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Published: September 3, 2016
Hey everyone, this was the original post for my old TOS guide. It's super duper old and I'm so thrilled to FINALLY update it for good.

Here is the good docs where you locate and read the new Terms of Service and Use.


Here is the old one for you to review, way back from the first draft of like... 2014. Painfully outdated.

[ Older Clover Coin Designs Terms of Service Link on the Clo Wiki ]

This page will eventually be removed in a week or two. I want to make sure everyone has a moment or two to take a look and make sure they are alright with the terms I have placed on my work and if it affects them in any manner of owning my work.

What's changed about the terms of service?

I have been trying to work on updating my Terms of Service since about May of 2018. I asked a few artists if I may study their TOS and try to workshop my own. Many attempts and failures to write and articulate best of rules while also remaining pretty open book for most users. Luckily we have a hero to this story, one of the head admins of the Pillowing-Archive, our very own CinnriStreusel came in and helped clean up a lot of stagnant mess behind the scenes of pillowings that I wasn't capable to address in my current state. I'm entirely grateful for all the help they have given and helped me write the new entire terms of service and lots of guidance information I think will be very helpful to average customer and Pillowing-Pile member!

We're very excited to finally make such a huge step forward. C: Now to address some big changes!

:new: Co-Ownership and Masterlist Logging for Cloverse Species.

We have never officially acknowledged co-ownership. We had extremely strict rules that while you may share you adopt with friends, the Pillowing-Archive staff will only listen to 1 official designated owner.

Again and again this has been a line that has been crossed and users expect us to be responsible. I need to make this extremely clear, I will never acknowledge co-ownership professionally because it is too messy of a customer situation. ( Do I personally co-own and share my characters with friends? Absolutely. But in private, as you all should! C: Nothing wrong with sharing the love, but please make sure to obey the official rules. )

:new: For even bigger news about the TOS and the Pillowing-Archive masterlist, we are officially lifting our resale limitations on all Clo Species adoptables and designs by AJ of Clover Coin Designs. We originally held these strictly in place when we saw multiple users in the beginning (2014-16 ish?) getting scammed out of their points or paypal cash. Over the years we effectively stopped all scam trades in their tracks! It was very exciting. However as adopt numbers grew and AJ (Owner of Clover Coin Designs) health faded it became harder to log and track. Many users in recent years have actually seemed to make games out of finding loopholes in rules or poor wording. So we need to put a direct stop to all of this and allow the users freedom to handle their own situations.

Please understand because we no longer will be holding rules against resales, we the staff of Clover Coin Designs and Pillowing-Pile can not usually help users who get scammed since we are not directly involved with the transactions. Please understand this before it could happen to you. I really hope this has stopped in recent years and it's not something we'll even worry about.

Another note for users who ask if they can use vouchers, I don't seem to understand what vouchers are. It's just under-table cash from what I understand. We as the Pillowing-Pile staff will not be involved in any transactions except for the transfer comments on the Pillowing-Archive submissions. You may user vouches at your own risk, please be safe with yourself!

WHAT WE MUST STRESS FOR ALL CLO ADOPTABLE OWNERS - At this time ownership is managed on deviantart at the Pillowing-Archive , please make sure your pillowings are all updated with your current usernames and when you transfer your pillowing to another user, even if they own pillowings or clo content, you MUST share my terms of service with the new owner. (This journal works fine as a ref link.) This is required every time.

Once you confirm a trade with a user, please report your trade of ownership to the Pillowing-Archive on your pillowing or lintling's designated submission. The user receiving the adoptable is required to comment to confirm the transaction. Once confirmation is seen a moderator of the Pillowing-Archive will update the adoptable's submission and comment letting the users know the pillowing has been updated.

Please understand, by lifting the resale limitations this type of transactions and trades will be EXTREMELY important to help users make sure they are in fact getting what they are trading/paying for. Thank you for being patient and reading all of this.

Also, remember if you are posting a pillowing or lintling adoptable for trade or sale and submit it to the Pillowing-Pile group, please make sure always include a link or thumbnail to your adoptable's registration submission from the Pillowing-Archive ! This helps the mods process items much faster and prevent any fishing attempts. c:

:new: Design Edit Kits for Pillowings and Lintlings!

I'm so glad to finally be able to release the Edit Kit for the pillowings and completely simplify the process of approving design edits for my Pillowing-Pile staff much MUCH easier.
Pillowing Redesign Kit Guide by Pillowing-Archive

Here is the current guide for edit changes on your pillowing adoptables. I will be releasing brand new guides and content for lintlings when my energy allows for it, so at this time the visual guide will be for pillowings. But same rules will apply to your lints as well! (If you're feeling confused or overwhelmed by options, totally hit us up on the Pillowing Pile Discord Chat, we'd love to help you out best we are able!)

Edit Kit is available for $5 usd via paypal, 500 :points: via Pillowing-Archive, and will be available for 600 cc (8-29-2018 edit: oops, I wrote 500 cc instead of 600 cc. To clarify, yes it's 600 cc per edit kit.) on the Pillowing-Archive rewards shop! ( I'm currently working on some visuals to move our shops over to the Staff/NPC account for better access and hosting! Everything always a work in progress. c;

To purchase a 5$ USD paypal edit kit, please send payment here using www.paypal.me/clovercoin/5
REQUIRED; Please include your username and edit kit so that CloverCoin can log your new items into the Pillowing Pile CC Bank and Inventory (UPDATE!). If you do NOT include your username this will create a lot of disruption to make sure I source your username to your payment, so please be considerate and make sure you send the correct information! Also, if you notice you purchased an item but it didn't update within 24 hours, please contact the Pillowing-Pile or Pillowing-Archive via note to make sure you transaction went through safely! Sometimes AJ is just sick in bed and she can check through mobile apps and help the staff approve it so long as we're poked. Or hit up the discord help channel! Lots of quick replies there usually!

Can users buy edit kits for other users? Yes you can! You just send payment with the username of the person you want to receive the edit kit item! I will then add that item to that name in the Pillowing-Pile bank! Same goes for the 500 :points: option that is available at the Pillowing-Archive !

The only currency you can't use to buy items for other users yet is cc (clover coins). So sorry folks, I know it's a bummer! But once we finish all the prep with the offsite banking app that Provinite is programming for us, we hope to eventually add automation and transfers directly between users so you may use CC as a new currency when it's open! Sadly just not yet. Sighhhh, crossing my fingers that progress is progress. I'm excited with you all. <3

CC? Clover coins? Wait, you have a group currency? How do I get some?!

You can earn CC by drawing Cloverse Content!

Pillowing Pile Prompt Packs! - Prompt packs to help you get to know your new adoptable and explore them! Also you get a neat sticker reward for your Introducing Stickers and Sticker Boards! STICKER BOARDS! (/^▽^)/

Earn CC for your Personal Drawings! - You can also earn CC just by drawing pillowings or lintlings! You can do commissions, free requests, art trades, gift art, or just draw the mascots a lot! Any lintling or pillowing from the Pillowing-Archive that is registered can be drawn for cc for the Pillowing-Pile bank! Just submit the artwork to the group and a mod from the Pillowing-Pile will reply with a comment about your newly earned cc and add it to the bank for you.

Quick basic information about how I expect to handle payments for the Clover Coin Designs business. Payment plan basic information for those who are curious to what my usual terms are. But know that every payment plan is handled CASE BY CASE. C: So don't worry if it doesn't fit you exactly, it will never hurt to ask questions so always feel free to message AJ on discord or note CloverCoin . What the expectations are with auctions and flat sales of adoptables.

What are available for refunds of Clover Coin Adopts? All refunds are usually handled case by case. Knowing that, here are the most often used refunds or trade in services;

The only official refund option at this time is that users who no longer want their Clover Coin Adoptable may come to AJ / CloverCoin herself and offer to sell the design back to them for a 50% cut of it's original sale price. All original sale prices will still be listed on the Pillowing-Archive masterlist. If it was a MYO design, it will be 50% of myo slot prices of the design. Extra artwork does not change the price.

Clover Coin Adoptable Trade In's for MYO slots; I have always been a bit loose with this. But the official rule for everyone to know is if you have a pillowing or lintling design that you would like to trade in to CloverCoin or the Pillowing-Pile ( Design Donations to the Thrift Store; Another journal coming soon) is that whatever the rarity of your adoptable, your myo slot will drop in 1 less tier. 

Example: you have a Rare MYO Pillowing you're not connecting with. You go to AJ and ask, I have an idea for a pillowing I might like better, can I trade this pillowing to you for a MYO slot? Yes you can! However you will only receive an Uncommon MYO Pillowing slot instead of a Rare. This is to help prevent the myo slots and trade ins from being too open or possibly abused.

What if I have a design that CloverCoin want's back (example she left a comment on the registration of my pillowing adopt I own about being interested in purchasing them back or owning them again)? Can I offer it to them? Yes you can! When it's a design that AJ / CloverCoin has been actively looking for, she may overlook the trade in policy or 50% buy back and offer the full purchase price for them, artwork, or myo slots. It's usually a pretty open haggle system, but AJ loves collecting her favorite pillowing and lintling designs and will always be open to you messaging her about them. Discord or notes! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

:new: Harassment, Banning, and Refusal of Services. This is a BIG UPDATE.

So back in the day when adopts FIRST opened you generally could PM a problem user, refund them their money, and take back rights of your adoptables. However it was a very poor and crude process that caused a lot more hostility than it prevented sadly. We made a guide to the terms of service in 2016-17 I think updating that we only now refuse future services and do not on any account reclaim any adoptables without users consent. Ever.

We are trying to come forward as more professional and learn as we go with this community and creative group. We will be officially keeping a 3 strike system privately of users who have broken rules, been contacted about it by staff, then written down. If the user gets 3 strikes they will be banned from CloverCoin sales and services like participating in the Pillowing-Pile group and other cloverse activities for 1 year. After that they may petition to be unbanned and come back to the community again fresh start. We are always hoping a second chance is what the user needs. We're all growing and learning, try to keep open minds.

However if poor behavior persists, the user gets another 3 strikes and ban? They most likely will be blacklisted officially and permanently banned by Clover Coin Designs and not allowed to do business with AJ, Clover Coin Designs, or any Cloverse content like Pillowing-Pile and other species. However everything is usually handled case by case. We hope it never boils down to this.

In our group we have 0 tolerance for hostility or abuse. If you have a problem with the group Pillowing-Pile, the staff, users in the group, or at AJ CloverCoin herself we will always ask you to please speak up and contact a staff member of the team you feel safe with and have them help bring your problem to attention of AJ and staff to hopefully sort it out. If a user contacts AJ CloverCoin , Provinite , or any of the Pillowing-Archive / Pillowing-Pile staff with threats, hostility, or insults you will be warned about gaining an immediate strike to your name in the group. This is nonnegotiable even after/if the user calms down. Please always think before your actions and please always try to be civil with others. You do not have to be kind or even polite, but basic civil decency will always be required.

I'm blocked by AJ CloverCoin , am I allowed to own her designs and adopts or participate in her closed species like Pillowing-Pile ? Can I contact her to ask to be unblocked?

I'm sorry to hear you've been blocked. Ideally clovercoin only blocks when it's a stress breaking point and she can no longer engage with those users. However AJ CloverCoin 's health and comfort must always be considered as well as the users of the group. Even if you are blocked by clovercoin you may participate in the Pillowing-Pile group. If you are blocked from the group, you will need to note a staff member to petition to be allowed to join the group again. It doesn't have to be much, just, "Hi, I was removed from the Pillowing-Pile and I would like to have access to the group again." And a staff member will report it to the staff chat for review. Almost always users will be allowed to return even if they can not contact clovercoin directly. We expect it should be fine so long as users are open to working through staff members of the Pillowing-Pile group.

About contacting CloverCoin again to petition for an unblocking, much like the message above I don't need an apology. I don't need an explanation. If you simply just ask, I will consider it and most likely approve it and remove you from the block list. Please contact AJ via email (ajclovercoin at gmail) with your deviantart username or through discord if you would like to petition to be removed from her DA account's block list.

At this time I'm at a very low point in my physical and mental health, however with Provinite's new job and our new insurance we are very slowly stabilizing and making progress with our lives and medical visits. I am not able to handle a lot of the online stress that social medias can produce. I will be heavily relying on my Pillowing-Pile staff team and CinnriStreusel as lead admin to help me during this low point. I much remind everyone, Pillowing-Pile is only getting to exist right now because of the donated time by the staff and CinnriStreusel who is taking a lot of responsibilities without any compensation from me over the last few months.

I know this can be frustrating and I'm sorry that I must continue to ask for patience while I work through my new diagnosis and trial new medications. I will be available online, I will be here still trying to work, but I might not be socially available at this time until my health in both areas improves. Thank you for being supportive and understanding of this selfish request. I know I'll get stronger, I just have to keep working at it.

And lastly, One-Offs and Open Species? Do those have rules???

Pretty much no, they pretty much open to you to do as you please. Edit the design, change it as you please, resell it later, anything but making commercial products out of the design. If you are interested in commercial use and licenses, purchase options might be available. But it's strictly handled case by case and not very often approved. Never hurts to check and ask though, no worries! _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

Alrighty, so that finishes up all the big new changes I think. Please give my new terms a read if you own my designs and adoptables!

If you own a Closed Species (Ex; Pillowings, Lintlings) by CloverCoin, yes you are required to read it!!! PLEASE READ IT! m(_ _)m

If you see anything that looks questionable please leave a comment. I take crit of my terms pretty seriously and will do my best to try and explain why things are handled the way they are. Or if something is just confusing to you, just ask! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION, ASK ANYTHING! C: I'm here to help and all of the Pillowing-Pile staff are too!
© 2016 - 2019 CloverCoin
Guides for the Pillowing-Pile members and those who are interested in Pillowings and Lintlings.

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so if i brought a myo pillowing for $25 would i be able to sell it for that price?
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Wait so, are we allowed to sell pillowing's now if they weren't not sellable before? 
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100% YES!

But please please please be careful and make sure to check the Pillowing-Archive to make sure you're getting what you want, selling what you do have up to date, all that noise. We can't help as staff of the Pillowing-Archive / Pillowing-Pile with sales transactions or get money back for people. c: So that's all we warn about! Keep the masterlist up to date and we're great!
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Hid all previous comments that do not relate to the 2018 TOS update.