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SoNIMH : Mrs.Brisby

Ahh, finally. One of my all time favorite characters from one of my all time favorite movies "The Secret of NIMH".
It's a severely underrated movie that I recommend to anyone.
I grew up watching this movie many, many times and still to this day do I watch it on a regular basis.

Mrs.Brisby is one of the greatest characters in general to me because she's so simple and yet so incredible. She's merely a widowing mother trying to save her children. She's polite, caring and level-headed. Not to mention, she has one of the sweetest voices ever.
It's a shame that her voice actor ended up ending her life [on my birthday, in fact..] because I would have loved to see more of her work...especially with voice acting.

Anyway, enjoy! :) And watch the movie! Also, try and pick up the book as well!
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She's an awesome heroine.
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I love this movie so much! Lovely fanart of Mrs. Brisby :heart:
That movie was so wonderful I think it gave me some sort of reverse cancer!
(Futurama joke)

Something about this picture makes me just want to reach through the screen and give her a hug.
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Doug Walker actually has this framed on his wall. That's how I found it.
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I thought she was Mrs. Frisby. o.o
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Ok I'll watch it... The characters look familiar... I must have seen this when I was 3-4 years old...
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Excellent job! A classic film indeed! I like how you've done her eyes:thumbsup: They have a sense of desperation...
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Excellent movie.

There's group you might be interested in, RatsofNIMH. It's devoted to Secret of NIMH and anything related, and we could use some more members. If you're interested, check it out.
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One of my favorite movies. I need to read the books. :aww:
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I've never seen the movie, but this is a very good drawing. :D
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You know, that movie really made an impact on me. I think I watched it once, maybe twice, and it always gave me this twist in my gut that is by far, the worst feeling I know. Emotionally. It's horrible, and I've only ever felt it on several occasions.

I'm sure if I watched the movie again (which I am afraid of doing, even though I'm much older) I would.. appreciate it more. Well, I do appreciate it. I just think I was so young that i didn't understand why I did. Loved the characters but what happens to them and everything is so sad. I can't even really remember what happens actually.. but from the feeling I got and remember, I know it was something that really hit me. Perhaps it was the style.. watercolour, correct? And spidery. I don't like that, unfortunately, it scares me.

But I've been thinking of it more lately, so maybe I will watch it again. If only to remember and decide what I think of it now.
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This movie used to frighten me when I was little.
But after re-watching it when I was a bit older, it was less frightening.

Now, I watch it on a regular basis because I just love revisiting the characters so much.
I also find it to be one of the few "kid's" films to take all ages of its audience seriously.
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I absolutely love the movie even though it varies greatly from the book, right down to the name of the main character. It is still a classic and amazing.
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Such amazing work on an amazing your style!
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Amazing job on Mrs. Bris, you've captured her so well! =D
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Pretty cool picture.
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Oh I love this movie. Just watched it not to long ago and now I got to watch it again. Love the artwork.
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Thanks a lot! I personally try to watch it pretty frequently. I can't help's just such a good movie. :3
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Very true. I love it as well.
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One of my favorite books, and you're right its an amazing movie.

I love this :3
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Thanks very much! :)
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