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Disabled artist. Extremely anti-social. Just a ferret.

Thanks for looking at my work. (๑꒪▿꒪)*

Spritely Jinx
--- Please do not interact with me if you're an Anti. I am prokink, proship, profiction. We don't tolerate moral abuse and manipulation in my spaces. Please block me and move on. I also block any anti supporters as well to keep my spaces clean and clear. Adults consenting to other adults in sexual situations and communicating is the best~ AJ and Prov showing their support for NSFW artists, erotica writers, and sex workers. Just remember, "Your Kink Is Not My Kink & That's Okay."
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Hey peeps, I've had a couple people private message me politely asking if I could unblock them (or if they upset me or so forth). Just wanted to make lil psa - I block very often for my own online safety. As soon as I see anyone with a "dni proship" or "dni kink/fetish" language I just block and don't look back so I don't accidentally run into them again. I have no ill will or bad feelings towards these people, just to keep us all safe and comfortable for our online browsing experience. However because of the way I block people, I tend to accidentally block people who have confusing dni/warnings. So people who want to continue to follow me sometimes get blocked. I know the general rule is that you never "block evade" as common policy. But for me and my personal boundaries? I do not mind anyone private messaging me and politely asking me why I blocked them or requesting if I could unblock them. As my personal rule everyone who messages me usually gets 1 no-questions-asked unblock.
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I'm bored. There's a whole bunch of new followers. Why not? Got any questions for me? About art? Ocs? Life? SHRUGS?? ASK AWAY~
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Pillowing MYO Slots and Edit Kits

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hi!! what brushes do you use? i like the look of em

Thank you! Can you show me which pictures you like? I used different brushes so it will help me narrow it down!

yeah sure!

Oh what luck
Adventure Unicorn
Cooper Griffin

these three should be enough? I really love the colouring and lineart haha

Looks like you want the Mameo Brush for lineart!

Mameo I like to use for the pencil feeling texture and scratchiness, I found it in Chamy's Brush Set!

For color and texturing I like to use this Acrylic Gouache brush which I thiiiiink is this one:

The one above mixes, where I also like to use this one too.

Hope these can help!

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Hope your having a splendid day!! If not I hope it gets better!!

Your characters expressions and Hues, Make me less depressed.

Thank you Artist I've never seen before.

Hope you’re having a good day/ night/ evening!!

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