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Rita Mouse by cloudstriker15 Rita Mouse :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 8 130 Maya's Halloween theme by cloudstriker15 Maya's Halloween theme :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 7 13 Maya (bought oc) by cloudstriker15 Maya (bought oc) :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 5 155 Every demon king needs a Thorne by cloudstriker15 Every demon king needs a Thorne :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 5 65 RQ Kylie Aylor by cloudstriker15 RQ Kylie Aylor :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 10 1,504 Syntax (anthro android ver.) by cloudstriker15 Syntax (anthro android ver.) :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 8 2,231 Jacob (kitten form) by cloudstriker15 Jacob (kitten form) :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 11 599 Chieftess Maileen by cloudstriker15 Chieftess Maileen :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 8 417 Shannon Coad by cloudstriker15 Shannon Coad :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 8 635 They'll wash away this Sin by cloudstriker15 They'll wash away this Sin :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 3 390 Turtle beach headset 2 by cloudstriker15 Turtle beach headset 2 :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 5 11 turtle beach headphone collection by cloudstriker15 turtle beach headphone collection :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 6 7 Sicily Terry by cloudstriker15 Sicily Terry :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 16 2,794
The Demon King and the Devilijho first meet
(James was working on his scythe when his son and daughter John and grace came in with their uncle and James’s brother Austin Rowe)
(James’s House)
(John): Hi daddy.
(James): Hey you two. (sets his scythe aside) How was your time with your uncle.
(Grace): It was awesome! He showed us how to hunt!
(Austin): Well it was a small hunt is all.
(James): That’s great you two got some good hunting skills just like your uncle.
(Austin): Hehe true that.
(John): Oh Daddy can you tell us a story?
(James): Sure which one would you like to hear.
(Grace): How about a story where you and uncle Austin first met.
(James): I think that sounds like a great story, what do you think Austin?
(Austin): Yeah I think that’s perfect, It’s been 5 years since we met right?
(James): Yeah it has. Ok kids ready?
(John and grace): Yes!
(James): Ok. It all started 5 years ago on an far away island called monster island.
(Monster island: 5 years ago)
(James): (narrating) Your mom and I were
:iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 4 52
Sally Cottontail by cloudstriker15 Sally Cottontail :iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 15 1,731
Freedom planet: human x animals
(Chapter 20: A long time friend)
(James relaxing on top of the treehouse having a nice nap which was shortly lifted when another portal opened up. He saw something coming through which looks like a gun ship. It was a Bionatural aiship. It crash landed near the valley, James flew off to investigate, the rest of the gang followed him to the crash site)
(Dragon valley: Crash site)
(James): (prys off the hatch and frees the pilot) I gotcha buddy.
(Bionatural Pilot): Take off the helmet.
(James): Right. (takes off the pilots helmet so he can breathe and sees a familiar face) Blue?
(Blue): James? (falls unconscious)
(James): (picks up blue) Hang on lil buddy.
(Lilac): James! (sees James with Blue on his back) James who's that?
(James): He's a human just like me, an old friend of mine.
(Carol): Do you remember his name?
(James): His name is Blue Starlight.
(Milla): Blue Starlight?
(James): Yeah, he's more like a little brother to me. I haven't seen him since we stole the documents from Zeku b
:iconcloudstriker15:cloudstriker15 4 22


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Hey guys its mikus anniversary and its been the greatest 4 years of her time so happy birthday Miku
Rita Mouse
Name: Rita the mouse

Age: 21

Likes: Performing, magic, singing, her talent, teaching little ones how to dance, using her charm to trick men, being stylish, fancy balls, stargazing at the moonlight

Dislikes: Cheese, her nails ruined, her fur all over the place, lemons, losing her grandmothers pearl bracelet, losing her favorite hat

Bio: Rita is a magician disandent and wished to be a great magician like her grandmother. She practiced with her dad and her grand father and their assistants. But when her grandma passed all she has to remember her by was her dazzling pearls and her magical hat. Like her late grandma said: "magic is from the heart and you my child are the greatest magician on earth. She took those words to heart and made it into a memo to honor her phrase to inspire those to fulfill their dreams.

Rita belongs to me.

Credit goes to

Maya's Halloween theme
This is Maya's Halloween theme and she is the newest team member to James and the crew.

Maya: belongs to me.

Credit goes to
Maya (bought oc)
This is a oc I adopted and I promise to take care of her. Maya goes to me. Credit goes to my bro. You be safe and thanks.
Every demon king needs a Thorne
My mom took this picture while at knotts. Oh yea In case I didn't mention she got her leg injured in a car accident but she's ok. So if can wish for her leg to heal that'll be a blessing. Thank you.
Watching Venom at drive ins with my sisters. #We Are Venom
Syntax (anthro android ver.)
(Android anthro ver fan creation. belongs to me.)

(Orignal design goes to galaxy trail)

(No copyright intended.)

This is a upgraded version of syntax built by James and Cory when she came to the tree house broken and damaged James took her in to get her upgraded and it shows she's Sicily's mother. Sicily ordered James and cory to leave her for scrap and rust. James went against he wishes and proceed with the upgrade and repair. Later Sicily grew furious and doesn't care if she's her real mother which leaves her blinded by hate and revenge. James and Cory rebuilt syntax into a anthro fox robot but Sicily wouldn't by that for a minute she attempted to destroy syntax when James stopped her and forces her to trust her and she agreed.

(Fan base oc goes to me)

(Original Character goes to galaxy trail)

(Idea from rp by my bro)
Jacob (kitten form)
An idea that came up and something for my little bro Jacob ain't he adorable?
Hey guys I got a Ps4 now so if you guys wanna team up look me up on my gamer tag. Shadow Marshall17
Chieftess Maileen
Name: Maileen Latala

Spiecies: Cougar

Age: 35

Occupation: Village chieftess

Alliances: Lemur village, Reaper force

Likes: James, Olon, being petted, peace between her people, sweets, loyalty, honest, gardening.

Dislikes: Her people in a feud, losing a truce, going into uncharted territories without escort

Maileen leads a modern village unlike the other tribes she was born from 5 generations of chiefs and cheiftesses. Due to the fact they want the village to keep the old way and avoiding contact with the outside world, But Maileen was annoyed and wants to do something new and change her home. Her parents were against her actions and ordered her no technology of any kind. Maileen was furious and outraged she yelled at her parents to allow the people to see the world and interact with new creatures and she was able to do it in secret against her families demands when she walked to lemur village and saw a bit of tech by the reaper force, the cougar clan only heard rumors of the mercenary group and her family wanted nothing to do with their presence except Maileen who wanted to establish a alliance between her village and lemur village but her family was ready to go to war against lemur village to destroy any tech they possessed. Maileen acted quickly to get a meeting with Olon. They tried to have the war averted since the clan won't listen Olon called in the one man who can help stop the war before it began. He called in James Terry the human leader of the reaper force. James quickly accepted the call and rushed to their aid. Maileen never met a human being so she called him alien despite he was from a different world, but he only laugh at that name because it wasn't the first time he was called that. James scratched under chin and Maileen was shocked of this relaxing feeling. She begin to like being petted and James spoke to the chief and the chieftess to lay down their arms and wanted them to know he was responsible for exposing them to technology, They were horrify by his look and his power and his clothing but James gave them a long talk about the outside world and how he came to experience it himself but he warned them if they go to war with the lemurs he wouldn't show mercy from his army of course judging from the power he has, James was only bluffing so they agreed to let themselves co exist with the villagers and the outside world. James, Olon, and Maileen formed alliance and The two thanked James for coming their aid and Maileen hugged and purred against him and James chuckled and the three threw a feast between the two clans and the chief and chieftess decided to appoint Maileen as the newest Chieftess of the clan and she told them the reason she wanted to bring technology into the village to teach them the new ways and keep the old ways alive. She asked James if she can establish a training camp for her warriors and he was happy to agree with her decision. So James called in his R&D staff to construct a training building for the warriors. When James bid them farewell he took some of the food home with him and flew back to the treehouse. 

Just a quickie before work James and Maileen belongs to me.
olon belongs to JacobDSArt
Shannon Coad
Name: Shannon Coad

Species: Dragon sentient android 

Age: (37 )

Relatives: Jacob (beloved son), Jackson (son), Miku (adopted daughter), Sandra (adopted Daughter), James (surrogate son)

Creator: James and Cory Tea as Project Shannon.

Element: Wind, water.

Wings: Built in and Retractable

Likes: Her children, Miku and James being pretend parents to Jacob, Lilac, James, Miku, Mimu, Kulu, Natalya, Sicily, seeing Jacob in chibi form, cradling Jacob, cooking, playing with mimu and bandit, Dee, Rudy.

Dislikes: Red Scarves, Memphis, Breavon, Spade, seeing her kids hurt.

Bio: Shannon was Jacobs mother. She was loved by all and taking care of others with a heart of pure gold. When she passed Jacob was heartbroken later in the years Miku and James played house and later it made them grew closer to each other. 3 years later Jacob was trying on his brothers cloak and pretending to be James, when he was taking a nap he had a nightmare about being attacked by some demons and somehow James's cloak protected him and revealed a face that Jacob knows. It was his passed mother who's soul was embedded inside James's cloak. Jacob was overcome by tears of joy he hugged her and she told Jacob everything about how James found her soul and was placed inside James's cloak hoping Jacob would feel her presence, after Jacob woke up he saw James standing next to him he jumped to his brothers arms and hugged him thanking him for letting him see his mother again. Sometime a month later when James saw Jacob looking at his mothers picture he set everything aside and asked Cory to do a secret project and so Project Shannon was created. It took a sleepless 2 months but it paid off well, They have created a reincarnation of Shannon in a form of a dragon. James knew that Jacob is going to love this and showed her to Jacob. When Shannon came through the hallway Jacob was stunned in amazed, he thought he was dreaming but it was no dream, his mother was reborn and back for good. Jacob hugged her and embrace her warmth letting out tears of joy and wondered on how she is alive. She told him that James and Cory built her and James placed her soul inside it, Jacob tackled his big brother and hugged and smiled thanking him for bringing his mother back to the land of the living. Later on she watched James and Miku playing house with Jacob and it came to her attention when she heard that Miku and Sandra lost both their parents she decided to take them in as her daughters they were happy that they got a new mother and they will be happy for years to come.

This is an early birthday request to my little brother JacobDSArt Hope you'll love it bro. and happy early birthday :cake:

James, Miku, Sandra, Mimu, Kulu, Sicily, Shannon (oc not the real person) Belongs to me.
Jacob, Dee, Rudy, Bandit Belongs to JacobDSArt 
Natalya belongs to my best buddy Mixedfan8643 
Lilac, Carol, Milla, Spade, Cory belongs to Galaxy trail
They'll wash away this Sin
Well I really done it now, Guess every cult is gonna be after my head and my bounty is $1,000,000,000? Man i'm gonna get hosed well lets see if their god can kill me before I kill him.

(Photo taken on Farcry 5)

(Target Lyriccornet9960 AKA: The Dark Archer)
turtle beach headphone collection
Just a pic of my turtle beach collection got another one coming.
Sicily Terry
Name: Sicily Terry

Codename: s-359

Species: vixen-sentient Android.

Created by: General breavon

Priority targets: Reaper force leader: James Terry and Sash lilac

Age: unknown

Personality: Cheerful, innocent and playful.

Former personalities: Ruthless and deception.

Abilities: Data copy and super strength.

Relatives: James (adopted brother), Jazz (adopted sister), Milla (adopted sister), Jacob (adopted brother), Natalya (adopted mother), Breavon (creator father deceased), Lilac (adopted sister), Dee (Niece), Rudy (Nephew)

Likes: James, Milla, Jacob, Miku, Lilac, Carol, Natalya, Lizzy, Olon, Tellar, Clu, Queenie, Scott, Jazz, chasing her tail in feral fox form, going for walks, Grooming, doing nails, her nephew and niece, laying on James's lap, being a pet figure to James, getting new upgrades, playing tug of war with Milla, riding in James's Reaper cycle, teasing Carol by biting her tail, getting into mischief, laying on James's hammock with mimu and telling her about the constellation, Belly dancing with lilac miku, Sandra, Dee, and Mimu, digging for 

Dislikes: Breavon, hurting her family, seeing Jacob sad, seeing James disappointed, having nightmares about breavon controlling her

Music type: J-pop, Metal, Country, Classical

Instrument: Guitar axe

Weapons: Lazer blade, Gatling guns 50 Cal, healing barrier,

Bio: Sicily is a secret assassin sentient created by Breavon. She infiltrated James's trust by being
kidnapped and acting sweet and innocent. She was taken back to the tree house but Lilac sense
something wrong about her. Lilac investigated everything to known on Sicily. One day when James
decided to help her get settled in she begin to feel something in her systems like she's beginning to feel
a heart, her program were overwritten by James's caring personality and millas go lucky spirit, like she
can start a new life with her own kind but she was afraid if they will discover her secret. One day she and
lilac went into town and did some shopping took a liking to the world she's in a few minutes later she
saw young girl was about to get hit she by a truck Sicily used lilacs dragon boost to save the girl but was
hit too. Lilac didn't know she was able to use dragon boost but it quickly slipped and she ran to check on
her friend and what she found was a shocking discovery. Lilac found out her secret and took her back to
the tree house and told everyone her secret. Sicily thought they were gonna throw her away but the
team would never do that to a family and she felt relief and a new emotion sorrow. She told everyone
that she was created by general Breavon. They were shocked that she was created by their old foe. She
woke up after James defeated breavon. Lilac prosticuted her into letting one of their enemies creations
into their lives but James and milla defend her even everyone was defending her. But Sicily can feel her
masters voice echoing in her mind.

Sicily: F-father?
Breavon: Kill them.
Sicily: N-no No! *trys to resist* I'll never harm my friends!
Breavon: fine and even in death i can still control daughter. Initiate code s359 TERMINATE
Sicily: *bangs her head on the floor tearing* No! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! *recieves orders and goes into
asassinate mode*
James: Sicily?
Sicily; get ready to die. HUMAN! *charges and claws his stomach*
James: Agh!
Lizzy: James! *charges but lilac held her back*
Lilac: No! James can win this like he always does he just has to find the real Sicily.
Sicily: *pounced and pins him and turn her and into a drill* Any last words? Demon king?
James: Sicily this isn't you! You're more then a machine you are a real girl to me, to us! You are family
and we won't let harm come to you!
Breavon: Hmph dead weight monkey. DESTROY HIM!
Milla: NO! Phantom sword! *slices through her*
Breavon: No No! Not again! Fine if I go down I'll. Destroy you all! *activates self destruct*
Natalya: we gotta do something!
James: I think I can. I can open up a portal to toss the bomb...and Sicily in...
Milla: that means...
Sicily: James....*leaking green blood* everyone, I'm sorry for deceiving you. Just throw me in so I can
join my evil father.
James: No you're not gonna die not on my watch! *opens the portal and grabs the bomb in her chest
and Sicily grabs his arm*
Sicily: James if you pull it out I'll shut down and then bomb will only have seconds of detonation. I'm
sorry for this lean closer.

James leans in and Sicily gave him a kiss on the cheek and after that James ripped the bomb out of her
and quickly jumped into the portal and sealed it he hold it close and said.

James: Never mess with the king.

He throws the bomb with only 3 seconds left and used his cloak to shield him from the blast

The bomb released a ultra supernova explosion that shook the very universe it self back at the tree
house everyone thought James wouldn't survive the explosion. Sicily who was being held by Lilac was
sobbing cause she lost a real family member. Everyone felt crushed and grief weeks passed and crime
hasn't appeared without James. With out him around crime had no punch line. They erected a statue y
and Miku and the rest placed Sicily in a wheelchair on a temporary battery and gave a speech to the
people of avalice and not everyone was happy of what she'd done.

Sicily: People of Avalice, I was the caused of the death of. James Terry, I was created by a evil warlord
named General Breavon. And it is my fault to be the cause of Mr. Terrys demise and I take full
responsibility of the action. James was a great boy with and amazing skill. He traveled many roads to get
to where he is and I know some or most of you wouldn't understand the hardship he was put through.
His family always helped them however they could. He couldn't made this far without. A adopted
mother, a loving father loving brothers, caring sisters, and a strong love. We are here to honor a true
hero who sacrificed everything and *coughs* treasured and loved to be our not just our hero. A friend.
A son, and A loving brother. I am here with the three leaders and his family to say a few things.
She left the stand and the others smiled for her courage as the Magister took the stand.

Magister: When James came to Avalice I thought he was going to take over our world, but even through
everything the darkness put him through he used that darkness to bring forth the light and he was the
best *teared up* son I could ever known and even if he was alive I would always be proud of his bravery
and his honor, James we'll keep living for you.

As he sat down the statue was cut clean in pieces and they heard a familiar voice.

James: Whoo that was a hassle to survive.

Miku: Oh my lord. Could it be?
Jacob: yes. It is.
James: Sorry I was late. But IM HOME!

Everyone cheered since their hero was alive and well. His whole family hugged him and sob with tears of

Natalya: my son your alive!
Milla: We missed you big brother!
Jacob: We all thought you were dead how did you survived.
James: I used my cloak to shield myself from the blast, guess it did knocked me out for a few weeks but I
was able to teleport back and here i am now.
Sicily: Welcome home. Brother.
James: Glad to be home. Sis.

They hugged when Sicily shut down completely.

You held strong sis. Don't worry I'll fix you up good as new.
Jacob: you will fix her right?
James: You know it little bro. *rubs his head*

Later at the Tree house James got working on repairing Sicily and reprogramed her program so she'll
think of her own freewill and he gave her the reaper force brand to know that she was her own design
and part of the family. She was good as new and was given new combat systems and she can make a
mean Oreo shake and so the sentient vixen was now a true member of a real family and since she was
rebuilt by James he given her a last name of Terry.

James, Miku, Sandra, Mimu, Sicily, Lizzy belong to me use them without my permission and you'll die in a black hole
Natalya, Scott belongs to Mixedfan8643
Jacob, Dee, Rudy belongs to JacobDSArt
Jazz belongs to Jazz-The-Yordle 
(James was working on his scythe when his son and daughter John and grace came in with their uncle and James’s brother Austin Rowe)

(James’s House)

(John): Hi daddy.
(James): Hey you two. (sets his scythe aside) How was your time with your uncle.
(Grace): It was awesome! He showed us how to hunt!
(Austin): Well it was a small hunt is all.
(James): That’s great you two got some good hunting skills just like your uncle.
(Austin): Hehe true that.
(John): Oh Daddy can you tell us a story?
(James): Sure which one would you like to hear.
(Grace): How about a story where you and uncle Austin first met.
(James): I think that sounds like a great story, what do you think Austin?
(Austin): Yeah I think that’s perfect, It’s been 5 years since we met right?
(James): Yeah it has. Ok kids ready?
(John and grace): Yes!
(James): Ok. It all started 5 years ago on an far away island called monster island.

(Monster island: 5 years ago)

(James): (narrating) Your mom and I were on a hunt with some of the reapers. Tom Snoopa, my good friend from the 2nd division and a major hotshot, Polly Koala, a fast fighter and your moms best hair dresser, and Jack paws, our stealthy asassian and a bit of a smartalic.

(James): Ok guys we got a pukei to find.
(Miku): It left a few tracks. Jack what you got.
(Jack): No but I see a devilijho and its injured.
(Polly): Think we should finish it off or help it.
(Tom): That’s up to James to decide.
(James): let’s go help it out.
(Miku): That’s my man.
(Polly): Your married man.

(The group approached the injured devilijho and it was really hurt as Jack described, when they  approached it spoke)

(Devilijho): Go ahead finish me off.
(Miku): It talked?
(James): Wow, dont worry we’re here to help you Mr. Devilijho.
(Austin): Austin. My name is Austin Rowe
(James): I’m James, James Terry, and this my teammates and friends, Jack, Tom, Polly and my girlfriend Princess Miku Lou.
(Austin): Miku, that’s a cute name.
(Miku): Thank you mr Rowe.
(Polly): Don’t worry we’ll have you out in no time so you’ll get back to your family.
(Austin): Actually, I’m all alone here, I just wanna get outta here.
(Jack): Poor guy, we should take him with us.
(James): you know that’s a great idea. Tom call in the ship we’re taking our new friend home with us.
(Austin): You would actually call me your, friend?
(Miku): Of course we would call you friend.
(Polly): You seem like a nice guy for a Devilijho.
(Tom): Hehe that’s true. Once we get you patched up we’ll release you.
(Austin): Really?
(James): Of course we would but not back on that island we got a perfect cave for you.
(Austin): Talk about a generous donation from a human.
(James): Well half human actually. (Shows my demon form) Guess we’re both monsters.
(Austin): We’re like brothers.
(James): Yeah, you know how about we become sworn brothers.
(Austin): You mean that?
(James): Yeah from this day on we’ll be-
(James and Austin): Brothers. (echoes)

(James’s House; present day)

(Austin): From then on your dad patched me up and took me to my new cave as promised and he made me part of the reapers and the member of his family. I really never a met a human who’s heart is kind, and awesome like him. I’m glad you took me in James.
(James): It’s what families for Austin. (Hugs him)
(Austin): Aww bro. (Hugs back)
(James): The end.
(John): Wow Daddy you two really hit it off. (Yawns)
(Grace): Yea we have the coolest family ever. (Yawns)
(James): looks like our hunters are getting tired.
(Austin): Yeah. Hey you guys can sleep on my devilijho form if you want.

(The kids were fast asleep)

(James): Why not bro go on. We got a open spot in the backyard for you.
(Austin): thanks bro. (Picks them up and takes them outside and goes into his devilijho form and placed them next to him)
(James): (places a blanket over them) night Austin.
(Austin): Night James. Night kids.

(They were sleeping like angels and Austin fell asleep as James walked into his house and watched)

(Miku): (comes to him) You told our kids that story?
(James): Yeah. I’m happy for our kids. They’re getting stronger everyday.
(Miku): (lays on his shoulder) Yeah they will be the future guardians of the universe. We are great parents.
(James): Yeah. Love you my queen.
(Miku): You too my king.

(As Miku and James shared their kiss they walked off to bed for a good nights sleep as for Austin who is happy that a demon king gave him a home and a new family, and he knows he will fight for them no matter the cost)

(The end)
The Demon King and the Devilijho first meet
A special present to my little brother I know you’ll enjoy it Austin, happy birthday with love James Terry

Heya guys I'm back in California and back in business
Hey my DA family this your number 1 bro James coming at ya telling you that I'm gonna be at Arizona for a few days so I'll still be online and about. So I'll be talking to you soon love you guys ^^
Heya guys sorry I haven't been online for the past few hours cause my family forced me to watch Thor ragnorok and Infinity wars


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James Terry
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Welcome to my humble fanfiction story room. I never published any of my fanfics online before, so I'll need some support to help me continue with the stories I've been creating. So Im looking foward to your subcribes and comments, thank you.



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