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MY LITTLE YGOTAS PONY by Achiru-et-al MY LITTLE YGOTAS PONY :iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 5,286 995 Mother 3 by slimu Mother 3 :iconslimu:slimu 3,313 274
A/N: One thing I'd like to say before you get started on this next part, thanks to all the people on dA and FF that have read and loved the first part! Hopefully this will be as good as the last, so enjoy!
Favorite this story if you like it, and read it whenever you want to [re-]read a ¾/tickle fic! ~Sadako the Wolf/The Girl from the Well

After Wally and Kuki had admitted their feelings (and one last tickle for the oriental girl), they had hung out with each other and actually had spent the day together. The two were much happier knowing they were both in love.
Finally it was the end of the exciting day, and the blond one was about ready for bed. He took his date to her room. "Ah really had a great toime, Kuki." He smiled at her. She smiled back.
"Me too," she agreed. They quickly kissed and said goodnights, and so the Australian headed off to his room. The raven haired girl appeared to go in her room, changing to her pajamas, but then remember
:iconsadako-the-wolf:Sadako-the-Wolf 26 72
Writing Operative:
Sadako the Wolf/The Girl from the Well
Mr. Warburton

The short, blond haired boy everyone knew as Numbuh 4, or Wallabee Beetles, was in his room, training with his punching bag. Left, right, left he jabbed at the bag. He was so concentrated with his training that when he heard a certain voice, the Australian jumped from his place, obviously startled.
"Numbuh Fooouuur!" A familiar long, raven haired girl called. She was known as Numbuh 3, real name Kuki Sanban, and could be called the exact opposite of Numbuh 4. The Japanese girl skipped happily into his room.
Wally groaned and turned around. "Oh, whaddya want Numbuh 3?" He was grumpy that his training had been disrupted, when he'd actually be glad to see her.
Kuki giggled, "Don't you know what day it is?" She hid her sleeved hands behind her back in anticipation.
'Today, today…' the blond one thought. 'A
:iconsadako-the-wolf:Sadako-the-Wolf 42 25
Crystal by digidestined4eva Crystal :icondigidestined4eva:digidestined4eva 6 0 Silver by digidestined4eva Silver :icondigidestined4eva:digidestined4eva 5 0 Gold by digidestined4eva Gold :icondigidestined4eva:digidestined4eva 4 9 BLEACH by hakumo BLEACH :iconhakumo:hakumo 5,635 406 +Dissidia Final Fantasy+ by meru-chan +Dissidia Final Fantasy+ :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 8,411 770 Full Metal Edward by paintpixel Full Metal Edward :iconpaintpixel:paintpixel 6,864 896
Sir, miss, or mister cheese, sorry, but I'm quite lazy and don't really fave that many things. Maybe in a few months there'll actually be more stuff in here...


arrrgh I'm going to have no time to get on the internet this year

I am the saddest panda. T^T

I'll still try to keep drawing in my spare time, though. And if I don't have any then I'll FREAKING MAKE SOME, hear that LIFE?

(Unless that time's spent playing KH DDD instead. I'm still stuck in the Tron world blargh, I want my Fantasia and Three Musketeers)


Ready, set, go!
United States
So I think it's about time I redid this. Uh.

I got nothin'. Sorry folks.

(okay so maybe I do it happens)

I'm a gamer who likes to draw in her spare time. Fanart mostly, but I do some original stuff every now and then.

I do manga, anime, games, you name it. What I do draw varies heavily by what fandom I'm currently obsessing in.

I do take requests, but please check with me in advance if you'd like something. Also, I like to take my time on my art (read: procrastinate), so I may not get your request done as quickly as you'd like. If you're okay with that, though, please fire away~I have few limitations, though I refuse to draw any mature content. Sorry, but graphic pictures aren't my thing.

(Yet, anyway.)

All right, now I've really got nothin'. Go on then, shoo.

Current Residence: New Bark Town
Favourite genre of music: rock, alt rock, metal, orchestral/classic
Operating System: ...A computer?
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch. Finally got a new one .3.
Personal Quote: "There is a very thin line between insanity and deranged fans. Let us tread carefully, friend.&



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