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Zephyr Breeze as Kuzco

Traced Zephyr Breeze from an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 

Thanks to :iconyugiohponyavengers: for the suggestion
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OOOHH!!!!! You Threw Off My Groove!

Im Sorry but you threw off the Emperor's Groove


Did you watch the Netflix movie: Klaus?
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I have heard of it, but have not seen it. I do have Netflix
It’s a great Christmas 🎥 👍🏽You’ll love it. The main character of the movie will really remind you of someone 😂
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Imagine if David Spade voiced Zephyr.
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YEUUUP! This is precise.
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I hope he turns into a Llama.
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Had a feeling this would happen! Always got David Spade/Kuzco vibes off him. Thanks for making it a thing
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If you were to make an actual story about this, would be turned into a llama or something else? What specifically?
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He turns into a sentiment chicken!
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lol , even though i actually like Zephyr because I find him relatable, i'm not going to deny, this is  quite fitting. 
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TOTALLY makes sense.:D:D:D

Great work.:)
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Zephyr Breeze: BOOM BABY!

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash: :iconfacehoofplz: Oh no.
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Haha omg it's very fitting their personality XD
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Then who would make a good kronk and amzy yzma?
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Fluttershy: So, tired of being a llama?
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Someone needs to make a spinoff of that movie with zephyr, but instead of turning into a llama, all his hair falls out.
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That sounds like his personal nightmare.
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Or poison joke.
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Strangely fitting XD
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Hehehehehehehe! LOL  Perfect! :iconjustrightplz:
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