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Should I encorperate said into my writing more (e.g. “You know I had to do it,” he said)? 

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why are you here? you deserve better.

Switch friend code: SW-0857-7616-7293

I'm also on Steam if anyone gives a shit.

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(Stolen from :iconthepinkmarioprincess: lmao)

Hey hoes. Give me a Mario shipping and I'll tell you my abridged opinion on it, or something. That, or I'll beat around the bush. Idk.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My own additional rules
.I'd like to stick to Canon X Canon as much as possible, but you can do Canon x OC if you so wish 
.Crossover ships are okay, i guess, but if you wanna do that, maybe just stick to Smash Brothers. Eh... 
.Idk, uh, gl hf? ;p

Steal this if you wish though why would you the person i stole this from is much better than me

also credit me thank


In all honesty, while I try to avoid MatPat's videos like the goddamn plague, the term "leisurely meandering William" is just so great. I love it.
I heard Mario is going to be playable in the switch version of Luigi U and thats really fucking with by brain?
Hey, uh, I think I might need some help.

So, ever since the World of Light trailer for Smash Ultimate dropped, there's been ideas flooding my head as to what I could do to adapt it into a story of my own. The problem is...I'm not sure how to characterize most of the characters. I mean, I have some idea, but at the same time, I have no idea on how to execute that.

Off the top of my head, I could only really do certain Mario characters and maybe the Pokemon characters and Kirby? Of course, the story is still in very rough development and I don't plan to release the first chapter until early 2019. However, any help counts, and I would appreciate it if someone could help.

It's just that I'm really scared of writing out-of-character moments. If anyone is more familiar with certain games, please let me know and I'll try to stay in contact with you. Thanks. It means a lot to me.
So I just finished Deltarune and not to spoil anything but YOOOO WHAT THE FUCK
Guys the Grinch called me a bitch again help

The Cool Dudes (Friends)

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