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Bewear Wants Hugs

By CloudyZu
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Anyone wanna hug Bewear:smirk: 

Just a quick doodle with background. Wink/Razz 

So yesterday, I've watched the new trailer of Pokemon Sun and Moon which features new Pokemon in the game. They've made the name of this Pokemon Bewear, the Strong Arm Pokemon.
I mean, I think I'm done hearing these names like a bear who's going to eat you alive and stuff just for you to stay away from bears, also with the sign that says "Beware of the bears".

Anyways, I think I'm starting to like that new Pokemon from Sun and Moon, rather than Mimikyu.
Speaking of Mimikyu, I'll be planning to draw Mimikyu someday...

Bewear : [Pokemon]

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The ultimate deathtrap...
Mackenzthedragongirl's avatar
MackenzthedragongirlHobbyist Artist
Just don't let it hug back.....
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large-rargeHobbyist Traditional Artist
A smart trainer will just walk away.

A dum trainer dies after 5 seconds.
meikotheshinyturtwig's avatar
meikotheshinyturtwigHobbyist Traditional Artist
Would hugging it from behind be any safer?
SirArceon's avatar
SirArceonHobbyist Writer
...I'd take the risk.

(And I'd have Magearna's Fleur Cannon to bail me out if it went badly...)
HighRollerHydra's avatar
HighRollerHydraHobbyist General Artist
Not me...but I do know quite a few people to direct his hugging to...
LarryMoments's avatar
LarryMomentsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Don´t make me think, please, that is a plush. IF IT IS I JUST WANT TO HUG HIIIIIIMM!
ECHO173's avatar
you do know that thing is known for snapping people IN HALF by just Hugging them right?
KenTheNekomata's avatar
KenTheNekomataHobbyist Digital Artist
I could give this giant red(pink) panda a hug.
Zenfirebird's avatar
Hug it from behind.
Wildcat1999's avatar
Wildcat1999Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll hug it, if it doesn't squeeze too hard
RyanBoi4912's avatar
Its Moon Pokédex entry reads as follows: "This Pokémon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many Trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug." So I think it squeezing too hard is practically a guarantee, especially since it doesn't seem to know its own strength.
MudkipzUniverse's avatar
MudkipzUniverseHobbyist Digital Artist
i would, but i like my life
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MonterrioAshmoreStudent Digital Artist
Careful. Bewear's hug CAN kill you!
AllenRavenix's avatar
AllenRavenixHobbyist Artist
Free hugs and broken spines. XD
Toaoflight3690's avatar
Toaoflight3690Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yes, another new Pokémon for Sun and Moon.
kijsett's avatar
Don't hug that! It will probably break your back, or worse!
MrBda241's avatar
MrBda241Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know what this Bear will do when I hug it, Not hugging it
NeoNimbus526's avatar
NeoNimbus526Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If it's a hug he wants, it's a hug he'll get. Hug 
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NockeyNooHobbyist Digital Artist
found you~
NeoNimbus526's avatar
NeoNimbus526Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright then.
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