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NATG 8-2 Pony Playing a Game

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Dash: Right. Uh, B-2?
Pinkie: Aw. That's my unicorn. You win again!
Dash: Heh, easy. You're really bad at this game, you know. You can't put your pieces on the same squares every time!
Pinkie: Oh. Whoops! Sorry.

Of course Pinkie Pie knew how to play Battleclouds. But what she also knew, and what Rainbow Dash didn't know, was that Pinkie noticed how much happier Dash was whenever she won. When Rainbow Dash was happy, so was Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie scooped up her pieces again, and from behind the cover of the screen she put the unicorn back onto square B-2, ready for another round.
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Yay! I love the little story behind this one - so cute!

Very smooth lines once again. I think you could move Pinkie and Dash down the page a little bit, to line them up better with the Battleclouds board, but even still this is good work!
Cloudyskieswrites's avatar
Yeah, it's funny--in writing, I appreciate the freedom and malleability of planning things only partially, but as it turns out, it's a terrible idea in drawing. I need to do far, far more comprehensive sketches before I actually start linearting. You're entirely correct: they're not in line, and that's because the board was literally the last thing I drew in, and even then, I somehow botched it, hah.
h2g2guy's avatar
Love the concept behind this drawing, and the execution is really good, especially with those tricky poses!  Nice!
Cloudyskieswrites's avatar
Thank you much! There's a minor derp with the layering in Pinkie's tail/her legs that I fixed on paper, but I absolutely love playing around with new poses!
kittyhawk-contrail's avatar

And the implicit tie in with WYHI makes me :D

Gosh. I really wish i could forget about that story to read it again for teh first time.

Cloudyskieswrites's avatar
I don't want to be responsible for booze, bad pony!
kittyhawk-contrail's avatar
more like an excuse for booze.

StillWatersPony's avatar
I really wish I could forget all the stories that Cloudy snared me with, so I could be re-snared by 'em too ;-;
Cloudyskieswrites's avatar
That's an awful lot of talk about snares and bindings. I guess I'll take notes on your preferences here.
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