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Everyone gives me their own nicknames, so feel free to call me whatever! On dA I usually go by City, Cloud, or "hey you". I am apparently addicted to giving myself more projects than I can handle so I am usually somewhat stressed and tired but I’m happy, so it’s all good! <3 I'm bad at keeping in touch with people and being social in general haha but I promise I'm super friendly and would love to just chat, so never be afraid to hmu! <3

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So many creatures! So grand an imagination! Also sorry for not finding you here sooner, I'd been away from Deviantart for awhile.

Why don't you show more of your traditional paintings? Your paintings I've seen in class seem to be among your top work.

thank you!! :0

heh totally understandable, I'm not as active on here as I used to be, either :'D that's probably why I haven't posted em tbh! Other than some copic drawings I haven't done a whole lot of other traditional art until this class when I had the chance to do a bunch, and I just haven't gotten around to scanning them~ My scanner in Rexburg was... disappointing when it came to scanning art, unfortunately :'D Eventually I'll scan em all (or at least take nicer pictures...) and start posting em!

but thank you!! I'm glad you think so; I've been having fun with em, especially the last few c:

AYE, not often do i meet a fellow celiac! ;O; i can share homemade recipes if you ever need them, sistah!!

I love yer art style!

EYYY nice!! me neither, cool to meet ya :0

duuuude I'm always down for new recipies! 👀

thank you!! ;w; and tysm for all the faves and the watch <33

AWWW thank you!!! ;w; <33 

Thank you for helping me out and inspiring me! (: