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::Commish: Sabin+Den for Arania

Commission digitale pour arania, les persos du rp auquel elle participe, Den (à gauche) et Sabin :3
Comment j'ai galéré ='D Quasiment la première commish que j'ai commencé dans la session de mars et finie en dernier /o/ J'ai été un peu trop impressionnée par les persos et les précédentes commissions les concernant owo;;

Sorry for my wonderful english ='D

Digital commission for arania, Den (at left) and Sabin, from Victorian Legend, "an original free-form role playing game that takes place in a setting very similar to the real-world Victorian era, and on the surface, would appear indistinguishable.  However, magic and horror elements do exist below the perceptions of most normal people in the setting". (See more) :3

It was hard, very hard ='D It was the first commish I started for march session and I completed it after all the others /o/ I was to impressed by the charac and the previous commissions about them owo;; A great challenge o/

Den&Sabin © kamiki&arania
Art by Clover-Doe
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