctyris rpg compilation wallpaper :iconnyctyris:Nyctyris 25 0 DE3:HR - Jenny Alexander by Hunter-Wolf DE3:HR - Jenny Alexander :iconhunter-wolf:Hunter-Wolf 29 8 Patient Zero by gina-calabrese Patient Zero :icongina-calabrese:gina-calabrese 20 3 Deus Ex by Bl1ghtmare Deus Ex :iconbl1ghtmare:Bl1ghtmare 10 6 Rosso e Nero by Sheppard56 Rosso e Nero :iconsheppard56:Sheppard56 20 7

:gallery: Random works from our Favorites collection, the (virtually) complete compilation of dA's Deus Ex fan-art.
Greetings from Cyberspace!

Happy Helloween season to everyone! Here comes the next round of amazing DX art for you!

Traditional & Digital Art:

What if a mercenary would be photomodel by Aestra

Deus Ex by ThranTantra

p 13 David Sarif by BlackAssassiN999

Eliza Cassan by Natsuyume

Deus Ex: Adam Jensen by Straidy

Adam Jensen by Shobeyr

Katrina Sutherland by Shobeyr

Faridah Malik by Silmuen

Mr. Jensen by Shu-Silver

Deus Ex human revolution by Claregoldrose

Adam Jensen by kimded

Hengsha morning by ChrisOstrowski

Fan Fiction:

Blood in the Water: PrologueJaron Namir paced about the living room of his London home. Running his eyes over the white walls, his gaze momentarily reliving the moments of life captured in the photographs hanging on the wall- the wedding, his daughter's first birthday, a day at the zoo just to point out a few. In all these pictures, Jaron was human- less than what his was now. While he hadn't asked for his augmentations, he was grateful for them for they gave him the power to be more than human. Thoughts like this often occupied Jaron's mind and each time he was instantly aware of his augmentations. Each time he was aware of them he had a habit of studying his steel, red and grey hands, thinking of what he would have been had he not been in that accident. An accident that changed a life for the better. How many people could say that? Clenching his hands, Jaron's eyes scanned the room for something to do. Rare were the moments that Jaron Namir became bored but the times that he was, his entire body itched for some

Mature Content

Mature Content

AJ vs Alex D"...."
"Yes, I'm a woman. Get over it."
"I thought you were a clone of..."
"Yeah well someone in the lab thought it would be funny."
"Ok, sorry. So I thought we should set some ground ru-"
"How'd it go last night?"
"Huh? Oh, a draw. It was a disaster. The only viewers were women and they kept demanding we play Twister topless while covered in yogurt."
"Well, I can see the attraction in that idea..."
"Not you as well. I never-"
"Yeah. We know. Ground rules then."
"I was thinking same as before. But no Twister."
"Awwww. I was looking forward to that. Go on."
"Please? It'd be fun."
"How about a change to the rules - lethal melee weapons allowed. I believe your Dragon Tooth Sword is considerably less lethal than JC's"
"Yeah, something to do with balance. Some people thought it was over-powered... ok, no Twister."
"So Battleship and?"
"Fine. Tonight, 8pm?"
"See you then."


A.I. by Titschipoo

Malik_ deus ex:human revolution by Nami01

Anna Kelso Deus Ex The FALL by KeyTaylor

Deus Ex - Adam Jensen by AnnaProvidence

GIF & Animation:

DXMKD Can't Kill Progress by DeusExInfinity

Welcome to Heng Sha by Null-Entity

DxHr by alphagravy

Disco Adam by alphagravy

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries



:bulletwhite: Member's Info :bulletwhite:
:bulletblack: Current Contest: Draw an underappreciated character. We need entries.
:bulletblack: Blog: All members may submit blog entries, so long as it is news or relevant to the group.
:bulletblack: Chat: Hey, we have a chatroom!

:bulletwhite: Deus Ex Links :bulletwhite:

:bulletblack: Sarif Industries - Game universe promotional site!
:bulletblack: Human Revolution Forums - Discussion en masse of DX3
:bulletblack: HR YouTube Page - Official Human Revolution channel + all availible trailers
:bulletblack: DX:HRblogspot - Tracking and scans of HR magazine articles
:bulletblack: HR Developers' Blog - Exactly what it says
:bulletblack: Polska Stronka - A Polish site, chock with news and info.
:bulletblack: Off Topic Productions - Home of mods such as New Vision and TNM.





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Anyone want to roleplay to Deus Ex: Mankind divide??
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PM sent ^^
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Are you talking about graphic comic submissions or literature? I support the addition of fanfiction. A new folder has been created as suggested.
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I mean the Deus Ex novels and Comics. Like Icarus Effect, Fallen Angel, Black Light, Hard Line, Children's Crusade.

To avoid clutter maybe have one folder for all the novels and another for the comics.

Also the Fanfiction folder is closed.
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