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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Shadow's Showdown [17]Chapter 17The Adam's abduction.,Detroit – Adam’s Apartment.Adam came home angry and heartbroken all at once. He didn't even bother hanging up his coat, carelessly tossing it into a corner. On the way, he poured himself a glass of Whisky, drank it in one gulp, poured another. He had made so many mistakes in Laura's presence that he simply wanted to sink into the ground. First, he hurt her, then he gave her hope, and finally pushed her away again. It's good Faridah was able to think straight and helped the girl. Jensen reached for a cigarette, noticing his hands are shaking again, so he put it back into the crumpled box. The room was grim and half-dark, most of the blinds were down, he only raised the ones that blocked the view from the windows facing Laura's apartment. Jensen could only see the sketch of her silhouette pacing the room there and back again. Although he could not see her face, he could imagine what it was like now. He could feel her suffering under his skin, which overwhelmed him. He let her go that night and instead of breaking his rules he chose to push Laura away even more. Adam sipped his Whisky and turned away from the window rubbing the base of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. Slowly he walked over to a low table near the sofa and placed empty glass there. He sat down for a moment but was struck by the vivid image of Miss Werner from that night, so he stood up. She was everywhere he looked. Remembered her walking from the door to the living room, going down the stairs, sitting on the sofa, sleeping in his bed. He felt like an intruder in his own home and the memories were burning him from the inside out. Wanting to shake off this state, he went to the bathroom to take a cold shower. On the way, he grabbed the gray sweatpants he usually slept in and a T-shirt tossed on the bed. From the cupboard to the left by the sink, he pulled out two clean white towels, shower gel, and shampoo. He threw the clothes he was wearing onto the floor inlaid with square graphite-colored tiles. Those for sleeping along with the towels Adam left on the cabinet adjacent to the side of the shower. He stepped into the shower squeezed into the left corner of the narrow, rectangular room. Icy water dripped down his shoulders and back, but other than feeling cold, it didn't help in muting his thoughts. So he gave up on further torture by turning on the warm water. Jensen poured some of the gel onto his palm and spread it over his skin in quick motions. The foam swirled lazily over his muscles, then disappeared as he rinsed it off. Finally, he washed his hair and with gentle moves run his fingers through it a few times. Adam turned his face towards the flowing water and closed his eyes. He stood there for a moment, then rubbed his hands over his forehead, cheeks, and eye lids, turned off the water. He stepped onto a gray rectangular rubber mat, reaching for a towel. Jensen wiped himself with it and then wrapped the towel around his hips. With the other, smaller one he dried his hair. The Chief of Security looked at his reflection in the mirror, stating that he hated it. Suddenly a wave of unrestrained anger rose within him, which he unleashed with a strong, decisive blow aimed straight at the glass pane. He cursed under his breath as he watched the blood from his cut knuckles flow into the sink. With his other hand, he pushed open a drawer and pulled out a first aid kit. Adam had trouble opening it, so he was forced to use both hands. He stained the floor in the process, but he didn't care too much. He dressed the cut carelessly, wrapped it with a bandage, and brushed his teeth. Finally, he put on his sleeping clothes, hung the wet towel on the dryer attached to the wall covered with white hexagonal tiles, and turned off the light as he left. He lay down on the bed set to his left against the wall, near the bathroom exit. He was unable to fall asleep. *** Detroit – Laura’s ApartmentLaura was walking around the apartment holding a piece of paper in her hands. She was afraid of every sound, and Stalker was not helping her at all. He was constantly jostling or knocking something off, which made her panic. She did not know what to do with the message, and whether she could make any move at all based on mere assumptions. In despair, she slipped the anonymous letter into her right trouser pocket. Laura was aware she would not fall asleep, but she had to at least try. She took a quick shower, washed her hair, and brushed her teeth looking into the still broken mirror. Then put on Adam's t-shirt, which was like a talisman and shield for her. With a slow step, she marched over to the bed, which was already occupied by her cat. She carefully slipped under the covers, but instead of falling asleep, she stared at the ceiling. She analyzed all her mistakes and stumbles, but mostly recalled that moment of Jensen’s hesitation. Laura felt he wanted it as much as she did, she couldn't explain it, but such things are simply known. She began wondering why he hadn't kissed her, what was it about her that pushed him away. She shook her head, regaining her common sense. His safety is more important. She may be his enemy for the rest of his life, but knowing he is safe is priceless. She has to think something out, find a way. She should tell him, ask for a conversation but Laura knew how Adam would act afterward. There was only one way out of this situation and she was aware of that. Laura sighed, rolling over to her right side. Stalker opened one eye, yawned, and continued to sleep, but she still couldn't so she got up from the bed. For a moment she looked out the living room window toward Adam's apartment. She didn't know if the sounds in her head were real or just echoes of exuberant imagination, but they made her terrified. Laura couldn’t stand it anymore, staying alone in this empty space started to overwhelm her more and more every minute.,A sudden impulse pushed her to unexpected action. The girl got dressed, picked up her handbag, and walked out of the house straight to the Chiron Building. Fortunately, there was no one at the reception desk, so she dashed to the elevator which took her to the second floor. Standing outside the door of apartment 3434, she realized that she was not acting rationally, but just being here made her feel safe, and at the same time she knew that Adam was safe. She looked carefully around the floor noticing that the neighboring apartment which entrance was at the end of the hallway might be vacant. She hid around the corner and from a secret pocket of her handbag she took out a phone that she had once used for not-so-legal purposes. It did not differ in appearance from an ordinary smart phone. Although it had only been lying and for a long time waiting it's great coming back, she always remembered to charge the device. But this time too much was on her mind. She turned it on, the screen flashed briefly with a blue light and then went black again. Laura tapped the surface and when the touch screen keyboard appeared, she keyed in two words:"Knock, knock.""Who's there?" replied the phone."Crunchy_Sh4d0w""Welcome home."Columns of random characters in various shades of blue ran down the screen. There were letters of the alphabet written in different languages and numbers."HAL 9000 give me a status report."Software operational. The shield is active, connections encrypted. Updates verified and installed into the system. Database up to date. 25% power remaining. Your wishes are my code." The screen flashed a bright blue glow, handing over the commanding.Laura sat down on the ground and skillfully typed in the next command. She smiled at the sight of Chiron Building's internal network. They should definitely improve security. After a few more clicks she could see the layout of each apartment, its allocation, and tenants' data. The only well-protected place was apartment 3434.„Small fortress, huh? Good that you’re safe Adam,” she whispered to herself.The girl unlocked the door at number 3436 and went inside. The layout of the rooms was slightly different than Adam's, and the apartment was unfurnished. As soon as she entered, she found herself in a square hall, with a bathroom in front of it and an open passage to the next part on the right. The auburn-haired girl stepped into the short corridor with the kitchen, connected to the living room, on the left. Laura slowly descended a few steps into the rectangular room. With a few more commands, the lights came on. A door on the right wall of the living room probably led to a bedroom bordering on Adam's apartment. Miss Werner sat down clinging close to the wall. Before putting the phone aside she programmed the house management system to close the apartment after her leaving and erase all traces of her presence. After a while, she fell asleep tired.The phone screen woke up from sleep mode. A few seconds later a message written in purple font appeared on it: "Little Orchid are you there?! Little Orchid!" The battery icon indicated 1%. Not much later, the message "My mind is going. I can feel it" showed up and the phone turned off for good.Laura woke up not knowing how long she was asleep. She reached for the smartphone to check the time; she silently cursed seeing that the battery was dead. She quietly left the apartment, manually turning off the light. The prevailing silence gave her a general idea that it was still early. She left the building unnoticed and returned to her place. Miss Werner immediately put the phone on the rectangular plate of the wireless charger but did not have time to turn it on because Stalker demanded food. It was around 5 am when she looked at her watch so there was no point in going to bed.Again she had to force herself to go to the company but it was Friday, the last day of her reign in Frank's kingdom. She had to spend the remaining time closing all the current matters to be ready when the boss takes over the command. He will whine anyway, but at least her conscience will remain calm. Before leaving she had time to eat a bowl of Crunchy Pirate, play with her cat and prepare food for him. She took off Jensen's t-shirt and put on a gray-blue sweater, picked up her backpack, put on her jacket, and left the house. *** Detroit. Sarif Industries Headquarters. / Frank Pritchard’s office.Laura made a sacrifice and came to the company before 6 am. She brewed herself a mug of coffee and sat down in the armchair, focusing her eyes on the computer screen. Miss Werner checked all the security systems, reviewed the data, and wrote up the final report. The auburn-haired girl was pleased to find that it took her just over an hour, during which she had to leave the office several times, but she made no effort to avoid Adam or limit contact. Laura didn't care how many times she ran into him today. The sight of Jensen may hurt her, but she will be able to watch over him in some way. The auburn-haired girl had no intention of competing with Megan, much less being some cheap replacement for her, but she didn't want to bury her head in the sand either. The upcoming weekend terrified her more. After everything that happened to her, she was too emotionally unstable. In front of the others, she pretended all was fine, and when she was left alone, she sobbed like a baby. Laura needed to escape somewhere, preferably far away, to stick the fragments of her life together into a meaningful whole. Jensen's presence didn't help her at all, only made her depression worse, but she fought it by telling herself that even though there was a coldness between them, it was better this way and it must be so. Laura knew she had screwed up; she knew what had pushed her to do it, but Adam didn't. Only time can make them both forget and end uncomfortable glances and unnecessary questions pressing on their lips. As if she had not enough impressions, she would be living with Faridah under the same roof, which did not comfort her at all. Fly Girl can suffer too no less than Jensen.Laura sat down on the sofa and hid her face in her hands. The only place that always helped her regain balance remained out of reach. Uppsala - this is where she spent most of her childhood before a terrible tragedy changed her life forever. After all, Laura loved to go back there. Unfortunately, she was currently short of money, and there was still a week left until the end of the month. Miss Werner did not dare to ask Fly Girl for help, although she encouraged her to do so. Who knows, maybe she would agree to fly there with her. Apparently, Laura must have had some telepathic abilities because a few minutes later Malik visited her. She brought croissants with chocolate-hazelnut filling."I came for a little gossip whether you like it or not," she announced with a broad smile. "Thought you might need some company.""Faridah, I really..." she tried to cut down the topic but sighed seeing the expression on her friend's face that clearly said: "Don't lie." It was hard to beat an argument like that. “You're right I need someone to talk to because I'm going crazy. Tell me what's up, any interesting news?" Laura asked, trying to distract herself from what was bothering her.Malik's presence somehow immediately improved her mood. Laura moved the table close to the sofa. She even found a plate on which they placed croissants that smelled insanely and were still warm. She brewed some coffee and then they sat down next to each other like good old friends and started the feast."OK, I’m all yours now. Tell me everything with spicy details," she encouraged the Chief Pilot, settling herself comfortably on the sofa."I've managed to sniff out why Frank's been gone so long," she began rather sparingly, to arouse curiosity.""He's sick, nothing new," the girl frowned, and a grimace of displeasure curved her lips."He was, yes, but not so seriously that he had to sit at home that long. You know, a simple cough became an excuse to take time off. A very convenient cover for the real purpose. Well, our dear Pritchard is writing his life's work," she announced triumphantly, lifting the corner of her lips in a smile."Frank and a life's work... But that is mutually exclusive." Laura frowned, reached for her coffee mug, and took a sip."As it happens, I had to go to his place to run a few small errands, and I had some time to look around here and there." She sipped her coffee between each sentence. "Frank in his haste forgot to close the word editor so I saw that it was some sort of script for Picus TV. The main character is supposed to be a skilled hacker named 'Nucl3arsnake'.""So, as usual, he shoved all responsibilities on me to satisfy his overgrown ego," she muttered taking a bite of a croissant.Faridah was about to tell Laura that it gave her the opportunity to lower the distance between herself and Adam but dropped her words in time. After all, they were sitting in the trenches again, throwing grenades and firing cannons at each other. Which war is it already, the second or the third?"I would like to ask you for something, but..." Miss Werner gathered her courage and bit her lip, clenching her hands together nervously. "I will understand if you refuse.""Depends on what this request will be about." Malik raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised at her directness. Usually, she had to speculate or try to get her to speak.“You know the whole situation well, and I can't handle everything anymore. I need a rest; a moment to escape, disappear."“You should talk to him first. It's really not that difficult, and quite possibly it will help,” she advised, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder."I wanted to, Faridah just..." she closed her eyes, fighting with herself for a long time. Laura felt a shiver run down her spine at the mere memory of how close Adam was to her. Finally, she took a deep breath and that cold feeling appeared again. "I had to deliver the report to his office. You know that formal, boring stuff. I was even ready to talk with Jensen openly but... Megan was with him, and I decided to just u-turn. So no, I won't talk to him about anything. I'll leave Adam alone.""Okay, so what's the request?" Malik cut down the subject, seeing that she wasn't going to achieve anything as long as Miss Reed was circling around, Adam was pretending to be a cold bastard, and Laura was still being stubborn.Laura clenched the coffee mug in her hands, looked left at the glowing monitor screens and then right at Faridah. Her eyes were sad and not at all like the ones that had looked at Malik on their first visit at 'The Jackdaw'. Those were angry, determined, and ready for anything. Now she fully understood that it was just a game of pretenses, and she felt terribly sorry for the girl. Pretending to be strong and indifferent must cost her a lot. Laura was fighting several battles on different fronts at the same time. It's hard to tell if Adam is really her biggest enemy or if it's herself, or maybe it's something else entirely that Malik doesn't know about yet."Will you fly with me to Uppsala for the weekend?" she finally choked out the question, but it wasn't easy. "I'd like to stay there and go…""I will," she replied in a gentle tone, without hesitating wrapping her arm around her shoulders.Faridah was aware that taking VTOL might not be easy and would cost her a lot, but she was willing to take the risk. It wasn't about Sarif's anger at all; he was just letting her fly off schedule. He called it mastering her skills or testing machine limits. However, if her plan doesn't go the way she wants, Laura might hate her for the rest of her life."Thank you." The girl's face brightened visibly."We have an overnight flight ahead of us, so get a decent night's sleep and be ready," she informed, finishing her coffee. "In the meantime, I have to go. See you later." Faridah got up from the sofa, walked to the door, and stopped by, turning her head. "And remember you have me." She smiled and then left. *** Detroit – Adam Jensen’s Office / The Gym Adam couldn't find a place for himself. He was walking around the office nervous to the point that even lighting a stupid cigarette was giving him trouble, besides he didn't enjoy smoking at all. What the hell is wrong with him?! Stupid question, after all, he knew the answer. Jensen rubbed his eye lids with the back of his hand, then sat down in his armchair and began browsing through messages on the computer. He stood up, stepped to the glass window, and leaned against it with his forehead. If he had something to do, paperwork, some urgent business if at least his subordinates stopped following orders. Unfortunately, there was nothing to occupy his mind.After a few minutes of chaotic strolling from desk to window, he sat down on the sofa but didn't spend too much time there either. Chief of Security glanced at the black bag standing by the cabinets against the wall and with one swift leap he was beside it. Moments later, Adam was closing the office, informing the guard, standing nearby, that he was absolutely unavailable for anyone if it was not very urgent. As he walked down the corridor towards the stairs, he heard part of a conversation that caught his attention."Cindy, that empty apartment in the Chiron Building. You know which one, don't you?" one of the company employees asked her friend."The one on the second floor? Number 3436 if I recall right. Do you want to rent it? " the other asked.“You must be kidding, I can't afford a second apartment. But when I was coming home yesterday, it was already late and quite dark. You know I always look at our Chief of Security's apartment windows before entering the building," as she spoke, the woman blushed slightly. "It was dark there, but I would give my head up that there was a light on in 3436.""You're talking nonsense," the brunette laughed. "It’s probably just your imagination, or they were checking the systems.""In the middle of the night? Are you crazy!" the black-haired girl indignantly said."Well, you're right, they care about high standards like hardly anyone.""I'm telling you it's a haunted place! Once I've overheard somebody talking about a murder that took place in there some time ago. Since then everyone who lived in 3436 moved out after a week.""Oh, right. Do you seriously believe in those tales?"“Thanks a lot for your understanding. Sorry, I have to go back to work. "Jensen, hearing similar things in different circumstances, would have shaken his head with resignation and smiled with pity. But when he woke up last night to go get a glass of water he actually had the impression that he heard a quiet creaking of the floor as if someone was walking in the next room. Adam ruled out mishearing but had no logical explanation other than breaking in. That place was the strangest choice of all. A thief usually watches who, when and for how long leaves the house. Of course, it could be random, but bypassing security requires skill. Besides, a thief who turns on the light, or a thief who wants to rob an empty apartment? No, this is completely ridiculous. A few steps later he heard two other women mocking Laura’s unfashionable style of dressing, her supposed wish to get rid of Francis and take his position. The most devastating was their comparing Laura to Megan and stating that poor, stupid girl is no match for Doctor Reed. At first, he wanted to react by pointing out their reprehensible behavior, but he figured that would only make things worse. Nevertheless, reality hit him in a rather brutal way. Jensen had never guessed that Miss Werner was so disliked and lonely. He does not improve this state of matters at all, which hurt him even more. The Chief of Security was already terribly overwhelmed with guilt as he crossed the threshold of the changing room. There was nothing he could do at the moment anyway, so he decided to take his frustrations out on the punching bag, which turned out be difficult considering the injured hand. Adam quickly changed in the changing room, took his phone, bottle of water, and a towel with him, and entered the gym. Luckily it was empty, though he missed seeing his Odette. He set the phone on the holder, leaving it in a safe place, and turned on the music. ,„And it's killing me when you're away, I wanna leave and I wanna stay.And I'm so confused, So hard to choose.Between the pleasure and the pain.And I know it's wrong, and I know it's right.Even if I try to win the fight, my heart would overrule my mind.And I'm not strong enough to stay away„ He started with a decent warm-up to at least get a little tired, after more or less 10 minutes he decided to use the treadmill first and then think about what to do next. *** The Gym Fly Girl immediately began setting the plan in motion. As a pilot, she knew that the time change had to be taken into account while flying to Uppsala, which made it a bit more tricky to complete. Besides, she had to leave work earlier and rearrange her schedule to be able to fly. Some of today's flights have been assigned to other pilots who, after all, also have to do something. She immediately rushed to the third floor, straight to Adam's office. She knocked several times while nervously stomping her shoe against the gray floor. It was strange he wasn't in his office. They'd seen each other barely an hour ago."The Chief of Security isn't available for anyone unless it's something extremely urgent," she heard the guard's formal tone behind her.She turned away from the door, looking at the tall man in his 30's, wearing a grey-red uniform. Obviously, this is something very urgent, and she has no intention of giving up. Faridah straightened up and walked closer, intertwining her hands behind her back.“My matter cannot wait. Mr. Jensen asked me to book an urgent flight but since he's not here well, I'll wait," she shrugged and u-turned.After just a few steps, she heard the exact same tone again giving a clear and specific answer."He's at the gym.""Thank you kindly," she tickled his ego with a broad smile and hurried towards the stairs.She was only one floor away from her destination, but time suddenly began to run incredibly slow. Faridah ran up the stairs, then walked through the hallway with a quick and determined step, stopping at the door. She had to be ready for anything. Adam will definitely resist so there is no room for mistakes. Arguments, many strong arguments. Preferably an icebreaker or a flamethrower.The door slid open, cutting the Sarif Sports logo in half. Malik marched into the room and approached the Chief of Security, who was practicing speed on the treadmill. At first, he pretended not to see her, but Fly Girl just standing near him was so intrusive that eventually, he had no other choice."What do you want?" he asked with his husky voice in an unkind manner."To talk," she replied with the perfect mixture of calm and composure in her voice."But I gave clear orders that I am unavailable for anyone…""Unless it's a very urgent matter," she finished for him. "Yes, I know. And that's why I'm here. Listen to me until the end, please," she insisted, trying to make his voice of reason speaking.The Chief of Security hesitated for a long time about what to do. He knew very well what, or rather who she wanted to talk to him about and, despite his deep-rooted remorse, he didn't give a damn. There were many misunderstandings between him and Laura that made things difficult, but that was entirely their problem. Finally, he stopped the treadmill and bent down reaching for a bottle of water."You have five minutes," he said in a formal tone, wiping his face in a towel thrown around his neck, then turned off the music.They sat down on a bench set against the wall, ironically exactly where Laura was dancing. Jensen ran his fingers through his hair, waiting for what he would hear."I need to take VTOL for the weekend, preferably later tonight.""And what's the problem that you’re coming to me, wasting my time? After all, Sarif lets you fly off the schedule twice a month," he shrugged, twisted off the bottle, and took a solid sip of water."I have already used both flights this month," she replied truthfully, though she guessed what his answer would be."Then you'll take it next month. I don't see any problem," he didn't give way to her for a moment. Adam was just waiting for that one particular word to be said.Malik looked down, clenching her hands together. She was afraid that if she told him, Adam would be mad, and then the whole plan would go to hell."Five minutes have passed," he announced in a dry tone, getting up from the bench."Laura asked me. She wants me to fly to Uppsala with her, but she's temporarily short of money. She wants to fly there because she can't stand being here any longer, which doesn't surprise me at all."Jensen stopped in mid-step. Faridah's noble gesture touched his icy heart, but not enough for him to express a desire to help."Adam, damn it! You are acting like an involuntary machine!" Malik could not stand it, although she tried to remain calm at all costs. "What happened to you? I don't recognize you."Yes, those words definitely hit him. If he is indeed manifesting the traits of a machine without possessing any of its elements, it must be changed. He works for Sarif, yes, but he definitely does not support his inventions and would never want any mechanical enhancements. Besides, he should help Laura, even if that means walking straight into a trap. Malik is right, as for someone who cares he behaves shamefully."Okay, I agree, under certain conditions." He turned around and sat down again next to Fly Girl."What kind of conditions?" she asked. Malik was a little relieved but still felt insecure.“I can't lie to Sarif, that would be unprofessional. Therefore, we will fly to Washington first. You will leave me there. This is my first condition. You’ll charge me for your stay in Uppsala. This is the second condition."She knew Adam would come up with something to not be involved. He took only a small responsibility - money. She had to agree. On the other hand, maybe it was better this way."Agreed. Let me know when you arrange everything. See you later." Malik got up and left the gym.Yes, Adam regretted the missed opportunity, but he didn't like anyone telling him what to do. He will find another, more ideal time to explain everything. If Laura needs a break, she will be able to get one, but nothing more. He took a moment to breathe a few times after Fly Girl's unexpected visit and went back to training. This time he unloaded his accumulated emotions on the speed bag. With each punch, his hand ached more and more, but he gritted his teeth and continued to attack with an even greater force.He had to admit that Miss Werner brought a lot of excitement to the company and to his routine, empty life. Yesterday he almost kissed her. He did not understand what was happening to him, after all, he had always been able to keep a distance in every situation, and now it came with difficulty. He should stop fighting with himself and finally do everything right according to what he feels, not artificially imposed rules. When he was close to accepting his new way of thinking, his rational inner self spoke up, telling him to leave everything as it is and not to risk that the brittle ice might start cracking under him when he stepped out into the middle of the frozen lake.After more than half an hour, he finished training and took a quick shower. Before heading to Sarif's, he stopped by the office where he re-treated his cut and left his bag. On his way to the elevator, he lit a cigarette, already without any problems with his trembling hands. Adam frankly doubted that his boss would buy the tale about Washington from him. After all, he has already checked everything there, Jensen wasn’t a good liar. The elevator took him to the 29th floor, and soon Chief of Security found himself at a large reception area. He walked over a long, gray, narrow rectangular carpet decorated with the Sarif Industries logo. On either side, sofas were lined up against the walls prepared for those waiting for a meeting. Above them hung electronic advertisements for the company's projects. The floor lights gently illuminated the room, but in Jensen's mind, they were still too blinding."Good morning Mr. Jensen," Athene's polite voice greeted him from afar along with a warm smile."Hello, is the boss in?" he asked, approaching the long black desk behind which David's assistant sat. "I'd like having a few words with him." Adam got straight to the point, he didn't like to prolong and circle around the subject."Yes, I think he can find a moment. I'll ask right away," she informed, connecting with Sarif's office. After a moment, with a hand gesture, she allowed him to enter.The Chief of Security opened the glass door and stepped inside. He walked down a short corridor illuminated by floor lamps and some hanging on beige walls upholstered at the bottom with dark brown wooden panels with delicate gold ornament. The office was large, but Adam never had time to look around. He knew a sizable bookcase stood to his left, with an illuminated transparent globe beside it. Various sized dark gold spheres were hanging from the ceiling that was hard to miss. He also remembered that David had a private elevator. Most of the opposite wall was occupied by a huge screen that was currently broadcasting a baseball game. Jensen walked over to a graphite-colored desk that looked more like a rectangular chest. Sarif was sitting in his leather armchair tossing a baseball ball with his prosthetic right hand."Come in, come in, Adam. What brings you here?" he asked cheerfully as usual."Boss, I need to borrow a VTOL preferably later today after work," he said bluntly, trying to keep his injured hand out of the boss's sight. Both David and Jensen like specifics, so he skipped playing polite games."Mhmm, mhmm." Sarif caught the ball and nodded slowly. "VTOL and Faridah as a pilot? Adam, son, if you want to take Meg somewhere she'll be busy."Jensen didn't show it, but the boss's words were sharp as a scalpel cutting his heart."I have to go to Washington. This time I'm taking Miss Werner with me. I thought she should check out the cybersecurity there. Just to be sure." He promised himself not to lie, but he couldn't find any other reason to fly there again.Is that the girl transferred from Milwaukee Junction? Why don't you take Francis? He has more experience. " Sarif was terribly inquisitive today as if he had sensed a trick."Because Pritchard has been out of the company for almost a week, and Miss Werner has proved her skills." He explained truthfully, crossing his arms over his chest."I see, I see. In that case, I agree, but I want to see the full report. This meeting is very important and nothing can stop us.""Of course, boss. Thank you."It had been a long time since Adam had felt so pressed against the wall as he was today, not counting his meetings with Laura. Fortunately, everything worked out. On the way back, he visited Faridah and gave her the good news. Right after that, he stopped by the office to get his coat and went out for lunch. Today he avoided 'The Jackdaw'; it was too risky to show up there.The chain reaction has begun. Malik immediately ran to notify Laura who, unable to concentrate on her further work, pulled the Chief Pilot out for an early lunch. Both girls were surprised by the absence of the Security Chief at his favorite table, but that didn't stop them from having a good time. Faridah asked her friend about some details about their whereabouts. The presence of an additional passenger was stamped with the words Top Secret.At home, while packing, Laura wondered if it was really a good idea. Going back to the past is like digging in an anthill. There was no turning back now. She took with her a few warm sweaters, thick socks and decided that a scarf, cap, and gloves would also come in handy. Fortunately, the neighbor agreed to take care of Stalker in her absence, but the cat was rather unhappy. She went to bed early, setting the alarm clock an hour before leaving. Unfortunately the biggest disadvantage, apart from the time change, is the fact that it gets dark faster in Uppsala.Adam wisely took his warm clothes, even though he was almost certain it wouldn't snow in Washington. He packed a few packs of cigarettes, and a bottle of Whisky, checked his luggage several times, then poured himself a glass of alcohol and sat down on the sofa. He turned on the TV to watch some news, but Eliza did not say anything interesting today. He should take a nap, but he did not want to sleep at all. Adam did not enjoy the whole conspiracy; he would prefer everything to be clear, but now there was no turning back. At least he would not spend the weekend in Sweden.Jensen left the house before Laura, carrying in his hand a gray bag. He was sure of it because he noticed the light were still on at her apartment windows. With a quick step, he flits through the side alleys shortcuts, where he was immediately struck by an unpleasant memory. He shook himself off, knowing he had a more important mission now. Faridah wasn't on the helipad yet, so he put his bag on the ground, leaned his back against the VTOL, and lit a cigarette. Malik suddenly appeared with a furious expression on her face. He noticed her facepalm gesture."Are you crazy?!" she growled irritably. "If Laura smells the smoke, she'll get suspicious!""You're exaggerating. Someone from security might have been here and lit a cigarette."“Get inside. You'll hide behind the seats. I know it's cramped in there, but there's no other option," she ordered.Jensen calmly finished smoking, threw the cigarette butt on the ground, and extinguished it with the tip of his sports shoe. Immediately afterward, he grabbed his bag and went on board. Adam indeed didn't have much room there, so he had to curl up his legs. With his height, it was highly uncomfortable. A few minutes later Laura arrived. In fact, he was very lucky that she didn’t notice his presence. Jensen discreetly peeked out from the corner of the seat and saw that Miss Werner did not take with her a whole ton of luggage, but only a medium-sized tourist rucksack and a bag slung diagonally over her left shoulder. She was out of breath and blushing. Adam couldn't help but think she looked adorable. Jensen immediately stated with resignation that moments of his forgetfulness happen all too often. Laura looked happy and invigorated. He could see it in the energetic gesticulation of her hands and in her eyes that were burning with excitement. That was all he wanted. She didn't need him for anything at all.The girl sat down in the seat behind which he hid and looked around the interior of the machine. To her left was a built-in box marked with a high voltage sign, with a screen for satellite connections over it. There was another one next to the seats opposite and between them a larger screen that was now off. The door closed slowly with a loud hiss, cutting off any outside light. Laura buckled her seat belt at the last minute. The VTOL gently rose above the ground and soon gained altitude. Adam didn't even feel when they rose into the air."Yo ho crew, how are the moods?" Malik asked cheerfully. "We can talk during the flight; I turned on the microphones. So speak freely, and you don't have to shout,” she announced as soon as she leveled the machine and set a course."I never flew a VTOL. Great machine. I can tell you take care of her," Laura admitted appreciatively."I try my best, after all, I'm the only one piloting it.""Maybe you should give her a name?" Laura suggested."I already did," Fly Girl replied proudly. "SSV Normandy!""It fits perfectly, but you know what happened…""Shh!" she scolded her in a playful tone."OK, OK my lips are sealed. How long does the flight to Uppsala take?" she asked curiously. "Will I have time to take a nap?""You won't even get a wink of sleep. We'll be there before you know it.""Too bad Adam isn't here with us," she said quietly, but the bonus passenger heard it anyway.A strange feeling came over Jensen that Malik wasn't flying to Washington now...__________________________________Evie Dormer 'Shadow' (c) NifrielDeus Ex (c) Ion Storm/Eidos Montreal
Novels and Comics
Deus Ex: Black Light Meeting a new adversary by SALVAGEPRIME8686
Deus Ex WIP
Adam Jensen Digital WIP by SALVAGEPRIME8686
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Anna Kelso Backstage Bonus by KeyTaylor
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The One Called 'Navras' by Nifriel
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Dreams and nightmares by Rayner80
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Adam Jensen Deus Ex character study by SALVAGEPRIME8686
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DX: HR Collector's Box front by commanderhavoc
deusicarus - site banner by cloudytinez
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Subway. by neo-mahakala-108
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Adam Jensen and Iris by SALVAGEPRIME8686

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The BEE by Jackson889 The BEE :iconjackson889:Jackson889 4 5 Deus EX Human Revolution by Cobrafirefly Deus EX Human Revolution :iconcobrafirefly:Cobrafirefly 0 2 Jensen vs. Customer Service by Klecktacular Jensen vs. Customer Service :iconklecktacular:Klecktacular 208 32 Deus Ex HR Concept art by RDumont Deus Ex HR Concept art :iconrdumont:RDumont 71 3 Deus Ex HR Concept art by RDumont Deus Ex HR Concept art :iconrdumont:RDumont 188 9 Deus Ex Human Revolution Desk by CuttyFramm Deus Ex Human Revolution Desk :iconcuttyframm:CuttyFramm 148 16 deusicarus - site icon by cloudytinez deusicarus - site icon :iconcloudytinez:cloudytinez 0 0 deusicarus - site banner by cloudytinez deusicarus - site banner :iconcloudytinez:cloudytinez 1 0 Never Asked For This by iglw Never Asked For This :iconiglw:iglw 1 2 Argumented lovers by syren007 Argumented lovers :iconsyren007:syren007 46 32 Megan Reed by Shobeyr Megan Reed :iconshobeyr:Shobeyr 12 1 Megan Reed by Shobeyr Megan Reed :iconshobeyr:Shobeyr 9 0 Adam Jensen: Augmented Warrior by OvidOnTheRun Adam Jensen: Augmented Warrior :iconovidontherun:OvidOnTheRun 12 0 Deus Ex - Jensenian Man by Huntersky Deus Ex - Jensenian Man :iconhuntersky:Huntersky 41 15 Deus Ex Human Revolution 01 by Joe88Design Deus Ex Human Revolution 01 :iconjoe88design:Joe88Design 3 0 Deus Ex Human Revolution 02 by Joe88Design Deus Ex Human Revolution 02 :iconjoe88design:Joe88Design 4 3

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Happy Helloween season to everyone! Here comes the next round of amazing DX art for you!

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What if a mercenary would be photomodel by Aestra

Deus Ex by ThranTantra

p 13 David Sarif by BlackAssassiN999

Eliza Cassan by Natsuyume


Adam Jensen by Shobeyr

Katrina Sutherland by Shobeyr

Faridah Malik by Silmuen

Mr. Jensen by Shu-Silver

Deus Ex human revolution by Claregoldrose

Adam Jensen by kimded

Hengsha morning by ChrisOstrowski

Fan Fiction:

Blood in the Water: PrologueJaron Namir paced about the living room of his London home. Running his eyes over the white walls, his gaze momentarily reliving the moments of life captured in the photographs hanging on the wall- the wedding, his daughter's first birthday, a day at the zoo just to point out a few. In all these pictures, Jaron was human- less than what his was now. While he hadn't asked for his augmentations, he was grateful for them for they gave him the power to be more than human. Thoughts like this often occupied Jaron's mind and each time he was instantly aware of his augmentations. Each time he was aware of them he had a habit of studying his steel, red and grey hands, thinking of what he would have been had he not been in that accident. An accident that changed a life for the better. How many people could say that? Clenching his hands, Jaron's eyes scanned the room for something to do. Rare were the moments that Jaron Namir became bored but the times that he was, his entire body itched for some

Dealing with Difficult Work Colleagues"Hang on, I heard something... Nope. Just nerves, I guess."
Mike turned around and looked at Tim. "What did you hear?"
"Sorry sir. False report. Must have been the wind"
Mike surveyed the room. He couldn't see anything amiss, but even so you couldn't be too careful and reports suggested this guy could just disappear when he wanted.
"You two check the ar- what the fuck? Brian you've got a goddamned tranq dart in your ass."
"Huh?" Mike watched Brian spin round as if attempting a pirouette before gracelessly collapsing.
Mike immediately dropped into a crouch behind a crate. "Tim get in cover, I'll..." He saw the blank expression on Tims face. "Get in cover. You know, hide behind something." Still nothing. Mike gritted his teeth, "Ok, look, just stay there, don't move."
Moving as swiftly and silently as he could, Mike made for the other side of the room. Luckily there was plenty of cover, but that also meant there were lots of places for an enemy to remain unseen. Reaching the f

Lazy Golden Sun on Windows
Ring ring...ring ring...ring ring...
From his position on the couch, Adam slowly turned his head toward the nearby phone.
He bit his lip. A month into his recovery, and every part of  him--augmented or not--hurt like hell. Which meant even reaching for the phone would be painful.
    With his eyes (new eyes), he could see the caller ID: Faridah Malik. Shit.
Malik was a good pilot and a good friend. She called daily, giving him non-Picus news. She would tell him to get better soon, and ask how he was. (To that, he never gave a clear answer. He didn't want anyone, even someone close to him, to know just how sucky his post-op recovery really was.)
Along with many others, Malik would have visited him in his apartment, but his location (at his own insistence) had to be unknown to media, who was following everyone at Sarif Industries. Thus: no visitors.
Part of Adam liked it that way. He was never the party-hosting type, and if people came over now, no one would

AJ vs Alex D"...."
"Yes, I'm a woman. Get over it."
"I thought you were a clone of..."
"Yeah well someone in the lab thought it would be funny."
"Ok, sorry. So I thought we should set some ground ru-"
"How'd it go last night?"
"Huh? Oh, a draw. It was a disaster. The only viewers were women and they kept demanding we play Twister topless while covered in yogurt."
"Well, I can see the attraction in that idea..."
"Not you as well. I never-"
"Yeah. We know. Ground rules then."
"I was thinking same as before. But no Twister."
"Awwww. I was looking forward to that. Go on."
"Please? It'd be fun."
"How about a change to the rules - lethal melee weapons allowed. I believe your Dragon Tooth Sword is considerably less lethal than JC's"
"Yeah, something to do with balance. Some people thought it was over-powered... ok, no Twister."
"So Battleship and?"
"Fine. Tonight, 8pm?"
"See you then."


A.I. by Titschipoo

Malik_ deus ex:human revolution by Nami01

Anna Kelso Deus Ex The FALL by KeyTaylor

Deus Ex - Adam Jensen by AnnaProvidence

GIF & Animation:

DXMKD Can't Kill Progress by xWhiteFoxSpiritx

Welcome to Heng Sha by Null-Entity

DxHr by alphagravy

Disco Adam by alphagravy

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