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Bleach OC Profile: Kara SelieraName: Kara SelieraNickname: The Harlot, Queen of Lust Race: ArrancarGender: Female Sexuality: BisexualAge: 346Birthday: June 4thHeight: 5' 7"Weight: 122 lbsHandedness: Right-handedFamily: Tiana Seliera (Daughter)Fraccion (If Applicable): Izabella Estris, Ejra Ildel, and too many more to count.Occupation: 3rd EspadaAspect of Death: Lust Appearance Kara is a very beautiful woman of about average height and build with a D sized chest. She has long, straight purple hair and pink eyes. Her mask fragment is a choke collar that covers a bit of her neck, her hollow hole is located on the left side of her lower stomach, and her number tattoo is on her left upper leg. For her outfit she wears a two piece outfit; her top being a white full vest that has black buttons in the front, and wearing shorts underneath; showing her number tattoo. And lastly wears heeled boots that go up to below her knees.Personality Kara is incredibly friendly and open, especially if she finds someone attractive. She isn't particular about gender either, and enjoys physical relations with either guys or girls. She spends the majority of her days in her bedroom, lazing about and enjoying physical relations with others. She absolutely despises fighting, and would rather sleep with an opponent than fight them. However, if you threaten her daughter or anyone she deems a friend, she will not hesitate to cut you down where you stand.Likes: Meeting new people, traveling Hueco Mundo, drinking, sexDislikes: Fighting, selfish and greedy peopleHistory Kara was born in the largest settlement in Hueco Mundo outside of Las Noches; a large trading and business settlement that most people go through when on their way to Las Noches. She was born in the slums though, never knowing her parents; her mother sold her body for money, and Kara was an accident from one of her customers. Not being able to afford her, she sold her to a different customer of hers, who was a lowly merchant that had lost a child before. The man’s name was Kujra, and he raised Kara all by himself, and when she was old enough he had her start helping him at his small store. Of course, Kara grew to be a beautiful young lady, and plenty of customers noticed it and couldn’t take their eyes off of her. Kara learned to enjoy the attention, and would occasionally flirt with some of them here and there…and if anything it got more eyes on the shop. When she was old enough…she told Kujra she was willing to use her body to get some extra money for them, as the shop was barely getting them by and she wanted to help. He was outraged at first by the idea of the girl he raised as his own selling her body…but calmed himself and just wanted her to be careful about it. Eventually, Kara had so many customers coming every day just to be with her that she couldn’t take everyone every day, and her father’s shop started getting even more customers. They were able to live much more comfortably for quite some time…until Kara learned her Resurreccion, as people didn’t want to deal with the possibility of her becoming feral out of nowhere. It drove Kara into a terrible state of depression…but Kujra still supported her and stayed with her, refusing to push her away. One day, a man by the name of Ejra came up to the shop saying he had felt Kara’s Reiatsu. He had controlled his Resurreccion and was willing to help Kara control hers. Both Kujra and Kara were ecstatic beyond words, and Kujra was willing to pay the man for it; though he declined such a thing. He said he knew all too well the struggle of learning to control your Resurreccion and just wanted to make sure she didn’t go feral. So, Kara joined Ejra and lived with him for quite some time, before finally being able to make a Zanpakuto manifest and control her Resurreccion. Ejra was surprised though, as during that time she was able to become stronger than even he was, and with little time training. He told her she could possibly become an Espada with how strong she was…but at first didn’t want to leave Kujra. However, when they got back to him…they found out he was killed; robbed by a man and killed for resisting him. With nowhere else to go, Kara asked Ejra to come with her to Las Noches and he agreed; and she immediately made heads turn with how strong she was…even the newly self-crowned Primera Bezron, and was given the spot of 2nd Espada. Kara held the spot until Varren arrived and became the new Primera himself, and Kara was bumped down to 3rd Espada; not that she cared at all.Resurreccion & AbilitiesZanpakuto Description: If Kara has to have her Zanpakuto on her she wears it on her right hip. The handle itself is pink and purple in color with the pommel and guard being a white in color.Summon Action & Word/Phrase: Kara will move her Zanpakuto to hold it upside down, having the blade near her head. She will then press her tongue against a flat side of the blade and lick the entire length of the blade then whisper. "Seduce them"Resurreccion Description: Sucubo (Succubus) The one big change to Kara in her Resurreccion is that her skin color changes into a deep purple. Her eyes still remain pink but her pupils become slits;and the whites of her eyes turn yellow, and her hair stays the same as well. However, there are now two white hornsthat protrude from the sides of her head. She also then gets a small tail and wings; the tail being white as well as the outsides of the wings, and the inner parts of the wings are purple.Resurreccion Abilities: Kara's tail is coated with a toxin that slightly slows down her opponents, though if she can hit her opponent with it several times it can practically paralyze them. This is not the worst part of her Resurreccion though; as her saliva has a sort of mind-bending chemical, and is more potent if more of it is administered. Because of this Kara generally kisses her opponent to ensure it will fully work. With it she is able to "Seduce" her enemies and have them fight for her. It can be broken though if the person has a strong willpower; though it has rarely been done.
Chapter 5: A Father's LoveThe Katsumata Manor was how you would expect a Noble Family’s household to be; large, lavishly decorated, and fairly well protected. For someone’s first time visiting it might be a bit daunting to try and not get lost in here; though for the family and people who were here every day navigating the building was like second nature. Shouta arrived at his home as the sun started to set, and at least exchanged greetings with the guards at the front, as well as any workers he crossed paths with. He made his way to his father’s study, where he knew he would be right now, and to prove his point Shouta heard his father talking in a raised voice; along with a few other voices he knew were trying to calm him down. Shouta stood outside the door and waited for his father and the others to finish what they were talking about. It took a few more minutes, but eventually the group finished their discussion and the door opened. The person who opened the door was an older man with wrinkles a plenty but still well in shape, and had white hair and red eyes. His outfit resembled a Shinigami’s shihakusho, but with different colors; the main black color being gray instead and the white trims now being black, and lastly a black haori. Along with him were two other people, a beautiful, dark haired maiden with purple eyes, and a thin, frail looking man that looked older than the first. Behind them were Haruki and the others, and they glanced over at Shouta. The other two people had fairly unique outfits as well themselves; the woman wore a red kimono with tight sleeves that was covered in white flower patterns. Her obi-sash for the kimono matched it as well, and these clashed with her own black haori she wore, which had purple edges to it. For footwear, while she wore traditional sandals, she wore purple stockings instead of socks. Her hair was fashioned into a bun, and the tips of her hair were a deep purple. The other man wore a shihakusho that had the same colors as the other man’s outfit, and was altered so that the kisode was sleeveless and the black haori had less baggy sleeves. He looked back at them as well, but neither party said anything to each other, as instead the other three saw Shouta standing outside the door. The first one to say something was the dark haired woman, who beamed at the sight of him. “Ah Shouta, always glad to see you; as handsome as ever.” Her tone of voice was extremely flirtatious as she showed a warm smile. Shouta still never got used to her openly flirting with him like this, and let out an uncomfortable sigh, “Hello Miss Igurashi.” “You can flirt with him later Reina,” the white haired man said. He turned to Shouta, “I hear you’re the one I should thank for stopping Haruki and the others then?” Shouta nodded and answered “It was no trouble at all, Nobutoshi,I was on my way to retrieve him anyways and I just so happened to arrive at the right time.” He stopped a bit and gave a little disappointed look, “Though if I had been there earlier he may not have-” Nobutoshi Takeda made a gesture to make Shouta dismiss any thoughts, “No need to blame yourself at all Shouta; you still got there in time and that is all that mattered.” He patted Shouta’s shoulder and showed a smile, “If you’ll excuse us.” He walked away, with Reina giving him a wink, and the other man not saying or acknowledging Shouta at all. Shouta simply smiled and gave him a nod as he and the other two left, and he then walked into his father’s study. Ayumu Katsumata’s age showed just a little bit, as he had a few wrinkles here and there, and his golden blonde hair that Shouta inherited started to dull a little. However, that did little to take away from his imposing presence, thanks largely to his tall stature, and despite his age was still well toned and in shape. Ayumu also passed down his bright green eyes to all his sons as well; and they still shone just as much as any of his son’s eyes. The head of the Katsumata family was writing down a few things, but didn’t stop his work to acknowledge or greet Shouta at all. “What do you need Shouta?” He asked his eldest son, his tone of voice suggesting he was just slightly annoyed at him right now. “I just wanted to check in to see how things went with Haruki and the others,” Shouta answered. “And if you have any other ideas for-” His father cut him off, “If I think you need to be informed about something then I will do so; as I’ve said to you so many times before.” He finished up writing something and now finally looked up at his son. “However, it was still the right thing to do to stop them. The last thing we need is to give Central 46 a reason to order the Gotei 13 to attack us…not until I’ve finally talked to The Five.” Shouta nodded his head and took a bow, “It was no trouble father.” He had gotten so used to his father cutting him off to just get straight to the point, that it never bothered him anymore. Ayumu did it not because he was upset at him or anything; if his father knew how someone might finish talking then he’d always just prefer to get straight to the resolution. Ayumu did it again as he started to talk before Shouta could continue, “You’ll do that for me no troubles…yet still refuse to court any women.” White it wasn’t audible, Shouta would have let out the largest sigh of annoyance if he wanted to be disrespectful. He did not though and kept his composure, and answered with, “You already know why I won’t father.” Ayumu looked like he was about to roll his eyes at his son’s answer. “Shouta please, no one just stays missing for over a hundred years; you need to let go of her. The only reason I haven’t arranged meetings for you this whole time is because I know you’d need time to get over Asuka.” He sighed, “But if you still cannot accept she is gone…I may not have a choice.” This only infuriated Shouta even more, as he slightly clenched one of his hands into a fist and breathed deeply through his nostrils. He closed his eyes and calmed himself before he said anything, as he opened his eyes. The eldest son smiled at his father, and just wasn’t in the mood to argue about this again, “Good night father.” Shouta then at least gave his father a polite bow and then left the study. “Must you flirt with every young man you see?” The third man asked Reina in annoyance, not even turning his head to look at her. Chihiro Adachihara’s voice matched his frail look, as it was almost raspy, like the voice of a heavy smoker. Despite his frail appearance, Chihiro was well and healthy, as his voice also had a small bit of temperance to it, “Especially in the case of Shouta, when you know it’s pointless? What a waste of time.” “Oh come now Chihiro, you really do need to lighten up,” she replied back playfully. “It’s just some harmless fun is all.” “This was all just a waste of time,” Chihiro complained. “Unnecessary time away from my work; I’m so close to a breakthrough and-” “Oh you’re always close to a breakthrough Chihiro,” Reina retorted back to interrupt him. “You seriously need to take a break and stop overworking yourself; it’ll kill you. Besides, you know what they say, all work and no play-” “I do not care for ‘playing’ at all,” Chihiro snapped back. “Enough, both of you,” Nobutoshi said with a somewhat raised and demanding voice. It made Reina and Chihiro stop their arguing and Nobutoshi continued, “What Haruki and his companions did was planned, and it went smoothly.” His voice had plenty of confidence and he continued, “I will talk with him later to see if he delivered the letter successfully or not, and if he did then that’s another piece in play that we can eventually have. We just need a few more pieces to fall into place and we should be able to finally move things forwards after all this time.” Ichiro spent the morning having breakfast with the twins, and the trio left for the Squad One barracks together. The co-captains had the captain’s meeting they needed to attend, and Ichiro knew his dad would probably want to talk to him about yesterday. As they did though, Kiara went on ahead, letting her sister and Ichiro have a little more time together by themselves. When they arrived at the meeting room, Akio and Hikari stood outside the room, and Ichiro knew they were probably waiting for him. Niara greeted Akio as the commander and bowed, “Commander, sorry for being late; I actually had to wake up Kiara this morning.” “That’s alright,” Akio told her. Ichiro and Niara gave each other a quick kiss after that before the co-captain walked into the meeting room, and Ichiro then greeted his parents, “Hey mom, hey dad.” Hikari got straight to the point, “Let me quickly look at your bump, see how it is.” She walked up to her son and lifted up some of his hair to better inspect the bump. Hikari was in fact a bit surprised; the bump was better, and as a matter of fact was actually almost gone already. She just showed a smile, “It’s already looking better.” She hugged Ichiro, and he did the same, as Hikari moved to her husband and they kissed each other, “He’s all yours.” Hikari walked into the meeting room herself, and Akio didn’t waste time, “After the meeting you and I need to have a talk. Normally, I’d have you spar with Daisuke, but he’s busy with some things right now, so you’ll be sparring with Ayane instead. She’s at the training area outside, don’t keep her waiting,” The commander didn’t say anything else and finally walked into the meeting room himself. Ichiro let out a large sigh, he could tell his dad was not happy with him and could only imagine what his dad was going to do with him. Akio walked into the meeting room, which had a large conference table inside it with several chairs around it. Akio was normally the first one to arrive, but since he and his wife waited for Ichiro, there were a few captains who had shown up before the commander finally walked in. Of course, Hikari and the twins were already here and in their chairs, and Takeshi had fast arrived a while earlier as well. Already here as well was Haru Yuzuki, the captain of Squad Thirteen, who ran the Gotei 13’s library and archives; her signature skirt, scarf and braided hair always a dead give away. Lastly, also here was Daichi, and his younger sister Junko; with her purple hair in its signature bun, and her captain’s haori that was a skirt. Minoru arrived just a little after the twins did and handed Akio some pieces of paper before he took his seat. A little later and the rest of the captains started to arrive; first up were Kana and Kenshin who arrived together and Kana didn’t look happy with the Internal Affairs captain. They were followed shortly by Zaryn Serban, the captain of Squad Three; a tall and intimidating man with tribal tattoos covering his whole upper body. Hayate Kisaname, the captain of Squad Six, walked in and gave a jovial, “Good morning” to everyone as he took his spot; his haori cape positioned over the back of his chair. Lastly to arrive was Etsuko Akiyama, the captain of Squad Five and Warden of the Maggot’s Nest. She said nothing to anyone as she just took her spot and waited for this to be over. They all mingled and talked with each other until Akio finally raised his voice, “Alright everyone let’s get things started; we have a lot to go over.” It didn’t take long for Ichiro to get to the sparring area outside, where the person his dad mentioned was waiting for him. Ayane Nakamura, the Fourth Seat of Squad One, was a tall woman who stood at the same height as Ichiro. She had long, golden blonde hair that was in a ponytail, and emerald green eyes. Her shihakusho had just two alterations to it; instead of having sleeves it had straps that went around her neck, and her sash was jade green instead of white. Along with that she had some accessories, a pair of fingerless green gloves, and a jade necklace. Ichiro showed a smile and waved at her, “Hey Ayane.” “Hello Ichiro,” she greeted him back. “Let’s not waste any time shall we? I’m going to spend the day with my daughter Mei after this.” Her Zanpakuto rested on her left hip; which had a black and green handle with the guard and pommel both being gold. She put her right hand on the handle and pulled it out. Ichiro chuckled, as he put a hand on his Zanpakuto, “How far are we going?” “No need to use Shikai at all,” she answered him. “We are just waiting for the captain’s meeting to be over after all.” Ichiro showed a smile as he slightly pulled his Zanpakuto out of the scabbard, but just barely got it out in time. Ayane charged at him as soon as he started to pull out his weapon, without even giving him a warning. Ichiro blocked a simple downward slash with one hand holding his Zanpakuto. He stared down Ayane with his blue eyes, “A little warning would have been nice.” “Your enemy won’t afford you that luxury,” she said with a surprising cold voice. “So I’ve been told,” Ichiro retorted back calmly. He pushed Ayane’s Zanpakuto back with ease and retaliated with his own downwards slash. She blocked it with no troubles herself with both hands holding her weapon, and brought it over head, also using some of her Reiatsu to help. At a simple glance one would assume that Ichiro overpowered Ayane with ease, and while she definitely couldn’t match Ichiro’s raw strength and Reiatsu; she had better control with her Reiatsu. Everyone in Squad One was just as strong as the captains; some of them even stronger than some captains. Since she was the Fourth Seat, Ayane was no pushover at all, and in fact has been the Fourth Seat since the Gotei 13 was created. Ayane was given multiple opportunities to become a captain but she enjoyed her place in Squad One. In fact, some people aimed to join Squad One instead of becoming a captain, as they were just as strong and well known as captains. The two of them pulled back from the clash, and Ayane was the first to attack, able to deftly bring her Zanpakuto in position for a quick stab. She aimed at Ichiro’s left shoulder, though Ichiro dodged the attack as he quickly pivoted his body with his heels and brought his Zanpakuto up to smack Ayane’s weapon away. After that, Ichiro quickly repositioned himself as Ayane released a flurry of quick, simple, strikes at him, which he easily deflected or evaded. While he kept up with Ayane no problem, Ichiro knew she could ramp things up at a moment’s notice if she wanted to, and so stayed focused. Ichiro had only sparred a few times with Ayane, and even then not for long, so this was something he was looking forward to. It was a good change of pace from sparring with his dad most of the time, and while he and Niara spared together plenty, it was how they bonded. Just a few strikes later, Ichiro was able to retaliate as Ayane tried to go for a simple downward strike. He brought his Zanpakuto up to block it with some extra force, and pushed Ayane off balance a little, as he pushed her weapon back as their blades collided. It caught Ayane off guard, as now Ichiro took advantage and pressed the attack. Ayane stumbled a bit, and had to get her footing composed while Ichiro was bearing down on her with fairly strong attacks. She did some quick thinking though and pointed her left hand at Ichiro with her pointer finger sticking out, “Hado #1: Sho.” A small amount of blue energy seemed to shoot from her finger and connected squarely with Ichiro’s chest. It felt like all the air in his lungs were squeezed out, as he opened his mouth to try and draw breath, while being pushed back a couple feet. That small distance was enough though that Ayane was able to regain her footing and not have Ichiro bearing down on her. She instantly met Ichiro head on to retaliate, as he took almost no time at all to recover from the Hado spell. Ayane held her Zanpakuto horizontally, with both hands holding the handle and the blade out to her side, and swung towards the middle of Ichiro’s side. Ichiro brought his Zanpakuto up with just one hand to block Ayane’s Zanpakuto and it stopped her weapon instantly. She didn’t try to lock blades with him, and pulled her Zanpakuto back as soon as their blades clashed to try a different attack. This time, she positioned to slash at his right side, going for Ichiro’s non-dominant side. Ichiro was able to bring his Zanpakuto around with ease to block the attack in time, and just like before Ayane pulled her weapon back right away. This went on for a few exchanges, as Ayane tried to possibly find small mistakes from Ichiro, and was sure to be consistent with her attacks. The whole time Ayane never used her Reiatsu to bolster her swings at all, which threw Ichiro off at first, as she was doing it all the time during that first flurry. He knew there had to be a reason she stopped doing it, but tried not to think too much about it. However, as soon as he noticed it, Ayane went back to using Reiatsu with each attack; which put more power behind them. Having just gotten used to Ayane’s normal attacks, Ichiro wasn’t able to readjust these kinds of attacks again, and with the first few attacks almost lost his composure and balance. It also didn’t help that Ayane was also moving a bit faster now, and slowly escalated their sparring session. Ichiro had more of a normal speed and never used his quickness that much, but thankfully Ayane’s attacks were, at best, still at a pace he could keep up. He knew it wouldn’t last that long though, and had to figure out something to try and get back on the offensive. Ichiro of course didn’t want to use his Reiatsu at all, because who knows how out of control it could turn into. He only thought of one other option…and it was something he didn’t like doing that much either. Ichiro brought a second hand to his Zanpakuto, and with no trouble at all was able to overpower Ayane immediately. He deflected another of Ayane’s attacks and was able to push away Ayane’s Zanpakuto with ease, which he followed with a large slash directed at Ayane’s side. While she was able to block it, the amount of power behind it made Ayane slide several feet backwards which caught her by surprise. She didn’t even have time to think about where this incredible strength came from as Ichiro didn’t let off at all and pressed the attack now that he had the advantage back. Ayane understood now why Ichiro was using his Zanpakuto with just one hand; she could feel his Reiatsu spike slightly every time he swung his Zanpakuto. This added to Ichiro’s natural strength with using two hands, and even scarier was that Ayane couldn’t tell if Ichiro was intentionally using his Reiatsu or if it was just happening on its own. Knowing what she did about Ichiro though it was most likely the latter; which was scary to think about if his Reiatsu spiked like that constantly. Thinking about that though was an unusual distraction for Ayane, as she snapped back to reality just in time to block another attack from Ichiro. However, this time Ichiro’s Reiatsu got away from him a bit, and it was much stronger than intended. His Zanpakuto made contact with Ayane’s and it launched her even farther than before; even making her completely lose her footing. Ichiro panicked at first, and thought maybe his unruly Reiatsu got too out of hand again; but panicked regardless as Ayane actually used a quick Flash Step. and disappeared. Well at least he didn’t have to beat himself up about accidentally hurting someone again, as he calmed down and Ayane reappeared to Ichiro’s right. Ayane’s Zanpakuto was already in motion as she held it in a high stance to swing downwards vertically. Ichiro didn’t have time to readjust and reposition himself to block the attack, so just quickly used a Flash Step of his own to avoid the attack. It also gave Ichiro some distance between him and Ayane, and Ayane didn’t press the attack at all so Ichiro used this to catch his breath a little. “Didn’t know we could Flash Step Ayane,” Ichiro joked a little. “I never said we couldn’t,” she replied back with a smirk. Right after she said that though Ichiro disappeared with a Flash Step, but appeared right in front of Ayane. He was back to holding his Zanapkuto with one hand, and had it positioned with the blade close to his body, and swung outwards horizontally. Despite no warning from Ichiro, Ayane was able to bring her Zanpakuto up to block the attempted surprise attack, as they locked blades in a contest of strength for a short while. Ayane wasn’t going to try and match Ichiro’s strength again, so she pulled back from the clash; knowing Ichiro was pushing some extra force. She stepped to the side and let Ichiro’s momentum just carry him forward as he stumbled, not expecting Ayane to suddenly disengage. Ichiro would have fallen on his face if he hadn’t used another Flash Step to catch himself and create some distance between himself and Ayane. “Alright, that’s enough,” a familiar male voice said, both of them knowing it was Akio. The two of them put their Zanpakutos away, as they greeted the commander in different ways. Ayane bowed courteously at her captain, while Ichiro just gave him a simple wave and a small smile. Akio turned to Ayane, “Thank you Ayane; you’re dismissed.” “Thank you commander,” Ayane responded as she looked at Ichiro as well, “Take care Ichiro.” “Thanks Ayane,” Ichiro said with a smile. She moved to leave, and father and son looked at each other; though Ichiro waited for his father to say something first. Akio knew his son would wait, so he didn’t waste time in saying something, “How’d it go?” “It was definitely different,” Ichiro answered. “Was nice to spar with Ayane again; I haven't sparred with her a lot.” Akio showed a smile at his son’s genuine happiness at being able to spar with someone different. “We can try to work things out to maybe let you spar with her again…but time to get serious.” The commander motioned to a nearby set of wooden bleachers, and Ichiro followed his dad to sit down on them. Father and son sat down next to each other, and Akio just put a hand on Ichiro’s shoulder. At first, Ichiro felt a bit of dread, as he wasn’t sure if his father was mad at him or not. However, he understood it was more of a reassuring gesture, and Ichiro relaxed a bit. Akio had to think for a little bit to find the words to start, but once he did his voice was commanding, but gentle. “You know…when I was growing up, my old man was fairly harsh on me.” Ichiro looked at his father with a mix of confusion and surprise, but Akio kept going. “I know your grandma dying was very hard for him, and while it was hard for me as well…it was the most vulnerable I ever saw your grandpa. I couldn’t even imagine what he was going through; being the captain-commander for this brand new idea you just created only to have the love of your life be killed and having to raise your only child mostly by yourself now. “One day, a little while after I graduated from the Academy and my mother passed away; I did something a little reckless myself.” Ichiro raised an eyebrow at his father after he said that. “That’s…hard to imagine.” Akio chuckled at his son’s reaction, “Oh yeah; I definitely got into some trouble myself back then.” He paused a little, reminiscing about back then. “Anyways, your grandfather was FURIOUS at me, scolded me out for what I did, and if not for my aunt, probably would have gotten a much harsher punishment than what I got.” “What did you do?” Ichiro asked his father; he never knew his grandfather, but was definitely curious what would have gotten him so mad. “Got into a fight with some kids I graduated with; they were constantly bullying me and picking fights with me; they had been doing this back in the Academy as well, because of my dad being captain-commander. It didn’t help that this newest instance, I was in a foul mood…and I let my anger get the best of me.” Ichiro was quiet again, as he looked like he was ashamed of himself; he went through that during the Academy himself all the time. “You never…said anything about it before,” Ichiro said. Akio merely put his arm around his son’s shoulder, with a smile on his face. “The problem with your Reiatsu may be different and unique to you…but all of us Yamamoto boys are born stubborn and itching for a fight.” That got a chuckle from the two of them, but Akio got serious. “I know all about what happened yesterday; I know that you were just defending yourself Ichiro…and that you got understandably upset. However, it’s the fact that you lost control and seriously injured people; that’s the problem. You’re lucky they aren’t associated with anyone of importance.” Ichiro’s eyes didn’t meet his dad’s at all, going back to a more insecure and ashamed look. “Something needs to be done about it though, so here’s what’s going to happen. From now on; if I don’t have you working on something, you are to be accompanied by an officer at all times, and they need to confirm with me that they are with you.” Ichiro was about to say something, but knowing what his son was going to ask, Akio cut him off. “You can still be with Niara and Ryoichi; no worries. However, the moment they can’t be with you, you come see me right away, and I figure out something for you to do.” “That’s it?” Ichiro asked, surprised that his father was letting him off so easily. Akio nodded, “That’s it.” The commander’s son, though, didn’t show a happier mood. “It happened again dad,” he said suddenly. Akio raised an eyebrow at his son and let him continue, “While Ayane and I were sparring…I had to use two hands with my Zanpakuto at one point and…my Reiatsu got away from me a bit.” Akio just smiled and held his son, who rested his head on his father’s shoulder. “I know…I felt it happen and had Daisuke finish up the captain’s meeting for me.” Ichiro now fully embraced his father, tears starting to form in his eyes and breaking down and crying. “Why me…why am I the only one to ever have this problem? It’s just not fair…it’s not fair dad…and I fucking hate it.” The commander couldn’t answer his son honestly, as he just sat there and comforted his son as long as he needed to....
Tutorial - Color Process - Harribel by digitalninja
Burn the Witch
Noel Niihashi by David-Haneri
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This may be old news now, but in case some of you have not heard, Kubo Tite created an entertaining 60+ page long one-shot manga "Burn The Witch" which was published a month ago on WSJ [in which you may read it here :pointr:… ].

Although a separate story but considering it's within BLEACH universe, in Soul Society's London/Europe/Western branch (and need I mention Kubo-sensei's creative foreshadowing with the letters "BLEACH" on the one-shot's title?), I've created a Burn The Witch folder in the club/group's gallery specifically for fanarts of the one-shot. So feel free to submit your BTW fanarts to the folder (as usual limited to 3 pic submission per day as with other folders).


We are in urgent need of Contributors to help us vote on fanart submissions, to keep the club active.
If you're interested, please send a Note to the club or reply to this journal.

There is not much requirements other than you must be active (not necessarily like 24/7, though at least a few days a week), and understood the club's rules & folder placement, familiar with all the BLEACH characters (as occasionally we receive non-BLEACH fanarts and even OCs that are not created in the Bleach fandom), and you do not necessarily need to have prior experience with managing groups as you will only need to manage the submissions.
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