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Lesaka's Nightmare

This is a new digital drawing I've been working on for quite a while now ^^ I got inspired to make this piece by a story written by :iconkatrica:.

In the drawing you see a nude Lesaka being chased by two shadowy figures with crimson glowing eyes while she is running away through a dark ruin like hallway.

I really do not want to add the scars which cover her whole body because it slightly ruins the drawing in my eyes :P

Lesaka © :iconkatrica: - Roleplay character on Argent Dawn EU
Draenei © Blizzard Entertainment
The art © by me, obviously enough x3
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© 2011 - 2021 Cloutar
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I really like how you drew the legs /hooves.
The shading and lighting is really nicely done aswell.
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You did an amaaaaazing job on this. Definitely shows how long you worked on it. Yer too good at colouring XD
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*Diffes sneaky, sneaky in shadows* ;D
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If Diffes is a Draenei called Bandorin or Noraelin, then yes, sneaky sneaky diffes in the shadow.
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*transforms in to draenei* Problem officer?
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