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Twilight Sparkle happy

Traced from a screenshot of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  From season 5 episode 2.

Cutie Mark vector by :iconyanoda:

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"i have been gifted! Horray!"

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I love the way you look Twilight

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i think she should've been named the princess of cuteness :D
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I hate her so much- FIRERAGE - 
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why? a bit of explaining would be nice
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I hate her because of what she did in "lesson zero", she overreacts to everything, she treats Spike like a punching bag, and too be honest I don't think she deserves to be the main protagonist. Why not make Thorax the mane hero? He spent his life surrounded by evil creatures who tried to teach him to steal love from everyone when all he wanted was to share love. Twilight spent her life ignoring all her friends and only cared about studying. Ever since she came to ponyville everyone has been sucking up to her
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isn't that the whole point of the show? learning more about friendship?
also, if Thorax was the main character, i don't think it'd be called My Little Pony anymore
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Sonic Facepalm Icon 
That’s a stupid reason to hate twilight.
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you're telling me
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Sorry to hear that
i have wait until pay the channel to watch MLP FIM because i like that show it funny
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man i sure wish you vectored this of twilight when she yells, Give Em Back!  From season 5 episode 1.…
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