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Duocon Flywheels.

Just recognized that I didn't upload this to my gallery. Reeves all-time favorite.

Lineart by His Grandiosity :iconreeves83: --> go check him!
colors by me
texture :iconprincess-of-shadows:


Transformers IDW: Arcee by Clu-art   Transformers G1: Onslaught by Clu-art   Green Lantern Optimus Prime by Clu-art   Transformers G1: Nightbeat by Clu-art
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Dr-Syn's avatar
Colors are off, but nice

I still have mine
Clu-art's avatar
Colors are totally correct if you know the Marvel UK run of the Comics. Plus I prefer the green Color scheme over the other.
JMK-Prime's avatar
He looked tubby from the thumbnail.
JMK-Prime's avatar
Phenometron's avatar
Flywheels is representin'! :D
Clu-art's avatar
Old one (I like it).
razzitron's avatar
He was the first transformer i bought with my allowance as a Kid ! ... glad to see Flywheels getting some love and attention :D
Clu-art's avatar
It's :iconreeves83:'s all time fav. And I think it's a cool concept.
Fmanchch's avatar
looks a G1 bliitz-wing that separates
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Well, it's a G1 Decepticon itself and it consists of two parts. Look for Duocons.
MechSquadron's avatar
combine and destroy
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Take a look at :iconreeves83:'s page. He has a (not so) secret crush on Flywheels ;)
hellbat's avatar
Nice job on the colors.
Clu-art's avatar
thanks; nice to read :)
hellbat's avatar
If you ever have the time, please feel free to put your excellent colours any of my line art.
Clu-art's avatar
At the moment I am very busy. But we'll see ;)
hellbat's avatar
No probs. The offers there if you ever feel like it.
Geminii27's avatar
AWESOME robot mode. And hmm, the vehicle modes are painted-over shots of the toys, aren't they?
Clu-art's avatar
No I don't think so. Check out :iconreeves83: and you'll see how good he is.
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Pretty damn awesome.
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