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NATG Day 1 - Stargazing

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Or rather, moongazing. Doho I am so witty.

Anyway, so I'm accruing tons and tons of art. Or maybe that's "art." Atm I'm working on getting better at this (why else?) with nothing to work with but paper and pencil. I'm considering buying colouring pencils and/or dry pastel sticks, and I certainly need to invest in a flatbed scanner if I intend to keep this up--which I do--but for the past month, it's kind of been an excuse. I haven't uploaded anything because I want to colour first. And scan properly instead of having crummy camera pics.

They're legitimate thoughts, don't get me wrong, but I'm afraid that once I have that in place, I'll be afraid to upload until I "get better," and once I'm thinking that, the battle is lost and I'll never upload anything.

For starters, I'm gonna upload all the NATG stuff as I finish it. I've been doing them since the start but didn't submit until I finished day 3.

So yeah. Sorry for phone-cam pencil art, I guess?
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Ahaha! I love that stare :D Nice idea!

Your lines are really smooth, and the anatomy is looking great. Keep uploading stuff, even if you've only got a phone cam! It's cool to be learning alongside awesome people like you.
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Regarding lines, I find it SO much easier to draw the larger the ponies are. This picture here was infinitely more comfortable than today's (day 5) simply because Twi is that much larger. It's almost enough to drive a pony to buy a larger sketchbook.

Also, am flattered, and it's tons of fun to get involved with all you others who've been arting/ATG'ing/NATG'ing--I've been so bad at being active like that. Here's to that changing, eh!
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Keep going, Cloudy! I can already tell your art's gotten much better since the last time I saw it :D Love the star-struck look in Twilight's eyes -- though I probably should be thinking "moon-struck" instead, huh?
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I won't lie; that's bloody encouraging to hear! I only really re-started drawing a month ago. Appreciate all the comments, and I hope you'll keep with this whole posting up art thing, too--you've been quiet for a very long time if I'm not mistaken.
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Really nice, clean linework!
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Much appreciated! I still get wobbly with lines if I can't draw from the wrist, I feel.
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