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Keith Birthday Drawing by cloudwolfanime Keith Birthday Drawing :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 11 0 Doggo Steals Shoes by cloudwolfanime Doggo Steals Shoes :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 1 0 Merman Lance by cloudwolfanime Merman Lance :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 3 0 Lance Razzle Dazzle redraw by cloudwolfanime Lance Razzle Dazzle redraw :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 3 1 Touching Stars - Lance Bday by cloudwolfanime Touching Stars - Lance Bday :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 10 0 Thiefachu by cloudwolfanime Thiefachu :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 3 0 Bday Present for a Friend by cloudwolfanime Bday Present for a Friend :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 4 0 Quick Sketch of Cloud by cloudwolfanime Quick Sketch of Cloud :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 0 0 Shiro kitty WIP by cloudwolfanime Shiro kitty WIP :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 2 3
I'll Always Be Here (Bro!KeithxSis!Reader) Ch. 3
The Second Moving
You are still angry at the fact that you're moving. You know that your mom won't drive you back down to Denver from Westminster to see Ellie or any of your other friends. Your mom will have the same excuse: "It's too far away to drive."
You sigh and grumble under your breath while you bring your bags in. Well, carry as much as you can in anyway. There are more bags waiting in the car. You set your bags in your new room before going back to grab the rest.
Keith walks past you as you walk back to the car. He sighs as he does so. He hopes that your anger will pass once school starts. Keith sets his own bags in his room, which is next to yours.
The home the both of you live in with your mom is a ranch home. It's a one story home with an unfinished basement. Your mom says that the basement will be finished in a few months or so. When you open the door from the garage, is the laundry room. It then leads to a small hallway where you can go a
:iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 13 2
Pidge's Birthday Wish by cloudwolfanime Pidge's Birthday Wish :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 9 4 Yes, Master? - Neko Lance by cloudwolfanime Yes, Master? - Neko Lance :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 4 3
I'll Always Be There (Bro!KeithxSis!Reader) Ch. 2
The First Home
Keith is holding onto your hand tightly as both of you walk to the bus stop. Although it is only a two-minute walk, Keith is afraid of losing you out of his sight. You think differently from the grip. You believe that Keith is holding onto your hand because he is afraid of it being the first day of a new school. So, you let him hold on for comfort.
The both of you wait at the bus stop, which is at the small park of the neighborhood. A few other children wait. Some outside like the both of you and others in the cars with their parents.
The bus soon arrives. Children that stayed in the car come out. The door opens and everyone enters in a single file line.
Keith still continues to hold onto your hand. He leads you to a seat in the back. Keith has his little sister sit next to the window while he sits next to the walkway.
Soon everyone is on the bus. The bus starts driving off to the next stop. You look at the window, watching as the bus passes
:iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 11 4
I'll Always Be There (Bro!KeithxSis!Reader) Ch. 1
The First Moving
A month has passed by since that night. Their dad hasn't come back home nor contacted them since then. You still don't understand why her daddy hasn't come back home especially since he usually isn't gone for that long.
At the moment, the house is trying to be sold and everything inside it besides a few things. You didn't understand that either. Why were your toys being sold? They were your toys, not anyone else's. However, you are willing to share them with anyone who wants to play.
Keith watches people come into the house to look from behind the upstairs railings. Those who want to buy it and those who are wanting to buy the things inside. He can feel his little sister grips his hand hard. He looks over at what she's looking at.
A little girl is wanting to play with (y/n)'s princess kitchen playset. However, the mom is telling her not to, so the little girl complies.
(Y/n) wants to tell the mom to let the little girl play
:iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 22 4
I'll Always Be Here (Bro!KeithxSis!Reader)Prologue
 "You're cheating on me with that assistant of yours! Chu told me the truth!"
"I don't know what you're talking about!"
It is late at night. A little boy with black hair is hiding behind the corner, watching his parents argue. His hands are pale from gripping the corner so tightly. Tears well up in his eyes. He doesn't want his parents to argue. He wants them to stop and go back on being happy. A happy family.
However, his mom is accusing his dad of cheating on her. She's accusing him on flying to different states with an assistant of his and spending money on her.
After a few minutes of arguing, the boy's mom grabs a glass vase and throws it against the ground in anger. The little boy then hears a small pounding of feet running. A five year old girl runs past him.
"Mommy! Daddy!"
"(Y/n)!", the little boy yells out, trying to warn her about the glass shards.
He runs after her and grabs her right before her feet could get cut. His arms are tightly around her. The little girl in his
:iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 31 1
Saving Blue - KLance by cloudwolfanime Saving Blue - KLance :iconcloudwolfanime:cloudwolfanime 12 4


Doctor Strange by yinyuming Doctor Strange :iconyinyuming:yinyuming 7,660 228 Wolf Kai by Nightrizer Wolf Kai :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 1,025 24 Fantasy Clash by Nightrizer Fantasy Clash :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 1,358 45 Solitude by Nightrizer Solitude :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 3,703 161 I'll find you Matt by Shoshiya I'll find you Matt :iconshoshiya:Shoshiya 103 4 Companions - speedpaint link added! by Nightrizer Companions - speedpaint link added! :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 2,006 82 Follow the Stardust Trail by Nightrizer Follow the Stardust Trail :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 3,090 130 Pidge Attack Samurai AU +SoundFX by SolKorra Pidge Attack Samurai AU +SoundFX :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 583 21 Pidge Attack Samurai AU by SolKorra Pidge Attack Samurai AU :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 1,131 63 Keith vs Lance Samurai AU by SolKorra Keith vs Lance Samurai AU :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 726 26 Voltron LD x Samurai AU by SolKorra Voltron LD x Samurai AU :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 1,592 38 Allura Mira Armstrong by SolKorra Allura Mira Armstrong :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 729 14 Voltron Legendary Defender x FMA Brotherhood by SolKorra Voltron Legendary Defender x FMA Brotherhood :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 1,321 38 Pidge Rockbell, Shiro Elric and Hunk Elric by SolKorra Pidge Rockbell, Shiro Elric and Hunk Elric :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 820 20 Allura Mira Armstrong and Coran Louis Armstrong by SolKorra Allura Mira Armstrong and Coran Louis Armstrong :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 831 17 Keith Mustang and Lance Hawkeye by SolKorra Keith Mustang and Lance Hawkeye :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 854 25



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Username Music Meme.. Thing

Tue Apr 11, 2017, 9:04 PM

This is something that people usually tag others, but I saw it in a journal and thought I'd try it cuz it seems fun lol

Rule: You must spell out your user and name a song beginning w/ the letter then, tag as many people as there are letters !!

C - Colors by Halsey
L - Lost Boy by Ruth B.
O - Open Up the Sky by Sam Tsui
U - Undo by Cool Joke
D - Dearly Beloved (cover) by Amalee
W - Waiting for You by apolP
O - Outcast by Glee
L - Lullaby for a Princess by Ponyphonic
F - Fairy Tail Theme (Fairy Tail)
A - Aerith's Theme (Final Fantasy 7)
N - No More by NateWantstoBattle
I - I'm a Believer (cover) by Amalee
M - Me Without You by Sam Tsui
E - Eye-Water (Attack on Titan)

So, one of my friends at school and I were talking about the people we love. He's going through a hard time.. So, I told him my part since I thought it was fair if I told him since he told me what he's going through. I let him see the email I sent to my ex. And he cried and told me, "Poor thing." Then he asked, "How did you get over it?"

I told him.. "I'm still not."

I never will be honestly. And it breaks my heart that we're not together. And I still cry about it. And I blame myself for not doing enough. Not being enough. She haunts me every day.. Every second. She follows me everywhere. And every time I see he send a email, I try with every ounce of my being to not ask her to be mine again. And it gives me so much torture. More than I could ever imagine..

I Need Opinons...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 15, 2017, 8:06 PM
So umm... This is about me and my ex again lol..
We ummm.. decided to become friends again...
Is this a bad or good thing???
I seriously need an opinion on this...
~ Cloud

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Have some free (Celebratory) Art too :) (Smile) Normally I give it out to folks, especially on their birthday, cuz the idea is to spread positive vibes, (cuz I don't know if whoever on the other side is having a bad day or not.)
I was supposed to create more works like this, (cuz one day I'm hoping to make a Free art Collection to help spread positive around the world), but I haven't found the time yet T.T Please enjoy.
Candy-free Wallpaper 2 - Full by Anisa-Mazaki
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