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DRINKING BUDDIEStsunade want have a weekend getaway so she invited her best drinking buddies rangiku Matsumoto,Drinking Buddies ch 1Rangiku from Bleach and Tsunade from Naruto were best drinking buddies. They'd been through thick and thin, sharing laughter and tears over countless bottles of sake. But today, Rangiku had something special planned for Tsunade. She'd surprised her with a weekend getaway to a secluded beach house, hoping to rekindle their friendship and create some unforgettable memories. Little did she know, the events that would unfold would leave them both breathless, flushed, and trembling with desire...As they settled into their cozy abode, the two women couldn't help but marvel at the stunning views of the ocean from their private balcony. The sun was setting, casting a warm, golden glow over the waves, and the salty sea air filled their lungs, making them feel alive and free. They clinked their glasses together, toasting to their friendship and the weekend as the night wore on, the alcohol began to take effect. They giggled like schoolgirls over inside jokes, reminiscing about the good old days and sharing intimate stories they'd never told anyone else. Their laughter rang out across the beach, drawing them closer together. Suddenly, Rangiku leaned in and kissed Tsunade on the lips, catching her off guard. The sensation was electric, and Tsunade could feel the heat rising between her legs."R-Rangiku..." she stammered, her heart racing."Tsunade, I've wanted to do this for so long," Rangiku confessed, her cheeks flushed with alcohol and desire. She leaned in closer, her lips brushing against Tsunade's ran down Tsunade's spine as she felt the warm breath of her friend against her skin. She couldn't believe this was happening, but she couldn't deny the intense desire welling up inside her. She reached out, tentatively touching Rangiku's cheek before drawing her closer, their bodies pressing against each other.Their kiss deepened, and they stumbled backwards toward the bed, their movements fueled by an overwhelming lust. As they fell onto the soft mattress, they continued to kiss, their tongues tangling together in a heated dance. Rangiku broke away from the kiss, trailing her lips down Tsunade's neck, sucking gently on her skin as she unbuttoned her shirt. Tsunade arched her back, moaning softly at the smiled, her eyes glinting with excitement as she pushed Tsunade's shirt off her shoulders, revealing her perky breasts. She leaned in, taking one of Tsunade's nipples into her mouth, sucking gently as she rolled it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Tsunade cried out, her hips bucking off the bed in need. She reached down, unfastening Rangiku's pants, her fingers trembling with anticipation.As she pulled them off, revealing Rangiku's red lace underwear, she was greeted by a sight that sent a surge of desire coursing through her. Rangiku was already wet, her desire evident. She reached down, guiding Tsunade's hand to her slick folds, urging her to touch her. Tsunade's fingers glided over Rangiku's moist skin, finding her clit, and began to stroke her let out a soft moan, arching her back. "Oh god, Tsunade..." she breathed. "You feel so good."Her words only served to fuel Tsunade's lust. She leaned forward, taking Rangiku's breast into her mouth, sucking hungrily as she continued to stroke her friend's throbbing clit. Rangiku threw her head back, her eyes rolling back in her head as pleasure coursed through her. Their passionate lovemaking was like a dance, each movement in perfect sync with the they explored each other's bodies, their hands and mouths working in tandem, the sounds of their pleasure filled the room. There was no longer any need for words; their bodies spoke for them, telling the story of their deep connection and unyielding desire.Their lovemaking became increasingly urgent, their movements growing more desperate as their orgasms neared. Rangiku bucked her hips wildly against Tsunade's touch, her nails digging into her back, leaving small trails of blood. Tsunade moaned, her teeth sinking into Rangiku's shoulder as she felt herself on the brink. With one final thrust, they both cried out, their bodies convulsing in a shared the intensity of their pleasure subsided, they collapsed onto the bed, panting heavily. Tsunade looked into Rangiku's eyes, feeling a sense of awe at the passion they had just shared. "I didn't know it could be like this," she whispered, tracing her fingers along Rangiku's jawline."Neither did I," Rangiku replied, her voice barely audible above the sound of their labored breathing. "I've always wanted this... with you." She leaned in, pressing their foreheads they lay there, the warmth from their bodies began to dissipate, replaced by a gentle, contented calm. Rangiku traced a finger along Tsunade's collarbone, marveling at the softness of her skin. Tsunade smiled, feeling the weight of Rangiku's hand on her, and pulled it closer, lacing their fingers together. They lazily gazed up at the ceiling, lost in each other's eyes.Drinking buddies 2"We should do this more often," Tsunade mused, her voice still thick with desire. "Just you and me, away from everything else."Rangiku smiled, feeling her heart swell with affection for her friend. "I couldn't agree more," she said, leaning in to kiss Tsunade softly on the lips. "I think we've found our perfect getaway spot."Their lips lingered together for a moment before they pulled apart, both of them reluctant to break the connection. Tsunade ran her fingers through Rangiku's hair, marveling at the softness and the way it curled around her fingertips. Rangiku traced a path down Tsunade's arm, her touch leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake.Their gazes locked, and they knew that they were sharing something special. Something that went beyond the alcohol and the heat of the moment. It was a connection that had been building up over the years, a bond that had been strengthened by their shared experiences and their unwavering loyalty to each they lay there, tangled in each other's limbs, they couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment and peace wash over them. The world outside their little sanctuary seemed to fade away, and for a moment, it was as if nothing else existed but the two of them. They talked about their fears, their hopes, and their dreams, their voices barely audible over the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.The sun began to rise, casting a soft, golden light through the bedroom window, painting the room in hues of pink and orange. Rangiku stretched lazily, arching her back as she yawned, revealing her perfect, pearly whites. Tsunade laughed, enjoying the view, and reached over to brush a lock of hair from Rangiku's face."Good morning, sleepyhead," she murmured, her voice still thick with sleep.Rangiku opened one eye, squinting at the bright light. "Morning, Tsunade. What time is it?"Tsunade glanced over at the clock on the bedside table. "It's around seven. We've got a whole day ahead of us. Want to go explore the beach, maybe get some breakfast?""Sounds perfect," Rangiku replied, sitting up and stretching. "I could definitely go for some fresh seafood."They got up and dressed, exchanging playful banter as they did so. The air was cool and salty, and the sound of the waves lapping against the shore provided a soothing background to their morning routine. As they walked hand in hand toward the beach, Rangiku felt a sense of contentment wash over her. It was as if this whole weekend had been leading up to this moment, this perfect moment with Tsunade by her found a small, quaint caf nestled amidst the dunes, its windows framed by brightly colored awnings and woven seagrass. The aroma of fresh coffee and seafood fritters wafted out onto the sand, making their stomachs rumble in anticipation. They took a seat at a table overlooking the ocean, their bodies warmed by the morning sun.Their waitress, a young woman with a carefree smile and a name tag that read "Nami," came over and greeted them with a warm, genuine smile. She took their orders, promising to bring out their food as soon as it was ready. As they waited, they continued to chat, reminiscing about old times and sharing stories about their lives back in their respective villages.The ocean stretched out before them, a seemingly endless expanse of blue that blended seamlessly into the sky. Seagulls cried overhead, their cries carrying on the salty breeze. Tsunade leaned in closer to Rangiku, her shoulder brushing against hers, and felt a sudden rush of affection for her friend. She couldn't help but wonder how they'd managed to go so long without this kind of they continued to talk, the sound of their laughter mingled with the waves, creating a harmonious symphony of sound. The food arrived, and they dug in, savoring the fresh seafood and the rich, buttery flavors. Rangiku looked up from her plate, catching Tsunade's eye, and smiled. There was an understanding between them, a connection that went beyond words, and it seemed to grow stronger with each passing moment.As they finished their meal, they decided to take a walk along the beach, their hands entwined. The sand was soft and warm beneath their feet, and the sun felt good on their skin. They stopped to watch a group of children playing, their shouts and laughter echoing across the beach. Tsunade felt a pang of nostalgia, remembering when she and Rangiku were young and carefree like that. She squeezed her friend's hand, and they continued on their walk, lost in their own thoughts and tide was coming in, and they found themselves at the water's edge, the waves lapping at their ankles. Rangiku turned to Tsunade, her eyes shining with mischief. "Come on," she said, taking Tsunade's hand, "let's go for a swim." Tsunade hesitated for a moment, remembering their earlier lovemaking, but something in Rangiku's gaze made her feel safe and secure. She nodded, and together they waded into the water.The salt water was refreshing against their skin, and they swam out farther, letting the waves carry them. Rangiku kicked up a small wave, splashing Tsunade in the face, and they both laughed, their voices ringing out across the water. As they swam, their bodies brushing against each other, their touch sending shivers down each other's spine. They continued to play, enjoying the freedom and intimacy of the , they grew tired and decided to head back to shore. The sand was warm beneath their feet as they walked, their hands still entwined. They found a quiet spot under a palm tree, and sat down, their backs against the trunk. The sun was high in the sky, and the air was filled with the sound of seagulls and the gentle lapping of the waves.Rangiku leaned forward, propping her elbows on her knees, and gazed out at the ocean. "I never thought a weekend getaway could be so... perfect," she said, her voice quiet but filled with smiled and reached out to brush a lock of hair from Rangiku's forehead. "I know. It's like we've been missing this all along."They sat in silence for a moment, each lost in their own thoughts and memories. The sun warmed their skin, and the gentle breeze rustled the palm fronds above them. As they sat there, Tsunade couldn't help but feel a sense of peace wash over her. It was as if everything else in the world had faded away, and all that mattered was this moment, this connection with Rangiku.Rangiku shifted her weight, turning her body slightly so that she was facing Tsunade. Her eyes met hers, and she saw the same feeling reflected there. There was no need for words; their bond spoke for itself. She reached out, taking Tsunade's hand in hers, their fingers intertwining once day drifted by in a blissful haze. They swam in the ocean, their bodies moving together in a synchronized dance. They ate fresh seafood and drank cool coconut water, laughing at old memories and creating new ones. As the sun began to dip below the horizon, they found themselves back at the beach house, lounging on the balcony, watching the stars appear one by one."You know," Rangiku said softly, her voice carried away on the breeze, "I've always thought the stars were like our friends, watching over us, guiding us."Tsunade smiled, leaning back against the railing. "I never thought of it like that, but I like it. And I think they'd be proud to be our friends." They sat in silence for a while, watching as the stars grew brighter and more numerous. "Do you think they know we're here?" Rangiku asked, her voice hushed with wonder. "I like to think they do. That they're happy for us, that they're smiling down on us."Tsunade reached out, taking Rangiku's hand in hers once more. "I do too," she said, squeezing it gently. "I hope they know how much this weekend means to me." Rangiku turned her head, their eyes meeting in the twilight. "And to me," she replied, a small smile playing at the corners of her lips. "I feel... I feel like I've finally found my place, you know? Like I've finally found home."They sat like that for a long time, lost in their own thoughts and feelings. As the night wore on, they could hear the sounds of the ocean, the rustling of the palm trees, and the distant calls of animals. It was a symphony of sorts, a soothing lullaby that seemed to echo through their hearts. Eventually, they stood up, stretching their tired muscles. "Well," Rangiku said, yawning, "I think it's time we called it a night."Tsunade nodded, walking alongside her friend back towards the house. "We've got a big day tomorrow," she said, trying to sound enthusiastic. "We've got to pack up and head back home."Rangiku laughed, throwing her head back. "We do?" she asked, feigning surprise. "Well then, I guess we better get started on that."They entered the house, flicking on a few lights as they went. The air was heavy with the scent of sea salt and coconut oil, reminding them of their perfect weekend together. They began to gather their belongings, packing up their swimsuits and beach towels. As they worked, they couldn't help but steal glances at each other, their hearts still racing from the intensity of their connection."Do you think we'll ever find another weekend like this?"Rangiku mused, her voice barely audible above the sound of their rustling clothes. Tsunade paused, considering the question. "I don't know," she replied, her voice soft with longing. "But I hope so. This weekend has been... special."Rangiku nodded in agreement, her eyes meeting Tsunade's. "It really has. I feel like we should make an effort to see each other more often, you know? Maybe plan trips like this on a regular basis." Tsunade smiled, feeling a warmth spread through her chest. "I'd like that," she said, "very much."They continued to pack, their conversation drifting between lighthearted banter and deeper, more introspective moments. As they finished packing up the last of their belongings, they stood in the middle of the room, taking in the emptiness that surrounded them. "Well," Rangiku said, breaking the silence, "I guess this is goodbye for now."Drinking Buddies ch 3"Yes," Tsunade replied, her voice catching in her throat. "But it doesn't have to be a long one, right? We can call, text, video chat... whatever it takes to keep the connection going." Rangiku stepped forward, wrapping her arms around Tsunade in a tight embrace. Tsunade returned the favor, feeling the warmth and strength of her friend's body against hers. They held each other for what felt like an eternity, their hearts beating in perfect , they pulled away, reluctant to break the connection. "Well," Rangiku said, smiling softly, "I guess this is goodbye for now. But it's not the end, okay? We'll see each other again soon." Tsunade nodded, wiping a stray tear from her cheek. "Yes, we will. And until then, we'll just have to make sure we keep those stars shining bright, won't we?" They shared one last look, their eyes filled with promise and hope. Then, with one final wave, they turned and walked out the door, their footsteps echoing in the silence of the night.As they drove away from the beach house, Tsunade couldn't help but feel a sense of longing. She missed Rangiku already, and she knew the feeling was mutual. They'd created a bond over the course of that weekend that went beyond friendship, beyond lust. It was a connection that ran deep, one that would never fade away the drive home, Tsunade found herself lost in thought, reliving their perfect weekend together. The memories played like a movie reel in her mind, each scene more vivid and intense than the last. She smiled to herself, feeling a warmth spread through her chest. She couldn't wait to see Rangiku again, to continue their journey together.
Tutorial - Color Process - Harribel by digitalninja
Burn the Witch
Noel Niihashi by David-Haneri
Strawberry with Double Neck Guitar Sketch  by Cicunni
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Although a separate story but considering it's within BLEACH universe, in Soul Society's London/Europe/Western branch (and need I mention Kubo-sensei's creative foreshadowing with the letters "BLEACH" on the one-shot's title?), I've created a Burn The Witch folder in the club/group's gallery specifically for fanarts of the one-shot. So feel free to submit your BTW fanarts to the folder (as usual limited to 3 pic submission per day as with other folders).


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