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Have you flushed the toilet with your foot? 

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I think I meant to post this here much earlier, but I guess I forgot, or something. So, uh, anyway...

Look, I want to be very brief, but i really need to put this out there.


Honestly, I don’t know what I can say to get it across. No matter what, people are are to ship pairing that you may not agree with. ACCEPT IT

For example, let’s say someone ships two characters that happen to be related by blood. While this is, technically speaking, kinda wrong and pretty gross, it doesn’t instantly mean you have the right to harass them. Even if it could never exist in canon, that still doesn’t give you an Freudian Excuse, or whatever the fuck you call it.

Ok, for example. I really don’t like Rosalina x Waluigi and Rosalina x Bowser (or anyone x Rosalina for that matter). Does that give me the right to get pissed at people who do? No, because that’s fucking stupid. Even if they’re shipping two characters who you don’t see as a couple, they aren’t hurting anyone in the grand scheme of things, so what does it matter? I mean, if they were threatening to nuke the entire human race, then there’d be a problem. But they’re shipping FICTIONAL FUCKING CHARACTERS. You’re just getting angry over characters that technically don’t exist.

What I’m trying to say is just let people be happy with that they ship. Even if you don’t agree, just let them do what they want. There’s enough hate in the world, and wasting on fictional (and on occasion REAL) characters is just plain silly. So whether it’s yaoi, yuri, or fucking INCEST, just let them follow their heart.  

Then again, this is Tumblr Deviantart, so no one’s probably gonna listen.


I wonder if I should open commissions again. I'm kind of worried that I won't get to them for a year or so, or never even finish it. Something similar has...admittedly happened before.

Business was slow when I had them up anyway. I also just feel I can't really provide the same services as others. Eh. Either way, just give me your thoughts. 
Even after one year, Mario and Luigi: Through the Long Night is the absolute favorite thing I have written. <3

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do for years to come. <33
I'd assume this is the case, but I wonder if you're still gonna rescue Peach if you play Luigi U, because if that is the case, hoo man.

//gets out giant tub of popcorn

This should be fun.

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oh lel, i found you in the comments of…
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ive been exposed
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I had a wall of these notices on my page and people completely ignored it. I gave up.frustrated 
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God that is such a mood
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Thank you for the +fav:BlackEyedSusan: - NaNoEmo 09  

Oops! I have read (and translated) your message incorrectly. Sorry!
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Ah. It's okay. For the most part, I just want people to reply to this comment, if that makes any sense. It just saves me a bit of trouble. <33
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:) (Smile) 
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Nah I'm trolling. What's up???
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