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Samara Morgan - The Ring

Photo montage.
Original photo taken @ abandoned Sanatorium - Portugal
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She can emerge through any reflective surface. Noone is safe
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This is great. It has the right kind of creepy atmosphere that fits with The Ring
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that's really awesome, The Ring is great(:
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Awesome picture! And I love the movie, I actually didn't find it scary at all. The teenage girls dead body made me jump a lil but that was the only scary part I loved it! In my opinion Samara needs a hug! :)
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yeah....what she does to people's faces is freaky, that made me jump every time, even when I was expecting it. and her angry face is just....ugh you don't want to piss her off
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If that image starts to move then I am going to scream and run for my life :paranoid:
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Holy ship, looks like real one!
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how did you get in to the sanatorium lovely pic btw
fucking nice pic...
i can't watch it for more than 10 seconds XD
i think it's going to come out!! XDDDDDDDDDD
wel very nice work..
to my fav's!
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I TOTALLY agree with you!
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haha cool! : )

i like how samara blends in with the earth tones in her surroundings. it makes it look real.
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I'm still scared of this movie O-O
Nice pic ;)
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I'm scared too :D
Yes, nice pic :D
CuddlyPolarBear's avatar
At first I thought it was real. Nice job!
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I can't see her shadow or reflexion...
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shes dead, she has no shadows or reflexions :-)

Very cool Image
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