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This account's like 90% dead :(
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Oh, hey. Welcome to my DeviantArt. If you couldn't tell by my tagline, this account has been mostly abandoned. I'm only really gonna be on here to post art and stories now. You're better off finding me on a different social platform. I might be back one day, but I can't make any promises. Though being honest, the only real thing that'd make me come back is the infinity to one chance the old layout comes back. Regardless, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Also I fucking hate Eclipse.

Swinging Pikachu Stamp
Swinging Treecko Stamp
Swinging Torchic Stamp
Swinging Mudkip Stamp
Swinging Lotad Stamp
Sarcasm Stamp
'Explaining' Stamp
Self taught artist - stamp
childhood memories
[stamp] misc: rather play video games
Little Forest Fellow
[ Little Forest Fellow | f2u ]
best motivational stamp
[Stamp] Gratitude
It's Okay to Feel
Well, uh, looks like DeviantArt shit itself again. All I can really say is that I'm glad I don't use this account for much anymore.
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How do you cancel a core membership, fuck
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Mario Run is 5 years old now. That's cool, I guess? Not really sure why I'm commenting on it. Don't know if it really means anything, either.
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Thank you for the favorite on my art! If you liked what you saw, consider watching or commissioning me! :)


SUPER cute art!!

:woohoo::party::cake: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :cake::party::woohoo:

:sing::music:It's your birthday~~ It's your birthday~~ :music::sing:

It's March 24th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness, and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many good wishes and love from your friendly birthdays' team~ :love:


The Birthdays Team

This birthday greeting was brought to you by @SoreyShikabaneHime

Hey Cloudy! I saw your messages in my old profile (this one). Thank you for the birthday wishes, it was wild to see all of those. I've been gone for 6 years and they were honestly the only thing that made me log back in.

I've been alright. I don't exactly remember what made me abandon this account, and the parts that I do know of are kind of personal and I'd rather not go into it. A lot has happened. I'm technically an adult now, as you probably would guess from the amount of birthdays gone by. I'm a computer science student, and I've learned a lot about myself. But I still do art, and I still love many of the same things I did back when I still used this account! How have the years treated you? I doubt you've quite stayed the same, either.

If you have a TH, you can check out RoboRai on there. If not, I can probably send you my discord or something? If you still do want to get in contact or whatever.

It's wonderful to hear you're doing alright! Truth be told, I've kind of half-abandoned my account too, haha. I mostly blame Eclipse for that, though general motivation may also be a factor. Hell, I had no idea you even commented on my profile, hence the late reply. That's besides the point, however.

I'm still doing art, and working my way towards an art major, so that's certainly something. I guess in terms of art, not too much has changed. I've been able to learn various software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, but I'm mostly just sticking to what I know best for my personal art (I really need to learn the advanced tricks to Clip Studio, bleh). Computer science sounds really interesting, though.

If you still want, it'd be nice to talk to each other now and again on discord. I don't have any real experience with ToyHouse, haha.

Also thank you for the nice compliment about my art, it's so nice to see you again!! ;~;

Sent you a note with my discord because I kinda don't want to post it out here on public