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Inktober day 6 - Flying Lessons



As I've mentioned before, only the tallest Seedlings can fly, however not all of them are as elegant and skillful as the Troubadours. Training a Momoto is always a pain and riding them is a nearly impossible task. It's important to start when you are young and work on bonding, but even with a bond, these fuzzy bugs are tough to guide through the air.

The flying newbies have to stitch two leaves to their hoodies to warn the other riders they are still learning, and usually, they will have the company of Troubadors who like to keep an eye on them. And I meant that quite literally, Troubadors only watch, they can't be bothered to go out of their way to catch a falling rider.

But don't worry, their soft and light bodies are resistant against falls, so no Seedling ever gets hurt if they end up falling off their Momoto.

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you make the cutest creatures