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NATG 2 - Journey

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This'd look a lot better if I had the time (and planned for the space) to actually draw a planet below Pinkie Pie. Pinkie is on a journey to bring happiness to all the folks, yay!

Except, well, I'm not letting myself go back and edit or touch up stuff since this stuff comes with deadlines, so instead you get a generic pronking Pinkie Pie with a maracas (a maraca?) poking out of her saddlebag as the only defining characteristic. Eh!
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Pronking Pinkie's always a pleasure to see! Nice job getting her mane looking close to that show style -- I know I have a hard time getting that exact degree of poofiness down.

I think you only forgot her eyelashes, but that's better than forgetting her tail (which I'll always do for ponies for some reason x_x)
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...Eyelashes. Augh!

Wingless Dashes and cutiemarkless anyponies are a dime a dozen, but for some reason, this annoys me a lot. I am gonna break my no-edit rule and fix this the second I get home, grah.

On the mane and tail though, I have more respect for those who can make her hair their own and reinterpret it freehand; I try to use less and less references (and I'm succeeding at that,) but when it comes to the manes and tails of ponies who aren't AJ and FS, I still have to look at others'/the show's work there. I do appreciate the compliment though!