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CE:RE - Astria Welsh



I D E N T I F I C A T I O N_

    Astria Welsh  | Dekker | Silv

    Age: 20 |  Height: 5'2" Weight: 105 lbs | D.O.B: 24 October Country: Limonoto

    Pokemon: Snivy  | Type: Grass | Ability: Overgrow

M I L I T A R Y_D A T A_

    Field: Support | Division: Technical | Job: Specialist | Level: 1 

G E A R_ //backpack-sling bag
        - Laptop/holo-tablet
        - Spare jacket [ for Dekker mostly to sleep on]
        - Glasses Case [ hides her wires and a magnify glass lens]
        - Personal Journal and a pencil pouch
        - Tool Kit –mainly used for adjustments and micro motherboard cards-

Dekker’s Bag_ //make shift knapsack he carries
        - Small pocket of berry snacks condensed into a pill form
        - Thin blanket
        - TBA

F U S E R_ 
Metal plate necklace she keeps attached to her inside of her shirt, unknown engraving on one side while mixing her charm from Derek's crystal to create the fuser itself. This is where she keeps inside of her shirt at all times.

W E A P O N R Y_

[FUSION] – Single blade and hilt with an anchor on the end, the anchor is attached to her sides while she has the blades attached to wires as like a whip. 

[Imagine Kai from Darker Than Black his weapon to help understand what I mean <3]

 | | ------------- | |

S T A T S_     

  ATK: [ 2 ] DEF: [ 2 ] AGL: [ 3 ] INT: [ 5 ]

M O V E S E T_

        [ Vine Whip ]  [ Wrap ]  [ Substitute ]

P E R S O N A L_D E T A I L S_

[ Pos ] | Curious | Ex&Introvert | Selfless | Protective | Attentive |  Persistent | Practical | 

[ Neg ] | Open-Minded |
 Broken | Alone | Modest | Childish | Stubborn |

[Neutral] Strong-willed | Rational | 
[ Pos ] | Cautions | Protective | Patient | Comforting | Relaxing | Loving | Independent |

[ Neg ] | Blind Love | Ambitious | Concerned | Uneasy |

[Neutral] | 
Steady |
[ Pos ] | Quiet | Tolerable | Calm | Strategic | Logical | Empathetic | Protective |  Active | Warming | 

[ Neg ]  | Blind Love | Concerned | Uneasy | Paranoid | Stubborn | Lonesome | Introvert | Skeptical |  

[Neutral] | 
Patient | Tactical |

B I O G R A P H Y_

    Of the age of 12, Astria was close to be aged out of the program with no hope of finding a family, she ran away from her orphanage. Astria had nowhere to go. Unable to be adopted, nor find a place to call home. It was a difficult time; the war had been spilling into places where there seemed to be more danger than hope of getting past without being trampled by pokemon or other soldiers of the war. Running from place to place Astria found refuge under any sort of shelter she could find. Finding others like herself she didn’t stray too close to be of companions with them. Untrusting she kept to herself working to find food and drinkable water for herself and a few others in the camp. Astria was a sort of a lone wolf. Keeping by her campsite but straying out to make sure that they’d stay safe. Till another lone child of around the same age came walking into the camp, the two were as of a duo for a time, keeping each other company as Astria found trust in this individual. Saving her neck a few times here and there as well as him teaching her things. They started teaching each other what to do to survive finding shelter, and money. The two became inseparable. Derek was his name. He gave Astria trust in hope again, he taught her routes and mechanics, repair and rebuild, even how to access the mainframes of old broken-down tech hot spots of an old village that use to be filled with vibrant life… but that was long before the war began.

          As night had fallen one night the war spilled over the mountain sides. They were forced out of the campsite to become separated from the others as the military of the enemy came in to capture any that stayed trying to find any that were against them. Astria and Derek stayed together as they made their escape. They were free from it and didn’t want to be involved in someone’s war that wasn’t theirs. Traveling the desert areas in search of a new home somewhere far from the military forces they hoped. Derek and Astria had traveled so far that they knew they were safe. No point in running anymore only to find it soon again after running into raiders every spot here and there, crossing over their trade routes as rebels to the military on both sides. They continued to keep running away from it all…. Close to running out of water… lack of food… Astria fell under too much heat as she fainted from heatstroke. Derek pulled Astria into a small shelter, he didn’t know that they had stumbled upon a pit till Derek went in search of more water in this cave.

               This cave was a dusted over sand hole that was used for military and scientific researched studying the land here and what pokemon lived around it. Long abandoned but still in the well worth of usage. Finding books, papers, technology, tools, even an inactive computer, all of code and another language that seemed odd but Derek had seen it before. Pulling Astria in to give her time to rest under the cooling of the building, all the meanwhile Derek was getting the place up and running again under private access. It still would give off a signal but he somehow knew how to keep this place in secret use. When Astria woke to find herself in this place, she was in fear that she was captured. Derek walked in to greet her and showed her this place. She was intrigued, curious into understanding it. Derek seemed to know a lot more than she had thought. More that it continued to tease her curiosity when he showed her how to understand the language. Showed her how to type practice, read into the language from the books left behind. The more she learned the more Astria grew worrisome as she began to understand on her own. Astria would work at learning more and more reconnecting wires till it fit. Till everything came together again. Their home turned on, working together like webs connecting. Everything seemed to connect … except Derek… He didn’t fit in all of this. She found her answers considering old databases only… she didn’t say anything after that.

               If it wasn’t the military that they were afraid of it was the raiders that didn’t put their mind at ease, they continued to spill closer and closer to home. They shut the place down even drowning it to keep their tracks kept aside searching in deeper for another place to stay. Astria and Derek stayed close to each other, putting trust in each other to keep safe. Coming across some structures around Limonoto one of the raiders home bases… they were driven into it as the raiders were on their tail.

    Hiding down in the basement they found Pokemon in cages looking hurt and in pain… Astria turned to Derek seeming they found one of their fighting rings…. Not caring for the care of any injuries that were caused on them. Astria didn’t stand for this, growing up in that orphanage with the pokemon around her, her first friends were gentle pokemon small and frail like herself … she found her heart broken for these pokemon. Astria went deeper into the building, as Derek followed to keep her safe, to save those pokemon. Yelling, screaming, cheering, and loud crashes, noises were ringing about in the upper floor as they went above to see 2 Aggrons going at it. Astria turned to Derek for help. Derek could only smile knowing that Astria had a kind open heart knowing that he could only nod and help. They made it around the others overhead using the over ducks as they were distracted with the fight.

    Little did they know that the Yovern Military forces were just outside the raiders doorstep. Making their way in Astria held Derek back to watch as they made their perimeter around the building. Thinking the worst of it Derek kept her mind at ease to keep her going to head to the opposite side. The military soldiers were about to invade… Astria had to go back had to save those pokemon below before they were just left there. Making their plan they separated with haste to cause a distraction trapping the right doors as the military made their way inside. Derek set the debris around the building on fire on the upper level sending it down to the fight floor. Shouting, screams and shots were fired, weapons were drawn as Astria was caught, looking up to the Yovern Soldier peering down at her she ran past to slide in the duck tumbling down to the basement level. Shaking away she began unlatching the pokemon’s cages. Derek seemed to not be back yet only to remember their rule. If ever separated make it out towards the last break points where they were before. The building was coming down on top of them. Astria saw the flames coming in and she could only do her best to keep freeing but there were so many. All had been released in time till she heard a screech. Stumbling across a Snivy, its tail and leg pinned under a bar as the debris was falling more over them. It was injured badly possibly from a previous fight. Astria coaxed trying to help him as she gazed into his eyes. Astria felt something and couldn’t run from this, she didn’t want to leave the Snivy behind. She used what strength she had left to lift heavy bar up. The Snivy reached for Astria to scoop the baby boy up into her arms. 

           Escaping the burning building, night had fallen giving her cover to make it far enough before looking back. She didn’t have Derek behind her…. She only hoped he was ahead of her at the reach point. As much as she was safe from the building she knew she wasn’t safe, and the Snivy in her arms was fading quickly. She didn’t stop, making it back to their previous resting place she found herself in heavy sadness not finding Derek here… The long night was quiet… lonely… Astria grew worried, the Snivy resting in her arms as she waited… waited for a long time. For the following morning it didn’t take her long after till she made her way back. Whatever raiders remaining had left the area for her to go in search of parts and materials …. She came upon a field of bodies… she found what was left… her worry faded… just staring for a while… she buried her dear friend that day. Taking what was the only thing that mattered to him… so she could keep it close to her anywhere she could go. A fragment, a crystal that her friend carried on him. She keeps it tucked in her shirt away from eyes always as a promise to never forget. Looking about the building it seemed there in the next building over were more trapped pokemon.. The Yovern soldiers seemed to have been here on a mission to stop the raiders… To save those pokemon… She kind of held praise to them from then on… she continued learning about them able to connect herself to the mainframes she could keep watch of news feeds, new updates of human and pokemon lives lost to this war. She couldn’t grasp the idea of more lives lost to this. She’d continue to progress and search for answers, posting her findings. She became well known in the deepest of the web left for any of those still connected. More so she considered this Yovern military sources near her, her findings made her decision clear. New skills, new techniques… more access. She needed to help. Her Snivy was her bridge back to the real world to keep her from growing distant. The Snivy became known as Dekker as a tribute to her friend. This home will always be her home. But now she knows what she must do.

   Yovern military is her home now; she’ll make the best of it.


M I S C_

Y G G S_ 11587 -edited as of 26th Nov 2017- Bank

E X T R A S_
    - <3 //is a lover of all but Dekker comes first~//
    - Favorite quote “Rise and rise again, I’d rather die on my feet than die on my knees.”
    - Likes to cuddle to anything warm but will deny hugs unless given first
    - Needs some warming up too, impress to catch. Don’t try and show boat. She’ll think you want something else in return for her friendship.
    - Likes to read in her spare time
    - Turn around -

R E L A T I O N S H I P S_







Please do not use or take my design for my character
Ask permission and credit me if i allow you to use my character
I do not own Pokemon 
Originial Design is mine CloudyMad

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