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Just be honest... Am I...lazy? 

4 deviants said Nah u gud
1 deviant said Yep gurlfriend
1 deviant said Lazier than Luaisy if u get my drift ;)




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why are you here? you deserve better.

Wow, you actually visited my page. Well, uh, hello. You can call me Cloudy. This account isn't all that special. Hell, it really isn't special at all. I barely even post here. But regardless, I do appreciate the fact you visited my page. So, enjoy your time here, no matter how subpar this page may be.

Switch friend code: SW-0857-7616-7293

I'm also on Steam if anyone gives a shit.

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So, um, this is an interesting question. 

So, as I was cleaning out my notifications, I came across one in particular in the comments section. The person in question (they have since deactivated but I believe their most recent account is :icondxhvie:) asked why I do not care for yoai much. Ever since I got it, it kind of got me thinking, but I never really pinned down a reason. Well, I sort of did, but I never fleshed it out beyond that. But, now that I'm slightly older and hopefully wiser, I think I'm finally ready to answer this question after almost two years of hell. But first, I would like to get something across...

//Deep inhale

I've never watched a yaoi series.

Before you raise up your pitchforks and light your torches, let me explain. 

Okay, listen. I haven't necessarily watched a series, but I have read one. It was called I Hear the Sunspot, I believe. It was a nice read, if I recall. There's a sequel, if I'm correct, but I haven't gotten around to reading that yet. 

Though I haven't actively sought out to sit down and watch a series in that genre, I have seen a clip or two online of that kind of stuff, and I just don't feel as if I would like it much. Though I feel this is an exaggeration, it's kind of like "Ahh, Uke-kun. You look so hot... Come here and rest on my cold, rock-hard abs..."

Also, there was that parody scene in Kiss Him, Not Me, or whatever it's called, and if I didn't like that, then, um... I don't know. That kind of shit just made me uncomfortable.

Then again I've watched and read Made in Abyss so I'm pretty sure I can handle anything

Of course, I doubt every yaoi is like that. For every Madoka Magica, there's a Sword Art Online, and guess which one of the two I actually bothered to watch. What I'm saying is that if every show was the same, then, well, there'd be no variety.

Doesn't explain the large amounts of cookie cutter isekai and incest trash on the market that people eat up for some reason

I don't know. Two guys hamming each other with big sticks of salami they bought at the dollar store just doesn't seem neat to me, I guess. Shit, I always find myself grimacing when I find a character in a piece of media who's a fujoshi degenerate sCUM, but I know that sort of thinking isn't the best. I guess what I'm trying is say is I just don't really see the appeal.

I get that yaoi is really popular, so maybe I'm missing something. Who knows? Maybe I'll go outside one day, breathe whatever the fuck is in the air, and come across a good series that I really like. Probably isn't gonna happen tomorrow, but it might happen someday. Who the hell knows?

 Also theres this one male/male ship I've seen a lot of on Tumblr, and I feel it's kinda been ruined for me a bit because of that but that's definitely more of a "me" thing.

Also, since I'm sure people are going to ask, I'll explain my thoughts on Yuri.

...I don't know. That's all I gotta say. I dunno.

I guess I never really though much of it. I think I watched some episode of Sakura Trick; didn't really think much of it. 

In a bit of irony, there is a small bit of stuff I'm working a few things (about 3, I think) on on and off in the sidelines, and it does kind have "girls love" stuff in it, but for the most part, I'd just imagine it's just cute, wholesome shit. Just nice, sweet fluff. That's just how it worked out, I guess. Okay, for one of the characters, it's played as a one-sided joke somewhat, but the story they're in is supposed to be a parody, so it's good, right? ...Right?

Look, I just don't really know how to put it. I guess I just never got around to either of them. However, that doesn't mean I'm not at least a little interested. I heard Gravitation is pretty good and I've been interested in watching Yuri on Ice for a while. Also I have one or two Yuri manga I haven't read yet (it was probably most for reference and also it just seemed kinda cool). 

I'm just kind of indifferent, I suppose. But hey, everyone can have their opinions. Just as long as you aren't being a toxic little degenerate, what's wrong with voicing your opinion? Y'all are okay to like what you want. If watching or seeing two half-naked guys lie on a bed together is what makes you breathe heavily, then go right ahead. Just don't push your views onto others. You're more than able to discuss it with others, like-minded or not, but forcing it upon them will only make them resist. 

also Madoka Magica is best yuri dont @ me


On the more positive side of things, I found out today there's seemingly a bit of a niche speedrunning community for Mario Advance. That just made me kind of happy.
I might(?) be posting something today, but after that, until I get over this art depression I got earlier, art will likely be postponed. Sorry about that. Just want to tell.
Um, yes. Is this a where I can just thanos pen pressure out of existence? Yeah, thanks.
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't really care for Luisley and it makes me really sad. ;-;
There's too much negativity so here's this I guess
(Collab) Smash to the Stars by CloudySkies17695

Cool Dudes

:iconchickie456::iconprince-wolfie::iconmc-gemstone::iconlilacponylover125: ::iconkechuppika:


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